Written by: Ahmed Mansour
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PART III: On Getting Rid of The ISIS Members of Al-Azhar

PART III: On Getting Rid of The ISIS Members of Al-Azhar


Chapter One: In Hope of Getting Rid of The ISIS Members of Al-Azhar: A Notification Addressed to the Conscience of The Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi: The Political Will Is the Basis of Getting Rid of The ISIS Members of Al-Azhar .



Firstly: Basic rules regarding the political will in Egypt

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1- Egypt has been, and remains in the future to be, the most important and pioneer Arab country and of vital importance to all Arab and non-Arab countries of the Muhammadans. If Egyptians play their role in religious reform and indeed all other types of reform, Egypt will be elevates in stature and prosper; other Arab and Muhammadans' countries will follow Egypt accordingly, as usual. If Egypt deteriorates and lost its leading role, it will be lost and so are all Arab countries. No other Arab country is qualified enough to lead all Arabs instead of Egypt.

2- Egypt usually, in ancient and modern history, gets its features as a country from the features and traits of its ruler. If its ruler is a true leader qualified for leadership, Egypt leads all Arab countries and fulfills its typical historical role. Its renaissance is so for all Arab countries. This took place several times in history, when Egypt was ruled by leaders like President Gamal Abdel-Nasser, King Muhammad Ali Pacha, Saladin, Ahmed Ibn Touloun, and Al-Muezz Lidinealla the Fatimid ruler. Without such greatness of character of the leader/ruler of Egypt that befits the role and stature of such a great country, the country collapses and deteriorates on all levels. Examples of bad unfitting rulers of Egypt in history are – sadly – numerous in modern and ancient times. Such examples include Al-Adid the Fatimid ruler, all progeny of the rulers who were the descendants of the Ayyubid Sultan Al-Adil, the Ayyubid Sultan Al-Kamel, all successors of Ahmed Ibn Touloun, and the successors of M. Al-Ikhshid.

3- Religious equation inside and outside Egypt has changed by the existence of (the Cairo-based) Al-Azhar institution for more than 1000 years, since the establishment of Cairo in the Fatimid Era. This institution at first was established by the Fatimids to spread and propagate the Shiite creed inside and outside Egypt. When Saladin, the first Ayyubid Sultan, abolished the Fatimid caliphate, he closed down Al-Azhar and established instead institutions of Sunnite Sufism, such as Khanqah Saeed Al-Su'adaa. Later on, Al-Azhar regained its role within the Mameluke Era (1250 - 1517) among other institutions to propagate the Sunnite Sufism creed. Al-Azhar thrived more in the Ottoman Era after the other institutions (schools, madrassas, and khanqahs) dwindled gradually. Al-Azhar has been influential in religious lives of Egyptians and all Arabs since centuries ago. In our modern times now, during the crisis of all Arabs due to the existence of terrorism, Wahabism, the terrorist MB group and its likes, and ISIS terrorists, the vital importance of reforming religious thought from within Islam can never be exaggerated. We believe that reform of 'Muslims' that we call Muhammadans (about 1.5 billion persons) entails the reform of all Arabs (about 300 million persons). Reform of all Arabs entails reform of Egyptians (about 100 million persons). Eventually, reform of Egyptians entails the reform of Al-Azhar. Reform of this institution entails radical changes in its curricula and getting rid of the ISIS sheikhs who control the institution. These radical changes and riddance require the political will of President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi.

Secondly: the above-mentioned points pose some queries.

1- What is more important: ISIS Azharite sheikhs, with their ignorance and incompetence in elucidating tenets and facts of Islam as per Azhar law and their stopping people from following the path of God in the Quran, or the reform of Egyptians and Arabs among the Muhammadans who think of themselves as Muslims? We leave the answer to the Egyptian President, feeling sure enough concerning his integrity, conscience, and nationalism, and devotion to Islam.

2- Is getting rid of ISIS Azharite sheikhs considered a mission impossible? The answer is surely not. This is possible. As per Azhar law itself, if it will be applied indeed, they can be fired from their posts easily by accusing them of denying facts and tenets of Islam in the Quran. This entails the explanation below.


Thirdly: An overview of Azhar law No. 103, issued by President Gamal Abdel-Nasser in 1961

1- Nasser, with his political will alone and single-handedly, took measures to update and modernize Al-Azhar by including it in the government and by nationalizing the Religious Endowments (waqfs) and turning it into a separate ministry. Nasser established within Al-Azhar University faculties of medicine, engineering, pharmaceutical studies, agricultural studies…etc. and issued Azhar law No. 103 in 1961, that includes an article about the role of Azharite sheikhs to elucidate and show facts and tenets of Islam as their main mission. This law never mentioned the term 'Sunna'; it mentions the terms 'Quran' and 'Islamic studies' and Islamic 'culture', meaning heritage books of human thought of ancient scholars. The law stipulates the removal of all extremist or deviant notions from such books, volumes, and tomes. The best part in this law is its note added to explain matters further; we find in it politically correct terms that indicate Azhar backwardness and the regression and ignorance of graduates from its university, who knew nothing about the modern times or zeitgeist. The note alludes to their feeling of inferiority and the false impression that they are clergymen akin to ecclesiastical churches. The note asserts that every single believer is a man/woman of religion and of the world as well, needing no clergymen or mediators of any type, because God in Islam is nearer to every believer than his/her heart, as per the Quran. This note is written by the minister on top of Azhar institution as its head in 1961, refuting the ecclesiastical Vatican-like nature ascribed to Azhar. No clergymen or mediators between believers and God are allowed essentially in Islam. Azhar is described in this note as a civil institution submitting to the executive authorities in Egypt. the note describes the head of the Azhar institution as ''the grand sheikh of Azhar'' NOT a grand imam as the term used today. Hence, this note denies any mediators/intercessors and any sort of spiritual guardianship of confiscation of knowledge as 'secrets' of occult nature.

2- Such statements of enlightenment in the above-mentioned Azhar law are repeated in other words in Article No. 2, concerned with the role of Azhar in preserving the heritage of 'Islamic' thought by 'studying, spreading, and explaining this thought and its influence on and role in human civilization and elevation of culture', and this means there should be room and role for research and creative progressive views by showing real facts/tenets of Islam in the Quran. Article No. 15 confines the mission of other Azharite bodies like Islamic Research Center to renew 'Islamic' cultural heritage books by removing of negative notions leading to backwardness, bigotry, fanaticism, and extremism of all sorts, in order the show great essence of Islam and call for the way of God with real wisdom. This article also urges creative progressive views. Article No. 33 confines the mission of Al-Azhar University to 'preserving and propagating and explain 'Islamic' thought heritage to convey the true message of Islam and its essence to humanity.' This article also urges creative progressive views. This presupposes that there are hidden truths or facts need to be manifested and shown and propagated within the Quran and from the so-called heritage books, with the latter acknowledged to contain errors and erroneous notions. But what do we mean by creative progressive views? This means moving away from the old trodden routes and deducing novel thoughts, ideas, and notions within sources of Azhar itself different from those of ancestors and forefathers.

3- If Azharite personnel/sheikhs could never undertake and execute this mission, what is to become of them?! They should be fired from their positions. In cases that head of Azhar institution fights against new notions and reasoning within Islam by reformers and denies facts of the Quran, what is to be done? He must get fired from his post. Article No. 30 stipulates that denying facts of Islam in the Quran, shameful behavior punishable by Egyptian laws, and demeanor that lacks integrity are the main causes to expel scholars from Azhar and to annul their membership in Islamic Research Center. Article No. 72 stipulates that the same causes should lead to the expulsion of any professor at Al-Azhar University from his post. Yet, countless Azharite clergymen deny the Quran now by defending falsehoods of al-Bokhary and other authors of ancient tomes. Such ancient authors insult and undermine the Quran and prophet Muhammad; yet, such authors and tomes are still being propagated and taught by Azhar! In contrast, those who call for religious reform, for the sake of Islam and believers to ameliorate conditions of Arab societies infested by Wahabism, are being chased away and persecuted! Azharite clergymen use their authority to punish and terrorize reformers in Egypt! such crimes must lead to their expulsion from Azhar University in accordance with the above-mentioned law, yet they remain untouched and unscathed enjoying impunity, whereas reformers sink into oblivion!

4- Egyptian Criminal Law stipulates that those who incite murder or killing are punished as killers even if they did not kill with their own hands. Yet, no one punishes extremist bigots in Azhar who incite suicide bombings and massacres of innocent people, inside and outside Egypt, while promising the criminals beforehand with houris in Paradise! Such corrupt people instigate Egyptian simple youth to become ISIS terrorists! They provide intellectual cover to sanction and endorse with 'religious' discourse the massacres and mass-killings by terrorists of Egyptian soldiers now in Cairo and Sinai and elsewhere! Terrorist Wahabi organizations kill Egyptians and non-Egyptians in in Egypt indiscriminately! Such crimes are ascribed falsely to Islam! They are to be attributed truly to Salafism and Wahabism. How come Islam sent by God via Muhammad who is described in the Quran as a mercy to humankind be turned into a source of terror to human beings?!

