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Ommah - Is there really [Ommah] or one Islamic nation... ......
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The reason I wrote this article......
Ahmed Mansour,
I.Q.C. Statement:Regarding the assassination of (Khalid Saeed)......
Ahmed Mansour,
From the Archive
Dr.Colonel Mohamed ELghanam: asks for a criminal trial of Mubarak
Let us be a generation of dialogue....
What the power of Islam is based on
Video Aljazeera/CNN:Swiss espionage/UN violations with Col.Elghanam
About the CPJ condemning sentencing a Mauritanian Blogger to Death
"Neo-Salafi" Fallacies And Muslim Reaction to Insults Against Muhammad
A glance at Michael Sells Approaching the Quran"
Third part: Aspects of war of ideas : 4 Weapons of war of ideas
"Territory of Peace& Territory of War"
Violence against Coptic Christians Continues
Muslim Brothers and Ahl Al Quran
Imran Khan: Why The East Sticks To Religion
Carrying on the Legacy of Pakistans Shahbaz Bhatti
The Faults of Islam
The Egyptian Taliban State
Sharia Comes for the Archbishop
Free The Holy Mosque
Today in Egypt
Mohamed Sadek
Mohamed Sadek progressive Muslim.
Walls erected between the Quran and us.
Stephen Schwartz
Stephen  Schwartz Iranian Propagandists in Kosova.
REVISED Is Turkey's Erdoğan in Decline?.
Selected articles
Mood Music for Jihad:
YouTube Hosts Music Playlists Promoting Foreign Terrorist Organizations And Jihadi ...
The Saud Family Follow the Creed of the Liar Abou Hurayrah
The Saud Family Follow the Creed of the Liar Abou Hurayrah ...
AvoidanceFor the Last Time
AvoidanceFor the Last Time ...
This Shiite Abdul-Hussein
This Shiite Abdul-Hussein ...
The Islamic State is attaining its key goal, and U.S. media find the story of limited interest
December 24, 2014 2:00 PM Christians on the Run from Iraq The ...
While the Muslim Brotherhood gets all the ink, the Salafists go on a rampage.
  Egypt’s Other Extremists While the Muslim Brotherhood gets ...
Egypt, I like your style
  The Fatah-Hamas reconciliation that was inked in Cairo on 4 May is i ...
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Ahl Alquran Video
Opportunities of Interest
Wonders of Internet
The Quranists' Plight
The 3rd Plight:
Monday May 28, 2007: In a surprising and unjustified assault, the Egyptian authorities arrested the representative of the International Quranic Center in Egypt and other Quranists. The Egyptian authorities detained the five quranists and charged them with contempt of religion, the Egyptian authorities also made the same charges against Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour -IQC President and Dr. Othman Mohamed Ali -IQC Representative in Canada
Media Coverage:
Rights group demands lifting travel ban from Quranist :
Reda is finally released, tells interrogation horrors :
Egyptian National Security Continues to Detain Quranist blogger : Egyptian National Security Continues to Detain Quranist blogger
The State Security refuses Visitation to Reda :
Why Does the Interior Minister Prohibits Visiting Reda Abdelrahman? : His Family Has Not Seen Him Since Last Ocotber!
International Quranic Center
Welcome to the English web site of the International Quranic Center . The IQC is committed to spreading a vision of Islam that is true to the letter and spirit of the Quran and that focuses on the consistency between the word of God and democracy and human rights. [ Read More.. ]

We condemn all acts of violence, killing, and
Suicide bombings out in the name of Islam.

The major intention of establishing and founding the site Ahl-Al-Quran is to unify all those who believe that Quran is the ONLY source of Islam rituals, guidance and explanation of its legislations. So, it will be forbidden for anyone who adopts what-so-called Prophet Narrations (Haddith or Sunnah) to be used or adopted to express certain point of view or interpret the Holy Quran. [ Read More.. ]

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