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An Introductory Chapter: Muhammad between Egypt and the USA

An Introductory Chapter: Muhammad between Egypt and the USA






What would happened if Prophet Muhammad is found walking in the streets of the Egyptian capital Cairo?

The answer: Most probably, he would be put to death by the 'pious' Salafists/Wahabis if not thrown into a prison after being accused of showing 'contempt' towards religion!

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Firstly: how would Muhammad look like while walking in the streets of Cairo?:

1- Muhammad will never look like the portrait found only in the hallucinations of the Muhammadans; i.e., he will never walk with a halo around his head or amidst heavenly light; the archangel Gabriel and other angels will not accompany him in a procession of splendor and pomp; no masses would scream his name joyfully and kiss the ground under his feet while seeking to receive his benediction. Such silly portrait is found only in the minds of polytheists who deify Muhammad and deny his being a mere mortal prophet; the Lord God says the following in the Quran: "And they said, “We will not believe in you unless you make a spring burst from the ground for us. Or you have a garden of palms and vines; then cause rivers to gush pouring through them. Or make the sky fall on us in pieces, as you claim, or bring God and the angels before us. Or you possess a house of gold. Or you ascend into the sky. Even then, we will not believe in your ascension, unless you bring down for us a book that we can read.” Say, “Glory be to my Lord. Am I anything but a human messenger?”" (17:90-93).

2- Muhammad will be an ordinary man simply dressed; he will resemble most Egyptians of the middle class; he will consume food and walk through markets; he will consume the Egyptian meals in eateries and in the streets: beans and falafel, Koshary, minced meat sandwiches,...etc.; he will buy vegetables and fruits from the markets himself and will stand with respect in queues to buy some loaves of bread.  

3- Muhammad will most probably speak in the Cairene colloquial Arabic if he lives in Cairo, Egypt; this conjecture of ours is based on the following Quranic verse: "We never sent any messenger except in the tongue of his people to make things clear for them..." (14:4). Muhammad will be dressed in a shirt and trousers that are common among today's Egyptians; this is because each prophet wore typically the clothes/garments of his people where he lived. Of course, the Meccan Qorayish tribesmen denied Muhammad and the Quranic Message he conveyed mainly because of his simple appearance; they desired a heavenly angel to be sent to them: "And they say, “Why was an angel not sent down to him.” Had We sent down an angel, the matter would have been settled, and they would not have been reprieved. Had We made him an angel, We would have made him a man, and confused them when they are already confused." (6:8-9); they did not realize that seeing angels means death; i.e., the angels of death. Had the Lord God sent an angel, this angel will take the human form of a man wearing the same clothes of the people around him; this angel will never appear in the original angelic form anyway; sadly, the bad habit of human beings in all eras is to place prophets above human beings as if they were angels; they deny the prophets, as well as the messages they conveyed, because they were mortal human beings. The Lord God says the following in the Quran: "Nothing prevented the people from believing, when guidance has come to them, except that they said, “Did God send a human messenger?” Say, “If there were angels on earth, walking around in peace, We would have sent down to them from heaven an angel messenger.”" (17:94-95).     


Secondly: what would be the stance of the Egyptians as they see Muhammad as an ordinary human being like them?:

1- Thus, the simple appearance of Muhammad will drive the Egyptians in Cairo to deny him and to disbelieve in his being a prophet; this is the same stance of the envious Qorayish tribesmen; the Lord God says the following in the Quran: "Is it a wonder to the people that We inspired a man from among them..." (10:2); "Was the message sent down to him, out of all of us?!..." (38:8).

2- Thus, deniers and disbelievers disliked the simple appearance of Muhammad and felt he was not a great man of consequence or importance in terms of stature, wealth, and social class as well as within their criteria of 'greatness' which included haughtiness, arrogance, tyranny, and injustice; they envied him for the bounty of receiving the Quranic Revelation. The Lord God says the following in the Quran: "They also said, “If only this Quran was sent down to a man of importance from the two cities.”" (43:31).

3- The disbelievers in Arabia ridiculed and mocked Muhammad whose simple appearance never prevented his daringly and outspokenly announcing the Truth which includes the fact that sanctified tombs/mausoleums are abominations of Satan's doing. The Lord God says the following in the Quran: "When those who disbelieve see you, they treat you only with ridicule: “Is this the one who mentions your gods?” And they reject the Remembrance of the Dominant Lord." (21:36); "And when they see you, they take you for nothing but mockery: “Is this the one God sent as a messenger?”" (25:41); "And they say, “What sort of messenger is this, who eats food, and walks in the marketplaces? If only an angel was sent down with him, to be alongside him a warner.”Or, “If only a treasure was dropped on him.” Or, “If only he had a garden from which he eats.” The evildoers also say, “You are following but a bewitched man.”" (25:7-8); "We never sent any messengers before you, but they ate food and walked in the marketplaces..." (25:20).


Thirdly: what would Muhammad do as he continues walking in the streets of Cairo?:

1- Muhammad would never be insulted or ridiculed if he would remain silent and indifferent; he will insist, of course, on continuing his ministry as a prophet and he will preach the Quran among the Egyptians in Cairo. This might lead to his being assassinated by the 'pious' Wahabis/Salafists/jihadists of Satan or his being incarcerated after being accused of showing 'contempt' towards religion! Both assassination and incarceration never occurred to him inside Mecca as Qorayish had to respect and honor its relation (and never to provoke the ire of) the Hashemites; i.e., one of the most powerful factions of Qorayish to whom Muhammad belonged. The main reason is the fact that the Lord God Himself has protected Muhammad and preserved his life so that the entire Quranic message is conveyed: "O messenger, convey what was revealed to you from your Lord. But if you do not, then you would not have delivered His message. And God will protect you from the people. God does not guide the disbelieving people." (5:67). In our imaginary hypothesis that Muhammad would be brought back to life in today's Cairo, Egypt, and he would preach the Quran, the people of the military regime (or the police state) which finances and protects Al-Azhar (the main source of polytheism in Egypt) will oppose, harm, insult, and persecute Muhammad.

