Written by: Ahmed Mansour
( 5 ) : Four chapters

PART II                                          

Chapter One: Zeinab, A Donkey, and ISIS



We have received this question via an email message: (Why, Zeinab, the granddaughter of Prophet Muhammad, was chased from one country to another as we read in history? Had she any written will which was dictated by Prophet Muhammad? Would you kindly, with your expertise in history, please clarify this matter?). The answer to these queries is found by the end of this chapter, to link the miserable present with the more miserable past.

Firstly: Zeinab:

1- This historical character, descendant of Fatima, Muhammad's daughter, and Ali Ibn Abou Talib, is mentioned within the historical accounts of the Karbala Battle, within the well-known audience between her and the second Umayyad caliph Yazeed Ibn Muaweiyya, in Damascus. She later on returned to her birth-place, Yathreb, along with her remaining relatives who survived the Karbala massacre. It is claimed that she brought with her the severed head of Al-Hussein, which was buried in the area of Al-Biqee' area in Yathreb. Later on, a revolt against the Umayyads broke out in Yathreb. An Umayyad army was sent there, and it crushed and quelled this revolt, after episodes of mass-killings, rape, robbing, stealing, among other crimes, in Yathreb. This battle is called in history, the Battle of Al-Hurrah, a year after the Karbala Battle. We have referred to such events in detail in other articles on our website. We, as a researcher specialized in history, assert that Zeinab is never mentioned in history after the Karbala Battle and massacre; no historical account of her is written after this battle is to be found at all after her return to Yathreb. Even historical accounts that narrate the Battle of Al-Hurrah events never mention her name at all. We conclude that she had no role to be registered at the time by historians, who were shocked like the rest of Arabs after the Karbala massacre events.

2- All of the above-mentioned facts are in contrast with the myths written and propagated centuries after the Battle of Karbala; when the cult of worshipping and sanctifying and deifying Al-Hussein (as a deity or a saint) and his sister Zeinab (as a goddess or a saint) became a major feature in the three earthly, fabricated, man-made creeds of the Muhammadans: the Sunnite, the Shiite, and the Sufi creeds. Some liars made up the myth that Zeinab fled Yathreb to Damascus, or to Iraq, or as some others claim, she fled to Egypt. in every location we mention here, i.e. Iraq and the Levant and Egypt, shrines and mausoleums have been erected to revere and worship her. She became a cult of worship by the Muhamadans. This is polytheism and of course against the Quranic verses. The same cult included the worship and sanctification of the severed head of her brother Al-Hussein, which has its separate shrines and mausoleums. Hence, we have several tombs for Zeinab and the head of her brother! Of course, she had but one body, and her brother had but one head, buried in Al-Biqee' area in Yathreb. Hence, such several mausoleums and myths about Zeinab and her brother are mere falsehoods and a punch of lies that persist until today, just like the falsehoods of the three man-made creeds of Shiites, Sunnites, and Sufis, ascribed falsely to Islam.

3- Strange enough, Egypt never witnessed throughout the centuries of the Umayyad, Abbasid, and Mameluke eras the establishment of a mausoleum dedicated to Zeinab. However it has been established in Cairo, Egypt, in the Ottoman era, by an Ottoman governor in the 19th century, when a Sufi person claimed that he had seen a dream that the soul of Zeinab had descended in that spot in Cairo! The mosque bearing her name was erected at the same spot! We have discussed and written this within two books we have included in the curricula of students in the History Department, Azhar University, in 1982. The titles of these two books are as follows: "Research in Sources of Religious History: A Practical Study" and "The Character of Egypt after the Arab Conquest".        

4- The first title, unpublished here yet on our website, is an unprecedented work in the field of history research, establishing a new methodology of history research in religious history of the Muhammadans; we are the first researcher to create such methodology. The book tackles the Muhammadans' religious history sources and offers analytical study of them, along with practical application concerning how to glean and draw historical facts from them. Such sources are mostly unknown to most researchers, and they include books of Sufi feats of saints, books of pilgrimage spots of 'holy' saints' tombs, and books of social and religious aspects of life around such tombs. Among such books in the Mameluke era in Egypt the one titled "Al-Kawakib Al-Sayyarah" by Ibn Al-Zayyat and the other one titled "Tohfat Al-Ahbab" by the Sufi Al-Sakhawy. We have written the following about these two books: both books mention all famous and all less-than-famous shrines or mausoleums and all the stories connected with its buried male or female saint, especially if the dead ones claimed to be descendants of Prophet Muhammad's progeny. Yet, both books never mention any mausoleum for Zeinab. It is never mentioned in other ancient historical books like "Al-Intessar" by Ibn Daqmaq and "Khetat Al-Makrizi" by Al-Makrizi, and both tomes describe meticulously each area in Cairo and in Egypt. The reason: the so-called mausoleum ascribed to Zeinab has been a fabricated tale in the Ottoman era, based on a vision or a dream by a Sufi in 955 A.H. (1548 A.D.), and this mosque/mausoleum had been restored and renovated in 1173 A.H. (1759 A.D.), and then the Ministry of Religious Endowments (i.e. Awqaf, in Arabic) in Egypt built the current mosque in 1940 A.D. on the ruins of the old one. The myth has it that Zeinab, the daughter of Ali Ibn Abou Talib, came to Egypt in the last days of her lifetime. Yet, all history books and accounts written before and during the Mameluke era never mention her arrival to Egypt at all. Her assumed arrival would never have been ignored by historians of course, especially that Al-Makrizi in his books mentions all those who came to Egypt among the so-called prophet's companions and their later generations. The same was done by Al-Siyouti in his book titled "Husn Al-Muhadarah", in alphabetical order as well. Both historians never mentioned Zeinab at all, despite their keen interest in registering all names of Arabs who came to Egypt, especially those who claimed to be among the prophet's progeny.

5- In our book, published here on our website, titled "The Character of Egypt after the Arab Conquest", we assert and prove the fact that the Arab conquest of Egypt did not offer anything new to Egypt in the political and strategic aspects concerning its geographic location, nor such a conquest brought anything new in the religious aspect of Egyptian life. It is the Egyptians who had Egyptianized the creed of the Arabs; old Pharaonic notions and creed tenets were restored dressed into Islamic terminology, especially the cult of worshipping the goddess Isis. Our book proves that in the Pharaonic cults lie the origins of the deification and worship of Zeinab, or any 'holy' female figure, for that matter. Zeinab has been described using the same epithets given to the goddesses Isis and Maat, and later on Mary the mother of Christ, by our ancestors, the ancient Egyptians. Among such epithets are the following: The Lady, Our Lady, Judge of the Court, and Guardian of the Weak Ones. We have written in this book the following paragraph.

6- The holy trinity of the ancient Egyptians that held its influence over most non-Egyptians in the ancient world consists of Osiris, Isis, and Horus. This trinity went on during the Ptolemy dynasty in Egypt; the formal solemn oath in the Ptolemaic Era was as follows: "I swear by Osiris, Isis, Horus, and the rest of the gods…etc." and this trinity and the Isis cult spread in ancient Greece even before Alexander the Great's conquest of Egypt. divine and sacred secrets of the Isis cult were dressed in Greek attire; Dionysius is akin to Osiris, and holy goddesses and female figures in Greek mythology resemble Isis. It is noteworthy that the Egyptian holy trinity was linked later on with Zeus, in the form of the god Serapis, who replaced Osiris, as the Greco-Egyptian god in Alexandria, along with the Isis cult of worship. Isis had its unique stature and reverence in the deep inner recesses of the collective minds of Egyptians for centuries; she is the mother of a god, Horus, and the one who suffered a lot for her husband and child against forces of evil. Isis cult spread in Rome as well and throughout the Roman Empire that united all countries around the Mediterranean sea and the rest of the ancient known world by politics and trade routes. Icons and cult of Isis spread very fast that way by ships of trade roaming different seas. We remember the famous papyrus discovered in Al-Bahnassa, in Upper Egypt El-Minya Governorate, that goes back to the 2nd century A.D. and mention all locations of the cult of worshipping Isis in the ancient world, and in Egypt. this papyrus mentions 67 cities in the Nile Delta alone, and 55 cities outside Egypt, arranged in relation to their countries' geographical location. The domain of the Isis cult extended to India, Arabia, Sinop port of the Black Sea, and Rome. Horus of course was linked to Isis myths as her son-god. Both were deemed the precursors of the cult of worshipping statues and icons of Madonna and child: Mary and her son Jesus. Another female trinity of goddesses is mentioned in the Quran as being worshiped before Islam in Arabia: Al-Lat, Al-Uzza, and Manat; see 53:18-19. It is clear that the second Arab goddess, Al-Uzza, had derived its name from Isis, pronounced in the Pharaonic tongue as Iza or Izzet, and then within slight changes in pronunciation by the Greeks and their adding the last /s/ sound, it had become Isis, and the Arab named her Uzza. Rome conveyed the cult of Isis to the rest of Europe, only adding more of the ancient rites of the goddesses and rituals, hymns, and feasts of the abbesses and clergymen given formerly to honor other holy female figures and goddesses of Europe. Hence, the Egyptian trinity was practically worshiped in the whole area of North Africa, France, England, Italy, Germany, etc. until the end of the 2nd century A.D., when Isis was replaced by Mary and the cult of Mariology. The image/icon of Mary carrying baby Jesus, an assumed god/ son of the Most High, a falsehood refuted in the Quran, resembles statues of Isis carrying baby Horus, ad this Mariology cult contains the clear mark and influence of the Egyptian Pharaonic mythology. A European historian talks in his book about the icon of Isis spread into the world from Egypt, and mentions that Isis is reflected in many European goddesses as the Holy Mater: Demeter, Venus, and Aphrodite, Artemis, Cynthia etc. and that the stature of Isis carrying Horus inside a crescent mood relates the sacred feminine to the moon and to Mary carrying the holy child/god Jesus, inside and outside Egypt. Isis statues, altars, icons, and temples spread all over Europe and votive candles used to burn before them, with bald celibate male clergymen served Isis and her altars. Isis was a virgin goddess carrying her holy child; likewise, Egypt has given the world the image of the virgin goddess Mary carrying the holy child/god Jesus, replacing Isis in all temples turned into tens of convents and churches inside and outside Egypt. Al-Makrizi tells us in his book that tens of churches and convents held the name of the Virgin Mary during and before the Mameluke Era, with statues of her and Jesus along with haloes. Annual ceremonies to celebrate her birthday were attended by both Muhammadans and the Coptic Orthodox Christians, in the same manner when all Egyptians used to worship Isis centuries before. Coptic Orthodox Christians celebrate a certain myth that Mary and her baby son fled to Egypt to avoid the persecution of Herod, the Jewish Roman ruler of Judea, and they assume that in her journey, she passed through certain locations turned into churches and convents centuries later. Hence, the Egyptian collective mind linked Isis to Mary for centuries and Egyptianized the figure of Mary and moved it to the rest of Christendom especially in Europe and Asia. Hence, the same cult of the sacred feminine figure was repeated in the character of Zeinab, who reincarnated Isis when the Sufi creed dominated the minds of the Egyptians. "The Lady" was then title of Isis and Mary that was given to Zeinab as well after the so-called Sufi vision of establishing her assumed mausoleum in the Ottoman Era. All these facts refute the myth of the journey of Zeinab coming to Egypt carrying with her the severed head of her brother, Al-Hussein, to live in peace in Egypt till her death. Other history books assert that Zeinab returned to Yathreb to take care for the surviving progeny of her dead brothers, Al-Hussein and Al-Hassan, after the Battle of Karbala, and that she died and was buried in Al-Baqee' area outside Yathreb in 62 A.H. and all books written in eras of Arab rule or dynasties in Egypt never mention the assumed coming of Zeinab to Egypt at all, despite the utmost care of historians to register all hagiology or history of the so-called saints, and the locations of their shrines in Egypt, in the Fatimid and Mameluke eras. Let us remember that Al-Siyouti died in 911 A.H. toward the end of the Mameluke Era, and that Al-Makrizi died in 845 A.H. All these facts assert that the origin of the Zeinab myth in the Ottoman Era was due to the assumed vision or dream of a Sufi charlatan, and the Ottoman ruler built her mausoleum in 995 A.H. and it was renovated in 1173 A.H. (1759 A.D.) by the ruler Abdel-Rahman Katukhtha, and later on in 1940 in modern times. Such mausoleum is nearly 450 years old; yet, it enjoys until now countless pilgrims in Cairo! It has become a major rite in the Egyptian religious life now! Zeinab has been later on called the Lady of the Divan, a title similar to the title of Isis in the afterlife visions of the Pharaonic Era: Judge of the Court. That is why the Cairene district that houses currently the Zeinab mausoleum is called Al-Sayeda District; namely, the Arabic word for the epithet given to Isis and Zeinab: The Lady. The Egyptians have made Zeinab the Queen of Heaven, Queen of the Dead, Goddess of all gods and saints, just like Isis and Mary. It is a historical fact that Zeinab never came to Egypt.


