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Expanded Capital Ownership Now

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Expanded Capital Ownership Now!


By Guy Stevenson, Guest Blogger

The bottom-up approach problems of social and cultural equality, although important, cannot be solved until the urgent economic problem is successfully disposed of, and the paradigm changed. Only now are some of the "Tea Party Leaders" beginning to realize the priority of the urgent, and how much of the present so-called "Economic Crisis" has grown directly from neglect, by both the Republican and Democrat establishment.

Mindful of their ever present special interest groups — "Corporatocracy," Foundations and Trusts — the bureaucracy continues to offer failed Keynesian approaches. Similarly, it took many minority-group leaders of the "race problem" of the 1960s to face directly the sense of neglect, of the urgent. In a statement issued November 3, 1966, at the Statue of Liberty, the National Committee of Negro Churchmen declared,

The Slaves were freed in 1863, but the nation refused to give them land to make that emancipation meaningful. Simultaneously, the nation was giving away millions of acres in the Midwest and West — a gift marked "for whites only" (Lincoln's Homestead Act). Thus, an economic floor was placed under the new peasants from Europe, but America's oldest peasantry was provided only an abstract freedom. In the words of Frederick Douglas, emancipation made the slaves "free to hunger; free to the winter and rains of heaven. Free without roofs to cover them or bread to eat or land to cultivate. We gave them freedom and famine at the same time. The marvel is that they still live."[1]

The need is urgent, for "they still live" neglected and hungry for a place to call their own. All people (peasantry-propertyless) are hungering for property — for a secure, permanent and independent link with Spaceship Earth that ownership represents and which only ownership can create, protect or defend. It is humiliating to possess nothing, to own nothing and hence to produce nothing and to count for nothing.[2]

You cannot blame the propertyless when a handout is offered and they accept it as charity. Freedom without Property is incomplete. People don't plan to fail they simply fail to plan. Slaves cannot accept any "plantation mentality" solutions. It will not be until ownership is the recognized prerequisite that people can plan from the bottom-up, or they will unknowably accept to fail, and remain in servitude.

"Father forgive them for they no not what they do." In the belief that man's most critical problem in the modern, highly technological world is economic, and that unless he solves the urgent he will never have the chance to confront the inherently important social and cultural issues, let us see how economic planning might help achieve the goals of the theory of "Citizen Ownership" through the Second American Revolution of idea.

A Binary Economic system built upon Ownership and providing a two wage system; of one's own labor and of one's own capital. Citizen ownership is the key to expanded capital ownership, not a hand-out but a hand-up. That is why we urgently call upon all "Tea Parties," all the humble and tireless masses, Americans of African descent, all humbled Native Americans, all American wage/salary slaves, all American debt slaves, all American tax slaves, to join with us for the first truly urgent Capital Homesteading Act and help bring in the Jubilee Initiative for 2012 through instillation in 2019. [3]

"Pass Capital Homesteading Now!" is the next Civil Rights / Pro-Life / Pro-American issue and should be placed on top of the agenda, for "We the People" are interested in regenerating the America Dream of life, liberty and justice for all. The bottom-up approach "Pass Capital Homesteading Now!" must start from those neglected in the past, and the propertyless present, and for the blessing of our posterity the future. Those tired and hungry call for an urgent plan of their own design and with their own hand. The Creator God would have it no other way, but that we should be stewards of all his creation. Some call it "Citizen Ownership."

* * * *

It is axiomatic that those who suffer most from ill-designed economic institutions have the least power to effect change, whereas those having the power are little inclined to correct, or even to question , a system which favors them. All the more credit is therefore due those who do not allow their own personal success to blind them to institutional defects which deny equality of economic opportunity to the majority of their fellow men. Their neighbor, their brothers, their sisters and the citizens of a land they love. — Louis O. Kelso 1967

* * * *

We should be glad and not sorry when a fundamentally wrong notion of which we have been secretly conscious for a long time finally gains a footing in the American Conscience and is proclaimed both loudly and openly. The falseness of it will soon be felt and eventually proclaimed equally loudly and openly. It is as if the stain of cancer has been removed. And then we can get on with civilization itself.

* * * *

[1] Two-Factor Theory: The Economics of Reality — How to Turn Eighty Million Workers into Capitalist on Borrowed Money and Other Proposals — Louis Kelso and Patricia Hetter (pg 118)

[2] Louis O. Kelso and Patricia Hetter, Washington Post, June 18, 1972 — Moral responsibility is born of ownership. Subdue and multiply.

[3] Lincoln's Homesteading Jubilee is 2012 — Not to be confused with the Global Jubilee Initiative. Leviticus 25:10 — "And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto the inhabitants thereof: it shall be a jubilee unto you; and ye shall return every man unto his possession, and ye shall return every man unto his family." — KJV. Lincoln's Homestead Act 150th anniversary, 400th year anniversary of the first American slaves.




Daniel said...

In Virginia during Reconstruction, the Freedmen's Bureau ( set up to address economic and education issues of freed slaves. However, few had the foresight to comprehend the impact of the Industrial Revolution and what a rebuilt South could look like. In a "zero-sum game" mindset, millions of freed slaves were seen as flooding the market with cheap labor, destabilizing the market for labor. In response, Jim Crow Laws were enacted throughout the South to strip African Americans of political and economic power. Separate but equal became a way to control scarce economic resources and limit political opportunities. Sadly, the generally accepted assumption of limited economic and political opportunities became a self-fulfilling prophecy despite the opening of new frontiers -- the assumption of scarcity created winners and losers. Capital Homesteading, based as much on technologies of Louis Kelso as the imagination of Buckminster Fuller, starts with the assumption that economic and political opportunities in the age of technology are potentially limitless. Unfortunately, our mindset has not caught up with advances in technology and globalization -- without Capital Homesteading, a zero-sum mentality is probably inevitable. In the 21st century, a new class of slavery is emerging, the non-owning wage slave. As George Mason realized, without the means of acquiring and possessing property, political freedom is not sustainable.