2- This is plausible when we imagine Muhammad preaching the Quran in the Cairene district which houses the two main symbols of the Sunnite and Shiite polytheism of Satan; namely, the Al-Azhar and the mausoleum of Hussein respectively. Both institutions were built by the Shiite Fatimid caliphs in Egypt during the Middle-Ages; sadly, both institutions continue until now to misguide most Egyptians; the opium of the masses provided in both institutions makes the Egyptians forget the fact that Egypt is filled with thieves, swindlers, and unjust tyrants.


Fourthly: Muhammad's stance against the Cairo-based Hussein mausoleum and Sufi mausoleums:


1- In Cairo, Egypt, Muhammad probably will see some people defending and worshiping the so-called Hussein mausoleum. There are several mausoleums ascribed to the son of Ali, named Hussein, and the Fatimids built a mosque and a mausoleum supposedly over the severed head of Hussein in Cairo, Egypt. How did they know, after all these centuries, that the cranium was his?! Did they perform a DNA test, for instance?! There are five mausoleums/shrines dedicated to Hussein in the Arab world and each claim to house the severed head of Hussein. Did Hussein have five heads, then?! Why if he is so 'holy' that he could not avoid being killed at Karbala, Iraq?! Why a severed head would be made 'holy' in the first place and be worshiped?! Why did not people worship the sword that cut off this head?! The Lord God in the Quran has said the following to Hussein's grandfather (i.e., Prophet Muhammad): "It is not a matter of your concern…" (3:128). We are to believe the Quran, of course, and we have the right to pose the following questions. Would the severed head of Hussein be immortal?! Can it influence matters in this world or the next one?! Supposedly this severed head was buried in this shrine in Cairo, what difference does it make? There is no significance to us in that. What has Hussein to do with faith? His life and death has nothing to do with Islam; besides, there are centuries between his being killed and the event of supposedly finding his severed head by the Fatimids who were infatuated by the Shiite myths they spread among the masses in Egypt. Why would the corpse and/or severed head of Hussein supposed to have magical powers though he had failed to defend himself and his family members in the Karbala massacre?! How would a mere cranium aid thousands of gullible, naïve ones who deify it and seek to draw benediction from it?! 

2- It is expected that Muhammad will address a speech to Sufis who worship mausoleums of saints and Shiites, Sunnites, and Sufis who worship the Hussein mausoleum to advise them to avoid such polytheism and paganism; he will quote 3:128 to them and advise them not to mention the name of Hussein inside mosques and within the Azan (i.e., the call to prayers); he will mention this verse to them: "Mosques are dedicated to God. So do not call, besides God, upon anyone else." (72:18). We expect that the angry masses, upon hearing this, would have liked to beat Muhammad up; this was the stance of the Meccan polytheists: "And when the servant of God got up calling on Him, they almost fell on him in a mass." (72:19); Muhammad repeated to them what the Lord God has commanded him to say: "Say, “I pray only to my Lord, and I never associate anyone with Him.” Say, “It is not in my power to harm you nor to guide you.”  Say, “No one can protect me from God, and I will not find any refuge except with Him.   Except for a proclamation from God and His messages. He who defies God and His Messenger—for him is the Fire of Hell, in which they will dwell forever.”" (72:20-23).   

3- The Qorayish tribesmen gave Muhammad the chance to say all this and to take his breath; he survived and they could not attack/beat him. This is linked to the promise of the Lord God to protect him with all His Omnipotence: "...And God will protect you from the people..." (5:67) so that Muhammad would be able to deliver the Quranic message at the time: "O messenger, convey what was revealed to you from your Lord. But if you do not, then you would not have delivered His message..." (5:67). In contrast, within our imagined visit of Muhammad to Cairo, Egypt, in this book of ours, Muhammad is not protected against the harm and persecution inflicted by the Egyptians; they will never allow him to preach against the Sufi mausoleums and the Hussein mausoleum as abominations of Satan's doing which must be avoided by pious monotheists; even if Muhammad is not harmed or beaten by peaceful Sufis, how would he possibly avoid the wrath of Azharites and Salafists/Wahabis since his declarations ruffled many conservative feathers in Egypt?!


Fifthly: when Muhammad would step into Al-Azhar University and meet with the head-sheikh of Al-Azhar:

1- We imagine that once he steps into Al-Azhar, Muhammad will recognize the fact that the Sunnite/Sufi Azharite curricula (with its revered, sanctified books in different branches; for instance, the so-called theology, exegeses, and Sunna hadiths) undermine and cast doubt on Islam (i.e., the Quran) despite the fact that such books are attributed forcibly to the name of Islam. Muhammad will face the Azharite clergymen and address a speech to them.