Secondly: A Donkey:

1- In 1984, A.D., we were giving a lecture to the students at Al-Azhar University. A student asked us: Did the Prophet's granddaughter, Zeinab. come to Egypt? we told him that the definite answer is no, and that anyone who says otherwise is a donkey! The student told us that Professor Dr. Al-Tayeb Al-Najjar asserts her coming to Egypt as a historical fact. We replied fast: Then he is a donkey! We did not intend to verbally abuse any professor; rather, we assert that the donkey is used in the Quran to describe those who specialize in ancient volumes, tomes, and books, carrying them over his shoulders without understanding any of their contents. This description is used in the Quran to refer to errant ones of the Israelites. "The example of those who were entrusted with the Torah, but then failed to uphold it, is like the donkey carrying works of literature. Miserable is the example of the people who denounce God's revelations. God does not guide the wrongdoing people." (62:5). Such misguided ones among scholars or theologians are described in worse terms in another Quranic context: "And relate to them the story of him to whom We delivered Our signs, but he detached himself from them, so Satan went after him, and he became one of the perverts. Had We willed, We could have elevated him through them; but he clung to the ground, and followed his desires. His metaphor is that of a dog: if you chase it, it pants; and if you leave it alone, it pants. Such is the metaphor of the people who deny Our signs. So tell the tale, so that they may ponder. Evil is the metaphor of the people who reject Our signs and wrong themselves. Whomever God guides is the guided one. And whomever He sends astray-these are the losers. We have destined for Hell multitudes of jinn and humans. They have hearts with which they do not understand. They have eyes with which they do not see. They have ears with which they do not hear. These are like cattle. In fact, they are further astray. These are the heedless." (7:175-179). When the student asked us his question, Dr. Al-Najjar used to hold great authority and power within Azhar University. We repeat here that we did not intend to slander him or to verbally abuse him; rather, we described him as we saw fit to him: one is either to be a real researcher in history and ancient tomes or to be a donkey or jack-ass. This is not linked to posts or positions but to efficiency and creative scientific research methodology. Without all that, experts in history resemble donkeys! Such type of donkeys spread in millions within the so-called researchers and University professors in the countries of the Muhammadans, and they spread ignorance disguised as facts believed by the common gullible people.

2- Dr. Al-Najjar was among the typical Azharite people who held high positions. He used to be our teacher in the First Year, History Department, Azhar University, in 1969 A.D. Once we read his book titled "History of Prophets", we deiced never to attend his lectures, and later on all other lectures in the Department. We returned at the time to our governorate to work as a private-school teacher in the Delta city of Hehya, Al-Sharqiyah Governorate, then the headmaster of a primary school in our village, Abou Herez, from 1971 to 1973. We returned to Cairo when we were appointed as a teacher in the History Department, Azhar University, after graduating with honors and high grades, in December 1973. We were thoroughly shocked by the ignorance of Dr. Al-Najjar and the rest of the staff in the Department. We saw at the time that it was a waste of time to attend their lectures and to stay in Cairo. That is why we returned to our governorate to work during the years mentioned above. We decided that it was enough to buy the curricula books and to study them before exams. We used to get high grades/scores with honors and became the highest students in degrees upon graduation, and that is why we were appointed in the staff of the Department, whose head was Dr. Al-Najjar (from 1969 to 1973). Late Egyptian President Sadat chose Dr. Al-Najjar as the Deputy of Azhar University in 1978, during which we were in a dilemma concerning our Ph.D. thesis, ending in a compromise: they wanted us to omit two thirds of the thesis and to discuss the remainder one-third alone in the viva. Dr. Al-Najjar was among the panel of Azharite scholars who discussed our Ph.D. thesis in October 1980. He praised us by saying: "You will cause trouble to researchers who will come after you", because we narrated an improvised synopsis of our thesis in flawless classical Arabic. Dr. Al-Najjar decided to impose this type of oral synopsis on others who will discuss their theses. Dr. Al-Najjar later on became the Head of Azhar University and was chosen in 1984 as a Member in the prestigious Academy of the Arabic Language in Cairo.

3- In our first year in the Department, in 1969, Dr. Al-Najjar put a book of his in our curricula titled "History of Prophets'', which we disliked very much and deemed it filled with errors exposing his ignorance. To our dismay, the same book was put in the post-graduate studies curricula. We felt insulted by this act; we were at the time a young teacher at the Department who had to study such ignorance to pass exams. Dr. Al-Najjar monopolized his specialization; he was the only professor who taught it, and he never cared for anything except to sell his scandal of a book to students! Other professors used to impose his book on undergraduate students to flatter him, fearing his authority especially after he left his post as the Head off Azhar University and concentrated his work in Islamic Civilization and History Department. When Dr. Al-Najjar commissioned us to teach his scandal of a book, we adamantly refused. We told him that we used to feel ashamed of ourselves to study and read it as a student, and we can never teach it as an assistant lecturer! We wrote our first book to teach it in our lectures, titled "Prophets in the Quran: An Analytical Study", along with other four books. Hell gates opened suddenly before us at the Department! We were suspended from work, interrogated formally, prevented from promotion, and banned from traveling abroad! We were questioned thoroughly in an inquisition-like court held in Azhar University with the usual accusation leveled against us: denying facts of Islam! Another accusation was defaming the stature of Azharite scholars! For them, contemplating the Quranic verses is a shame and a guilt that tarnished Azhar University! In our opinion, my endeavor was the embodiment of Azharite laws that stipulate the mission of Azharite scholars to elucidate facts and tenets of Islam.

4- Dr. Al-Najjar used to be among our chief foes in that affair, and he used to incite others against us. At the time, relations between Egypt and the KSA were cut due to Saddam Hussein's insult to Egypt when he held a conference for all Arabs and ignored Egypt altogether. The KSA-based and -sponsored Wahabi body called "The Union of the Islamic World" urged Azharite scholars to incite the Egyptian government to imprison or hang us, under the pretext of being an apostate or disbeliever! A conference held in Islamabad presided by the Pakistani (Wahabi) President M. Zia-ul-Haq in 1987, under the auspices of  "The Union of the Islamic World", and attended by a group of Azharite scholars including Dr. Al-Najjar. Attendees of the conference discussed his scandal of a book and our book of analytical study on prophets in the Quran. The attendees gave Dr. Al-Najjar a prize and accused us of being a disbelieving infidel! The Egyptian attendees mentioned this accusation against us to President Mubarak. The same Wahabi union held another conference in Jeddah, attended of course by Dr. Al-Najjar, with the same accusations repeated against us and the call of our being punished somehow. We were the scapegoat to restore the cordial relations between Egypt and the KSA! Dr. Al-Najjar became later on the President of the International Center for Al-Sirah and the Sunna of the Prophet in the Egyptian Ministry of Religious Endowments in 1987, a center established by the KSA in Egypt to refute Quranism advocated by us. The KSA donated four million Egyptian pounds to this center, according to what is published by the Cairo-based newspaper "Al-Lowaa' Al-Islami". Such a center was never to be heard of ever again until now! It had no activities whatsoever. It seems that the four million Egyptian pounds went into the pockets of the Azharite sheikhs and scholars!


Lastly: ISIS

1- Eventually, mountains of religious ignorance begot ISIS terrorist organization.

2- ISIS apply what all were dreamed of by the Najd Brothers of Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud.

3- The Wahabi culture of ISIS is maintained, propagated, and defended by all Azharite sheikhs and scholars. For more than 30 years, Azharite students imbibed ISIS Wahabi culture; that is why some turned into terrorists who kill and destroy, thinking they serve God!  It is ironic that Egyptian governments spend on them billions of Egyptian pounds to teach them the ISIS Wahabi culture and then chase them to imprison and punish them when they apply this culture, the ISIS religion, in real life!

4- Those who attack and refute the culture and religion of ISIS in Egypt is put to prison once accused by contempt of Islam, or rather, by daring to refute the Wahabi religion of ISIS!

5- Even if ISIS ends, more ISIS-like terrorist organizations will emerge, as long as Wahabism thrives!




Chapter Two: More than One Hundred Thousand Deities are Worshipped by The ISIS Members of Al-Azhar

Firstly: The deification of the so-called Prophet Muhammad's companions within the ISIS Wahabi Ibn Hanbal Sunnite creed:

1- In 'holy' ancient tomes and volumes of the Sunnite creed, we read that the number of the so-called Prophet Muhammad's companions is one hundred thousand persons. A companion by their definition is a contemporary person to Prophet Muhammad, who saw him during his lifetime. That is why the Sunnites consider the so-called Prophet Muhammad's companions the primary source of the Sunnite creed. The so-called Prophet Muhammad's companions are the ones to whom the so-called hadiths are ascribed to have been narrated by them in oral traditions: (so and so narrated from so and so from that companion who narrated that he heard Prophet Muhammad saying that…etc.). In later eras, clergymen and imams used to scrutinize and examine the narrators' series or sequence so as to verify the so-called veracity and authenticity of hadiths (sayings); yet, all clergymen and imams claim that all the so-called companions can never commit errors in narration! This is deemed deification of the so-called companions. God is the Only One who never errs. Even prophets, the best people, as per Quranic verses, have done mistakes and errors of judgment, and some of such mistakes mentioned in the Quran. Accordingly, the Sunnites make the so-called Prophet Muhammad's companions above in stature in comparison to God's prophets! Those companions are now deified; they are being invoked and worshipped as deities! If it is true that their number exceeds 100.000 persons, to which we add the countless imams, sheikhs, and clergymen of the Sunnite creed as well as the founders of doctrines and the fabricators/narrators of the so-called hadiths, such as the famous ones/gods like Malik, Al-Shafei', Al-Bokhari, Moslem, Ibn Taymiyya, Ibn Al-Qaiyyim…until Ibn Abdel-Wahab in the 18th century.

2- All falsehoods of the above are affirmed by the Egyptian (Cairo-based) Azhar institution and its ISIS members among sheikhs and clergymen; all of them declare as renegades, apostates, and disbelievers anyone who dares to criticize the so-called Prophet Muhammad's companions, because they are treated as unerring and infallible gods. If criticized, the critic is a one who has forsaken the Sunnite creed. This is reflected in all oral and written statements of the ISIS members of Al-Azhar clergymen and sheikhs. All of them are used to issuing statements to threaten and terrorize anyone who dares to criticize/attack the so-called companions. This is an undeniable fact; no Azharite scholar can deny the existence of such terror and threatening measures in writing. By deification of more than one hundred thousands of persons, ISIS members among Azharite clergymen deny the Quran: God's word or the only holy scripture of Islam. The reason: the Quran mentions in tens of verses the fact that some of the so-called Prophet Muhammad's companions were hypocrites who used to lie and cheat; the Quran promises them of residing eternally in Hell-Fire.

3- This fact cannot bear any sort of compromise or a middle position; one has either to believe in God and His divine message or in countless books of falsehood written by human beings. The Quran includes the fact that the so-called companions are mere mortals, that some of them were good and others have mixed good deeds and bad deeds, and that some of them were traitors, liars, and hypocrites. Would a believer believe the Quran or the outrageous blatant lie that the the so-called companions are all guiltless, unerring, and infallible.

4- ISIS members among Azharite clergymen, sheikhs, and imams cannot deny history; civil-strife battles ensued among the so-called companions after the assassination of the caliph Othman. ISIS members among Azharite clergymen follow now the footsteps of these founding forefathers in their way of intentionally ignoring such civil wars in the scholars' curricula in Al-Azhar institution and in Egyptian media as well. Due to this deliberate ignoring, the Muhammadans in several countries are still living in the quagmire of civil strife today. This is occurring now in Syria and Iraq by ISIS terrorists. This is a continuation of the civil strife that began about 14 centuries ago. Ignoring to refer to the history of civil strife wars and battles among the so-called companions goes on due to their being deified after their death and to the Azharite stance of insistence of their being infallible, unerring, and faultless; to hell with historical accounts, then! It is funny that imams of the Sunnite creed have fabricated certain hadiths in order to prevent tackling and researching the historical accounts narrating this civil strife, such as the hadiths that describe the so-called companions as residing in Paradise immediately after death and their being the guiding poles and examples in daily lives of all Muslims, etc. in contract to the Quranic verses that prove that Prophet Muhammad could never predict the future. In fact, Sunnites are still in the quagmire of this civil strife for the last 14 centuries by following the footsteps of the co-called companions. The hadiths fabricated by them are all based on lying, falsehoods, and contradictions. Examples of this are countless; how come all the co-called companions are in Paradise while there is a hadith that states that if two Muslims fight each other with swords, the killer and the killed are both in Hell?! This so-called hadith makes all of the so-called companions residing forever in Hell.

4- If one reminds the ISIS members among Azharite clergymen of these plain facts, they will have one response or reaction; they would declare one as an apostate disbeliever who has forsaken Islam! They will apply to one their law that punishes in prison whoever taunts or mocks their creed: the ISIS members among Sunnite Wahabi/Salafist Ibn Hanbal creed that is not linked at all to Islam.

Secondly: A Quranic view on the so-called companions:

 We have already published countless articles on our website concerning the so-called companions; please refer to them for more details. Suffice it here for us to state the following points.

1- In 4:105-113 and 8:27, the Quran describes some of the so-called companions as traitors and hypocrites. They have misled Prophet Muhammad in making him defend a criminal; then the Quran warns those who conspire against God and His messenger.

2- Tens of Quranic verses tell us about hypocrites among the so-called companions, especially in chapters that have descended in Yathreb. Contemplating these chapters, we discern two types of hypocrites: one type that had exposed themselves with stances and words. Verses of the Quran have exposed them. The other type is those who concealed so carefully their animosity and hatred toward Islam and never betrayed their true colors in words or actions. They have pretended to be believers and got nearer to the Prophet Muhammad. Verses of the Quran have exposed them as well. Once Muhammad died, divine revelation stopped, and this second type became relentless in showing enmity and conspired against Islam. This type of hypocrites are warned and admonished in the Quran by torment in this life and in the Afterlife: "Among the Desert-Arabs around you there are some hypocrites, and among the inhabitants of Medina too. They have become adamant in hypocrisy. You do not know them, but We know them. We will punish them twice; then they will be returned to a severe torment." (9:101). This verse implies that some of the so-called companions will die as unbelievers and hypocrites and will be punished inevitably in this world and the next.

3- Hypocrites of the time are described along with their feelings and actions in trying to deceive God in 2:8-15, and that their ill-will is a disease inside their hearts that manifests itself during battles and on several occasions; please refer to 8:49, 33:12-61, 47:20-29, and 9:125.

4- Hypocritical companions used to swear by God to defend their stances: "They took their oaths as a screen, and prevented others from God's path. They will have a shameful punishment." (58:16) and "They treat their oaths as a cover, and so they repel others from God's path. Evil is what they do." (63:2). Some of the hypocrites used to pretend to obey Muhammad, and then used lie to him: "They profess obedience, but when they leave your presence, some of them conspire something contrary to what you said. But God writes down what they conspire. So avoid them, and put your trust in God. God is Guardian enough." (4:81). Hence, lying in the name of God and the name of Muhammad started earlier during Muhammad's lifetime and went on for the last 14 centuries until now. God describes such hypocrites as inveterate liars who aim at self-destruction: "Had the gain been immediate, and the journey shorter, they would have followed you; but the distance seemed too long for them. Still they swear by God: "Had we been able, we would have marched out with you." They damn their own souls, and God knows that they are lying. May God pardon you! Why did you give them permission before it became clear to you who are the truthful ones and who are the liars?" (9:42-43).

5- Those hypocritical liars used to find those who believe their falsehoods and lies as true statements. This is exemplified in the story told in the following verses: "Those who perpetrated the slander are a band of you. Do not consider it bad for you, but it is good for you. Each person among them bears his share in the sin. As for him who played the major role-for him is a terrible punishment. Why, when you heard about it, the believing men and women did not think well of one another, and say, "This is an obvious lie"?" (24:11-12) and "When you rumored it with your tongues, and spoke with your mouths what you had no knowledge of, and you considered it trivial; but according to God, it is serious. When you heard it, you should have said, "It is not for us to repeat this. By Your glory, this is a serious slander." God cautions you never to return to the like of it, if you are believers. "(24:15-17). Hypocrites in their conspiracies and slanders used to find attentive listeners among the believers: "Had they mobilized with you, they would have added only to your difficulties, and they would have spread rumors in your midst, trying to sow discord among you. Some of you are avid listeners to them. God is Aware of the wrongdoers." (9:47).

6- The Quran repeats in many verses the notion that God is the Witness concerning the lies, falsehoods, and conspiracies of such hypocrites: "Then there are those who establish a mosque to cause harm, and disbelief, and disunity among the believers, and as an outpost for those who fight God and His Messenger. They will swear: "Our intentions are nothing but good." But God bears witness that they are liars." (9:107), "Have you not considered those who act hypocritically? They say to their brethren who disbelieved among the People of the Book, "If you are evicted, we will leave with you, and will not obey anyone against you; and should anyone fight you, we will certainly support you." But God bears witness that they are liars." (59:11), "When the hypocrites come to you, they say, "We bear witness that you are God's Messenger." God knows that you are His Messenger, and God bears witness that the hypocrites are liars." (63:1). ISIS members of Azharite clergymen insist upon refusing God's statements in the Quran by insisting that the so-called companions are unerring, faultless, guiltless, inviolable, and infallible. If one states the Quranic facts mentioned above in this article, one is accused by contempt of the Sunnite creed by the ISIS members among clergymen of Al-Azhar!

One last question:

When the Quran refutes and contradicts any notions inherited from Middle-Ages imams and clergymen, a real believer must side with the Quranic truth. In contrast to this, ISIS members of Azharite clergymen do the exact opposite by siding with inherited notions and doctrines and ignoring the Quran!

The best discourse:

 "It is a noble Quran. In a well-protected Book. None can grasp it except the purified. A revelation from the Lord of the Worlds. Is it this discourse that you take so lightly? And you make it your livelihood to deny it? "(56:77-82). God says nothing but the Truth, even if ISIS members among Azharite clergymen hate this Truth.         



Chapter Three: The ISIS Members of Al-Azhar and Confusion

Confused Sheikhs (1/5)


1- Azharite ISIS members who control Al-Azhar institution have speedily issued a statement in the name of Al-Azhar institution concerning media hubbub of those who deny the existence of the so-called 'torment of the tomb' and the so-called 'paradise of the tomb' and hadiths concerning both notions in the Sunnite Wahabi creed. They have denounced the several journalist articles that confuse the ideas of people concerning religion, and which cast doubts on ''torment of the tomb'', the 'revered' and 'honored' companions of Prophet Muhammad by detracting their 'high' stature. The statement issued expressed concern and anxiety about raising such topics in Egyptian media to distract Al-Azhar institution from its mission or message and the major causes of the worldwide 'Muslims' that Al-Azhar bear above its shoulders. Apparently, it seems that Al-Azhar is too busy to leave its 'sacred' mission and duty toward Egypt, religion, and people to refute journalist articles that are far from the real issues, grievances, and troubles of the nation.

2- Apparently, Azharite ISIS members/sheikhs controlling Al-Azhar have been trying to justify their inability to defend the myths of the so-called ''torment of the tomb'' and the deification and worship of the mortal dead persons called companions of Muhammad. Such myths they revere are more important than anything else, even the mere endeavor to refute any doubts! One might wonder what are the issues, grievances, and troubles of the nation that the Azharite ISIS members concerned about?! It is this very nation that can barely bear the burden of the existence of Al-Azhar institution that forces it to descend into a bottomless pit: Al-Azhar institution curricula and ignorance morphed its students into ISIS members! The Wahabi religion taught there is the very one of ISIS! Generations of terrorists and potential terrorists, of both genders, are being graduated from Al-Azhar University! They are the ISIS members of today and of the future. Al-Azhar institution ignorant ISIS members/sheikhs were busy for more than 40 years spreading, defending, and propagating extremist thought of the Sunnite/Wahabi creed contrary to Islam: the Quran. Even when few people in the Egyptian media have voiced some refutations and criticisms of some myths and falsehoods defended for years by Azharite ignorant ISIS sheikhs from any sort of discussion, refutation, and criticism, they Azharites felt great alarm. They threatened, attacked, and rebuked those who cast doubts on their ancient hallowed myths, while never uttering a single syllable concerning the victims of ISIS in Iraq and Syria. They were stirred and their eyes were seared ONLY when their mythological figure is denied and doubted: the bald, hairless snake tormenting the dead in their tombs! It is as if this hairless reptile embodies the real issues, grievances, and troubles of the nation! What a comedy! It is a farce theatrical piece! All issued Azharite statements are sources of great humor and laughter! Yet, one would laugh until one is on the rink of shedding tears!

3- The Azharite ISIS members' statement mentions their lamenting the fact that several journalist articles confuse the ideas of people concerning religion! Let us here discuss the word ''confusion'' and its derivatives ''confuse'' and ''confused'', for it exposes their mentality and man-made creed, and it is repeated in their literature and writings as a sword pointed against any critics and detractors. It is high time to discuss their concept of confusion in this research, in order to know from the Quran the current stance of the Azharite ISIS members toward real Islam: the Quran.

Firstly: the source and location of confusion: types of people based on faith and belief:

1- In the Quranic Chapter 2, God mentions three types of people in terms of belief or faith in the heart, in all eras and locations: the pious certain believers, the openly disbelievers, and lastly the hypocrites. The believers are described as follows: "This is the Book in which there is no doubt, a guide for the righteous. Those who believe in the unseen, and perform the prayers, and give from what We have provided for them. And those who believe in what was revealed to you, and in what was revealed before you, and are certain of the Hereafter.These are upon guidance from their Lord. These are the successful." (2:2-5). The description of the openly disbelievers is as follows: "As for those who disbelieve-it is the same for them, whether you have warned them, or have not warned them-they do not believe. God has set a seal on their hearts and on their hearing, and over their vision is a veil. They will have a severe torment." (2:6-7). The last category, the hypocrites, are to be found in all societies in all times and climes, as long as there are people on Earth: "Among the people are those who say, "We believe in God and in the Last Day," but they are not believers. They seek to deceive God and those who believe, but they deceive none but themselves, though they are not aware.  In their hearts is sickness, and God has increased their sickness. They will have a painful punishment because of their denial." (2:8-10). In short, we have two groups of people: believers and non-believers (overtly or hypocrites).

2- We understand here the source of confusion; belief in one's heart is of two types: a certain staunch one and a confused one filled with doubts and hesitation. The confused one is found within hesitant hearts filled with uncertainties, NOT within hearts filled 100% with firm belief in God, His divine book, and the Last Day. Hesitant belief suffers from confusion when its myths, lies, fabrications, and falsehoods are discussed, criticized, and refuted.

Secondly: there is no confusion in the certain and firm belief of the pious ones:

1- Truly faithful belief of the devout people is unshakable; doubts, uncertainty, guesses and wishful thinking never cause any sort of confusion to it. Rereading 2:2-5 about the pious ones, we discern that the very first description of the believers is that they never doubt the Quran. They believe in all things unknown and unseen mentioned in it by God who revealed this book. True believers perform prayers and pay zakat alms for the sake of God alone, devoutly and piously, in their peaceful demeanor toward people. Believers believe in all divine books and messages in general and in the Last Day, the Day of Resurrection, with no doubts whatsoever. Hence, there is no doubt in the Quran and the Last Day: this is the staunch unshakable belief of all true believers in Islam. 

2- In their belief in the Quran, believers never need, require, or believe in another discourse in religion, as per the Quranic verses themselves. "Have they not observed the government of the heavens and the earth, and all the things that God created, and that their time may have drawn near? Which message, besides this, will they believe in?" (7:185).  "Woe on that Day to the rejecters. In what message, beyond this, will they believe?" (77:49-50). "These are God's Verses which We recite to you in truth. In which message, after God and His revelations, will they believe?" (45:6).

3- Believing in the Last Day entails that true believers believe in their hearts that God alone is the Owner of the Day of Resurrection; He is the Sole Source of safety in the Last Day, and no mortals can help, aid, or give benefit to other mortals in that Last Day. "But what will convey to you what the Day of Judgment is? Then again, what will convey to you what the Day of Judgment is? The Day when no soul will avail another soul anything; and the decision on that Day is God's." (82:17-19). Believers have both belief in the heart concerning faith tenets in the Quran and the belief in terms of demeanor; i.e., peaceful and charitable behavior toward others, in piety and devoutness to God, in public and in private, and they perform good deeds to prepare themselves to the Day of Judgment. Real believers utter the truth to seek gratification of God alone and never care about blame and rebuke from people, even if the truth is hateful to the disbelievers and ISIS terrorists.  Such type of pious, certain, firm, ad staunch believers never get confused about their faith.