5- There is an Egyptian law that draws an ill-reputation in Egypt: namely, the so-called law against contempt of religions, presumably to defend Islam against detractors. Such twisted law is misused by ISIS sheikhs/members of Azhar to silence and threaten all free thinkers and to undermine freedom of expression and thought. We, Quranists, stand against such twisted law; it is an obstacle against civil liberties, human rights, and the absolute religious freedom urged in the Quran. Even when such a twisted law is applied, Azharite ISIS members should be punished by it for defaming Islam with erroneous Middle-Ages notions, leading to bigotry, extremism, fanaticism, and terrorism. Contempt of Islam/ the Quran is everyday life in Azhar University curricula. Such curricula of ancient tomes led to the emergence of terrorist organizations like ISIS with its heinous crimes and atrocities in the media now. Such intellectual crimes in Azhar and such ISIS terrorist criminal acts in the name of Islam are the real contempt of Islam.

6- To make things easier, there is another law of retirement in Egypt. Age of retirement is 60 years old for all governmental employees and 65 years old if such employees are graduates of Azhar University. This 5-year difference is due to the fact that the preparatory stage in Azhar schools used to be – until early 1969 – 4 years and the secondary one 5 years. Thus, such a law of retirement at the age of 65 is non-applicable; yet, it is still applied until today in Egypt! Hence, all Azhar-graduated employees at Azhar institution and university should retire at the age of 60; for the sake of justice and reform.


1- All what is required from the current Egyptian President is to apply the law in accordance with what he promised before and after presidential elections: reform of education and of religious discourse. Such reformation means to get rid of ISIS members of Azhar and Ministry of Religious Endowments (waqfs) so that Egypt and indeed all Arabs would avoid upcoming disasters and catastrophes due to terrorism.  Let us not forget that Egypt is surrounded by a hot bed of countries collapsing, and solutions are at hand to prevent the collapse of our beloved Egypt. Simply speaking, laws that are non-applied currently should be applied by force of the Egyptian law. Let us remember that the Egyptian society is now seems ready for reform and youths are corrigible; every citizen is tired to death from the same clichés, unfulfilled promises, old faces and persons, and all clergymen. Egypt cannot afford the postponement of finding solutions to its problems until later instead of facing reality. Postponement is not within policies known of the Egyptian President; he has dared to take economic initiatives feared by others. Hence, the Egyptian President, who made citizens trust him due to his candor and confrontational attitude, can press on the subject of reforming Azhar easily using his soaring popularity, and citizens will support him whole-heartedly; he can save Egypt from Azharite ISIS members who are not merely employees or groups inside Azhar alone. In fact, such type of ISIS-like persons is everywhere in all institutions of the State, spreading terrorist Wahabi and Salafist ideology that has nothing to do with Islam (the Quran). Egypt might be ruined one day if such ideology dominates the Military army of Egypt – Heaven forbid! Will we wait until Azhar destroys Egypt?!

2- We believe the Egyptian President can do it; God does not burden any soul beyond its capacity. What we advise him to do is within his capacity and his religious and national duty.

3- God says in the Quran: "On the Day when every soul will come pleading for itself, and every soul will be paid in full for what it has done, and they will not be wronged." (16:111). God says nothing but the Truth.                                         



The Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi and The ISIS Members of Al-Azhar                                                                                                   

We are still dressing the Egyptian President, hoping to save all Egyptians and Arabs from the mortal danger of Azhar ISIS members. We give below a brief historical overview of examples of political will and its negative and positive interference, and how the domination and control of ISIS members of Azhar over the religious life of Egyptians and all Arabs have occurred as a result.

1- When signs of the emergence of ISIS danger loomed, we published here our book titled ''Wahabi Opposition Movements in the KSA" to ring the alarm bells; in sum, we prove in this book how massacres of the Najd Brothers, a group formed by the first KSA king Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud, in the Levant and Iraq resembles massacres of ISIS now. Swords of the Najd Brothers helped to establish the current KSA. Later on, the Najd Brothers revolted against Abdul-Aziz and he defeated and annihilated them with his political will single-handedly, while he formed the terrorist MB in Egypt!

2- Terrorist MB organization spread like cancerous cells all over Egypt and later on worldwide.  Some claim that there were terrorist MB members among the Free Officers in the 1952 coup against monarchy. President Nasser got rid of all terrorist MB group members with his own political will single-handedly; most terrorist MB group members fled to the KSA (their Wahabi spiritual birth-place) to escape Nasser's prisons and persecution. Nasser used to deride, mock, and criticize the terrorist MB ideology in public in his televised and radio speeches addressed to the Egyptian citizens. Nasser faced the looming danger of the KSA Wahabism with the ideology of Pan-Arabism and by his reforming Azhar laws and university. He sought to rely on the moderate Egyptians' religious nature that shuns all sorts of bigotry, extremism, and fanaticism. Nasserite Egypt constituted a danger and a thorn in the side of the evil KSA. The reason: the Saudi royal dynasty faced a brief danger of an organization called ''the Free Princes'' (imitating the Free Officers Movement in Egypt) headed by the Prince Talal Ibn Abdul-Aziz that aimed, but failed, to confiscate power and authority in the KSA. Hence, the KSA felt that Nasser was a thorn in their side threatening the very existence of the KSA. The Saudis felt that Nasser must disappear so that the KSA go on existing. Some Egyptian historians claim Nasser was assassinated at the age of 52 (while still in the prime of his strength and activity) by poisoning via unknown KSA agents in Egypt. If Nasser would have lived to be an octogenarian (of the same generation of Nasser, Mubarak is octogenarian and the famous Egyptian veteran political journalist M. H. Heikal is a nonagenarian), the KSA would have been wiped off the map of Arab world. In such a surmise, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, and other terrorist organizations would have never emerged. Let us not forget that Egypt destroyed the first KSA in 1818 A.D., and Egypt allowed the formation of the second one that collapsed due to internecine conflicts, and hence, the on-going and thriving of the current third KSA is linked with satisfaction of Egyptian authorities and the KSA control of religious and cultural life in Egypt and of Azhar.

3- Hence, getting rid of Nasser reflected the political will and target of the USA, Israel, and the KSA, and conspiring against his life entailed precise slow steps, especially after Nasser led the positive neutrality movement in 1964 and led all revolutionary movements against colonization in Arab and African countries. What threatened Israel and the USA and the KSA most was the alliance between Egypt and the USSR against the USA. Conspiracies led eventually to split the alliance between Syria and Egypt in 1961 and pulling the legs of Nasser in Yemen war, and then came the 1967 defeat and he lost Sinai in what is called now the Six-Day War. Thus, the Nasserite Era glory in Egypt ended miserably. Egypt was crestfallen, while the KSA king Feisal Al-Saud fame and stature rose in the Khartoum Conference on 29th August, 1967, where Arabs refused to acknowledge the existence of Israel and refused to negotiate or make treaties with it until Arab lands occupied in 1967 are returned to its rightful owners. Henceforth, the KSA assumed that it will lead Arabs after getting rid of Nasser who licked his wounds until his death (assassination?) in September 1970. Some claim that Sadat was being prepared (in a long-term slow anti-Egypt plot) to assume presidency of Egypt long along before 1970.

4- Since 1955, Sadat was friends with Kamal Adham, who later headed the KSA central intelligence agency and used to offer services for the American CIA concerning the Middle East. Kamal Adham was the husband of the sister of the KSA king Feisal, and he was the KSA representative in the ''Islamic Conference Organization'', headed by Sadat in the late 1950s. Sadat became the link by which the KSA would infiltrate into Egyptian mainstream and political life. During the good days between Nasser and King Feisal, the latter gave the sum 42 million Sterling as a grant to Egypt, and he asked Nasser to appoint Sadat as a vice-president, under the pretext that he was the man to maintain good Egyptian-Saudi relations away from Marxist and Leftist (gauche) Nasserite retinue men affiliated to the USSR, like Ali Sabry. A year later, Cairo hosted a conference that included all Arab presidents and monarchs in September 1970 when the incidents of Black September in Jordan broke out between Jordan and the Palestinians, and the latter sought the aid of Nasser. Nasser greeted and saw off all his guests and then drank a cup of coffee or a glass of juice, and died instantly! History of Egypt and the Middle East has changed forever since this fateful moment. The KSA has dominated the scene and the political arena, while Egypt lost its leadership and sank into levels of degenerations until this very moment.

5- What concerns us here is the influence of the above-mentioned on Al-Azhar institution, which used to be among the arms of Nasser inside and outside Egypt. Nasser annulled the so-called religious courts due to their corruption and made all courts civil and public and he turned Al-Azhar from a location merely subservient to the ministry of Waqfs (Religious Endowments) into an updated, modern governmental body when he nationalized the ministry. He added to Al-Azhar University faculties of science, agriculture, medicine, etc. he created Al-Azhar law No. 103 in 1960 to compel sheikhs to elucidate facts and tenets of Islam. This law never mentions the word ''Sunna''; rather, it mentions words like ''the Quran'', "Islamic fields of knowledge'', and ''Islamic culture''. This law entails the purging and removal of all erroneous notions of Middle-ages, extremism, bigotry, and fanaticism within this human thought deemed for centuries to be 'Islamic'.  This Nasserite law admits the fact that Azharite curricula contain backward and regressive elements. Nasser commanded the minister of Al-Azhar to present an explanatory note in 1961 to refute and negate the ecclesiastical church-like nature attribute to Al-Azhar as a civil body under the executive authority in Egypt. The note contains no mention of a grand imam as an epithet to the head of al-Azhar. The note asserts the refutation of mediators and intercessors between God and believers and the guardianship of clergymen over the souls of believers.

6- Nasser was the one to establish the Supreme Council of Islamic affairs in 1960 to rely on such a body in Islamic renaissance outside Egypt. Nasser established the students' city to house non-Egyptians who came to learn in Al-Azhar University. Nasser established the radio station named 'Al-Quran Al-Kareem' in Cairo along with the state public radio station. Nasser urged the education for girls and opened work fields for women to become employees on equal footing with men in higher posts and salaries as well as fashion and dress codes. Nasser appointed the very first female minister, Dr. Hekmat Abou Zeid. Nasser made education available for all classes in Egypt equally, based on justice and qualification. The sons and daughters of peasants and workers and small employees could enroll in any faculties as per secondary school grades, to enter the universities, and faculty of law, police academies, and military academies, which was confined formerly to sons and daughters of middle and high classes. Nasser was truly the founder of the modern Egypt; so many details cannot be mentioned here among his other achievements due to the limited scope of this book. Suffice it to say that Egyptians were more civilized, cultured, and elevated in the 1950s and the 1960s in comparison to later decades; see the examples of such elegance and elevation in movies of the period and videos of concerts of the diva Um Koulthoum. The Egyptians were dignified outside Egypt because of Nasser. We see now why the KSA had to get rid of Nasser to step into the leadership position of Arabs. The KSA formally established in 1932, and this means that the Cairene newspaper Al-Ahram is older than the KSA by about 77 years. It is ironic and funny that the KSA considers itself the elder sister of Egypt; Egypt is the oldest state on earth and in history millennia ago!

7- Sadat abolished, annulled, and destroyed all achievements of Nasser in Egypt. Sadat obeyed the USA commands soon enough when he severed relations with the USSR and its experts and opened the doors wide for capitalism, all USA policies, and all KSA policies. His worst crime yet was to allow the terrorist MB group members and Wahabis/Salafis to control several institutions and fields and Al-Azhar as well as most mosques in Egypt. Egypt has become subservient to the KSA and the USA. When both countries felt that Sadat became an unbearable burden, they both arranged his assassination via the Wahabi MB terrorists in October 1981.

8- As for Al-Azhar, Sadat annulled Law No. 103 and replaced it with an executive note in 1975, to wipe out all Nasserite traces of achievement in Azhar! Such corrupted and twisted move allows the punishment of anyone who dares to criticize Wahabism and Salafism and dares to show and explain Quranic facts and tenets. Such punishment was exacted by idle ignorant Wahabi Azharite sheikhs. That is why we, Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour, was accused of denying facts of Islam due to our writings that prove clearly that the Quran contradicts and refutes the so-called Sunna and Sunnite Fiqh. Azharite clergymen persecuted us from 1985 to 1987 because of our writings that apply the Nasserite Law No. 104 of Al-Azhar.

9- Hence, the political will of Nasser led Egypt to be a true leader of all Arabs within Al-Azhar institution among other fields and achievements; the political will of Sadat did the exact opposite and Egypt was dwarfed. Sadat planted mines and bobs in the Egyptians collective mind. The Sadat crimes against Egyptian culture and stature led to the undermining of writings of enlightenment figures such as Al-Tahtaoui, Taha Hussein, Muhammad Abdou, Ahmed Amin, Muhammad Hussein Heikal, Sheikh Shaltout, Sheikh Abou Zahra, and Amin Al-Khouly…etc. by subjugating Egypt to Wahabism imported from the KSA. The political will of Sadat allowed him to take airs and epithets with allusions of religiosity. He committed the crime of making Egypt enter into the dark tunnel of Wahabism and Salafism (the worst types of Sunnite creeds) to the extent that every simple act of everyday life entails an extremist Salafist fatwa! Sadat allowed political trends of Wahabi Salafists to accuse their foes and detractors, who refuse the application of sharia, as renegades and apostates who forsook Islam! Sadat was among victims of Wahabism when Wahabi terrorists of the MB members assassinated him after accusing him of apostasy and disbelief! Other bombs and mines exploded in the three decades of Mubarak rule. Other bombs and mines of Wahabism wait to be exploded now inside and outside Egypt!


 We hope the Egyptian President Al-Sisi gains control of his own political will in a positive manner that will save Egyptians and Arabs from the danger of ISIS members in Al-Azhar and Ministry of Religious Endowments.



Al-Sisi and ISIS Azharite Members


Firstly: facts about the current debate within the Egyptian media

1- It is good thing that for the very first time Egyptian media figures criticize Al-Azhar curricula since the abolishment of the Nasserite Al-Azhar Law of 1960. This is unprecedented and commendable. We remember that once we sent some Al-Azhar curricula books to the Marxist veteran thinker and activist Dr. Rifaat Al-Saeed, and we asked him to write criticisms of them, but he did not. We sent the same books to the late (assassinated by Wahabi terrorists later) Dr. Farag Fouda, and he did write a preliminary article published in Al-Ahrar newspaper. Yet, an ultimatum reached him from Mubarak men because the head of Azhar Sheikh Jad-Al-Haq was furious and called Mubarak to protest. Fouda told his readers in another article that he had to stop writing on the subject and said jestingly and mockingly that he would write on sports or anything else.

2-We feel glad that recently an Azharite youth (the Sheikh named Muhammad Nasr) said on TV publicly and vociferously in Egypt that Al-Bokhary books are insulting to God and Muhammad and filled with bad notions and language. The other Wahabi sheikh in the forum on air felt astonished to hear Nasr quoting exact words of Al-Bokhary. Such sheikh who worships Al-Bokhary as a deity never imagined such criticism, and he threatened Nasr with torment of the grave. He was astounded to hear Al-Bokhary, to him considered the holy of holies and the Sunnite sanctified and revered god, insulted and derided. Atheists are used to verbally abuse God and Islam and Muhammad, and such insults never incited the anger of Azharite ISIS members. When Nasr mocked and insulted and derided Al-Bokhary, their supreme deity, they felt such fury that they had to attack him verbally on TV and via cyberspace! Sheikh Nasr attacked their gods, as Qorayish tribesmen accused Muhammad the prophet of verbally abusing their gods and idols.         

3- It is commendable that President Al-Sisi early in his presidential term talks about reforming Azharite education and public education and the religious discourse. He began already to order modifications in the curricula of religious education in public schools, and he took measures to control sermons and preachers in mosques.

Secondly: Such facts are commendable and induce joy as partial measures aimed by all Quranists, but they are not sufficient due to the bleak atmosphere that contains the facts below.

1- We, Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour, sough in vain to appear on any Egyptian TV channel to talk about Quranism, our school of thought aiming at reform, and to expose Al-Bokhary and the rest of enemies of Islam and foes of God and Prophet Muhammad. Our school of thought is included within reform of religious discourse and education, but doors are closed before us until this very moment. We have published thousands of articles and several books online in this respect, calling for Quranism as the solution for such problems in Egypt and the Arab world, but no one cares to present us via the media. No one wants to discuss Quranism in the Egyptian media. If anyone dares to tackle something nearer to Quranism, law of contempt of religion would incarcerate him/her for five years!

2- Our 1990s articles in Cairo covered many topics, and some Azharite people attacked our ideas in media without mentioning our name. we began the call for reform 30 years ago inside Azhar, and we founded the school of thought called Quranism that spread all over the globe; yet, no other reformers in Egypt mention our name when they write on the topic of reforming Al-Azhar, though some of these reformers use to know us in Cairo. Insistence on ignoring and overlooking our name and endeavor and suffering raises several question and exclamation marks. Why does this fear of our name persist in Egypt?! Why denying the so-called Sunnite hadiths remains an accusation feared by all reformers in Egypt?! What declaring oneself as a Quranist might incite punishment in Egypt?! Higher levels of freedom in Egyptian media have been reached especially in expression of political views, but fear of Azharite ISIS members and their media men persists until now. Azharite clergy drew an image of the devil out of us! Quranists in Egypt suffered four waves of arrest by Mubarak. Sadly, Arab and Egyptian people are still enslaved to culture of tongue-to-cheek rumors calumnies, slanders, and views, and they never read; they just listen to and believe in Sunnite Wahabi sermons on Fridays! They should remember the following Quranic verse: "O you who believe! If a troublemaker brings you any news, investigate, lest you harm people out of ignorance, and you become regretful for what you have done." (49:6). Sunnite, Shiite, and Sufi creeds of the Muhammadans are based on audience hearing not on readings! Even hadiths writers among ancient ones write that they ''heard'' so-and-so saying that Muhammad the prophet said …etc. this culture spread falsehoods! Is not that shocking indeed?! Our name beings fear to all Azharite clergymen. Is not that funny indeed?!

3- Does this mean that our name is a taboo in Egyptian ruling circles and media?! Perhaps this is true. We lament this if this true. We never desire fame, wealth, or authority. We care NOT for worldly possessions in this transient existence. We apply this verse: "…I desire nothing but reform, as far as I can. My success lies only with God. In Him I trust, and to Him I turn" (11:88). From the very beginning, since 1977, we have four main principles: we never impose ourselves on others; we never impose our thought on others; we never ask for money anything from others; and, we pardon and forgive others as much as we can. Maybe such idealism is an obstacle; ruling classes in the Arab and Muhamadan countries do not feel secure dealing with people like us; we are a free thinker who never submits to anyone except God Almighty. Ruling circles love to deal with obedient slaves and henchmen!

4- Does this mean that when Egyptian government men discover that ISIS members of Al-Azhar fail in reform, they might resort to Quranists instead? We hope so.

Thirdly: Other facts that might lead Egyptian government men to resort to Quranists are as follows.

1- Deep state in Egypt has its own mentality and ancient notions; chief among them is the love of controlling those under it, especially Azharite clergymen who are loyal and obedient servants to them. Yet Azharite ISIS members are not as expert as deep state men; on the contrary, they are ignorant even in their specialized fields. Such Azharite men spent their entire life defending falsehoods and denying the Quran. It is impossible for them to create any reform at all. They will never be able to convince people, who will in turn mock them and make them lose credibility. Deep state men will feel compelled to resort to Azharite men who are not famous in media to make them undertake the mission to dispel illusions and debunk myths of Al-Azhar. Would they be brave enough to face Azharite veterans? They might quote some of our Quranist writings without mentioning our name to defeat ISIS men of Azhar. This is taking place now, we presume.

2- Deep state in Egypt is based on stability and balance games; it feels animosity toward radical changes. That is why entire cancellation and removal of the so-called Sunna and hadiths off Al-Bokhary and others is refused as solution. Piece-meal solutions are preferred; such as omitting parts or chapters in Al-Azhar curricula books in many grades. We are against this tendency and have written about its obnoxious impact in several books and articles published here online. There should be no hadiths and Sunna at all in Islam. They contradict the Quran. Deep state men never bother to read, think, and analyze; they care only for threatening Azharite men by firing them from their posts if they be not obedient enough! Intellectual revolt is a bomb waiting for them all

Fourthly: Recent news in Egypt affirms the above-mentioned facts.

1- Former Egyptian Minister of Culture, Dr. Jabir Asfour, began an initiative to cooperate with Ministry of Religious Endowments to train and educate preachers, but Azharite clergymen caused him to be fired from his post and threatened and terrorized him.

2- Media figure Ibrahim Eissa have attacked, out of the blue, in his TV show some Sunnite falsehoods and myths as well as Azharite men's reluctance to take steps of reform. He has been vehemently attacked and threatened by Azhar in an attempt to terrorize him, but he ignored their threats. Some Egyptian private TV channels hosted in their talk-shows judge Ahmed Abdou Maher who has refuted notions taught within Azharite curricula, and he has proven their danger in the Egyptian society.

3- Azharite ISIS members had to wait for the storm to pass once they realized that threats and accusations are in vain and to no avail. Even law of contempt of religion is being questioned; we surmise that deep state men agree to such waiting period as man Azharite men stopped their vitriol attacks and stopped their threats of litigation.

Lastly: the great truth:

1- ISIS is the devilish offspring of the creed of Wahabism, which is in turn the devilish offspring of the Sunnite Ibn Hanbal extremist doctrine. The Najd Brothers were the precursors of all terrorist organization in the Middle East: the terrorist MB and Al-Qaeda and now ISIS. Massacres committed by ISIS are done under the pretext of applying sharia! It is a catastrophe that Azharite men refused – until recently – to declare ISIS terrorists as apostates who do not represent Islam! ISIS thought is defended in Azhar! Victims are on the rise: killed, massacred, and terrorized victims as well as deluded youths joining the terrorists of ISIS. The real culprits who should be punished and fired out of their posts are the Azharite ISIS members!

2- All Wahabi Sunnite terrorist organizations differ in names but they are all essentially the same in the past, present, and future. All of them are affiliated to the same terrorist Wahabism/Salafism propagated in the Arab world using money of oil-rich KSA and by Al-Azhar institution in Egypt. This is the main cause of the failure of the so-called revolts of Arab Spring. Frustrated youths resort to terror and destruction and murder, and they join ISIS as a result to wreak revenge and vent all bent-up fury.

3- ISIS desire to infiltrate Egypt; its cronies are inside Egyptian land now of course. If religious reform is not commenced as soon as possible, ISIS will spread in Egypt to commit all sorts of heinous crimes. Innocent people will pay the dear price! Reasons that support the view of ISIS spread in Egypt are as follows.

3/1: ISIS members among Azharite men controlling the institution and all religious life activities in Egypt has but one mission: to protect, defend, and preserve the Sunnite/Wahabi/Salafist creed as well as to terrorize and threaten any critic who dares to discuss or refute this creed.

3/2: Salafists stick to propagation and spread of the same creed of ISIS in all mosques, under the auspices of the Ministry of Religious Endowments that is supposed to control mosques, to brainwash frustrated youths to make them join ISIS now and in the future.

3/3: Egyptians feel the brunt of economic crisis and economic reform undertaken by President Al-Sisi bravely. Egyptians suffer the collapse of security and infrastructure. Countless laws require amendments and/or annulment by the Parliament, amid fears that Parliament members might be among Salafists and Mubarak cronies and businessmen who hate change in any sort.

3/4: Egypt is still facing the danger of the terrorist MB members and their twin brothers the Salafis who control countless Upper Egyptian villages and countless mosques. Egypt is still facing the danger of its enemies: MB president of Sudan, ISIS members in Libya, terrorist Hamas organization in Gaza, Turkey, and Qatar. It is a shame that Egypt is being endangered by such dwarfs. Another shame is Egypt begging for financial aid from the UAE and the KSA. We miss the days of Nasser sorely! Amidst such sour conditions, ISIS can recruit frustrated Egyptian youths. Arms are being smuggled through Egyptian borders. Thousands of Salafists are furious due to the Revolution of 30th of June 2013, with terrorist MB president deposed. Salafists are eager to take revenge by destroying Egypt, to avenge their imprisoned leaders.

Lastly: the solution.

1- Religious reform entails free thinkers like us; we mean those who never fear anyone, save God, for the sake of truth. It is OK if deep state chose to apply reform via stages. Deep state men have to face deep-seated corruption and intellectual ruin and void in Azhar, education, media, and Ministry of Religious Endowments that have been there for centuries not decades.

2- Stages of reform entail legislative reforms in the penal and criminal codes and laws. All laws that hinder freedom of thought, religion, and expression have to be abolished. Azhar Law has to be amended. Law of the so-called contempt of religion must be annulled. Media figures must be allowed to discuss and refute all ancient notions of Sunnite and Wahabi creeds.

3- We need committees under the auspices of President Al-Sisi to undertake and execute reform of religious discourse, reform of education, and reform of Al-Azhar, just like committees of economy. Such committees must consist of enlightened thinkers and law-makers and human rights experts. ISIS members of Azhar must not be allowed into such committees. May God curse Azharite ISIS members!



Chapter Two:


A TV Show to Face ISIS Sheikhs!



1- Intellectual conflict in Egyptian media has begun between enlightened persons of both genders and ISIS members of Al-Azhar and Ministry of Religious Endowments. Enlightened citizens have been encouraged by the call for reform of education, Al-Azhar institution, and religious discourse adopted by the Egyptian President Al-Sisi. The main issue in religious reform is to refute the so-called Sunna: Sunnite hadiths authored by Al-Bokhary and his likes and ascribed falsely to Prophet Muhammad. Many Egyptian intellectuals have been encouraged to refute and debunk some of the myths of Sunnite creed and its hadiths and fiqh notions and concepts. When Al-Bokhary has been attacked and criticized, critics have been accused of contempt of Islam and who deserve to be put to death! Azharite ISIS men think that Al-Bokhary is symbol of Islam! If critics of Al-Bokhary are not put to death, Azharite ISIS members assume that at least they should be imprisoned for up to five years for alleged contempt of religion as per Egyptian law! Many Quranists were imprisoned in 2001 because of the same law! This is the terror intellectuals in Egypt face and this is the weapon brandished by Azharite ISIS members against them and against Quranists.

2- Azharite ISIS members in Azhar University and Ministry of Religious Endowments never performed their duty stipulated in Azhar 1961 Law No. 103; they never elucidated and spread the facts of Islam in the Quran. On the contrary, they propagate falsehoods of hadiths and Sunna from books written centuries ago by Al-Bokhary and his likes! Islam's name should be cleared from such lies; yet, ISIS members of Al-Azhar and Ministry of Religious Endowments go on intentionally hiding, misinterpreting, and distorting Quranic truths for centuries! When we tried to elucidate and clearly write about Quranic facts that refute Sunnite hadiths at Al-Azhar University, we were persecuted and imprisoned.

3- ISIS members of Al-Azhar institution continue to play their subversive role until now; thousands of students-cum-terrorists graduate from Al-Azhar University who killed and destroyed committed heinous crimes inside and outside Egypt. The Egyptian government spent millions on such students and their teachers and sheikhs! The result: terror spread in Egypt! ISIS terrorists in the Levant and Iraq apply now the Sunnite Salafist Wahabi creed of Ibn Hanbal doctrine. This is the same creeds, notions, concepts, and doctrines preserved and protected by ISIS members of Al-Azhar and Ministry of Religious Endowments. They are afraid of anyone refuting and detracting and debunking such creed, and they threaten critics with death or imprisonment! ISIS has infiltrated into Egypt during the one-year MB occupation of Egypt. This resulted in thousands of frustrated youths recruited by ISIS who aim to destroy and wreak havoc on Egypt as a form of jihad! Even if the Egyptian President decides to hang all of such youth, more thousands will emerge as long as ISIS members/sheikhs of Al-Azhar and Ministry of Religious Endowments go on controlling education, media, and Al-Azhar University! Military and police solutions are not enough; intellectual solutions of religious reform and reform of religious and public education is sourly missed and badly needed. The very first step is to get rid of ISIS members of Al-Azhar and Ministry of Religious Endowments. The second step is to modulate and change and purge and omit ISIS/Wahabi/Salafist curricula of Al-Azhar University and schools. The third step is to revive and apply Al-Azhar 1961 Law No. 103.

4- President Al-Sisi has to do such steps and take all possible measures and he has to face ISIS members of Al-Azhar and Ministry of Religious Endowments who control minds of the Egyptians. Otherwise, more terrorists will emerge and their number will increase exponentially with the passage of time. Al-Sisi must abolish the law of the so-called contempt of religion; it is used to terrify free thinkers and intellectuals. This law is used as a weapon brandished to cover and hide the ignorance and protect the stature, positions, and wealth of ISIS members/sheikhs of Al-Azhar and Ministry of Religious Endowments. If no measures are taken as soon as possible, Egypt will fall into ISIS terrorists who hold the Egyptian nationality.

5- We, Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour, have nothing but our love, faith, and belief in God as well as our pen and the research skills. We aim to clear Prophet Muhammad's name from falsehoods and lies that tarnish his reputation. These lies were invented by Al-Bokhary, Ibn Hanbal, Al-Shafei', and their likes of ancient authors of the Middle Ages. We have written more than 4000 Quranist articles, books, historical researches, and religious fatwas. This is unprecedented in the intellectual history of Arabs. Our intellectual writings contain unprecedented school of thought. We have published online for free about 705 of our books. Other writings wait to be published later on. Among our writings are encyclopedias on Sufism and history of the Muhammadans. Research in history is our field of university education and postgraduate studies and theses. We hope to be able to spread and propagate our writings worldwide aiming at peaceful reform. Yet, we only publish on our website here ahl-alquran.com and on ahewar.org, the (Arab Marxists) website named modern discussion. We repeat here that our writings are available for anyone to publish it in print for free, provided that there is no monopoly and distortion of our ideas.

6- Writing books and articles is not as effective as satellite TV channels talk-shows. Wahabis have used TV and created ISIS as a result. ISIS members of Al-Azhar and Ministry of Religious Endowments inside and outside the ruling regime in Egypt control Egyptian media, education, and Al-Azhar University. The law of the so-called contempt of religion is a sword brandished by ISIS members of Al-Azhar to frighten intellectuals and free thinkers. Within our peaceful endeavor and call for religious reform, no Egyptian satellite channel interviewed us. At one point, Egyptian public TV agreed to a TV series we wrote under the pseudonym Muhammad Ahmed; the name of the series was "Majalis Ibn Eiyas". But once TV employees knew our real name, they prevented us from entering the building of state public TV and Radio, as if we were scum of the earth, and cancelled the project of the series. They accused us of hating the so-called companions of the Prophet. When we sought and granted asylum in the USA, in 2001, we believed that our dreams of getting a Quranist TV show and a Quranist mosque to make it a center of enlightenment. None of that materialized. We have established the International Quranic Center (IQC), a room at our home in Virginia. No one invited us to be a guest in any TV show, except a Christian missionary Cyprus-based channel that held me twice as their guest to talk about Quranism. These two times brought to us threats of being assassinated by Al-Qaeda terrorists. Yet, thousands of formerly Sunnites and Shiites watched us online, and converted to Quranism. If we have a Quranist TV channel, the number of converted ones to Quranism would increase exponentially. ISIS Arab Wahabi and Salafist sheikhs own hundreds of private satellite TV channels. Religious talk-shows in Egypt are controlled by ISIS members of Al-Azhar and Ministry of Religious Endowments. Some secular, cultural, and Shiite channels are interested in facing ISIS and other organizations of terror; yet, they do not dare to interview us. Until when will this shameful ignoring of Quranism and its founder go on?

7- Debate within Egyptian media around ISIS and Wahabism and Sunna revolves around what we have raised in the early 1990s in our articles and books to refute Sunnite creed notions. In 1993, our books on refuting the myth of the torment of the grave and refuting the killing of apostates caused a heated debate, and we suffered persecution. We had no authority or power to do anything, and that was why we have been left in peace later on soon enough. Later on, Mubarak incarcerated us, incited by the KSA. Now Egypt has a new enlightened and powerful President: Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi, who has realized the vital importance of reforming education, Al-Azhar, and religious discourse. This is what we have called for for 30 years. Yet, the current debate in Egyptian media ignores mentioning our name!

8- We do not aim at realizing fame or wealth; anyone can present our ideas and publish them in print even without mentioning our name. Our only hope is to witness the victory of our intellectual project that began in 1977 and its spreading in Egypt. We would like to witness the fruition of our endeavors and the result of our on-going suffering in our exile. This is not a personal issue; we are the only one with a project that can refute and undermine and face intellectually ISIS members of Al-Azhar and Ministry of Religious Endowments who control and corrupt Egypt. Could such intellectual project of religious reform be discussed without its founder, who is still alive?!

9- Several people reproached us because we have accepted to appear as a guest in a Christian missionary TV show, presented by a convert to Christianity who was a former Sunnite man. Instead, those who have criticized us should have directed their blame and rebuke against those who prevent our appearance in any TV show in any Egyptian or Arab channel. Even some Egyptian TV shows presenters attacked Quranism without listening to any Quranists or allow them to defend their line thought. Is this media neutrality?!


1- Drawing nearer to the grave, our dreams dwindled. We cannot now hope to own a TV program or show confined to Quranism. Yet, we desire very much to be interviewed as a guest in any TV program or show to expose ISIS members of Al-Azhar and Ministry of Religious Endowments. We are ready to appear in a hundred episodes of the show/program for free. We will allow it to be uploaded online with comments enabled, even if people slander and verbally abuse us. We would like to end our life journey with this achievement.

2- We present this desire to all Satellite TV channels of any orientation who aim at exposing and facing ISIS terrorists and ISIS members of Al-Azhar and Ministry of Religious Endowments. We do not care whether this channel is a Christian missionary one, a Jewish Zionist one, a secular one, an atheist one, a Shiite one, or a Sunnite one. The only thing we care for here is not to omit any of our words via montage.                 

3- Is there any reasoning man or woman to invite us for free to their TV program/show?



A Notification Addressed to Free People in Egypt to Get Rid of The ISIS Sheikhs Who Control Al-Azhar                                         



1- To resist the vitriol attack and century against Al-Bokhary (the deity of ISIS Wahabis and Salafists of Sunnite Ibn Hanbal doctrine),The ISIS members of Al-Azhar issued a statement to threaten everyone; they claim that they will form a black list of those who incite the public by raising topics in the media to shake the faith of Egyptian people in the 'staples' of Islam, in the ancient scholars/imams, and in Azharite scholars. They announced that curricula of Al-Azhar secondary education and of Al-Azhar University would be changed with omissions and modulations of certain controversial points/topics to contain and control extremist thought and to foil attempts of slander and attack against Azharite scholars. This is an apparent maneuver to wait for the media storm to calm. This is a maneuver wielded along with the sword brandished against free thinkers; namely, five-year imprisonment term after being accused of contempt of religion. Such statements show that Azharite ISIS clergymen aim at feigning change; if this is true, at least it will stop its corrupt meddling in Egyptian policies for years to come. This might prevent deterioration of Egyptian cultural and religious life.

2- All Azharite employees and clergy care only for their wealth and positions and authority. They will omit chapters and entire books from all curricula if necessary to maintain their status. During the 1990s in Cairo, a project aiming at reforming religious education was proposed by us. Azharite scholars got mad and furious at us, and then omitted some lines from some books! This was done to appease the furor caused by Egyptian media. The head of Al-Azhar at the time, the late Sheikh M. Sayed Tantaoui seized the chance to make his books within the curricula. This changed announced recently might omit all his books. All Azharite employees and clergymen are corrupt; they do NOT care for the welfare and security or even the leadership and future of Egypt.

3- Will the free citizens of Egypt remain silent before the suffocating grip of ISIS Azharite members?! This is a statement to ring the alarm bells to raise the awareness of all Egyptians!

Firstly: Individual political will and its role in getting rid of Azharite ISIS members:

1- Mubarak's political will was to acquiesce to Azharite clergymen; they had free reins to spread Wahabism, Salafism, and Ibn Hanbal doctrine of ISIS. Mubarak aimed at appearing more religious than his competitors to gain authority: the terrorist MB group members. Mubarak had to prove his loyalty to the KSA; he imprisoned Quranists of Egypt in four waves of arrest from 1987 to 2009. 63 Quranists, including us, were imprisoned for the first time in 1987 when accused by denying the so-called Sunna or Sunnite hadiths and fiqh. We fled the arrest wave of 2001 by seeking asylum in the USA. In this last wave, some Quranists in Egypt received sentences from 3- to 5-year terms in prison. After the launching of our Quranist website, the last wave occurred in 2007-2009, that included some of our relatives in Egypt. They were tormented and incarcerated under no accusations; Mubarak wanted to appease the KSA and to prove to the Saudi king that he was beneficial to the KSA more than the terrorist MB members and groups of Salafists.

2- The bad political will of Mubarak was faced by us via our insistence to face and expose Wahabism everywhere with our articles and books. That is why we have been persecuted, imprisoned, and humiliated in Egypt, and our books were confiscated in 1987 and in 1990.

3- In the 1990s, Wahabi Salafist terrorists committed crimes of terror to challenge Mubarak and they controlled some areas of Upper Egypt. They committed their terrorist crimes against Orthodox Copts and Coptic churches and against tourists. Later on, their terror extended to some intellectuals and writers and some authority figures. ISIS Azharite members wagered that their dream of a theocratic state was about to be realized. This did not occur, however. Mubarak had to face such a huge wave of terror. He had to enlist the aid of free Egyptian thinkers. The men of Mubarak contacted us; they needed an Islamic thinker who believes in human rights. We joined then the body they called "The Popular Front against Terror". We, along with other members of this body, used to travel to hot beds of Upper Egypt, where Salafist terrorists thrived. We used to console victims and Copts in churches and villages. State security Apparatus men were in our service then, and all other governmental bodies. Governors of Asyut and Suhag Governorates welcomed us. We used to hold meetings with ministers of education, information, and interior. Many of our books were reprinted many times. When Mubarak felt he was in control and Azharite sheikhs declared that imprisoned terrorists and their leaders have 'repented', Mubarak renewed his pact with Azharite clergymen, who in turn urged him to persecute us. During the first half of the Mubarak era, sheikh Jad-Al-Haq was the head of Al-Azhar institution. His ignorance was manifested by his faults in Arabic grammar; he never memorized the Quranic verses as he used to read them in papers in all his sermons. He confiscated a huge palace in the Cairene upper class district of Maadi to himself for his residence! This palace used to be a Girls Azharite Secondary School! This sheikh used to cooperate in the publicity for Wahabi fraudulent sheikhs' companies that swindled poor people's money in the name of 'Islamic' halal trade! This sheikh had to declare that interests of banks are prohibited in Islam, for the benefit of his swindlers! This mortified the Mubarak regime. We wrote two articles in the Cairene newspaper Al-Akhbar to prove that banks interests are NOT against sharia laws of prohibiting usury. Azharite sheikhs attacked verbally us in media; as a result, our later articles were prevented from appearing in Al-Akhbar newspaper. Mubarak as usual persecuted us in favor of Azharite sheikhs! The mufti (who issues fatwas in Azhar) was M. Sayed Tantaoui, who was the head of Al-Azhar in the second half of Mubarak era. He declared that bank investments certificates are halal. Jad-Al-Haq incited the Deputy General against us; and we told the Deputy General that we quote the Quran to prove them wrong, and they cannot refute the Quranic verses. We told him that we defend Egyptian banks and the investments despite the fact that we had no bank account at all in Egypt or elsewhere at the time. We told him that if the head of Al-Azhar hated banks, he would have to stop using the Egyptian pound printed in Egyptian Mint of the Central Bank. The Deputy General released us in the same day after the interrogation. At last, Mubarak persecution of us reached unprecedented level; we had to flee to the USA. Azhar ignoramuses regained control of all mosques and the minds of the youth. The result, terrorists who learned at Al-Azhar threaten Egypt now! The reason: they have learned through mosque sermons, Azharite books, and media that committing massacres against innocent people is a form of jihad! Such youths are victims in their turn, and the real culprits are the Azharite ISIS sheikhs/members!

Secondly: Until when would silence reign supreme, O free citizens of Egypt?!

1- The atmosphere is ideal in Egypt now; all published material here online and in modern discussion website and YouTube videos of us is our intellectual endeavor for more than 20 years. Read and propagate it all over Egypt, O free people of Egypt! Internet removes all boundaries, and it helped to spread the concept of Quranism all over the Arab world among the intellectuals, and ISIS Azharite men feel panicked because of this. ISIS members apply Sunnite Wahabism to the letter; the same Wahabi Sunnite thought taught in Azhar. President Al-Sisi has given green light to call for reform of religious discourse and education. All free thinkers of Egypt should unite to achieve this end. Let us all face ISIS Azharite men entails that every thinker should cooperate with the call of the Egyptian President in his war against ignorance, obscurantism, and terrorism.

2- This is not a difficult effort; our online books, fatwas, and articles should be propagated, as they cover all controversial issues and topics that need reform and/or omission. All our writings expose ISIS thought spread in Al-Azhar.                                  




A Call for Creating Websites to Expose The ISIS Members of Al-Azhar: Stories of Some of The ISIS Members of Al-Azhar


 These stories are real, but names are omitted. These real stories relate some of aspects of the darker hidden side of the ISIS Azharite members.


Firstly: the first story: the sheikh and the two adolescent boys:

1- In May 1976, we knew that former colleagues of ours who entered the Arabic Language Department, Al-Azhar University, and later on worked as secondary school teachers upon graduation came to Cairo to supervise girls secondary Azharite school exams, in Maadi. This school was a huge and spacious palace confiscated later on by Sheikh Jad-Al-Haq to become his residence, after making the State build a new school instead! We went to visit our former colleagues, who lived at the time in hostel beside this school in Maadi. Their mission was to supervise exams and their corrections. They were led by the headmaster of their original Azharite secondary school in a (Lower Egypt) Delta governorate. At the time, we were preparing our Ph.D. thesis about Sufism in the Mameluke Era. We reached at the time the chapter on the close link between Sufism and homosexuality. So many old Sufis, who later on became 'saints', in the Mameluke Era were pederasts and often had sex with beardless and hairless youths, and made this part of their Sufi creed!  We chatted over the subject of this chapter in our thesis with those former colleagues, and instead of seeing surprise in their faces, we saw smirks and smiles when they asked us for further information on Sufism. They sniggered and looked at one another knowingly, and we asked them to explain their attitude. They told us that my speech reminded them of the following shocking story.

2- Within exams corrections rooms, two adolescent boys were present; they were no teachers of course, and they were not students, because this was a girls-only school. Both adolescent boys dealt arrogantly with all those adults around them. We asked about their strange unjustified presence in this location. They told us this shocking story. The leader sheikh of this group of teachers coming from Delta never moved anywhere unless with the company of these two adolescent boys. They spent their nights with him at his chamber as well! They were accompanying him even in his Delta school, in his offices and at home! The two adolescent boys had such authority over teachers and the sheikh's sons to the extent that no one can ask the sheikh a favor unless using the two adolescent boys as mediators! People whispered behind the sheikh's back that the two adolescent boys share the same bed with the sheikh! The sheikh overlooked their bad behavior and their harassment of girls as well as their helping some girls to cheat! All of us felt certain that the sheikh was having sex with both boys!

3- What about this sheikh and his family?

Secondly: the second story: this sheikh and his family:

1- This sheikh was a Sufi, who headed a Sufi order called Ahmediyya; i.e., related to a Sufi saint called Ahmed Al-Badawi. Such Sufi creed considered a tenet that having sex with adolescent hairless boys is a way to experience a Sufi trance to get nearer to the beauty and greatness of God, or to be united with God! How come such sin was to be seen as an act of worship?! This was heretic and blasphemous, of course. In short, this sheikh was a pederast! He was the teacher that upon his hands so many Azharite scholars graduated! He sued to have power and authority in the Delta governorate where he resided and worked. Thousands of his disciples used to revere and sanctify him as a 'holy' man! He was even a member in the Socialist Party of Nasser, and he was known with his moralistic attitude, love of poetry, sweet talk, and generosity. Yet, he was a pederast!