2- Muhammad will remind them of the Quranic fact that the Quran is the Best Discourse and the Only Source of guidance in Islam; he will quote this verse to them: "God has sent down the Best Discourse: a Book consistent and paired. The skins of those who reverence their Lord shiver from it, then their skins and their hearts soften up to the Remembrance of God. Such is God’s guidance; He guides with it whomever who is willing to be guided. But whomever God leaves astray, for him there is no guide." (39:23).

3- Muhammad will remind them of the Quranic fact that it is only the Quran (i.e., the Lord God's Word) which is the Absolute Truth in which monotheists believe alongside with no other books/discourses at all. The testimony of Islam is as follows (There is no God but Allah); likewise, there is only One Book/Discourse in Islam: the Quran itself. Muhammad will remind them of Hell reserved for those who deny these Quranic facts by their belief in any other discourses/books; he will quote these verses to them: "...And who speaks more truly than God?" (4:87); "...and who is more truthful in speech than God?" (4:122); "In what discourse, beyond this, will they believe?" (77:50); "Have they not observed the government of the heavens and the earth, and all the things that God created, and that their time may have drawn near? Which discourse, besides this, will they believe in?" (7:185); "These are God’s Verses which We read to you in Truth. In which discourse, after God and His Verses, will they believe?" (45:6); "Woe to every sinful liar. Who hears God's Verses being read to him, yet he persists arrogantly, as though he did not hear them. Announce to him a painful torment. And when he learns something of Our Verses, he takes them in mockery. For such there is a shameful torment. Beyond them lies Hell. What they have earned will not benefit them at all, nor will those they adopted as allies instead of God. They will have a terrible torment. This is guidance. Those who blaspheme their Lord’s Verses will have a torment of agonizing pain." (45:7-11).

4- Muhammad will remind them of the Quranic fact that the Divine Revelation; i.e., the Quran, is the only means of warning in Islam and the Only Source of guidance to be followed instead of any books or allies/imams/saints; he will quote these verses to them: "A Book was revealed to you, so let there be no anxiety in your heart because of it. You are to warn with it - and a reminder for the believers. Follow what is revealed to you from your Lord, and do not follow other allies beside Him. Little you remember." (7:2-3); "...Say, “I only follow what is inspired to me from my Lord.” These are insights from your Lord, and guidance, and mercy, for a people who believe." (7:203); "O prophet!...And follow what is revealed to you from your Lord. God is fully aware of what you do." (33:1-2).

5- Muhammad will inform them of the fact that within his lifetime in Arabia, he followed the Quran and he was merely a warner who is never distinguished or placed above the rest of the prophets sent by the Dominant Lord God; he never had knowledge of the future related to this world and in the next one; he will deny all hadiths (which carry wrong ideas of his predicting future events or his being the 'best' or 'greatest' of all prophets) ascribed forcibly to his name; he will quote this verse to them: "Say, “I am not different from the other messengers; and I do not know what will be done with me, or with you. I only follow what is inspired in me, and I am only a clear warner.”" (46:9).

6- Muhammad will inform them of the fact that he followed the Divine Revelation; i.e., the Quran, and nothing else besides it; he never had knowledge of the invisible and the future; Muhammad will quote this verse to them: "Say, “I do not say to you that I possess the treasuries of God, nor do I know the future, nor do I say to you that I am an angel. I only follow what is inspired to me.” Say, “Are the blind and the seeing alike? Do you not think?" (6:50).

7- Muhammad will deny their myths about the so-called intercession; he will deny playing the role of intercessor in the Hereafter; he never had knowledge of the invisible and the future; Muhammad will quote this verse to them: "Say, “I have no control over any benefit or harm to myself, except as God wills. Had I known the future, I would have acquired much good, and no harm would have touched me. I am only a warner, and a herald of good news to a people who believe.”" (7:188).

8- Muhammad will inform them of the fact that he had offspring and parents; he will be never of any use to them on the Resurrection Day; he will quote these verses to them which apply to all human beings including him and other prophets as well: "The Day when a person will flee from his brother. And his mother and his father. And his consort and his children. Every one of them, on that Day, will have enough to preoccupy him." (80:34-37); Muhammad will quote to them this Quranic warning addressed to all human beings including him: "O people! Be conscious of your Lord within piety, and dread a Day when no parent can avail his child, nor can a child avail his parent, in anything. The promise of God is true. Therefore, do not let this life deceive you, nor let illusions deceive you regarding God." (31:33).

9- Muhammad will inform them of the fact that he will be of no use to his contemporaries/companions on the Last Day; likewise, they will be of no use to him; he will quote this verse to them: "And do not drive away those who call upon their Lord, morning and evening, seeking His attention. You are not accountable for them in any way, nor are they accountable for you in any way. If you drive them away, you would be one of the unjust ones." (6:52).

10- Muhammad will inform them of the fact that he is merely a human soul and therefore cannot help any other souls on the Day of Judgment; he will quote this verse to them: "The Day when no soul will avail another soul anything; and the decision on that Day is God’s." (82:19).

11- Muhammad will inform them of the fact that he cannot save anyone or help anybody to get out of Hell in the Hereafter; he will quote this verse to them: "What about someone who has deserved the sentence of torment? Is it you who can save those in the Hell-Fire?" (39:19).



 The expected stance of the head-sheikh of Al-Azhar is to issue commands to the Egyptian State Security Apparatus men to arrest Muhammad after leveling against him the accusation of showing 'contempt' towards religion! 




When Muhammad is detained by the police in Egypt!



1- To issue a command of committal to custody in police stations is one of the worst items of the Egyptian Law as many innocent people are detained for unlimited periods of time for no reason at all or based on mere suspicion. In our previous writings, we repeat many times that the Sunnite and Shiite polytheism/disbelief in Egypt has two pillars in Cairo: Al-Azhar and the Hussein mausoleum. Both were built by the Fatimids who also built Cairo the Egyptian capital. Literally, the Arabic name for (Cairo) means (the victorious city); ironically, Cairo seldom vanquished its enemies; this city experienced many times of humiliation and oppression by several invaders through the course of history; one of the reasons of this is the existence of Satan's abominations there: Al-Azhar and the Hussein mausoleum.

2- We should imagine that when Muhammad would walk in the streets of Cairo, he will address speeches to people against Al-Azhar and the Hussein mausoleum. This is because he is commanded by the Lord God to be outspoken in declaring the Truth: "So proclaim openly what you are commanded, and then turn away from the polytheists." (15:94); hence, he will tell people that sanctified tombs are abominations of Satan's doing and that Islam has nothing to do with Azharite curricula and with the Sunnite, Shiite, and Sufi religions/books. Such declarations of Muhammad will certainly shock and provoke the ire of the Al-Azhar institution, Sunnite Salafist/Wahabi groups, Sufi orders, and Shiites; all of them will unite against him and conspire against him.


Firstly: the detention of Muhammad by and its consequences:

1- As per the commands issued by the head-sheikh of Al-Azhar and the Saudi embassy in Cairo, Egypt, the Egyptian authorities have arrested and detained Muhammad; his solitary confinement was in a prison cell; the accusations leveled against him include denying Sunna hadiths, showing 'contempt' towards religion, urging others to reject the items known necessarily in religion and to discard the bases of 'Islam' unanimously agreed upon by the 'Islamic' Umma, undermining the national unity, urging sedition, threatening social peace, disturbing the general peace, propagation of lies, urging others to hate the Egyptian regime, spreading hate speech and an ambiance of pessimism which would impede foreign investments in Egypt, distorting the image of Egypt on both the national and international levels, and receiving bribes and foreign funding from the enemies of 'Islam' in order to seek to destroy 'Islam'. 

2- The streets of Cairo, Egypt, and other Egyptian major and minor cities and villages were filled with demonstrations to support the detention of Muhammad; the masses accused him of pretending to be a prophet and assumed he is an enemy of Allah and of Prophet Muhammad; many demonstrators demanded that he must be put to death like all apostates and heretics. Similar demonstrations with the same demand spread in Saudi Arabia, Iran, the Gulf monarchies, Pakistan, Yemen, Sudan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Somalia, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco; the same demonstrations were organized by communities of the Muhammadans in Europe, Australia, and the two Americas.   

3- A very small minority, mainly Quranists, defended Muhammad; they asserted that his speeches delivered in Egypt were about undeniable Quranic facts; no one would dare to deny the Quran except those who disbelieve in it; Quranists asserted that foes of Muhammad have disputed over almost everything and every topic imaginable within ongoing struggle; yet, these Sunnites, Shiites, and Sufis are now united against him because they hate the Quranic Truth preached by him despite their claim of being Quran-believing 'Muslims'; they hate Muhammad as he has exposed them; this is why in their demonstrations, they demand his being put to death.

4- The international organizations and all human-rights entities of the West have become concerned very much about this case of Muhammad; media leaks have shown that Muhammad was being tortured in his prison cell especially by electric shocks! As a result, many human-rights organizations and several countries of the West have issued angry statements; some have threatened to impose sanctions on Egypt and to stop all sorts of financial aid...etc. The Egyptian President has received a hint about the possibility of his being tried, along with the men of his regime, by the International Criminal Court (if the political will of major countries in the world would include this one day) because of torture routinely committed in prisons and massacres committed on several occasions; this is not to mention people who went missing mysteriously. The Egyptian President heeded this hint and took the threat very seriously; he was keen on never severing any ties with the USA (and the West in general) in order to avoid the fate of Kaddafi of Libya and Saddam Hussein of Iraq. Thus, the Egyptian President has readily issued his commands to end the detention of Muhammad; he was to be released immediately from his prison cell.


Secondly: Muhammad refuses to be released until all innocent people are released from Egyptian prisons:

1- Muhammad has refused to be released until all innocent people (hundreds of thousands of people!) are released from Egyptian prisons especially the secret detention prisons of the Egyptian State Security Apparatus.

2- An explanation of this stance is copied from the words of some of the followers of Muhammad.

2/1: They have said that True Islam is based on justice, equity, religious freedom, and political freedom; Islam is the Lord God's Religion which is against injustice, oppression, corruption, tyranny, and the rule of the corrupt, affluent class members in any given society. This means that detaining innocent people in prisons is a clear sign of rejecting Islam.

2/2: They have said that in the Quran, the Lord God has never commanded the arrest/capture of warriors who joined troops of aggressors (who committed aggression against peaceful people) if they stop their aggression and sought help; they should be protected and delivered to safety: "And if anyone of the polytheists asks you for protection, give him protection so that he may hear the Word of God; then escort him to his place of safety. That is because they are a people who do not know." (9:6). Hence, the regime which detains innocent, peaceful people for merely expressing different opinions or political opposition is a regime that rejects Islam. Regimes which apply Islam must provide for their citizens security, peace, justice, freedom, food, and human dignity.