4- Those pious believers believe in the Quranic insights from the Lord Our God and seek guidance only in His book. "This is an illumination for mankind, and guidance, and mercy for people who believe with certainty." (45:20). "…These are the Signs of the Quran-a book that makes things clear. Guidance and good news for the believers. Those who observe the prayers, and give charity regularly, and are certain of the Hereafter." (27:1-3).

5- In contrast, disbelievers in the Quran base their faith on man-made backward ignorant legislations. Believers in the Quran need nothing but the divine sharia legislation; it is enough for them in all  matters of religion. "Is it the laws of the time of ignorance that they desire? Who is better than God in judgment for people who are certain?" (5:50). Of course, Azharite ISIS members deny Quranic facts. The pious ones know for sure that the divine discourse of the Quran is the only source of mercy and guidance for them; whereas the confused ones focus on decorated words and man-made discourse to persuade others to forsake the Quran all their lives, and if such confused ones hear he Quran alone with no man-made lies and falsehoods, they move away in disgust, just like ISIS members. "These are the Verses of the Wise Book. A guide and a mercy for the righteous. Those who observe the prayer, and pay the obligatory charity, and are certain of the Hereafter. These are upon guidance from their Lord. These are the successful.  Among the people is he who trades in distracting tales; intending, without knowledge, to lead away from God's way, and to make a mockery of it. These will have a humiliating punishment. And when Our Verses are recited to him, he turns away in pride, as though he did not hear them, as though there is deafness in his ears. So inform him of a painful punishment." (31:2-7). The pious faithful ones have no doubts about the Quran and believe in the One God and the One Book as the only discourse to believe in Islam: the Quran, whereas the confused ones among sinful liars, evil and corrupt clergymen, and murderous ISIS members insist on neglecting and ignoring the Quranic verses in favor of man-made books, discourses, and narrations. "The revelation of the Book is from God, the Exalted in Might, the Wise. In the heavens and the earth are proofs for the believers.  And in your own creation, and in the creatures He scattered, are signs for people of firm faith.  And in the alternation of night and day, and in the sustenance God sends down from the sky, with which He revives the earth after its death, and in the circulation of the winds, are marvels for people who reason.  These are God's Verses which We recite to you in truth. In which message, after God and His revelations, will they believe? Woe to every sinful liar. Who hears God's revelations being recited to him, yet he persists arrogantly, as though he did not hear them. Announce to him a painful punishment." (45:2-8).

6- The Quranic text is clear ONLY to those who seek guidance in it as the sole scripture and only source of guidance in God's religion; it is the only divine word of God. "We have made the verses clear for people who are certain." (2:118). Hence, those who seek devoutly and sincerely the guidance in the Quran and seek to please God deserve to gain this divine guidance; in contrast, those who lie to God and ascribe falsehoods to His religion deny the Quran. This is what is done by Azharite ISIS members. God says about their evil route the following: "And who does greater wrong than he who fabricates lies and attributes them to God, or calls the truth a lie when it has come to him? Is there not in Hell a dwelling for the blasphemers?" (29:68). God says about those who sincerely seek guidance the following: "As for those who strive for Us-We will guide them in Our ways. God is with the doers of good." (29:69). 

7- Muhammad declared his certainty and faith in God and in the Quran, and that he cannot torment and punish the disbelievers around him, as this is left to God alone: "Say, "I stand on clear evidence from my Lord, and you have rejected Him. I do not possess what you seek me to hasten; the decision belongs solely to God. He states the truth, and He is the Best of Judges." Say, "If I possessed what you seek me to hasten, the matter between you and me would have been settled. God is well aware of the unjust."" (6:57-58).

8- Noah declared his certainty and faith in God "He said, "O my people, Have you considered? If I stand on clear evidence from my Lord, and He has given me a mercy from Himself, but you were blind to it, can we compel you to accept it, even though you dislike it?"" (11:28). Saleh was told by his people that they doubt his call to God; they were confused and not sure how come they ought to forsake the staple traditions of their forefathers. They remind us of the Azharite ISIS members who adhere to the notions of their forefathers and discard the Quran: "They said, "O Saleh, we had hopes in you before this. Are you trying to prevent us from worshiping what our parents worship? We are in serious doubt regarding what you are calling us to." He said, "O my people, have you considered? If I stand upon clear evidence from my Lord, and He has given me mercy from Him, who would protect me from God, if I disobeyed Him? You add nothing for me except loss."" (11:62-63).

9- Accordingly, belief and faith in one's heart and mind divide people into two categories: those who are certain and firm in their belief and those who are doubtful and confused, following their whims and uncertainties of the route of the devil: "Is he who stands upon evidence from his Lord, like someone whose evil deed is made to appear good to him? And they follow their own desires?" (47:14). Let us discuss below the confused doubtful ones of Azharite ISIS members.


Quranic Facts Confuse Azharite ISIS Members (2/5)

 We mention below these facts that confuse Azharite ISIS members and they insist on ignoring them.

1- Azharite ISIS members do not know that it is the duty of believers to believe in heart and mind that divinity and worship are exclusively for God, with no mortal partners. No sanctification or deification is to be given to any other person or thing. No one can worship the creator and His creatures at the same time; there is no room for that in hearts of true believers.

2- Azharite ISIS members do not know that disbelievers hold little useless belief, in their hearts, in God by sanctifying and deifying mortal partners beside God in their worship acts. These mortal deities associated with God by polytheists include people like Muhammad; this prophet is being worshipped by all the Muhammadans by inserting his name in the testimony of Islam, in prayers, in the call to prayers, in sharia legislation, and in pilgrimage. Their polytheistic notions include the idea of intercession; Muhammad is their mediator before God to save them from Hell to make then enter Paradise! It is as if Muhammad is the owner and creator of the Day of Judgment! How is he supposed to change the judgment of God concerning sinners?! Another spread falsehood is ascribing to Muhammad millions of sayings (hadiths) two centuries after his death, as if the Quran is not sufficient to us. To aggravate matters, the Muhammadans claim that such lies and falsehoods called Sunna replaces the Quranic legislations in religious matters! The amount of belief in God, in this disbelieving heart, is so little; deities and gods among mortals (saints, prophets, companions of Muhammad, historical figures, and Muhammad's daughter's progeny) are so many and monopolizes the sanctity and worship due to God alone. Hence, the Muhammadans never believe in God alone; they must add other mortal gods and deities among dead persons. When they enter into Hell, they will ask pardon, and they will be told in Hell a response in the negative. "They will say, "Our Lord, you made us die twice, and twice you gave us life. Now we acknowledge our sins. Is there any way out?" That is because when God alone was called upon, you disbelieved; but when others were associated with Him, you believed. Judgment rests with God the Sublime, the Majestic." (40:12).

3- Azharite ISIS members do not know that all prophets and messengers of God, as per the Quran, were sent with one message: There is no God but Allah. Azharite ISIS members/sheikhs deny and ignore the Quran by inventing the devilish revelation in hope to supplant the divine one by claiming it replaces the Quran. Azharite ISIS members do not believe in the Quran unless in the so-called Sunna with it, ascribed falsely to Muhammad after his death. God's scripture, the Quran, is not enough for them. That is why they are confused in their faith, even when one reminds them of the verses that refute their lies and those of Qorayish tribe: "Does it not suffice them that We revealed to you the Scripture, which is recited to them? In that is mercy and a reminder for people who believe. Say, "God suffices as witness between you and me. He knows everything in the heavens and the Earth. Those who believe in vanity and reject God-it is they who are the losers."" (29:51-52). Azharite ISIS members do not acknowledge the Quran as the only sufficient, unique, and sole source of guidance in Islam and reject God's words on that subject! That is why if they are to die before rejecting their falsehoods and adhering to the Quran alone, they will certainly be among losers in the Last Day.

4- Azharite ISIS members hate very much and get furious if they listened to a sermon containing Quranic verses alone, with no hadiths and theological notions of ancient scholars. The reason: the Quranic facts and tenets confuse them! These verses apply to them: "When you read the Quran, We place between you and those who do not believe in the Hereafter an invisible barrier. And We drape veils over their hearts, preventing them from understanding it, and heaviness in their ears. And when you mention your Lord alone in the Quran, they turn their backs in aversion." (17:45-46). Azharite ISIS members/imams in sermons preach every Friday in pulpits, and whenever they utter the name of God, Allah, no one among the audience glorify the name of God; they remain silent although glorification of God is an act of worship affirmed in the Quran, but often forgotten by most people, as we have mentioned in detail in a previous article. The reason: the Muhammadans' mania of worshipping, deifying, and sanctifying Muhammad; they enthusiastically glorify the prophet's name once uttered by preachers in sermons. They wrongly assume that this is an act of worship, as we have mentioned in detail in a previous article. True believers are described in the Quran as follows: "The believers are those whose hearts tremble when God is mentioned, and when His revelations are recited to them, they strengthen them in faith, and upon their Lord they rely." (8:2). Hence, the Muhammadans love, worship, and sanctify and glorify Muhammad more than God! What is worse, if a sermon preached without mentioning the prophet's name, they feel animosity! They rejoice only in mentioning a lot the prophet's name. this verse applies to them: "When God alone is mentioned, the hearts of those who do not believe in the Hereafter shrink with resentment. But when those other than Him are mentioned, they become filled with joy." (39:45).

5- Azharite ISIS members do not know that the main issue of paramount importance in Islam; i.e. the Quran alone, is the belief in God alone without sanctification and worship of any other gods or deities. All Quranic stories of prophets and messengers clearly show that their call consisted of one clear message: There is no God but Allah. Other mortal deities are to be discarded. "We never sent a messenger before you without inspiring him that: "There is no God but We, so worship Us."" (21:25). Hence, their divine message linking point is to reject polytheism. The Qorayish tribe urged Muhammad to acknowledge its saints and deities they claimed that they drew them nearer to God, but the Quranic response  came with devotion in worship is for God alone: "The revelation of the Book is from God, the Mighty and Wise. We sent down to you the Book with the truth, so serve God, devoting your religion to Him. Is not to God that sincere faith is due? As for those who take guardians besides Him, "We only worship them that they may bring us nearer to God." God will judge between them regarding their differences. God does not guide the lying blasphemer." (39:1-3). God told Muhammad to say to them the following: "Say, "I was commanded to serve God, devoting my religion exclusively to Him. And I was commanded to be the first of those who submit."  Say, "I fear, if I disobeyed my Lord, the punishment of a horrendous Day." Say, "It is God I worship, sincere in my faith in Him." "But you can worship whatever you wish besides Him." Say, "The losers are those who lose their souls and their people on the Day of Resurrection." That is indeed the obvious loss." (39:11-15). Facing their urging, God told him to say the following: "Say, "Is it other than God you instruct me to worship, you ignorant ones?" It was revealed to you, and to those before you, that if you idolize, your works will be in vain, and you will be of the losers." (39:64-65).

6- Azharite ISIS members do not know that the main issue of paramount importance in Islam is to believe in God alone  with no other deities or saints; Hud was told by his people in arrogance that they reject this notion: "They said, "Did you come to us to make us worship God alone, and abandon what our ancestors used to worship? Then bring us what you threaten us with, if you are truthful."" (7:70). Hence, they told Hud that they would never forsake their forefathers' notions and gods: the staples and ancient notions, just like Azharite scholars!

7- Azharite ISIS members do not know that disbelieving ancestors used to create monikers and names to their deities to frighten others who shun, criticize, doubt, or deny these deities. Noah's people are an example of that: "And they said, "Do not give up your gods; do not give up Wadd, nor Souwa, nor Yaghoos, and Yaooq, and Nassra." (71:23). Saleh said to his people: "He said, "Condemnation and wrath have befallen you from your Lord. Are you arguing with me over names, which you and your ancestors invented, for which God sent down no authority? Just wait; I am waiting with you."" (7:71). Joseph said in Egypt: ""You do not worship, besides Him, except names you have named, you and your ancestors, for which God has sent down no authority. Judgment belongs to none but God. He has commanded that you worship none but Him. This is the right religion, but most people do not know." (12:40). God says in the Quran for Arabs in Arabia: "Have you considered Al-Lat and Al-Uzza? And Manat, the third one, the other? Are you to have the males, and He the females? What a bizarre distribution. These are nothing but names, which you have devised, you and your ancestors, for which God sent down no authority. They follow nothing but assumptions, and what the ego desires, even though guidance has come to them from their Lord." (53:19-23). Azharite ISIS members have followed the footsteps of the disbelieving ancestors; they worship names of mortals, like Al-Bokhary. If one would criticize Al-Bokhary, they would threaten one with the Egyptian law against contempt of religion, because they suppose that Al-Bokhary is the pillar of Islam! Yet, if one would curse Ibn Berzaweih in Tahrir Square, Cairo, using loudspeakers, no one would care, though Ibn Berzaweih was the real first name of Al-Bokhary!

8- Azharite ISIS members do not know that true faithful belief does not contain any sort of confusion, and it makes one denounces his people the polytheists, Azharite ISIS members and otherwise, until they believe in the One God alone, in all eras and locations, like Abraham: "You have had an excellent example in Abraham and those with him; when they said to their people, "We are quit of you, and what you worship apart from God. We denounce you. Enmity and hatred has surfaced between us and you, forever, until you believe in God alone…" (60:4). Azharite ISIS members refuse to admit that the main issue in the Quran is to believe in God alone with no other deities.

9-  Azharite ISIS members do not know that if they die while retaining their polytheism, they will regret it in vain, when it is too late, and they will try to declare in the Day of Judgment their belief in God alone, but they will be among the losers: "Then, when they witnessed Our might, they said, "We believe in God alone, and we reject what we used to associate with Him." But their faith could not help them once they witnessed Our might. This has been God's way of dealing with His servants. And there and then the disbelievers lost." (40:84-85).

10- Azharite ISIS members do not know that confused belief or faith is similar to disbelief and unbelief; it is little faith deserves the curse of God, as happened with disbelievers among the Israelites: "And they said, "Our hearts are sealed." Rather, God has cursed them for their ingratitude. They have little faith." (2:88). "…But God has cursed them for their disbelief; they do not believe except a little." (4:46). "But for their violation of their covenant, and their denial of God's revelations, and their killing of the prophets unjustly, and their saying, "Our minds are closed." In fact, God has sealed them for their disbelief, so they do not believe, except for a few." (4:155). Hence, their belief was not sufficient, and they used to brag of it, and in the afterlife, this little faith will be of no use to them. "…Wretched is what your faith commands you to do, if you are believers." (2:93). "Say, "On the day of victory, the faith of those who disbelieved will be of no avail to them, and they will not be granted respite."" (32:29).


1- We conclude from the above that Azharite ISIS members disbelieve in God and deny His Book and His Holy Names and Epithets.

2- We are still advising Azharite ISIS members to believe in the One God alone with no ascribed partners, deities, associates, mediators, and intercessors and to believe in His Holy Names and Epithets mentioned only in the Quran. They should stop sanctifying tombs, buildings, and dead persons, as well as names of dead personalities. We warn them against residence in Eternal Hell-Fire: "We have destined for Hell multitudes of jinn and humans. They have hearts with which they do not understand. They have eyes with which they do not see. They have ears with which they do not hear. These are like cattle. In fact, they are further astray. These are the heedless. To God belong the Most Beautiful Names, so call Him by them, and disregard those who blaspheme His names. They will be repaid for what they used to do." (7:179-180).

3- We are still warning them against misinterpreting Quranic verses and distorting intentionally the meanings of them by their endless mountains of new and ancient tomes, volumes, and books of theology, interpretation, etc. such falsehoods form the entire curricula in Azhar University departments of 'Islamic' studies, sharia, theology, etc. that is to say, they are specializing in falsehoods against the Quran instead of reflecting, contemplating, and researching the Quran text itself. God warns us all: "Those who despise Our revelations are not hidden from Us. Is he who is hurled into the Fire better? Or he who arrives safely on the Day of Resurrection? Do as you please; He is Seeing of everything you do." (41:40). God says nothing but the Truth, even if Azharite ISIS members and sheikhs hate that truth.


Confused Sheikhs Entrapped by Doubts (3/5)

1- Polytheists live in constant doubts; pious monotheistic believers staunchly and firmly believe with no doubts at all in the Quran. Confusion and doubt are basic features of the little faith of disbelievers and polytheists. Faith of the pious ones is based on the absolute truth: the Quran. Such descriptions are found in the Quran in several verses. This is manifested in terms of the belief in the Quran and the Last Day; disbelievers are doubters, and believers are 100% sure that the the Quran is the divine message from God. The disbelievers discard the Quran, and putting it aside, they seek other discourses in religion. This started centuries ago; in the lifetime of Muhammad when the Quran was being revealed. The Quran refutes the accusations of Qorayish tribe accusations leveled against Muhammad and against the Quran itself and the doubts concerning the Last Day. "So be patient. The promise of God is true. And do not let those, who lack certainty, belittle you." (30:60). "Or did they create the heavens and the earth? In fact, they are not certain." (52:36). "And when it was said, "The promise of God is true, and of the Hour there is no doubt," you said, "We do not know what the Hour is; we think it is only speculation; we are not convinced."" (45:32).

2- We have in the Quran the criteria to judge real, faithful certain belief: "The believers are those who believe in God and His Messenger, and then have not doubted, and strive for God's cause with their wealth and their persons. These are the sincere." (49:15). Really true and faithful pious ones do not have doubts concerning the Quran and the Last Day; that is why they endeavor and do their best to perform good deeds for the sake of God. Hence, true faith leads to, and is linked to, good deeds, which in turn are signs of true faith without doubts whatsoever. Doubts, confusion, and hesitation that tarnish little faith, or lack of it, in the hearts of the hypocrites whose faith is overt in their hypocritical acts, as they lack true faith and certainty in hearts and minds, and in their behavior and stances. This applies to the status of hypocrites during the lifetime of Muhammad and in all later eras until our modern age. In their stance against participation in defensive wars, we find the following verse: "Only those who do not believe in God and the Last Day ask you for exemption. Their hearts are full of doubts, so they waver in their doubts." (9:45). This verse tackles their mosque taken as location for conspiring against believers: "The structure which they have built will remain questionable in their hearts, until their hearts are stopped. God is Knowing and Wise." (9:110). These verses apply to hypocrites of today and in all eras; that is why the present tense is used to show this continuity. Their hearts will be filled with doubts. Mosques used as conspirators' centers to concoct and plan terror and thefts still thrive all over the planet Earth until now! Mosques of today spread and propagate falsehoods against God and the Quran: real Islam. Flagrant examples are mosques in Syria and Iraq; they are being used as military targets and locations!

3- Confusion, hesitation, and skepticism are the main features in the history of polytheists and disbelievers, before, during, and after the revelation of the Quran. The Quran remains the very last divine message to humanity; and it asserts the doubting nature of disbelievers before the time of the Quranic revelation. "Has not the story reached you, of those before you, the people of Noah, and Aad, and Thamood-and those after them? None knows them except God. Their messengers came to them with the clear proofs, but they tried to silence them, and said, "We reject what you are sent with, and we are in serious doubt regarding what you are calling us to."" (14:9). "They said, "O Saleh, we had hopes in you before this. Are you trying to prevent us from worshiping what our parents worship? We are in serious doubt regarding what you are calling us to." He said, "O my people, have you considered? If I stand upon clear evidence from my Lord, and He has given me mercy from Him, who would protect me from God, if I disobeyed Him? You add nothing for me except loss."" (11:62-63). The believer in the retinue of Moses' Pharaoh preached to them to remind them of Joseph as follows: "Joseph had come to you with clear revelations, but you continued to doubt what he came to you with. Until, when he perished, you said, "God will never send a messenger after him." Thus God leads astray the outrageous skeptic." (40:34). Hence, they doubted even joseph before though he helped Egypt in times of famine to come. The same skepticism is repeated within the Israelites with their prophets. "We gave Moses the Scripture, but it was disputed. Were it not for a prior word from your Lord, it would have been settled between them. They are in serious doubt concerning it." (11:110). "They became divided only after knowledge came to them, out of resentment among themselves. Were it not for a predetermined decision from your Lord, judgment would have been pronounced between them. Indeed, those who were made to inherit the Book after them are in grave doubt about it." (42:14). ''We gave Moses the Book, but disputes arose concerning it. Were it not for a prior decree from your Lord, judgment would have been pronounced between them. But they are in perplexing doubt concerning it.'' (41:45). Qorayish tribe polytheists followed the footsteps of these bad ancient people! They felt envious toward Muhammad by saying: "Was the message sent down to him, out of all of us…" (38:8). This is because of their skepticism: "… they are doubtful of My warning. In fact, they have not yet tasted My punishment." (38:8). As a respond to their doubts, God orders Muhammad to reject their gods and deities: "Say, "O people, if you are in doubt about my religion-I do not serve those you serve apart from God. But I serve God, the one who will terminate your lives. And I was commanded to be of the believers."" (10:104). The verse that sums up the religious life of Qorayish polytheists is as follows: "Yet they play around in doubt." (44:9).

4- The queries raised here are as follows: Did the devils tender their resignations after the completion of the revelation of the Quran? Did skepticism and confusion end forever as far as creeds and tenets are concerned?! The answer to both queries is definitely NO. the evidence to support this answer is the Quranic fact that hypocrites surrounded Muhammad all the time in Yathreb; God warns them against residence in the bottom of Hell-Fire. Hence, skepticism and confusion increased definitely once Muhammad died, and they both have been propagated, spread, and infiltrated everywhere until both features have become the basic features among the Muhammadans past and present. This is asserted by the fact that they have been subdivided into doctrines, denominations, and sub-groups; civil strife goes on between the Sunnites and the Shiites for 14 centuries and until now! Within such wars, we find that imams, clergymen, theologians, and 'spiritual' leaders as well as soldiers among the masses are entangled in such on-going strife. Within such historical and modern context, ISIS terrorists emerged with their own clergymen and soldiers, based on the traditions and tomes of the Ibn Hanbal/Sunnite/Salafist/Wahabi creed. When we, Quranists, call ISIS members to use the Quran as the sole criterion to judge, sort, discard, and refute all traditions of the Sunnite creed, they feel perplexed and confused, because they do not believe in the Quran in the first place. Such stance against the Quran will remain until the end of the world; there will be such people who disbelieve in it and claim overtly to be 'Muslims'! Losers in the Day of Judgment are those who will enter into Hell as a result of this. Among the dwellers of Hell will be the disbelievers whose hearts are filled with skepticism among other sins: "Throw into Hell every stubborn disbeliever.Preventer of good, aggressor, doubter." (50:24-25).

One last question remains to be posed to the Azharite ISIS members/sheikhs: Does this transient and temporary worldly existence, with its wealth, posts, material comfort, and possessions, deserve to lose Eternal Paradise and to dwell in Eternal Hell because of it?


Azharite ISIS Members who doubt the Quran and the Last Day (4/5)

1- Polytheists and disbelievers, as well as the vast majority of human beings past, present, and future, doubt the Last Day. "In fact, their knowledge of the Hereafter is confused. In fact, they are in doubt about it. In fact, they are blind to it." (27:66). "Indeed, the Hour is coming; there is no doubt about it; but most people do not believe." (40:59). The Quran repeats that the really faithful ones should NOT cast doubt on the coming Day of Resurrection: see 3:25, 4:87, 6:12, 52:7, 45:26,  18:21, and 22:5-10. Real believers repeat the following verse: "Our Lord, You will gather the people for a Day in which there is no doubt. God will never break His promise" (3:9).

2- The Quran is often described within its verses that it has no doubts about it; the challenge to procure something similar to it still goes on. "And if you are in doubt about what We have revealed to Our servant, then produce a chapter like these, and call your witnesses apart from God, if you are truthful." (2:23). Here is a general address from God to all people: "This Quran could not have been produced by anyone other than God. In fact, it is a confirmation of what preceded it, and an elaboration of the Book. There is no doubt about it-it is from the Lord of the Universe." (10:37).

3- Separate Arabic letters in the openings of Quranic chapters have been mysteries for centuries; yet, Quranists have discovered its numerical miraculous nature recently. These letters assert that there cannot be doubt concerning the source of the Quran as divine, not human. This sequence of verses asserts this: "Alif, Lam, Meem. The revelation of the Book, without a doubt, is from the Lord of the Universe. Yet they say, "He made it up." In fact, it is the Truth from your Lord, to warn a people who received no warner before you, that they may be guided." (32:1-3).