2- This sheikh's family claimed to be among the descendants of Prophet Muhammad's daughter! They used to tell tales and lies that their great great forefather came from Hejaz to Egypt. This family gave its name to the village in Delta where they reside. This pederast sheikh had an elder brother who was a teacher in the same schools in the same Delta village. Yet, he was less eloquent than his pederast younger brother, who led the Sufi order he headed to elevated levels of fame. The elder brother married the daughter of an Azharite Professor in Al-Azhar University, who followed the same Sufi order. This professor enjoyed power and authority in the Faculty of Religious Sciences. Hence, the elder brother, his in-law, got the Ph.D. degree easily, despite his being a well-known ignoramus! His teaching career in the secondary stage was a failure; yet, he came to be a Professor at Al-Azhar University! His younger pederast brother was promoted to be the headmaster of the same Azharite secondary school in the Delta village. He turned the school into a part-time center to spread the Sufi order teachings and tenets! When we saw this pederast in Cairo in 1976, he was at the top of his fame and power!

3- The elder brother, the ignorant Professor, was promoted soon enough and he hired so many new professors in the faculty who were affiliated to the same Sufi order! All of them are ignoramuses who competed for more power and authority! Al-Azhar University was filled with miracles and wonders, indeed! The most famous among them was a son of a poor peasant.

Thirdly: the third story: the story of the son of a poor peasant:

1- This son of the poor peasant was not related to the family that headed the Sufi order; rather, as a child, he was raised in a nearby village in a poor family of peasants. Later on he became the 'Godson' of the elder brother within the Sufi order. Such relation between a disciple and his Sufi tutor facilitate some sort of blind obedience like slavery, and sometimes facilitated homosexual and heterosexual love affairs in the Mameluke Era! The Ahmediyya Sufi order was known for urging homosexuality as a form of a Sufi practice since the Mameluke Era and until now! This Godson was overambitious; he knew he descended from an impoverished family of naïve and simple-minded nobodies. He officially took the surname of his Godfather, the elder brother of the pederast sheikh. He enrolled in the faculty in Azhar University as his son, and the pederast was to become his paternal uncle!

2- With his new name, and with his oratory skills and by exerting influence and efforts within his social circle, the Godson led all students in the secondary school and urged them to demonstrate in marches for political reasons; yet, he gave the names of other troublemakers and leaders in these marches to the State Security Apparatus in Egypt! He was the eye of the Apparatus there! He flunked his secondary school exams, but 'managed' to succeed in the following year using the power and influence of the Sufi order family! It was no surprise that he would enroll in the faculty controlled by his Godfather! He graduated soon enough, as if he had latent high IQ that appeared suddenly! He got his Ph.D. degree four years later in the field of Sunnite hadiths, to be appointed as a teacher in the faculty, and to be later on promoted to the post of the Dean!


1- We hope someone would launch a website specializing in exposing all scandals of Azharite ISIS members who are a bunch of hypocrites who deem themselves as representatives of Islam; in fact, they are the most corrupt people in Egypt!

2- Until when would Egyptians let such sheikhs urinate inside their minds?!                      


Chapter Three: 1) What Will Egypt Lose By Getting Rid of The ISIS Members of Al-Azhar? 2) What Will Egypt Gain By Getting Rid of The ISIS Members of Al-Azhar?


What Will Egypt Lose By Getting Rid of The ISIS Members of Al-Azhar?

Firstly: Egypt vs. ISIS: struggle for existence

1-Egyptian newspapers headlines have shown recently statements like the following: "After vitriolic attack on Al-Bokhary, Al-Azhar and Waqfs demand new laws against ignorant people undermining religion"; it is as if the existing law of the so-called contempt of religion does not suffice to terrorize free thinkers to prevent any discussion of Wahabism, the umbrella term for the Sunnite/Salafist/ Ibn Hanbal creed of ISIS and the terrorist MB! Do the Azharite ISIS sheikhs dare to ask for a special law to incriminate and imprison those who refute Al-Bokhary as well?! Yes, of course, so that they feel better and safe about their posts and huge salaries and financial rewards with no troubles whatsoever!

2- Their ill-gotten money is not the only persisting problem; it is the struggle for existence. They demand to exist despite the fact that they defend and propagate ISIS religion of Wahabism, which has nothing to do with Islam! Thus, they threaten the existence of Egypt itself! Egypt must get rid of Azharite ISIS members so that it may flourish and go on! This is not an overstatement or a sort of exaggeration. This is a fact, plain and simple. There are two dominant but contradictory creeds in Egypt. The first one is the 40-year-old creed of Sunnite jihadist Ibn Hanbal terrorist MB ISIS Wahabism, on which Egyptian people have been brought up in the last four decades. This creed is the one helping ISIS Azharite members to control Al-Azhar, mosques, Waqfs, education, and media. One famous Salafist sheikh said in a TV channel that most 'Muslims' of Egypt are Salafists! Salafism is another synonymous term for Wahabism, the creed of ISIS! If Egypt does not get rid of ISIS members of Al-Azhar soon enough, ISIS will control and lead Egypt into a dark abyss for decades to come! Egyptian ISIS to come soon would kill all Coptic orthodox Egyptians! Orthodox creed tenets include the notion of martyrdom; one is to let his enemies kill one without resistance on one's part, for the sake of joining the Kingdom of Christ! ISIS terrorist members kill to gain more houris in the Hereafter! Hence, the majority of Salafists/Wahabis would kill all the minority of Copts one day! This is the desire of all Wahabis: Egypt free from all non-Wahabis to impose Wahabism all over the land! Hence, if Egypt is willing to go on and to exist, ISIS culture must be eliminated; thus, ISIS Azharite members must be stopped. The query is raised now: what will Egypt lose by getting rid of the ISIS members of Al-Azhar?


Secondly: ISIS members of Al-Azhar are supposed to be employees in service of the Egyptian State, not to be agents to destroy it:

1- Al-Azhar institution is a civil – not ecclesiastical – body whose mission is supposed to be caring for Islamic matters and affairs. Hence, the Egyptian State is the one to take control of it by law, as it pays salaries of its employees. Such employees must NOT be against the State and their mission. The problem is that Azharite ISIS members are chosen by State Security Apparatus men! Azharite men are under the control of State Security Apparatus men, who expect blind obedience! Qualifications of Azharite men include their being corrupt, under control, with their own scandals to be under the continuing threat of exposure if they dare to criticize the tyrant ruler! Azharite men are to sing the praises of all rulers! State Security Apparatus men can never promote or appoint in Al-Azhar those real scholars/researchers whose sole aim is reform and progress. Such type is never under control and will never be among the flattering hypocrites. Hence, the appointed ones are the flattering hypocritical corrupt ignoramuses who never use reasoning minds to reform anything. Hence, they punish those who call for reform and try to apply their reasoning minds on texts! This Azharite ISIS members' persecution occurred to Egyptian Quranists, because they showed ignorance and deficiency of Azharite sheikhs!

2- This is no longer a personal problem for Quranists; this is a headache to all Egypt. Will Egypt endure a possible civil strife reminiscent of Syria and Iraq?!

Thirdly: it is not enough to get rid of Azharite ISIS members; they should be judged in Egyptian courts

1- After four decades of domination and control of corrupt ignoramuses of Al-Azhar institution, Egypt is on the brink of collapse. Why Wahabism, ISIS religion, is still taught in Azharite curricula?! Why Wahabism, the evil terrorist creed, is being defended by Azharite men?! Why critics, debunkers, and refuters of Wahabism are being threatened by law to be punished with a five-year imprisonment term in Egypt?! Why Azharite men incite terrorism in their curricula and enjoy impunity?! They have ignored their original mission to elucidate and show facts and tenets of Islam in the Quran, as per Al-Azhar Law No. 103. They use the law of the so-called contempt of religion to silence all free thinkers and defend ISIS religion: Wahabism and Salafism. They should be judged in courts. Their teachings caused the killings of tens of thousands of Egyptians: among Quranists, Orthodox Copts, Shiites, free thinkers, creators, artists, and writers. Until when Egypt will tolerate the sins and crimes of ISIS Azharite members?! It is impossible to reform religious discourse as long as ISIS sheikhs remain in Al-Azhar. Why on earth Egypt is to keep such employees who are failures?! We can accuse them of high treason against Egypt; they have worked on destroying our beloved Egypt.

2- Without getting rid of Azharite ISIS sheikhs, all Arabs and Egyptians will face religious and sectarian strife incited by Azharite curricula and Azharite religious discourse. Are such men dearer to Egypt than Islam?! Egypt's security and safety is far more important than Al-Azhar and its sheikhs. Saving the blood of Egyptians is more important than a thousand institutions! Would Egypt sacrifice its military army, police, stature, citizens, and position in the Arab world to preserve ISIS sheikhs of Al-Azhar?! The question is still looming in the air: What will Egypt lose by getting rid of the ISIS members of Al-Azhar?