2/3: They have said that warriors who joined the troops of aggressors (who committed aggression against peaceful people) should never be killed in the battlefield if they pronounce the word of peace: "O you who believe! When you journey in the way of God, investigate, and do not say to him who offers you peace, “You are not a believer,” aspiring for the goods of this world. With God are abundant riches. You yourselves were like this before, and God bestowed favor on you; so investigate. God is well aware of what you do." (4:94). Hence, the regime which detains and frames innocent, peaceful people (within false accusations and investigations) for merely expressing different opinions or for their political opposition is a regime that rejects Islam. Regimes which apply Islam must provide for their citizens security, peace, justice, freedom, food, and human dignity.

2/4: They have said that Muhammad has refused to be released before the release of innocent, peaceful detainees who are framed and unjustly arrested and incarcerated because he opposes corruption and urges the upholding of justice; he applies this verse: "...and let no harm be done to either scribe or witness. If you allow harm to be done to them, it is corruption on your part...." (2:282). Hence, the regime which detains and frames innocent, peaceful people (within false accusations and investigations) for merely expressing different opinions or political opposition is a regime that hates the Quran and rejects Islam. Regimes which apply Islam must provide for their citizens security, peace, justice, freedom, food, and human dignity.

2/5: They have said that the Egyptian regime is a criminal one since it frames thousands of innocent people by virtue of false accusations; this sin is prohibited by the Lord God: "And whoever commits a mistake, or a sin, and then blames it on an innocent person, has taken a slander and an obvious sin." (4:112).

2/6: They have said that the military regime in Egypt has committed many massacres, and yet, the international community has remained silent; no serious investigations were done in such cases; hundreds of people were sentenced to death in Egyptian courts within unfair trials; hundreds of people died of torture in prisons; hundreds of people die because of governmental negligence in all sectors especially public means of transportation; this is premeditated murder; the Lord God says the following about murdering one peaceful person: "Whoever kills a believer deliberately, the penalty for him is Hell, where he will remain forever. And God will be angry with him, and will curse him, and will prepare for him a terrible torment." (4:93); let alone murdering hundreds of innocent, peaceful people annually.

3- Hundreds of human-rights organizations have sympathized with Muhammad and with detained innocent Egyptians; the West media have covered the story of this man, Muhammad, who has refused to be released unless all detained, framed innocent Egyptians would be released first after their unlimited periods of incarceration (without trial) and torture. The newspapers of the West have mentioned that the Egyptian Minister of Interior has opposed the commands of releasing such detainees; later on, they were released momentarily; most of them got re-arrested days later and sent to other prisons.   

4- The Egyptian Minister of Interior has protested against their release because he has just widened the current prisons with extra buildings and built new prisons everywhere; if they would remain empty, this means about half a million people who work in the Ministry of Interior would lose their jobs or be forced into early retirement.

5- The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued an official statement to protest against the interference of the West within Egyptian affairs as this poses a threat to the Egyptian sovereignty; he has said that Egypt never interferes in the internal affairs of other countries and expects the same, within mutual respect, from other countries. 

6- The Egyptian President has asserted that the human-rights criteria of the West are never fit for Egyptians and cannot be applied in Egypt which is a third-world country; Egyptians are backward and less important than citizens of the West countries. If citizens of the West countries enjoy respect, dignity, and human rights, the Egyptians do not deserve this and they are not yet up to that; they are like animals to be beaten, controlled, and ridden like donkeys and horses; this is based on the experience of military rulers since the 1952 coup d'état. The best way to rule Egyptians is to rely on tyranny, enslavement, exclusion, humiliation, and torture; hence, random detention by framing is intentional to make Egyptians submit to their rulers within force and fear; this is done in order to avoid chaos in Egypt; i.e., so as not to destroy Egypt as is the case with Syria, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia.    

7- The Egyptian government has condemned and deplored the foreign interference in national affairs; Muhammad was transported by night, in secret, to a secret prison controlled by the Egyptian State Security Apparatus; all of Muhammad's supporters/followers who have defended him, especially Quranists, were arrested and tortured in the same prison; sadly, this has never drawn the attention of Egyptian media. 

8- The masses in Egypt within their pro-government demonstrations have hailed the official statements issued by the Egyptian State; they have accused supporters/followers of Muhammad of being agents of the West powers paid handsomely to seek to destroy Islam. Other demonstrations against Muhammad have been organized in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf monarchies, praising Egypt for not submitting to the will and the dictates of the USA that urged the immediate release of Muhammad; this has marked the national liberation of Egypt from the control of the capitalist West countries especially the USA. Saudi Arabia and the Gulf monarchies have decided to send financial aid (i.e., billions of US$!) to the Egyptian State so that it can face the USA and Israel. Fundraisers have collected money donations to help Egypt; sadly, such money never reached the Egyptian Treasury; rather, it settled in the bank accounts (and bottomless pockets!) of the rulers of Egypt.      

9- Egypt, with the help of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf monarchies, has launched a media campaign to criticize and attack the false prophet who denies Sunna hadiths and shows hatred towards 'Islam' because he is the paid agent of the USA. Sunnite Wahabi and Azharite sheikhs/clergymen have made their appearance on TV satellite channels to urge putting the heretic/apostate Muhammad to death. As expected, the Shiites joined this media campaign because Muhammad denies and denounces the Hussein mausoleum in Egypt and this cast doubt on Shiite holy shrines/mausoleums in Najaf and Karbala, in Iraq, and in Qom, in Iran. The Shiite sheikhs have also urged putting the heretic/apostate Muhammad to death. Iran issued an official statement that this false prophet, incarcerated in Egypt, is worse than the disbeliever Salman Rushdie. Ice began to thaw and break between Iran and Saudi Arabia; people are now talking openly about bringing an end to the centuries-old Sunnite-Shiite religious and political struggle and also about the (Umma of Muhammad) in the 'Islamic' world which has to face and refute the (Umma of Christ) in the West and the false prophet, detained in Egypt, who is being defended by the USA under the pretext of defending human rights and absolute religious freedom.      

10- This new situation has entailed that the West has to deal with it; yet, what will the West do?





The USA saves Muhammad from detention in Egypt




1- The Muhammadans have become united against Muhammad, detained in Egypt, and they declared him a false prophet; their stance is due to their adhering to sanctifying, deifying, and worshiping an imaginary deity fashioned by their fancy named as (Muhammad); this deity is made immortal by them; he lives forever in his Yathreb mausoleum to salute and bless them and to urge Allah to forgive them! They consider him to be (1) the infallible master and the best of all the Lord God's prophets/messengers; and (2) the grand intercessor who will control the Last Day in the Hereafter. Such myths contradict the true nature of the real Muhammad the mortal prophet mentioned in the Quran. The Muhammadans have rejected the Quranic message descended upon and conveyed by Muhammad because they adhere to myths, lies, and falsehoods of the Sunnite, Shiite, and Sufi religions. When Muhammad appeared in Cairo, Egypt, to preach the Quran to them and to remind them that they have abandoned the Quran; the Muhammadans were infuriated and they imprisoned Muhammad and threatened to put him to death. No one defended Muhammad except the people of the West who believe in absolute religious freedom and in human rights, justice, human dignity, and political freedom.      

2- Of course, the West has its own human devils who befriend and deal with devilish enthroned tyrants who monopolize power and wealth in the countries of the Muhammadans. These human devils of the West countries increase their wealth of billions of US$ via gigantic multinational trade corporations and the fabrication and selling of arms and weapons. Hence, it serves their interests to maintain military strife in the Middle-East to sell more arms to warring parties. Some of the sold weapons are outdated and some are never used before and need to be tested and developed by its being used against cities and bodies of the Muhammadans. The human devils of the West countries sell such arms and weapons to the human devils of the countries of the Muhammadans and give them commissions for every completed purchase or transaction. The human devils of the countries of the Muhammadans deposit such commissions in the banks of the West countries. This means that in the West countries, fierce competition continues to steal the wealth of the Middle-East countries and to spread bloodshed there within this slogan: If they desire to massacre one another, why will not we help them do this and make money in the process?!   

3- Such has been the situation when Muhammad appeared in Cairo, Egypt, seeking peaceful reform by preaching the Quranic Truth and avoiding the ignorant ones. Yet, the leader of the ignoramuses, the head-sheikh or the 'grand' imam of Al-Azhar, and his Saudi and non-Saudi allies went mad; they had Muhammad imprisoned at once and sought to put him to unfair trial; they sought to hire a hit-man to kill Muhammad inside the prison cell and to smuggle this hit-man abroad (or to declare this killer as innocent [if caught red-handed] who should have left the judiciary authority the chance to put Muhammad to death!); they desired to eliminate the danger which threatens their stature, positions, and wealth. The sympathy expressed in the West in general (and inside the USA in particular) regarding Muhammad made the Muhammadans (despite their differences and disputes) stand united against the West and the USA; they flatly refused any foreign interference in Egyptian internal affairs in the name of human rights as this would undermine the sense of national dignity.

4- This united stance of all types of the Muhammadans made Riyadh (and Wahabi Sunnites) and Tehran (and the Shiites) get closer; this rapprochement had its influence on the regional (i.e., the situation in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Libya) and international (the West, the USA, and Russia) levels. For sure, the human devils of the West desire to keep the volatile situation in the Middle-East to serve their purposes; yet, the pro-human rights institutions in the West seek to save and liberate the imprisoned Muhammad and they pressurize American and European policy-makers to put an end to human-rights violations in the countries of the Muhammadans. Of course, Muhammad still refuses to be released from detention unless all innocent ones are released first from all Egyptian prisons. This is considered impossible because tyrants will never hear of such a demand; if this would be done, the same demand will be voiced in all Middle-East countries; this will shake the thrones of the tyrannical rulers who maintain their power and rule by ongoing crimes of terrorism, torture, imprisonment, murder, and forced disappearance within their nations. The enthroned tyrants know for sure that if prison cells are confined only to ordinary criminals – after fair trial – this justice will certainly lead to the ouster of tyrants and their followers and henchmen; they will be removed forever from the political map of the Middle-East.         

5- As the international community is currently led by the USA, the EU placed the problem of Muhammad in the hands of Washington. Hence, secret meetings were held by the people of the CIA, Pentagon, and the White House to discuss the affair of Muhammad. All people there agreed on the fact that the common interests entail saving Muhammad and setting him free from the Egyptian prison; he must be an immigrant to the USA very soon. This pragmatic decision has not been taken out of love or respect regarding Muhammad or towards Islam; rather, the Americans have realized that they must defuse and foil the imminent unity of all types of the Muhammadans so that they would resume their strife and bloodshed and their purchase of arms and weapons from the West. Thus, a group of experts promptly held a secret meeting to devise a plan which was implemented the very next day.

6- As per this plan, an American envoy met with the Egyptian President in Cairo and threatened him with being held in trial in the ICC, freezing his bank accounts in the USA, or being assassinated if he would disobey the commands of Washington. This envoy managed to convince him that it will serve his interests to get rid of Muhammad by allowing the American Marines to kidnap Muhammad out of prison and smuggle him out of Egypt. The Egyptian President promised to help; he assured the envoy that many red herrings will be prepared by the press to cover up the sudden disappearance of Muhammad and to distract the masses. The Egyptian President insisted that the envoy would promise him never to let this operation of smuggling Muhammad distort the image of the Egyptian President in Egypt and the Arab world as a very wise and inspired leader whose words fascinate experts worldwide! Thus, the envoy obtained the consent of the Egyptian President so easily; the envoy was also promised with every possible help offered to the Marines but in secret so as not to undermine the sovereignty of the Egyptian State whose decisions should appear in the Egyptian media as 'independent'. The Egyptian President thought about the best red herring; namely, to introduce an economic crisis so that the Egyptian masses would scream in pain and get fully distracted; this way, they will hardly have the time or opportunity to pose questions about the sudden disappearance of Muhammad and his reappearance in the USA.        

7- Once he left the Egyptian presidential palace, the envoy contacted his boss to begin implementing the plan; his boss contacted a spy serving the CIA; namely, an Egyptian officer who works inside the Egyptian Central Intelligence. Coordinating all efforts, the route was paved for the Marines to reach the secret prison cell of Muhammad.

8- This Egyptian officer who works inside the Egyptian Central Intelligence was summoned by his own Egyptian boss; he shuddered in fear as he was being blindfolded; he supposed that his being an agent serving Washington was revealed and he might be summarily put to death without trial. Still blindfolded, he was led from the office of his boss to a black Limousine; two hours later, he was led into a hall; he heard the familiar sounds typical of military barracks; when he was made to take a seat, he touched the chair and found it to be a luxurious, very soft piece of furniture; he realized he was in a very good place and not in prison. When the blindfold was removed and he was allowed to see his surroundings, he found himself face to face to the calmly smiling Egyptian President.    

9- Keen on saving his negative face, the Egyptian President said to the officer that he had a dream last night; the archangel Gabriel told him in a dream that the Americans contacted this officer whose name is (...) to help the Marines kidnap Muhammad from his prison cell; the officer was about to deny receiving any contact from any foreigners, but the Egyptian President told him that Gabriel never tell lies in dreams; he assured him that Gabriel told him in this dream to command this officer to obey the Americans but to consider the whole matter as a top secret. The officer left the place while feeling overjoyed; he was given the green light to begin the operation.  

10- In the very next day, this officer/agent led the Marines to the secret prison and to the cell where Muhammad was detained; to their surprise, the Marines found Muhammad blindfolded and in a faint while a prison-ward was beating him severely and verbally abusing him. The prison-ward was terrified to see the officer and the Marines; the officer screamed at the shivering prison-ward to get out of the cell at once. The Marines carried Muhammad, who was still unconscious, and got out of the secret prison easily while being led by the Egyptian officer/agent. The superior bodies in the Egyptian State have issued commands beforehand to the manager of this secret prison to never interfere; he was quite aware of what was going on, but he preferred watching a football match on TV inside his luxuriously furnished office!      

11- When Muhammad opened his eyes, he found himself in a clean bed and he saw a doctor checking him and a policeman was standing beside this doctor; he felt a syringe needle attached to one of his arms; before he could ask what was going on, the anesthetic kicked in and Muhammad lost his consciousness again.  

12- The helicopter which carried Muhammad, who was still unconscious, appeared suddenly in the skyline of Cairo, and then, it reached the Mediterranean Sea; it landed on a huge ship of the American sixth fleet.

13- When he regained his consciousness, Muhammad found himself in a chamber surrounded by some Americans who spoke in flawless Arabic; they welcomed him and explained to him that they had to interfere to save his life; they briefly told him that his life was in grave danger. They told him that his peaceful call for reform would inevitably fail in the Arab countries as everyone is now united against him and demanded his being put to death; even the few ones who supported him, mainly Quranists, were arrested and might be cold-bloodedly murdered. They told him that his insistence to release all innocent ones before his own release was considered as an act of defiance to the rulers of the Middle-East, especially Egypt, who may imprison thousands of innocent ones later on and take advantage of the situation to get rid of their foes and to arrest and detain the opposition figures. Thus, his insistence may indirectly cause harm to thousands of innocent people and this will never benefit him. They told him that his history includes his immigrating from Mecca to Yathreb to flee the persecution inflicted by the Meccan Qorayish tribesmen; hence, he should welcome immigration from Egypt to the USA since the disbelieving Egyptians are more violent than the disbelievers among the Qorayish tribesmen and they would readily welcome his being put to death.   

14- Muhammad listened to them attentively and then asked them about their reasons for rescuing him since they are not Muslims and they do not believe in the Quran. They frankly told that they have two reasons: (1) they heard two different views about Islam: that it is a religion of mercy, justice, peace and religious freedom and that it is a religion responsible for terrorism, tyranny, backwardness, and injustice in the Arab countries; they desire to know the view of Muhammad as the prophet of Islam, and (2) the human-rights and pro-free-speech organizations in the West pressurized them to rescue him and to provide security and safety for him inside the USA.

15- Muhammad asked them about how tolerant they are regarding the higher Quranic values of freedom, justice, mercy, peace, human rights, and human dignity. They happily informed him that they are the same higher values of the American Law and American society. Muhammad told them that anyone can claim this but may act otherwise; he desired to check the veracity of what they have told him; they told him that even when some violations occurred in their open society, transparency measures, free speech, and the free media offer remedies and everyone is liable to be questioned, checked, judged, and penalized. They told him that he can verify what they have said.