4- Not to be skeptic about the Quran entails the same stance toward the Last Day; let us remember the opening verses of the Quranic Chapter 2: "Alif, Lam, Meem. This is the Book in which there is no doubt, a guide for the righteous. Those who believe in the unseen, and perform the prayers, and give from what We have provided for them. And those who believe in what was revealed to you and in what were revealed before you, and are certain of the Hereafter. These are upon guidance from their Lord. These are the successful." (2:1-5). Here, undoubtedness of the pious believers is linked to both the Quran and the Last Day. Then, 2:6-7 tackle the disbelievers who proclaim their lack of faith openly, and then 2:8-20 tackle the hypocrites who lack faith but say otherwise to deceive and conspire against believers, and they undermine, mock, and cast doubts on the Quran. Such states, hypocrisy, unbelief, and belief occur sometimes interchangeably to most people, and such states might continue or discontinue within one given person. Hence, confusion, doubt, skepticism will remain as long as there is life on our planet, before, during, and after the revelation of the Quran, and that is why the Quran repeats tackling such subjects. Such states and features in 2:1-20 will go on, until the end of the world, in all eras and locations. Hence the staunch belief in the Quran is linked directly to the staunch belief in the Last Day.

5- Some claim that the Muhammadans believe in, and do not deny or reject, the Quran. Quranists beg to differ; we assert that the Muhammadans believe only in the 'volume' of the Quran, NOT its verses. That is to say, the Muhammadans sanctify the paper and the hard cover of it; they assume it is a 'holy' practice to put it everywhere in houses, companies, indoors in general, in vehicles, etc. to be sworn upon and to obtain the so-called Baraka (i.e., Arabic for blessings). They use the tome itself, as a physical object or thing, as an amulet against accidents and the evil envious eyes by hanging it on walls (in the form of verses written in calligraphy in paintings and pictures) and putting it on desks and other surfaces, and to give the overt appearance of piety! All these blasphemous practices spread because of the professionals who specialize in gaining money via the man-made creeds, ascribed to Islam by force, who control Arab societies; we mean all types of clergymen, imams, theologians, sheikhs, and religious institutions within all countries of the Muhammadans: who are subdivided into three main types: the Sunnites, the Shiites, and the Sufis. The criterion in judging their belief in the Quran or rather lack of it is when we, Quranists, demand from them to use the Quran as the sole criterion to examine and scrutinize their notions inherited by their ancestors among the three types of the Muhammadans. Using the Quran as a measure stick or criterion is a religious duty mentioned in the Quran: ""Shall I seek a judge other than God, when He is the One who revealed to you the Book, explained in detail?" Those to whom We gave the Book know that it is the truth revealed from your Lord. So do not be of those who doubt." (6:114). This duty aims at cleansing one's heart from any deviance or misguidance; real believer who seek guidance submit to the divine verses of God. In contrast, disbelievers reject the Quranic verses with animosity and hostility in favor of inherited traditional notions of the Muhamadans; hence, their doubts, skepticism, and confusion thrive in their hearts and minds. Eventually, they mislead others from the route of the Quran and urge them to prefer tomes, volumes, and books of ancient mortals instead. This crime is done until now by Azharite ISIS members/sheikhs.

6- In books of Al-Bokhary, we read heretic notions against the Quranic verses combined with denying Quranic facts concerning the Last Day. Adherents to books of Al-Bokhary urge others with all their might to believe in such books; thus, they deny the Quran: the only discourse in Islam. They discard God's Word in favor of man-made books! That is why Azharite sheikhs prefer opinions Al-Bokhary even when such opinions contradict the Quran. This is sheer casting doubt on and undermining the Quran, and rejection of God and Islam. Al-Bokhary books propagate the falsehood of the Hereafter intercession of mortals (prophets) for the sake of mortals (people). This contradicts the Quran that asserts the fact that God alone is the Master of the Day of Judgment; see 1:4. Hence, the Last Day is based absolute justice with no room for nepotism: intercessors and mediators on behalf of people! Thus, Al-Bokhary denied the Quran and those who follow his footsteps commit the same error; i.e. the ISIS members of Al-Azhar institution.

7- We reassert here that belief in the Quran and the Last Day is not a mere slogan or banner; rather, it is a stance reflected in behavior and practical demeanor. Hypocrisy might deceive others, not God: "Among the people are those who say, "We believe in God and in the Last Day," but they are not believers. They seek to deceive God and those who believe, but they deceive none but themselves, though they are not aware." (2:8-9). This is shown in Azharite people position toward us since 1977 until now. They have persecuted us using their influence and authority when we have called them to return to the Quran as the sole criterion to judge all their notions and practices. They have their stance, and we have ours. Faith or doubt vis-à-vis the Quran and the Last Day are decided thus between them and us. We and they have our separate stances that are manifested and registered; in journalist articles, in media, in writing, and in news of persecution, torture, and incarceration. Eventually, the abject ignorance and the polytheism of the Azharite sheikhs and their convoluted notions concerning the Quran leading to its rejection and denying by them, and thus denying the Last Day, are all applied practically on the ground by ISIS terrorists; they apply the curricula of traditional old tomes taught at Al-Azhar University! We assert in several articles the dangerous nature of the man-made creed names the Sunnite/Wahabi creed of Ibn Hanbal and Ibn Taymiyya which is the same creed of ISIS now. Using the Quran as the sole criterion, this creed is easily refuted and it is clear that Islam as a religion is NOT related to this Wahabi/Sunnite creed at all. Yet, ISIS sheikhs of Azhar insist in a statement that any sort of reasoning and using one's mind to contemplate the Quran will cause confusion to the general public! Indeed, the only confusion is theirs, with their disbelief! Down with them all!

8- Confusion sheikhs of Azhar in all eras went through three stages related to Al-Bokhary; 1) the age of sanctifying and worshipping Al-Bokhary (from the Mameluke era until recently in the 20th century), 2) the emergence of Quranists since the late 1970s who criticize books of Al-Bokhary, as well as all the so-called Sunna, hadiths, and fiqh, using the Quranic verses, and 3) in our modern times after the 2000s, the last stage now is defending Al-Bokhary against criticism. In this very last stage, they currently use all their power in media and in security apparatuses in Egypt as well as their influence to confiscate, to incarcerate, to torture, and to gag mouths and break pens of free thinkers. Yet, internet comes along and spread in Egypt, allowing all free thought and views to spread away from any sort of censorship. Hence Quranism and views of Quranists have reached some other people, and thus, criticism of Al-Bokhary has become so popular that we are in the verge of a fourth stage: refuting and debunking Al-Bokhary. This very stage will go on for a while, because fear of voiding criticism is dispelled now; several persons readily read and criticized books of Al-Bokhary. Internet has showed great potentials and has allowed everyone freedom of expression. Defenders of Al-Bokhary seek fame and media attention; those defenders used to remain silent while we have been persecuted for so long time, facing alone the campaigns against our reputation and accusations leveled against us like apostasy, atheism, and conspiring against the country and religion! Some of those defenders seek empty heroism; they make up many sorts of stories as if to appear in the light of leaders and theoreticians with so many disciples of their own.

9- The point above is directly linked with the topic of the real belief in the Last Day and the Quran as the only discourse in Islam. Researchers who seek truth do not care for being leaders or famous theoreticians or theologians with influence on the general public. Moreover, all people who describe themselves as Quranists are NOT a group, a clique, a category, a union, or even an organization; rather, Quranism is simply an intellectual trend in thought spread via the cyberspace within different levels. Truth seekers who are in a quest for the real religion reach it, whether they know such truth by themselves or via others; they believe steadfastly once they feel the light of Quranism, and they desire to spread such knowledge via cyberspace, even if others ascribe such ideas to themselves and not for the original researchers. True researchers offer their article and books freely online to allow it to be read by everybody, and they express practically thus their stance toward the belief in the Last Day.

10- The belief in the Last Day here means to renounce worldly possessions and allurements; the only reward sought is Eternal Paradise in the Afterlife and escaping Eternal Hell, even if some people ascribe one's thoughts and theories to themselves and ignore one's name as the original author. For certain, reward of Heaven is preserved by God to such one. One finds relief and solace in the following verse: "Every soul will have a taste of death, and you will receive your recompense on the Day of Resurrection. Whoever is swayed from the Fire, and admitted to Paradise, has won. The life of this world is merely enjoyment of delusion." (3:185). This verse contains four facts denied by disbelievers; 1) all of us are mortals who will die sooner or later, 2) real reward or punishment is NOT in his transient world, but after the Day of Resurrection, 3) the real winners are those who escape Hell and enter Paradise, and 4) this transient, material, and vain worldly existence is filled with delusions. Solace is obtained via the following verse for those researchers who seek truth who believe steadfastly in the Last Day; this verse is addressed to the pious believers whose hearts are filled with certainty: "You will be tested through your possessions and your persons; and you will hear from those who received the Scripture before you, and from the polytheists, much abuse. But if you persevere and lead a righteous life-that indeed is a mark of great determination." (3:186). Indeed, polytheists of Azhar never ceased to harm our person and reputation and to verbally abuse us, and we hope to stick to patience and piety to win in the Hereafter.

11- Hypocrites who seek only worldly gains are described in these verses: "Among the people is he who says, "We have believed in God." Yet when he is harmed on God's account, he equates the people's persecution with God's retribution. And if help comes from your Lord, he says, "We were actually with you." Is not God aware of what is inside the hearts of the people? God certainly knows those who believe, and He certainly knows the hypocrites." (29:10-11). God says nothing but the Truth, even if ISIS members in Azhar and worldwide hate such Truth!


Ignorant Sheikhs of Confusion and their so-called Staples in Creed (5/5)

1- ISIS Azharite people and their likes describe that all notions of their man-made fabricated creeds as ''staples'' or as ''notions deducted necessarily from religion''! they do not dare to declare that they are defending whatever inherited from their forefathers; such an expression is linked in Quranic verses to the tenets of disbelievers and polytheists in all times and locations. Falsehoods of the so-called 'staple' are easily refuted and debunked. Let us cite hear two reasons. Firstly, Azharite clergymen could never form an agreed-upon list of such 'staples', and they could never possibly agree on it one day, because of the strife and conflict among the Sunnites, the Shiites, and the Sufis in all aspects of their Muhammadan creed. See 2:137, 2:176, 22:53, 38:2, 41:52, 6:153, 6:159, and :31-32. Secondly, these so-called staples are based on lies and falsehoods without real foundation; once refuted and criticized by discussion, sheikhs who guard them feel confused and shake with fury and readily denounce what they deem attempts to confuse the faith tenets of the general public! If their staples were firmly based on certainties, they would not have felt confusion. It is ironic and funny that Azharite ISIS sheikhs could not bear to hear hadiths found in Al-Bokhary books that expose such books as punch of lies and falsehoods. They deem mere mentioning them as an attempt to undermine people's faith! They are taken then to violent vitriol of language of abuse and threat to direct their fury against critics of Al-Bokhary by leveling accusations against them as apostates and traitors. Some Azharite sheikhs cry like widows, claiming that they wonder how Al-Bokhary in whom they spent 30 years of constant study is criticized now! We wonder, in our turn, how come such men accept hadiths in it that undermine and insult God, the Quran, and Muhammad! Such ISIS old men of Azhar who spent their careers studying and teaching Al-Bokhary books are to choose now: either to accept Al-Bokhary books whose views insult and undermine God, the Quran, and Muhammad, thus deserving to be a blasphemous disbeliever, or to admit that they never read Al-Bokhary books and declare themselves as illiterate ignoramuses deserve to be confined in literacy schools!

2- Ignorance is the main feature of those old people propagating polytheism and disbelief filling their hearts, as per Quranic descriptions of them. Their discourses are idle talk expressing even their ignorance of their earthly, man-made creed. They deserve the description in 62:5, because they carry on their shoulders, not in their heads, the ancient inherited tome and volumes and unprinted scrolls of the Sunnite creed but they never understand them. Their creed is based on falsehoods and fabrications and idle talk; and real believers adhering to the certainty of the Quran is ordered in it to avoid idle nonsensical talk: "Those who avoid nonsense." (23:3). "The servants of the Merciful are those who walk the earth in humility, and when the ignorant address them, they say, "Peace."" (25:63). "And when they hear vain talk, they avoid it, and say, "We have our deeds, and you have your deeds; peace be upon you; we do not desire the ignorant."" (28:55). Real believers are not to attend gatherings of falsehoods and fabrications directed to God and Muhammad and Islam: "And those who do not bear false witness; and when they come across indecencies, they pass by with dignity." (25:72). Coercion in religion is found in all eras by the powerful ones in authority, like the Qorayish tribesmen, but the Prophet told them what God says: "Say, "Is it other than God you instruct me to worship, you ignorant ones?"" (39:64). Hence, such ignorant ones in all eras, like Azharite ISIS men, use all their influence, power, and authority to prevent any discussion of the fabricate Sunnite creed based on falsehoods and lies. They aim thus to avoid confusion resultant of free discussion without fear of punishment. When faced with unbelievable funny hadiths authored by their deity, al-Bokhary, they accuse critics of spreading confusion among the masses! They cannot defend Al-Bokhary using reasoning minds. They are afraid that their so-called staples appear as bubbles in the air like all the rest of illusions and myths that pile in heaps in the Sunnite Wahabi creed.  

