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Immigrating to the USA (3)


Immigrating to the USA (3)

Published in September 10, 2018

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy



1- This article tackles the possibility of bringing about half a million immigrants inside the USA; this seems an impossible dream, though many people, including the author of this article, still live within the American dream. It is true that American extremists, racists, and white supremacists adamantly refuse to grant the American nationality to those who were brought to the USA as children and they are brought up and lived here as Americans. Yet, the American dream lives on, even if it is threatened or hated by American extremists, racists, and white supremacists. 

2- The American extremists, racists, and white supremacists tend to forget the following facts.

2/1: Their ancestors fled from the religious persecution in Europe; the Founding Fathers of the USA imposed religious freedom and the policy of welcoming all immigrants. 

2/2: Their ancestors exterminated and massacred most of the original inhabitants (i.e., the red Indians), and those who remained alive suffered forced displacement, famines, and epidemics. In 2008, the Congress apologized for the original inhabitants about such 'unstudied policies'.

2/3: They and their fathers have caused the death of millions of people in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq; the Congress never apologized for such victims.

2/4: They and their fathers caused the death of tens of thousands of Americans in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq, the loss of some trillions of US$, and tarnishing the reputation and image of the USA worldwide.

2/5: They are a minority among white Americans; it is very wrong that a minority of people would monopolize most power, authority and wealth in a democratic country like the USA.

2/6: The area of the USA has room for the accommodation of half a billion new immigrants; this is possible and easy; this will be very beneficial to the USA and the whole world at large. This will be an ideal solution for the tragedies and miseries created by the USA in the whole world; this will be the ideal apology. There are about 320 million Americans inside the USA whose area is about 10 millionkm2. The area of the state of Texas is 696 km2 and its people are about 27 million citizens, and it has various, huge amounts of natural resources. In fact, Texas can contain the 320 million Americans and the rest of the states would remain empty this way. Let us be reminded that the area of the Indonesian island Java is 132 km2 and 127 million people live in it, though its natural resources are noting compared to those in Texas. Let us remember that human beings are the ones who make wealth and waste/lose it. The American extremists, racists, and white supremacists have caused the loss of the wealth of the American nation in useless wars that brought nothing but failure. The USA can make amends by bringing in millions of new immigrants and to educate, train, and culture them to help add to the prosperity and welfare of Americans.  


Secondly: this is very costly, but the costs will be covered easily this way:

1- There are about 11 million illegal immigrants inside the USA; they can stay legally if each would pay 10 thousand US$ in installments within 4 years; this will bring in 11 billion US$; of course, this is not to mention the taxes they will pay; this will save time and efforts of the police and other apparatuses that chase them to catch and deport them.

2- Investment companies should be established to bring money to build colonies, factories, farms, etc. to employ those immigrants.

3- The big criminals on earth are those tyrannical rulers and their cronies and helpers; they are responsible for the murder and torture of hundreds of millions of people; they steal the money of their nations and smuggle this ill-gotten money to the USA and other West countries within assets, companies, and bank accounts; those tyrants have no right to keep such money. The USA has some trillions of US$ of such money; the USA should confiscate such money to establish megaprojects to bring in and employ half a billion immigrants; those immigrants are victims of such tyrants and they have the right to enjoy such money within honorable work for their own benefit and also for the benefit of the USA.  


Thirdly: the important projects needed inside the USA:

1- The USA enjoys the best network of local airlines and roads; yet, its railways are not very good; they are a little better than the Egyptian railways but the American railways accidents exceed the ones that occur in Egypt. The American railways are less efficient than the Japanese ones. Because of certain pressures, the Congress is too reluctant to expand, develop, and reform the American railways. The USA needs a network of railways to link its vast areas in the north, south, east, and west, apart from local networks inside each state; such a megaproject entails a great number of workers and employees that can be brought from outside the USA (i.e., immigrants) and they will get paid within reasonable salaries. 

2- The USA enjoys long coasts (about 322 km) within the Atlantic and Pacific oceans as well as many rivers and lakes and other water surfaces. This means that the USA can be a pioneer in the production and industries related to fishing; there are many fisheries inside the USA and its annual production is 5.9 million tons; yet, the USA comes as the fifth country among the top-ten countries list within fish production. When there will be millions of workers (from the immigrants), the USA will be number one in this list as the production will triple. 

3- The USA has many islands and lakes; the USA and Canada share the Great Lakes of North America. Both counties have not enough workers and employees to make use of these lakes within agriculture or tourism. The USA has thousands of lakes inside its land and they are filled with fresh-water fish. There are 28 islands inside the USA, mostly in Alaska; this is not to mention the islands and archipelagos in the Pacific ocean and the Caribbean; these virgin areas are ideal of tourism; most of them are underpopulated.    

4- The state of Alaska is underpopulated and this means that its immense wealth is not used or invested as it should be; Alaska is the biggest American state; its area is equal to the fifth of the rest of the states; yet, it has the least number of people living in it; its rank in terms of population is no. 49 among the other 50 states, followed only by the small state of Wyoming. Alaska has a coastline longer the coasts of the rest of all states combined together. Alaska is rich in woods and prairies as well as natural resources (oil, gas, minerals, etc.) and its rank is no. 45 within the whole of the USA. Because of its harsh weather conditions, it remains underpopulated; the hidden greater amounts of wealth inside its land are certainly larger than the estimates of anyone. Until now, natural gas, oil, coal, gold, zinc, and precious metals are being extracted from Alaska; its rank is no. 2 in the production of crude oil. Everyone is sure that Alaska has more treasures and sources of wealth. 

