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CHAPTER I: Slavery in the Islamic Quranic Sharia:

Why We Are Writing this Book – COMMENTS – Terminology of Male and Female Slaves between God's Sharia Laws and Legislations of Muslims – COMMENTS – General Replies to Comments of our Fellow Quranists on the Last Article – COMMENTS – More Detailed Replies to Other Questions – COMMENTS.

CHAPTER II: An Overview of Slavery in the History of Muslims:

Slavery during the Reign of the Pre-Umayyad Caliphs and Arab Conquests – COMMENTS – Enslavement and Forced Military Service – The Power and Authority of Castrated Slaves in Palaces of the Ottomans – COMMENTS – The Eunuch Kafur Al-Ikhshidi Is One of the Best Sultans of Egypt and the Levant – COMMENTS – Between the Moralistic Genius of Kafur and the Immoral Genius of Al-Mutanabbi: Between Kafur the Noble Eunuch Former Slave and Al-Mutanabbi the Mean Free Man – COMMENTS – A Female Slave Appointed as the Supreme Judge – Female Slaves in Rule: Al-Khayzuran: the Matriarch and Mother of Many Abbasid Caliphs – COMMENTS – Female Slaves in Rule: Qabeeha: the Mother of the Abbasid Caliph Al-Moataz – COMMENTS – Female Slaves in Rule: Shaghab: the Ruler of the Abbasid Caliphate for Twenty Five Years – COMMENTS – Female Slaves in Rule: Shagaret Al-Dor the Sultana of Egypt – COMMENTS. 

CHAPTER III: Slaves in the Sunnite Religion:

Slaves at the Early Beginnings of the Sunnite Legislation: Anas Ibn Malik – COMMENTS – Enslavement within Falsehoods of the Biography Written by Ibn Ishaq – COMMENTS – Malik in his Book Does Not Consider Slaves as Human Beings! – COMMENTS – Contradictions in the Legislations Related to Enslaved Female Singers.

CHAPTER IV: Some Types of Slavery in the Middle Ages:

Enslaved Female Singers – COMMENTS – Female Slaves in Bedchambers of Sultans – COMMENTS – Types of Enslavement: Forced Labor and Impalement – COMMENTS – Types of Enslavement: Forced Labor in Egyptian History – COMMENTS – Types of Enslavement: Forced Labor during the Digging of the Suez Canal – COMMENTS – Types of Enslavement: An Overview of Eunuchs – COMMENTS.


Freeing of Slaves between the Quranic Sharia and the Laws of Europe and the USA – Firstly: Europe Has Abolished Ancient Slavery that Has Been Replaced with a More Cruel Widespread Type of Slavery – Secondly: The USA and Slavery – Thirdly: The Genius of the Quranic Solution – COMMENTS – Slaves in Our Modern Age – Firstly: The Last Countries to Formally Abolish Slavery while Retaining the Culture of Slavery – Secondly: Reports on Contemporary Slavery – Lastly: To Accuse the Great Religion of Islam of Endorsing and Justifying Enslavement Is Utter and Adamant Stupidity – COMMENTS.

Slavery: A Fundamental Historical Overview

Slavery: A Fundamental Historical Overview

Authored by: Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour

25th of August, 2016
Springfield, VA, USA

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy

As the Quranic sharia tackles the topic of slaves, some people accuse Islam of endorsing and justifying slavery abolished by the European countries and the USA. These critics of Islam regarding that topic overlook the fact that enslavement has survived until now in different types despite being outlawed, and the West could not really abolish it entirely; rather, the problem has been exacerbated within contemporary slavery. We prove in this book that the Quranic solution to the problem of slavery is the ideal one. Details of this Quranic solution are discussed in this book that has begun as a series of articles that has provoked many comments that are so useful and important that we have decided to include them as part of this book.