Written by: Ahmed Mansour
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The Cursed Religion of ISIS




When the so-called 'Islamic State in Iraq and Syria' or ISIS has emerged at first to fight the Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad, it has spread to control more terrains and gain ground in Iraq, threatening both the KSA and Egypt, and to a larger extent the USA and the West in general. ISIS has shared online videos showing massacres, mass-killings, decapitations, and enslavement and rape of women. ISIS has re-created crimes committed by the Brothers of Najd, who helped Abdel-Aziz Al-Saud establish the current KSA in the early 20th century. We have published on our website a series of articles about the Brothers of Najd and their heinous crimes in Iraq and the Levant, when ISIS emerged all of a sudden, repeated the crimes of the Brothers of Najd, with a slight difference; the atrocities of the Brothers of Najd were secretive. Atrocities of ISIS are being witnessed by the whole world via all media. We temporarily stopped the series of articles that later on has formed the book titled "The Wahabi Resistance in the KSA in the 20th Century" in order to write the first article on ISIS titled "ISIS Members Are Infidels and Rascals", followed by a series of articles on the same subject. As usual, the series of articles later on has formed a book to be published on its own. We have continued and finished later on the book on the Wahabi resistance in the KSA. Articles on ISIS have emerged in a book form, readers are reading now here, bearing the title "The Cursed Religion of ISIS", and we have chosen that title because according to the Quran, the religion of ISIS is cursed because of the heinous crimes committed by its members, who attribute their atrocities falsely to Islam, the religion of peace, justice, and absolute religious freedom. The religion of ISIS has exposed the terrorism induced by the Sunnite/Wahabi religion of the Ibn Hanbal Doctrine






Chapter One: Make It a Motto: ISIS Members Are Infidels and Rascals

Chapter Two: Speaking of ISIS and Hamas Movement

Chapter Three: Al-Qaradawi Is the Spiritual Imam of ISIS Members


Chapter One: Zeinab, A Donkey, and ISIS

Chapter Two: More than One Hundred Thousand Deities are Worshipped by The ISIS Members of Al-Azhar

Chapter Three: The ISIS Members of Al-Azhar and Confusion

Chapter Four: Calling The ISIS Members of Al-Azhar to Repent

PART III: On Getting Rid of The ISIS Members of Al-Azhar

Chapter One:

·       In Hope of Getting Rid of The ISIS Members of Al-Azhar

·       The Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi and The ISIS Members of Al-Azhar


Chapter Two:

·       A TV Show to Face ISIS Sheikhs!

·       A Notification Addressed to Free People in Egypt to Get Rid of The ISIS Sheikhs Who Control Al-Azhar

·       A Call for Creating Websites to Expose The ISIS Members of Al-Azhar: Stories of Some of The ISIS Members of Al-Azhar



The Cursed Religion of ISIS
This book - as all writings – is addressing the Muslim mentality, to reform them from within the religion of Islam. We apologize – in advance for our maimed English language. Most of articles were written in Arabic then translated into English by the Egyptian scholar Ahmed Fathy.
Those articles about Isis were as series of articles between June and September 2014, in time when there was a hope in the Egyptian president Al Sisi. There were other articles were published after that. We invite you to read them before reading this book: