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Reda is finally released, tells interrogation horrors
in 09-01-24

Quranist blogger Reda Abdelrahman was finally released on January 23, 2009. He is now safe and back to his family in Sharkeya, Egypt. Reda is still traumatized by the experience and tells his friends and family members shocking stories of his imprisonment. "I was severely beaten and humiliated in my first two weeks to reveal the password of my personal email" Reda notes. "They also electrified me to force me to confess to crimes I haven't made", Reda added. It is worth mentioning that Reda should have been released more than a month ago because two court orders were made on his behalf. On January 6th, the High National Security Court canceled the Ministry of Interior's arrest order for Reda, and ordered the Ministry to release him as there was no legal justification for his arrest in the first place. Also, On January 8th, the Egyptian National Defense Attorney's office similarly ordered the release of Reda.
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