3- In contrast to the ignorance of unbelievers and polytheists concerning Islam and even their fabricated man-made creeds, the true faithful believers in the Quran are certain of their religion and thoroughly knowledgeable of it. all divine messages are described as knowledge; i.e. real knowledge of God. All of them call for one clear message: There is no God but Allah; see 21:25. And they call for rejecting polytheism and disbelief; see 39:65-66. Every messenger and prophet addressed his people in their tongues to show them the divine truth; see 14:4. And that is why the Quran is revealed in Arabic; see: 19:97, 26:195, and 44:58, hence the universality of Islam (literally, submission to God) within all tongues and divine messages conveyed via prophets. What have occurred to all divine messages, and the Quran is no exception, is that they have been discarded or ignored in favor of differences in man-made thought concerning this divine message, resulting in disbelief eventually. This is concluded from the following verse: "Religion with God is Islam. Those to whom the Scripture was given differed only after knowledge came to them, out of envy among themselves. Whoever rejects the signs of God, God is quick to take account." (3:19). Hence, the divine messages are described as true knowledge as opposed to ignorance: "Allah bears witness that there is no God but He, as do the angels, and those endowed with knowledge, upholding justice. There is no God but He, the Mighty, the Wise." (3:18). This is the testimony of Islam descended to all messengers and prophets, hence the universality of Islam, and Quranists use in in their daily prayers. Thus, believers are described as endowed with knowledge, whereas ignorant ones ascribe falsehoods to the divine message and thus they reject and ignore it on purpose to prefer ancient lies and fabrications. Thus, they worship and deify Muhammad and making Islam a local creed by making Muhammad rise to the stature of godhead! The Muhammadans insist on distorting the Islamic testimony of ''There is No God but Allah" by adding a second part: ''Muhammad is His Prophet". This is the vast difference between the knowledgeable ones and the ignorant ones. The Quran is described in many verses s knowledge; see 2:120, 2:140, and 3:61. Believers are described in the Quran as ones endowed with knowledge. Let us examine some of these verses as follows.

 The following verse denies the myth of torment of the tomb, adhered to by all Muhammadans: "On the Day when the Hour takes place, the sinners will swear they had stayed but an hour. Thus they were deluded" (30:55). After death, souls return to Barzakh and bodies turn to dust in earth.Barzakh is a state of timeless existence; souls enter into it during sleep. In the Day of Resurrection, people will think they have slept for a day or a part of it. if they were tormented in their graves, as the Muhammadans claim, they would feel otherwise; i.e., they would feel the passage of centuries slowly. Hence, torment of the grave is a myth. The knowledgeable ones will say to infidels in the Last Day the following: "But those endowed with knowledge and faith will say, "You remained in God's Book until the Day of Resurrection. This is the Day of Resurrection, but you did not know."" (30:56). Here, knowledge and faith are linked together. Let us quote another verse to assert this: "…God elevates those among you who believe, and those given knowledge, many steps. God is Aware of what you do." (58:11). Scientists of several branches feel the awe of Our Creator in their studies and researches of the physical world. "Have you not seen that God sends down water from the sky? With it We produce fruits of various colors. And in the mountains are streaks of white and red-varying in their hue-and pitch-black. Likewise, human beings, animals, and livestock come in various colors. From among His servants, the learned fear God. God is Almighty, Oft-Forgiving." (35:27-28). We discern scientific hints in these verses. God describes in the Quran all the so-called religious institutions of polytheists as well as their 'holy' tombs and mausoleums as resembling the fragile house of female spiders: "The likeness of those who take to themselves protectors other than God is that of the spider. It builds a house. But the most fragile of houses is the spider's house, if they only knew. God knows what they invoke besides Him. He is the Almighty, the Wise. These examples-We put them forward to the people; but none grasps them except the learned." (29:41-43). Real believers in the Quran reject any sort or type of the so-called religious institutions; all of them without exceptions are based on falsehoods, myths, and lies without foundations. Real believers are not deceived by any decorated pompous words they deem as staples of creed by Azharite clergymen. Being caught in the webs of such staples, gullible ones become prey to clergymen who aim for their money! We see how Muhammadan clergymen eat up their followers like female spiders after squeezing all their money and making use of their effort. This occurs when the gullible ones believe in falsehoods as part of creed. At the same time, such religious institutions teem with conflicts and quarrels, and clergymen eat one another up, just like female spiders eating the male ones and its brood may eat one another! Hence, knowledge and faith and reasoning mind go hand in hand in the Quran and its contemplation. ISIS members of Azhar rejected true faith in the Quran to adhere to falsehoods of Al-Bokhary, and hence their eternal confusion.

4- Such Azharite polytheists who defend their so-called staples never feel ashamed of denying the reasoning faculties of the human mind. The reason: this mind is not the tool to accept their fabrications-based creeds; they require blind obedience and putting the mind aside! God revealed the Quran in Arabic so that people would reflect upon in; see 12:2 and 43:3. God orders us to reflect deeply upon the Quranic verses; see 14:12, 14:67, 30:24, 30:28, and 45:5. Believers contemplate and reflect on God's creation in the universe; see 3:191, and ISIS members and their likes deserve this Quranic description: "The worst of animals to God are the deaf and dumb-those who do not reason." (8:22). Their adherence to forefathers' notions and ancient tomes and their rejection of the Quran is described as follows: "And when it is said to them, "Follow what God has revealed," they say, "We will follow what we found our ancestors following." Even if their ancestors understood nothing, and were not guided? The parable of those who disbelieve is that of someone who calls upon someone who hears nothing except screaming and yelling. Deaf, dumb, and blind-they do not understand." (2:170-171); see also 5:104.  They deserve as well the following description: "…and He lays disgrace upon those who refuse to understand" (10:100). It is no use to try and guide them due to their refusal to use their minds: "And among them are those who listen to you. But can you make the deaf hear, even though they do not understand? And among them are those who look at you. But can you guide the blind, even though they do not see?" (10:42-43). "And if you call them to guidance, they will not hear. And you see them looking at you, yet they do not see." (7:198). "Or do you assume that most of them hear or understand? They are just like cattle, but even more errant in their way." (25:44). They will regret it when it is too late: "And they will say, "Had we listened or reasoned, we would not have been among the inmates of Hell-Fire."" (67:10).

Lastly: the vast difference between Quranists and the Azharite ISIS members:

1- Quranists say to every person: do not discard your mind for the sake of anyone or any thought; keep it free and independent and active all your life. Read and peruse our thought school and the schools of thought of others, with a critical eye. You are free absolutely to choose, reject, agree, and examine our thought, and all Quranists respect that freedom of choice for oneself. Quranists require and expect similar respect to be mutual; they need others among non-Quranists to respect their freedom and choice and the free expression of our belief via the internet.

2- Azharite ISIS sheikhs say to their followers: Reject your mind totally and follow and obey us blindly!



Chapter Four: Calling The ISIS Members of Al-Azhar to Repent


 We are bound to say that ISIS members of Azhar deny and reject God of the Quran as well as the Quranic facts of the Last Day. We express our sincere hope to preach them to call for their immediate repentance; as they disbelief in God and in the Quranic message revealed to Muhammad. they insist on ascribing lies and falsehoods to Muhammad, the Quran, and God. The evidence of this forms the entirety of this chapter as follows.

Firstly: Their rejection of and disbelief in the Quran:

1- Real believers believe in the Quran as the only discourse in Islam. "Have they not observed the government of the heavens and the earth, and all the things that God created, and that their time may have drawn near? Which message, besides this, will they believe in?" (7:185). "Woe on that Day to the rejecters. In what message, beyond this, will they believe?" (77:49-50). "These are God's Verses which We recite to you in truth. In which message, after God and His revelations, will they believe?" (45:6). In contrast, Azharite ISIS members believe only in the discourses of their deity, Al-Bokhary, among other mortal gods. When a hadith invented by Al-Bokhary contradicts tens of Quranic verses, they side with the hadith and deny the verses! For instance, there are more than 150 Quranic verses that deny the assumed intercession of Muhammad on behalf of believers in the Last Day; yet, Azharite ISIS members deny the Quran and prefer to believe this myth of intercession because it is found in Al-Bokhary books, among other human books. More details are found in our book published online here about this debunking this myth. God in the Quran asserts that Muhammad did not know the future and the unknown past; yet, millions of hadiths ascribed to him after death tackle future events! They are falsehoods tackling several topics such as intercession, events and signs of the Last Day, future occurrences and past occurrences of the ancient people. About one third of such millions of Sunnite hadiths tackle such topics in the books adhered to steadfastly by the Azhar institution. All hadiths contradict the Quran; believers in them deny and reject the Quran. Yet, Azharite ISIS members believe in hadiths and propagate them as divine facts!

2- Real believers in the Quran as the ONLY divine message revealed to Muhammad will NOT accuse Muhammad of spreading and conveying the message of God partially. In fact, he conveyed it wholly; he gave us the whole Islam as a religion, contained exclusively in the Quran, with no other sources. Azharite ISIS members believe in the contrary; they assume and imagine that Muhammad left 'part' of Islam not conveyed and unwritten! They mean by this the so-called hadiths written down in the Abbasid era after two centuries of Muhammad's death! This is as if Islam has been partially conveyed in the Umayyad era and the one before it (during civil strife among Arabs), until Ibn Berzaweih and his cronies came along to write the 'lost' parts down! This is an insult to Muhammad!  Ibn Berzaweih was the first name of the formerly Magian non-Arab Al-Bokhary, who died in 256 A.H.

3/1: Real believers in the Quran stick to the idea that the whole Islam as a religion has been reveled completed in the Quran, as per the following verse: "…Today I have perfected your religion for you, and have completed My favor upon you, and have approved Islam as a religion for you…" (5:3).                

3/2: Real believers in the Quran stick to the idea that God completed His words and message in the Quran: "The Word of your Lord has been completed, in truth and justice. There is no changing to His words. He is the Hearer, the Knower." (6:115).

3/3: Real believers in the Quran stick to the idea that the Quran is easy to reflect upon and to contemplate, seeking guidance. "We made it easy in your language, so that they may remember." (44:58). "We made it easy in your tongue, in order to deliver good news to the righteous, and to warn with it a hostile people." (19:97). and "We made the Quran easy to remember. Is there anyone who would remember?" (54:22). Deep reflections contain levels for those endowed with knowledge; this is not required from most people. They are to believe in the Quran alone with no other books and to peruse it often to seek guidance in matters of faith.

3/4: Real believers in the Quran stick to the idea that the Quran is clear only to those who reflect upon it using their minds to seek guidance. "…These are the Verses of the Clear Book. We have revealed it an Arabic Quran, so that you may understand." (12:1-2). "By the Book that makes things clear. We made it an Arabic Quran, so that you may understand." (43:2-3). "These are the Verses of the Clear Book." (26:2). "These are the Verses of the Clear Book." (28:2).

3/5: Real believers in the Quran stick to the idea that the Quranic verses explain themselves within the Quranic contexts and that ignoring and hiding such verses is deemed by God as a crime of convoluting, misinterpreting, and distorting the meanings of the Quran intentionally by ignoring verses that explain other verses. "" (2:159).

3/6: Real believers in the Quran stick to the idea that God never left any topic or issue within Islam unrevealed in the Quran. All what we need to know about Islam is clear enough in the Quran; its verse explain one another within one book containing the Word of God. ''…We neglected nothing in the Scripture…'' (6:38). ''…We have revealed to you the Book, as an explanation of all things…'' (16:89). "Whatever argument they come to you with, We provide you with the truth, and a better exposition." (25:33). Deep reflection upon the Quran is the mission of those endowed with knowledge. Explanation of the Quranic verses is found in other verses within the Quran itself: "Then, when We have recited it, follow its recitation. Then upon Us is its explanation." (75:18-19). The Quran contains all details in matters of faith; we need no other sources: "…We have explained all things in detail." (17:12). Mercy and guidance are found only in details of verses of the Quran: "We have given them a Scripture, which We detailed with knowledge-guidance and mercy for people who believe." (7:52).

