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Because of this article, our site was the target of an attack by Hosni


Because of this article, our site was the target of an attack by Hosni Mubarak’s hackers.


I was awakened the morning of Tuesday April 13th 2010, by a phone call from a friend in Jordan, telling me that hackers had penetrated our site, and to hurry up to save the site and its contents. More phone calls and more e-mails poured in from friends all over the world, signifying the age of internet and global village, in which far stretched distances have been rendered insignificant, and where absolute powers of corrupt tyrants have been curtailed and restricted after millenniums of authoritarian rule, separating their people from the rest of the world, behind an iron curtain, on the outside looking as if they are enjoying perpetual bliss, yet on the inside, nothing but corruption and tyranny.

Right away I figured out the reason for the attack and its origin, I even expected it, after publishing an article titled (Warning the mummified Sultan Hosni Mubarak). I intentionally left it for a week, anticipating more readership and comments, but the attack did not materialize, and then we received via the internet, a grave and weighty article, from a new bold and daring site , stating that Mubarak ,in cahoots with Defense Minister Abu Ghazala, were the ones who murdered Sadat, instigated by Saudi Arabia, after relations between Sadat and Saudi Arabia deteriorated. We published the article as a news item, under a neutral non-biased heading, (Is this possible? Did Mubarak murder Sadat as they claim?)


Afterwards, the hackers (occupied) our site but, all thanks to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, we were able to free and save it from them.


Commenting on this act, I say:

1-This is the second time our site has been targeted for an attack (April 13th 2010). The last time, in August 2009, the site was destroyed with the most sophisticated methods available to hackers. I have published an article on the site, (Because of this address at a congressional seminar, our site was destroyed),. My speech at said seminar was published already on the site; it spoke of the massacres committed by the Saudis and their s and their millions of Muslim victims. After publishing the article-speech, the site was hacked, filled with viruses, as time bombs. Freeing, restoring, and cleaning the site took few weeks. We learned from that painful experience how to protect and preserve the site and the valuable material in it, that is why Al-Amir Mansour was so fast in getting the site secure and back in a working condition, May Almighty Allah reward him immensely for his effort.

2- This will not be the last attempt, for we are in a continuous battle with the forces of Evil, Tyranny and Corruption in the Arab World, precisely, with the Saudi Monarchy and the Military Dictatorship in Egypt, along with the Wahhabi Sheikhs and their terrorist organizations. In this state of (warfare), we are holding the initiative, and they are the ones who are reacting. This reaction they are manifesting is a cowardly act, beginning with continuous oppression and violence against the innocents of family and relatives, to attacking the site. They failed miserably in intellectual confrontation, so they resorted to force and confiscation. They confiscated my printed writings while in Egypt, now they are trying the same, confiscating it off the internet.

3- The strange thing is that they do not learn, and they do not want to learn the nature and character of those they are dealing with. Their cowardly attack will only fortify our resolve. It is the same story being repeated since 1977 till now. Retreat, on our part, has never taken place at all, rather forward march with every cowardly attack. They have tried every approach, from job dismissal, to prison, to frightening, to starvation, to persecution of innocent relatives, to torturing and hunting them down. Every crime they commit, we benefit from, new supporters, fine reputation. These days, we keep saying how grateful we are for their stupidity and their villainy because we need both, to gain more supporters and more free minded noble people throughout the vast open space of the internet. As a consequence to their sabotaging our site last year, I was selected to a fellowship at the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, the only Non-citizen Muslim Arab, an unexpected reward for an expected vile attack on our site.


We besiege Almighty God to increase their stupidity and to magnify their villainy, where we would reap higher rank, respect and honor.                         


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