Written by: Ahmed Mansour
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Preface:_______________________________________________________________ 2

When We Have Written on ISIS before its Emergence: The ISIS-like Group in the Abbasid Era______________________________________________________ 6

More Than One Hundred Thousand Deities Are Being Worshipped by the ISIS -like Clergymen of Al-Azhar_________________________________________ 11_________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________

A Joke to Burst out Laughing: The KSA Is Leading an Anti-ISIS Coalition_ 16

John Rossomando Asked And I Answered (Through Emails)_____________ 22

The Cursed Religion of ISIS________________________________________ 25

PART I________________________________________________________________ 27

Chapter One: Make It a Motto: ISIS Members Are Infidels and Rascals 27

Chapter Two: Speaking of ISIS and Hamas Movement  ___________________ 33

Chapter Three: Al-Qaradawi Is the Spiritual Imam of ISIS Members ________ 43

PART II                                           _________________________________________ 51

Chapter One: Zeinab, A Donkey, and ISIS _____________________________ 51

Chapter Two: More than One Hundred Thousand Deities are Worshipped by

The ISIS Members of Al-Azhar ______________________________________ 61

Chapter Three: The ISIS Members of Al-Azhar and Confusion_____________ 67

Chapter Four: Calling The ISIS Members of Al-Azhar to Repent ___________ 92

PART III: ____________________________________________________________ 101

Chapter One:

In Hope of Getting Rid of The ISIS Members of Al-Azha _________________ 101

The Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi and The ISIS Members of

Al-Azhar _______________________________________________________ 112

Chapter Two:___________________________________________________ 118

A TV Show to Face ISIS Sheikhs ____________________________________ 118

A Notification Addressed to Free People in Egypt to Get Rid of The ISIS Sheikhs

Who Control Al-Azhar ____________________________________________ 123

A Call for Creating Websites to Expose The ISIS Members of Al-Azhar: Stories

of Some of The ISIS Members of Al-Azhar_____________________________ 127

CONCLUSION________________________________________________________ 138

The Cursed Religion of ISIS
This book - as all writings – is addressing the Muslim mentality, to reform them from within the religion of Islam. We apologize – in advance for our maimed English language. Most of articles were written in Arabic then translated into English by the Egyptian scholar Ahmed Fathy.
Those articles about Isis were as series of articles between June and September 2014, in time when there was a hope in the Egyptian president Al Sisi. There were other articles were published after that. We invite you to read them before reading this book: