Want to join you - Dear Dr. Mansour, My name is Pablo Carrillo and I am from Ecuador. ... ......
Marriage - Dear Dr Subhy, My name is Wissam and I am originally from Libya, bro... ......
Chinese meat - I have read your Fatwa on eating meat in non Muslim countries. However... ......
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Is There A Believing Man among the Pharaonic Al-Saud Family, Who Conceals his Fa......
Ahmed Mansour,
About our YouTube Show "Quranic Moments": A Call for our Dear Fellow Quranists......
Ahmed Mansour,
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Who is benefiting from the attack on the Quranists in Egypt?
Threatened researchers find refuge in Germany: Philipp Schwartz Initiative funds 46 more fellows
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We Saw This Vision during our Sleep, or Is It Merely Jumbles of Dreams?!
The Al-Saud Family and Their Repelling Others Away from the Sacred Kaaba Mosque
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Ahl-Al Qurans Beliefs
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Mohamed Sadek The books of hadiths has influnced by KAB AL AHBAR.
Abdelghani Bouchouar
Abdelghani Bouchouar The Battle of IQ in US Plitics.
The Fake News about Fasting the Day of Arafat.
English Books by Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour
A Witness of the Earliest Months of The Rule of the Saudi Crown-Prince Ibn Salman (Oct.Dec. 2017)
A Historical Overview of the Emergence and Development of the Earthly Religions of the Muhammadans:
Islam Is the Religion of the Truth
(The Myth of the Torment Of the Grave)
The Judicial Authority between Islam and the Muhammadans
Hisbah: A Historical Overview: Defending Dr. Nasr Abou Zeid
Egypt in the Holy Quran
The Character of Egypt after the Arab Conquest
The Persecution of Copts after the Arab Conquest
The Quran: Sufficient as a Source of Islamic Legislation
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Parasites In The Lands Of The Infidels
The concepts of exile and refuge are ancient ones existing across many civiliza ...
Egypts Resilient and Evolving Social Activism
With the decline of party politics in Egypt, social activism is becoming increa ...
Why did Trump strike Syria?
(CNN) In a policy shift that will make heads spin, the Trump administratio ...
In an interview, Amr Adly discusses his recent Carnegie paper on Egypts large private enterprises.
Nonresident Scholar Amr Adly, who is based in Cairo, has closely followed ...
Its Time to Take a Hard Look at the U.S. Relationship With Egypt
Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi will be celebrated in Washington o ...
As we work to eradicate ISIS, Iraq's Christians, Yizidis need our help now more than ever
Three years ago ISIS began attacking Iraq's Christians and Yizidis in an on ...
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Opportunities of Interest
The Quranists' Plight
The 3rd Plight:
Monday May 28, 2007: In a surprising and unjustified assault, the Egyptian authorities arrested the representative of the International Quranic Center in Egypt and other Quranists. The Egyptian authorities detained the five quranists and charged them with contempt of religion, the Egyptian authorities also made the same charges against Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour -IQC President and Dr. Othman Mohamed Ali -IQC Representative in Canada
Media Coverage:
Rights group demands lifting travel ban from Quranist :
Reda is finally released, tells interrogation horrors :
Egyptian National Security Continues to Detain Quranist blogger : Egyptian National Security Continues to Detain Quranist blogger
The State Security refuses Visitation to Reda :
Why Does the Interior Minister Prohibits Visiting Reda Abdelrahman? : His Family Has Not Seen Him Since Last Ocotber!
International Quranic Center
Welcome to the English web site of the International Quranic Center . The IQC is committed to spreading a vision of Islam that is true to the letter and spirit of the Quran and that focuses on the consistency between the word of God and democracy and human rights.
[ Read More.. ]

We condemn all acts of violence, killing, and
Suicide bombings out in the name of Islam.

The major intention of establishing and founding the site Ahl-Al-Quran is to unify all those who believe that Quran is the ONLY source of Islam rituals, guidance and explanation of its legislations. So, it will be forbidden for anyone who adopts what-so-called Prophet Narrations (Haddith or Sunnah) to be used or adopted to express certain point of view or interpret the Holy Quran. [ Read More.. ]

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