Despite of all of the above-mentioned facts in the Quranic verses, ISIS members of Azhar reject all such verses by their insistence that the Quran is so mysterious, limited in scope, and vague and needs their tomes and volumes of the ancients to 'complete' and 'explain' it in full detail! Such tomes are filled with endless laughter-inducing contradictions, notions, concepts, silly stories, and myths. In contrast, any one with reasoning mind will read any Quranic verse and find it clear enough. Books of the so-called Quranic interpretations are filled with endless convolutions, contradictions, and falsehoods.

Secondly: ISIS members of Azhar sway others away from the path of God' Word (the Quran):

1- ISIS members of Azhar not only deny the Quran, but also they are bent upon misleading people away from the Quran by insisting that everyone must acknowledge the falsehood that Sunnite books are integral part of Islam, by force as they terrorize, persecute, and threaten those who reject Al-Bokhary and believe only in the Quran as the only discourse and source of Islam; we mean the Quranists. God warns such infidels like the ones of Azhar in the following verse: "…And woe to the disbelievers from a severe torment. Those who prefer the present life to the Hereafter, and repel from the path of God, and seek to make it crooked-these are far astray." (14:2-3). Azharites clergymen prefer the transient life with its pomp, splendor, posts, and possessions to the Hereafter, and that is why they repel others away from God' path, the Quran, and leading them astray.

2- In the Day of Resurrection, God will not accept the good deeds of such people who are astray. "Those who disbelieve and repel from the path of God-He nullifies their works." (47:1). "Those who disbelieve, and hinder from the path of God, and oppose the Messenger after guidance has become clear to them-they will not hurt God in the least, but He will nullify their deeds." (47:32). "Those who hinder from the path of God, and seek to distort it, and who deny the Hereafter." (7:45). "Those who disbelieve and obstruct from God's path-We will add punishment to their punishment, on account of the mischief they used to make." (16:88).

3- Accordingly, we call Azharite ISIS members to repent soon while they are still alive; otherwise, it will be too late: "Those who disbelieve, and hinder from God's path, and then die as disbelievers-God will not forgive them." (47:34).

Thirdly: ISIS members among Azharite clergymen and sheikhs trading with God's religion

1- Azharite ISIS members sell Quranic verses of God to buy transient possessions by propagation of falsehoods; they are real aggressors against true believers: "Towards a believer they respect neither kinship nor treaty. These are the transgressors. But if they repent, and perform the prayers, and give the obligatory charity, then they are your brethren in faith. We detail the revelations for a people who know." (9:9-10).        

2- That is why eternal torment waits for them if they die without repentance: "" (2:174-175). They will be foes of God in the Day of Resurrection, because they made Islam a source of terror to people, instead of its being a mercy: "We did not send you except as mercy to humankind." (21:107).

3- We call all Azharite men of ISIS to repent before death to avoid God's wrath and curse. "Those who suppress and hide the proofs and the guidance We have revealed, after We have clarified them to humanity in the Scripture, those God curses them, and the cursers curse them." (2:159). The repentant ones might be saved in one way only: "Except those who repent, and reform, and proclaim. Those-I will accept their repentance. I am the Acceptor of Repentance, the Merciful." (2:160).

Fourthly: Azharite ISIS members misguide and mislead people using idle talk of falsity to sway them away from the best discourse: the Quran

1- Within all societies, as long as there are people on earth until Doomsday, such type of people will be present; those to whom the following two verses apply: "Among the people is he who trades in distracting tales; intending, without knowledge, to lead away from God's way, and to make a mockery of it. These will have a humiliating punishment. And when Our Verses are recited to him, he turns away in pride, as though he did not hear them, as though there is deafness in his ears. So inform him of a painful punishment." (31:6-7). The truthful discourse in Islam is the Quran: "…And who speaks more truly than God?" (4:87). "…who is more truthful in speech than God?" (4:122). "God has sent down the best of narrations: a Scripture consistent and paired. The skins of those who reverence their Lord shiver from it, then their skins and their hearts soften up to the remembrance of God. Such is God's guidance; He guides with it whomever He wills. But whomever God leaves astray, for him there is no guide." (39:23). Hence, any other discourse in religion apart from the Quran misguides people, and this is expressed clearing in the following verse: "Among the people is he who trades in distracting tales; intending, without knowledge, to lead away from God's way, and to make a mockery of it. These will have a humiliating punishment." (31:6). Those who spread such tales of falsehoods reject and hate the Quran and mock Quranists who preach using the Quran alone. This is shown in the next verse: "And when Our Verses are recited to him, he turns away in pride, as though he did not hear them, as though there is deafness in his ears. So inform him of a painful punishment." (31:7). This applies to Azharite ISIS sheikhs, who follow the footsteps of devilish traditions of their forefathers.

2- In 31:7, we see that belief in God alone with no other deities is parallel to the belief in the Quran alone as the only source and discourse of Islam. Rejection of this is done by sinful liars who will be punished in the Hereafter. This applies to Azharite ISIS members. "These are God's Verses which We recite to you in truth. In which message, after God and His revelations, will they believe? Woe to every sinful liar who hears God's revelations being recited to him, yet he persists arrogantly, as though he did not hear them. Announce to him a painful punishment." (45:6-8). That is why we urge the Azharite ISIS men to repent before it is too late.


Fifthly: if Azharite ISIS members do not repent, they are the foes of Prophet Muhammad

Azharite ISIS members assume falsely that hadiths in books of Al-Bokhary and others are divine revelations. Quranists insist they are devilish and Satanic revelations. Azharite ISIS members proclaim their love to Muhammad, but they are his foes and enemies. This entails the following explanation.    

1- Within religion, there are two types of revelations; one is to adhere to the truthful divine celestial one, whose last manifestation is the Quran. The other type is the devilish one on which earthly, man-made, fabricated creeds of people as well as ecclesiastical bodies and institutions are based. God says about the Quran: "The Honest Spirit came down with it. Upon your heart, that you may be one of the warners. In a clear Arabic tongue." (26:193-195). "It was not the devils that revealed it. It is not in their interests, nor in their power." (26:210-211). Devilish revelations are described in the same chapter 26, using the present tense to indicate the continuity of such erroneous satanic revelations: "Shall I inform you upon whom the devils descend? They descend upon every sinful liar." (26:221-222). Divine celestial revelation of the Quran ended by its entire completion by descending upon Muhammad. Then, Islam is completed when the last verse was revealed 5:3. In contrast, the devilish revelations of man-made, earthly, fabricated creeds of people grow on and are are subdivided into countless denominations and doctrines from the group called in history Al-Khawarij to ISIS. Such creeds spread corruption, destruction, and ongoing strife and wars if they dominate within a given society. Devilish revelation renewing itself in every era; devils never tender their resignation and never give up. Their mission is to misguide as many human beings as possible and leading them to sin and disbelief. God tells us about what Satan says: "Then I will come at them from before them, and from behind them, and from their right, and from their left; and you will not find most of them appreciative." (7:17).

3- Due to countless contradictions between the celestial and the devilish revelations, propagators and followers of the latter type are described as enemies of messengers and prophets of God in all eras, because they ascribe falsehoods to God and claim that such lies are part of divine revelation. "Likewise, We have assigned for every prophet an enemy-human and jinn devils-inspiring one another with fancy words in order to deceive. But had your Lord willed, they would not have done it. So leave them to their fabrications." (6:112). The ignorant masses rely on listening attentively what is propagated without thinking as far as religious culture is concerned. This is a grave error: "So that the hearts of those who do not believe in the Hereafter listen to it, and be content with it, and that they may perpetrate whatever they perpetrate." (6:113) such devilish revelations urge their followers to commit crimes and sins of every sort, deceived by myths of intercessions and houris waiting for ISIS fighters in the Hereafter! To save oneself from this labyrinth of falsehoods, one must return to the Quran; this is what we, Quranists, call for in our reformist endeavors. ISIS members of Azhar refuse to return to the Quran and to rely on it as the sole criterion. They are arrogant sinful groups. They claim they represent the vast majority of believers. Yet, true believers should not follow the masses that are mostly wrong, and Muhammad was warned against obeying others blindly: ""Shall I seek a judge other than God, when He is the One who revealed to you the Book, explained in detail?" Those to whom We gave the Book know that it is the truth revealed from your Lord. So do not be of those who doubt. The Word of your Lord has been completed, in truth and justice. There is no changing to His words. He is the Hearer, the Knower. If you were to obey most of those on earth, they would divert you from God's path. They follow nothing but assumptions, and they only conjecture." (6:114-116).

4- Muhammad is dead; the message of the Quran remains with us. We explain this in our book titled "The Quran Is Enough". Followers of devilish revelations will regret in vain in the Day of Resurrection when they know they are Muhammad's criminal foes and he will disown them due to their rejection and discard of the Quran: "On that Day, the wrongdoer will bite his hands, and say, "If only I had followed the way with the Messenger. Oh, woe to me; I wish I never took so-and-so for a friend. He led me away from the Message after it had come to me; for Satan has always been a betrayer of humankind." And the Messenger will say, "My Lord, my people have abandoned this Quran." Likewise, to every prophet We assign enemies from among the wicked. But your Lord suffices as a Guide and Savior." (25:27-31).


Sixthly: Testimony of Muhammad as a witness in the Last Day is concerned with the fact that the Quran is enough, in contrast to the cursed religion of ISIS 

1- God says about those who misguide and mislead others away from God' path, the Quran, the following: "Those who disbelieve and obstruct from God's path-We will add punishment to their punishment, on account of the mischief they used to make." (16:88). The next verse tackles witnesses in the Last Day against disbelievers, and among those witnesses is Muhammad who will testify that the Quran alone is enough as it contains all about Islam, the religion of God. Azharite ISIS members reject such Quranic facts. "On the Day when We raise in every community a witness against them, from among them, and bring you as a witness against these. We have revealed to you the Book, as an explanation of all things, and guidance, and mercy and good news for those who submit." (16:89). Hence, since the Quran explains all in matters of religion, we need NOT any other outside source. Azharite ISIS members reject this and prefer to stick to tomes of Al-Bokhary that contradict the Quran! They deify, revere, sanctify, and worship Al-Bokhary above God! Thus, they are enemies of Muhammad, and the rest of God's messengers and prophets, because they reject God' Book the Quran.

2- Witnesses in the Day of Resurrection include prophets and those who followed them truly and experienced, like prophets, persecution, suppression, and oppression coming from the unjust infidels, like ISIS. All unjust disbelievers in all eras, like Azharite ISIS members, impose falsehoods on people as an assumed a part of divine celestial revelation. This is the worst type of injustice toward God and people, by ascribing such falsehoods to God and tarnish His Quranic revelation. This verse applies to such unjust sinners that include Azharite ISIS clergymen: "Who does greater wrong than he who fabricates lies about God? These will be presented before their Lord, and the witnesses will say, "These are they who lied about their Lord." Indeed, the curse of God is upon the wrongdoers. Those who hinder others from the path of God, and seek to make it crooked; and regarding the Hereafter, they are in denial." (11:18-19).


Seventhly: God mocks His foes in the Quran

1- All types of clergymen on earth, past and present, of all man-made denominations, assume and imagine that they own Paradise and Hell and indulgences. Azharite ISIS clergymen are no exception. They used divine knowledge to misguide and mislead people according to their whims and desires; see 45:23. God mocks them in 7:175-179 by similes showing that they resemble dogs and cattle, and in the simile showing them like donkeys carrying tomes and scrolls in 62:5.

2- If Azharite ISIS members do not repent in their lifetime, they will dwell forever in Hell cursed by their followers: "The Day when their faces are flipped into the Fire, they will say, "If only we had obeyed God and obeyed the Messenger." And they will say, "Lord, we have obeyed our superiors and our dignitaries, but they led us away from the way. Lord, give them double the punishment, and curse them with a great curse."" (33:66-68). "They will say, as they feud in it."By God, We were in evident error. For equating you with the Lord of the Worlds. No one misled us except the sinners. Now we have no intercessors. And no sincere friend." (26:96-101). God says nothing but the Truth, even if disbelievers hate it.

The Cursed Religion of ISIS
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