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Statement on the Hateful Speech against Muslims by Republican Presidential Contenders



The International Quranic Center (IQC) denounces the repeated, dehumanizing and racist rhetoric used by Donald Trump and many Republican presidential contenders against Muslims in the US.  IQC find these hateful statements no different than statements made by ISIS followers or Wahhabis. In fact, extremists in the West and the Middle East are the only winners of the continued escalation of violence and hate, while simultaneously hijacking the voices of moderate Muslims, Christians, Jews, and atheists.

The International Quranic Center emphasizes the importance of including peaceful Muslims in the fight against terrorism. They are cornered between ISIS, who kill more Muslims than any other group, and the suspicious and racist rhetoric in the West. Such war against terrorism cannot succeed without the following:


1-     Emphasizing the peaceful nature Islam to Muslims and non-Muslims, and exposing the contradiction between ISIS’s middle ages culture and the true teachings of Islam

2-     Taking the war to ISIS through utilizing the social media and online platforms to convey such contradiction and weaken ISIS’s recruitment techniques.

3-     Utilizing the Millions of peaceful Muslims living the West and the Middle East to be on the front lines of the War on Terror

4-     Fostering a culture of inclusion in the US of Muslims, in order to make it clear who the real enemies and the real allies are

In times where the social fabric of the American nation is threatened, the only solution is for all of us to be true American patriots: standing by our American values of religious freedoms, tolerance, and diversity is the only way to win such war on terror. Listening and supporting fear mongers like trump will only insure ISIS’ victory and the defeat of our American values.


Ahmed Subhy Mansour

President of the International Quranic Center

The views and opinions of authors whose articles and comments are posted on this site do not necessarily reflect the views of IQC.