5- The above pieces of information is collected by or person from several internet websites; no doubt that the American government and apparatuses have their own statistics and pieces of information about the potential and wealth of each state inside the USA. They know that the USA can accommodate at least half a billion new immigrants. 


Fourthly: about half a billion new immigrants:

1- They are those who live in the Third-World countries and dream of immigrating to the USA; they are ready for being committed to hardworking to live in peace and security within dignity away from the daily hell caused by tyranny and corruption in their homelands. The Third-World countries have high birth rates among the poor classes and the levels of the middle class. More than 30% of the citizens of the Third-World countries are youths (i.e., less than 40 years old) and they suffer frustration and cannot hope for any decent future in their homelands. Many of them have diplomas, university degrees, and degrees of postgraduate studies, and some of them are craftsmen; there are millions among them who have no degrees at all but are ready to be trained and to be hardworking employees and workers within any hard conditions.      

2- There are tens of millions of graduates of the faculties of law, commerce, engineering, science, pharmacy, and medicine in the Third-World countries who are unemployed and if they ever get employed, their income will remain less than the unemployment subsidies/compensations given to the unemployed people inside the EU and the USA. If they will be brought inside the USA to be trained and employed, the economy of the USA will be in the best condition and reach the highest, unprecedented levels.

3- Geniuses in different fields of the Third-World countries, especially the Arab countries, suffer marginalization and tyrants never care for them because of envy and lack of trust; i.e., tyrants prefer and trust flattering hypocrites and hate geniuses that make them feel ignorant and small. When those geniuses are brought inside the USA as immigrants, the research and scientific levels of the USA will increase and advance; they can work, after being properly trained and educated, within new projects that should be established within the Silicon Valley, south of San Francisco Bay, and linked to IT companies (e.g., Google, Apple, Facebook, Yahoo, and Microsoft). This will certainly boost the American economy; other communities can be established for these immigrants among geniuses. 

4- Of course, millions of  km2 of woods, prairies, farms, arable lands, and coastlines entail hundreds of millions of cheap workers and employees, and this is not to mention thousands of mines, hundreds of lakes and islands, and tourist projects. Alaska needs badly tens of millions of inhabitants and workers to extract its treasures and invest its woods, coasts, etc.

5- Salaries and wages inside the USA are much higher than the one offered for the same jobs in the Third-World countries. This is why many American companies make use of the weak salaries and wages there. This has a destructive effect on employees and workers inside the USA; the unemployment rates increase. The remedy is to invest and make use of what we have explained in the above points in order to employ millions of Americans and hundreds of millions of immigrants and this will certainly boost the American economy and provide huge, unprecedented profits and revenues.     

6- American exports (crops and manufactured goods) are certainly less than the potential and resources of the USA. American markets are filled with imported goods from; e.g., China, Japan, Egypt, and Bangladesh. This will change to the better if hundreds of immigrants are brought inside the USA who will have reasonable, affordable wages/salaries and will produce many goods for exportation. This will certainly boost the American economy.


Fifthly: how to bring in those immigrants:

1- This will entail the establishment of specialized American agency with a budget provided from the sources mentioned in the above points; of course, security apparatuses must check everything and make sure that no terrorists would infiltrate into the USA among the immigrants. This agency should have its representatives in all American consulates and embassies worldwide. This agency must survey the whole area of the USA to study and explore the potential for industrial, agricultural, and touristic investment and to establish  such projects at once.   

2- This agency should announce the chance to bring immigrants into the USA from specialists, experts, university graduates, skilled workers and craftsmen, and ordinary workers; each one must be tested; accepted people will sign a contract and find his/her work ready once they reach the USA.

3- The following points are possible.

3/1: Each of these new immigrants must sign contracts to work in one state (e.g. Alaska) for 5 years, and they will get the American nationality by the end of this duration and can move freely to any other states if they like or to remain where they are if they choose this on their own accord.

3/2: The U.S. Army can recruit volunteers from the youths from all over the world; they will be trained and educated inside American islands in the Pacific ocean and they are to serve in the U.S. Army for a certain obligatory number of years, and they will get the American nationality by the end of this duration and can move freely to any other states if they like.

3/3: The immigrants who will brought inside the USA can include families (i.e., a husband, a wife, and their small kids) who will sign contracts to settle and work in agricultural areas and arable lands and the areas of grazing animals, etc. and they get stretches of land and a house paid within installments from their revenues or salaries. They can also work in factories built on the margin of such megaprojects. In fact, tens of states inside the USA need such types of investment. 

4- Once this agency will announce the reception of those who are willing to immigrate, millions of applicants will stand in queues; this will help to make the USA and its reputation great again and it will lead the whole civilized world again. This will make the whole world avoid countless problems caused by Third-World tyrants who make the vast majority of their citizens have only two options: to die of sorrow or to die by committing suicide; the solution we offer will make the West countries (who suffer illegal immigration, terrorism, and high-rates of crimes) stop paying the heavy price of the grave sins and crimes of the tyrants; may the curse of God and the curses of all humanity befall those tyrants!



 This article is merely a suggestion based on good intentions, though some readers might find our suggestion here to be an imaginary or a laughter-inducing one!

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