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Egyptian National Security Continues to Detain Quranist blogger
Egyptian National Security Continues to Detain Quranist blogger
in 09-01-20
Almasry Alyoum


Nadin Qenawi, Almasry Alyoum

January 18, 2009


Egyptian National Security continues to detain Reda Abdelrahman, the nephew of Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour, the head of the Quranist movement. His detention continues despite the ruling by the High National Security court overturning the arrest order made by the Ministry of Interior. Furthermore, there was a release order made by the Egyptian National Defense Attorney's (DA) office last week.  


Adel Ramadan, the legal officer of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights and Reda's lawyer, said, "Reda should have been released within 24 hours of the release order, which was made more than a week ago". He noted "not executing the court ruling and the Egyptian DA's order is criminal in Egyptian law and in severe violation of the rights and freedom articles in the Egyptian constitution".


On January 6th, the High National Security Court canceled the Ministry of Interior's arrest order for Reda, and ordered the Ministry to release him as there was no legal justification for his arrest in the first place.


On January 8th, the Egyptian National Defense Attorney's office similarly ordered the release of Reda. As a result of this ruling, on January 9th, Reda was transferred from Tura Prison in Cairo to the National Security office in Sharkeya, where he was first arrested. This was a welcomed development because it signaled that he was being prepared for release. However, he has yet to be released and there is no information about his current condition. No reasons have been given for keeping him in custody despite the final ruling from the court and the mandatory executive order from the DA.

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