What Will Egypt Gain By Getting Rid of The ISIS Members of Al-Azhar?

Firstly: the necessity of reforming Al-Azhar institution:

1- Al-Azhar institution now in its present conditions is like a time bomb that threatens all Egypt with a huge massive explosion that will destroy everything. If Egypt gets rid of corrupt, ignorant ISIS members of Al-Azhar institution, a new Egyptian renaissance will take place to elevate stature and position of Egypt, and prosperity, peace, and welfare and dignity will be restored.

2- After four decades of economic failure, thievery, looting, robbery, and corruption, Egypt is heavily in debts to foreign powers. No piece-meal temporary solutions, like resorting to the international monetary fund and stopping state subsidies, can take place now; radical solutions are to be sought. Egypt faces harsh battles to regain smuggled money and lands sold in cheap prices during the corrupt era of Mubarak. Meanwhile, Egypt spends millions annually on Al-Azhar institution and its ISIS professors and clergymen who incite terrorism in their Wahabi/Salafist curricula and sermons! Corrupt religious education inculcates tenets of terrorism in minds of the youth, recruited later on by jihadists like ISIS. How come Egypt is spending millions to get more generations of terrorists-to-be?! This is absurd! This is an unprecedented catastrophe! Egypt should save such millions to increase its annual budget and spare itself possible terrorism. This will be gained if Egypt decides to get rid of ISIS members of Al-Azhar institution.

3- We are not talking about something imaginary or too hard to achieve; it is quite possible for a brave man like the Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi with his political will, single-handedly, to take such a great step which will never be objectionable to the Egyptian citizens, due to his popularity as among them as their leader. He should amend Al-Azhar Law No. 103, of 1961 to make it assert the civil governmental nature of Al-Azhar institution and to ensure that facts and tenets of Islam is found exclusively in the Quran. Such law should be amended to assert that Al-Azhar institution has a mission to defend higher values of Islam (justice, freedom, charity, tolerance, mercy, peace, and dignity). Al-Azhar institution mission should include facing injustice, tyranny, and the so-called farce named 'political' Islam! Al-Azhar institution should side against the use of religion in politics.

Secondly: direct reformation results of reforming Al-Azhar institution

 Reformation of Al-Azhar institution entails a number of reformation steps as follows.

1- The Criminal Law and Penal Code in Egypt must be amended to cope with higher values of justice, freedom of thought, cult, and expression, and absolute religious freedom for all Egyptians.

2- Radical change in Al-Azhar schools and university curricula is of paramount importance; new curricula have to assert higher values of Islam (justice, civil liberties, religious freedom, charity, tolerance, mercy, peace, and dignity). All traces of Wahabism and Salafism are to be omitted, because they are linked to Middle-Ages tyranny, enslavement, backwardness, and injustice.

3- Al-Azhar University must close down branches of Faculty of Religious Sciences and Faculty of Islamic Studies as well as the Sharia Section in Azharite faculties of law, in Cairo and other governorates. These faculties are enemies of the Quran; they are locations where lies and falsehoods against Islam, the Quran alone, are being taught, especially ISIS Wahabi and Salafist notions. All notions of Middle-Ages fiqh (jurisprudence) and its lies and fabrications called hadiths are the main reasons behind backwardness and regression of Arabs since the Second Abbasid Era until now. Such notions are unfit to our modern times of science, IT, and advancements in all fields that increase exponentially. The alternative is to turn such faculties into higher IT institutions. Departments of Islamic history and civilization should have entirely new curricula that urge reasoning, critical thinking, and creativity within higher values of Islam. Students are to learn scientific research methodology in intellectual, social, and religious history of Arabs; not to memorize history by heart and deem it holy! Students need to be taught more philosophy, psychology, and linguistics. They are to learn history as factors that have influenced and developed the present creeds of Shiites, Sunnites, and Sufis, as human, earthly, man-made creeds that has nothing to do with the Quran. Students are to be taught historical, social, cultural, and political factors that have impacted creeds and cults, and how old pagan creeds infiltrated the Islamic intellectual thought via new concepts and notions disguised as 'Islamic'.

4- All other Azharite bodies are to be abolished, like Supreme Council of Research, Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs, Fatwa House, etc. and to confine Al-Azhar role to maters stipulated in Al-Azhar Law No. 103, after its amendments.

5- All men and women over 60 years old are to retire, and this includes even the Head of Al-Azhar himself.

6- Head of Al-Azhar must be elected, not chosen by the President of Egypt, from among Al-Azhar University Professors who admit their papers for the post. Many professors in faculties of medicine, agriculture, engineering, etc. are not allowed to be heads of Al-Azhar institution, leaving the post for hypocritical ignoramuses. This must be reversed as soon as possible; they must be allowed to compete for this post.

Thirdly: Egypt has no choice but to begin reform now

1- Such steps must take place as soon as possible; Egypt cannot afford the luxury of waiting for more time! A committee of men of the law can undertake the mission. If reforming Azharite education curricula would take years, schools of Al-Azhar should be added to the system of the public ones until Quranism-based curricula are inserted that urge researching the Quran and the higher values of Islam and that highlight the moralistic aspect of Islam.

2- Those who object to reform within Al-Azhar institution should be compelled to retire or be judged in court and imprisoned for high treason against the State and against Islam. Azharite ISIS men may go to Hell. Egypt must fight its battle for existence and progress.

Fourthly: imprisonment is for rectification not for destroying souls

1- Imprisonment is NOT an Islamic punishment. Those who suffer are the imprisoned person's family: wife, children, parents, and relatives who depend on him financially. The motto in Islam is not to punish others for the sin of other people: "…no soul bears the burdens of another…" (6:164). Punishment in Islam, as well as guidance, is a personal matter. Imprisonment as a punishment in its state now in Egypt is painful, unjust, and expensive. Those who really suffer are the incarcerated person's family. Prisons are now schools for teaching crimes, not rectifying institutions. Egyptian laws allow police officers to imprison suspects for certain number of days. This is most unfair. We ourselves have been imprisoned for days on twice occasions, in one cell with killers, jihadists, and thieves! We know quite well the amount of this suffering, especially for those imprisoned for political reasons.

2- Most Egyptian prisons are located in Cairo and in main cities; such centrality is suffocating just as the fact that 95% of Egyptian citizens reside at the Nile Valley, leaving vast areas of East and West deserts and Sinai under-populated. We propose to close down the current prisons and to establish new open prisons located within Egyptian borders with Libya and Sudan, to be heavily guarded by the military officers. No one would escape to die in deserts. Within such open prisons, factories and farms are to be established to make prisoners work in them, maybe along with their family members if they desire it, for their wages until their imprisonment terms are over. Hence, Egyptian borders will be defended in a better manner, and economic growth will be achieved as well as the rectifying purposes of incarceration. Egyptian desert land will be populated gradually as a result. New societies and cities will be formed in new locations. This will establish a new concept of internal immigration. Army recruits among university graduates as well as impoverished youths can come to work and own lands and houses in the desert. Camps to train and rectify homeless children can be established to turn them into good productive citizens. Internal immigration is better than temporary works in Gulf monarchies that humiliate many Egyptians. Treasures of metals and oil and other minerals wait for us to explore in Egyptian deserts. New cities and town will be established to make room for the population growth.

3- The above-mentioned topic is closely linked to the punishment of ISIS Azharite men; they are to be banished away from main cites and be imprisoned in open prisons as described above. This is the Islamic punishment for them, where they will enjoy perusal of Al-Bokhary books and other tomes of Wahabism and Salafism there without causing much trouble!

4- This is the Islamic punishment in the Quran for Azharite ISIS men: "The punishment for those who fight God and His Messenger, and strive to spread corruption on earth, is that they be killed, or crucified, or have their hands and feet cut off on opposite sides, or be banished from the land. That is to disgrace them in this life; and in the Hereafter they will have a terrible punishment." (5:33). We personally choose for them banishment. This befits all terrorists who commit the crimes of indiscriminate killings of innocent people: like Al-Qaeda, the MB, ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, and all jihadists of any similar terrorist organizations. Their massacres and crimes of rape, theft, and enslavement in the name of Islam deserve punishment for tarnishing the name of Islam when they ascribe their heinous crimes to it. Hence, punishments mentioned in 5:33 apply to them as per their separate types of crimes. Those who killed are to be hanged. Those who raped and stole and destroyed deserve crucifixion and cutting off their legs and hands. As for those who incited terror in sermons and books, they are to be banished in the manner described above. This banishment suits Azharite ISIS members and sheikhs perfectly to prevent them from harming Egyptian citizens.

5- Azharite ISIS men should be banished in a faraway place to keep them away from people's way to progress and security. Egypt thus will regain its peace, glory, security, political and strategic leadership, flourishing, economic growth, position, and stature.                                      

The Cursed Religion of ISIS
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