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Bombings in Iraq and Pakistan expose implications of takfiri ideology
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The Koran vs. Sharia at a glance
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A Commentary on our Previous Article on this Verse: "If God Were to Increase the Provision to His Servants, They Would Transgress on Earth" (Quran 42:27)
"...Were It Not for God's restraining People by Means of Others..." (Quran 22:40)
Bosnian Religious Leaders Fill Political Void
On the Special Sharia Laws that Applied Only to the Prophet Muhammad and his Wives
(They Wish That You Would Soften in Your Position, So They Would Soften Toward You) (The Holy Quran: 68: 9)
"...Then Fight the Leaders of Disbelief..." (Quran 9:12)
Quranic Terminology: Good
Fatwas Part Sixty Issued by: Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour, translated by: Ahmed Fathy
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Bombings in Iraq and Pakistan expose implications of takfiri ideology
Press Release: Bombings in Iraq and Pakistan expose implications of takfiri ideology       5 February 2010       Today’s bombings in the Iraqi holy city of
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The Koran vs. Sharia at a glance