16- Muhammad asked them how he can do so; they told him he will be given the chance to see this in theory and in practice; he will be free to move and meet/talk with anyone he liked inside the USA; he can read the Constitution and the Law; he can visit any cities and walk through their streets; he can examine the American style of life himself; furthermore, visits will be arranged for him to the White House, the Congress, the CIA, the Pentagon, prisons, clubs, police stations, museums, and the media.

17- Muhammad has asked them about his right to declare his views and to show the Quranic facts of Islam; he has been told that this is much needed in the West; he should prepare himself to answer all tricky questions about Islam, and this is not to mention other questions about hadiths, biography of him as the Last Prophet, companions who ruled after his death, and the struggles, sects, deeds, and tenets of radical 'Muslims'. 

18- Muhammad has remained silent for a moment, and then, he smiled and said that the Quranic verses he will quote represent Islam because the Quran is the Lord God's Word, while his own personal views and comments are not part of Islam. Muhammad said that his Lord God will judge him and judge all humanity on the Last Day; his deeds/words outside the Quran is part of history and NOT Islam. Muhammad asserted that history is never devoid of distortions; true history of each person is found in the Book of Deeds shown only on the Day of Judgment when the Dominant Lord God will fairly judge all human beings, including all prophets, as per their deeds and faiths.

19- Muhammad has been told that he should prepare himself to live in the free world and face all questions about thorny, controversial issues. The big question is as follows: Is Islam fit for all eras and locations? Or is it merely a historical incident fit only for the 7th century Arabia and it ended and cannot survive in the modern world?

20- Muhammad smiled and quoted this Quranic verse: "...I desire nothing but reform, as far as I can. My success lies only with God. In Him I trust, and to Him I turn." (11:88).





When Muhammad arrives to the USA




Firstly: the American political stance regarding Islam gets complicated:

1- Upon settling in Washington, Muhammad realizes the fact that for years, ongoing debates about Islam continue inside the USA.

2- This ongoing debates have increased since 9/11 and reached an unprecedented level when the danger of the ISIS terrorists has emerged and posed a veritable threat to the West in general and the to the USA in particular. Wahabi terrorism has reached a higher level as some American 'Muslims' are brainwashed and recruited by ISIS to commit terrorist (suicide) operations and crimes inside the USA; this recruitment occurs via the cyberspace and inside most American mosques; the same type of recruitment by ISIS occurs in Europe.

3- The ISIS terrorists (and other terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda) succeeded in committing their heinous crimes mainly because of their being helped/manipulated by the West in general and the USA in particular to achieve minor victories in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Libya within complicated political circumstances involving  international, regional, and local factors. Despite the fact that the USA and the EU did their best so that their support of Wahabi terrorists in the Middle-East would never be reflected in (or negatively influence) their own territories, this has been impossible since the world is a global village linked via the cyberspace; terrorist crimes of ISIS terrorists and their likes have been committed inside the USA and the EU. Sadly, ISIS terrorists have managed to recruit (via the internet and mosques of the West) delusional Sunnite youths born inside the USA and the EU, especially Sunnite youths who are impoverished and marginalized and who underwent brainwash in Sunnite mosques of the West controlled by the leaders of Wahabi terrorism. Sadly, the USA allied itself to Al-Qaeda terrorist groups in Syria while fighting and eliminating Al-Qaeda terrorists inside the USA. Sadly, Saudi Arabia helped ISIS in Iraq and Syria (both countries are hated by the Saudi royal family members) though it declares its waging war against the ISIS terrorists so that they would never infiltrate inside Saudi Arabia. Sadly, Russia fought against ISIS in Syria but allied itself to other terrorist groups there which fought ISIS though Russia itself faces the veritable danger of Wahabi/Sunnite terrorism inside both Russia and the countries which ally themselves to Russia in Central Asia. Regrettably, the fall of more victims inside the USA and the West countries never creates pricks of conscience within the policymakers in Washington, Moscow, and the European capitals. The reason: they believe that in such wars, there will be an inevitable number of victims among West citizens; such victims are sacrificed so easily merely because these West capitals gain billions of US$ when they sell arms/weapons.


Secondly: cultural and media polarization inside the USA about Islam:

1- On the level of the West media, ideas are polarized but they result in one viewpoint eventually; namely, 'Islam' is responsible for the crimes committed by ISIS. On very rare occasions in the West media, Wahabism is mentioned as the source of all trends of religious terrorism worldwide. It is rare to find media anchors asserting the fact that among all followers of all religions, there are fanatics, extremists, and terrorists. The erroneous dominant view held in the West media is that 'Islam' is responsible for terrorism committed by the so-called 'Islamists' and 'Islamist' groups of the so-called 'radical Islam' within 'Islamic' jihad.

2- This is not to mention the two extreme points of the pole juxtaposed with each other; namely, (1) Saudi Arabia and its allies among the Sunnite countries who suppose that Wahabism represents 'true' Islam, and (2) extremists among secular people and Christians inside the USA (and the West in general) who hate very much the name of Islam and Muslims; those extremists/fanatics have embraced the culture of the struggle between Arabs and the West that stretched from the eras of the Arab conquests, Crusades, to the era of colonialism. They deem Islam as the greater Satan or the archenemy; they ascribe to its name the Arab and the Ottoman conquests within regions of the European continent. They believe that Crusades and European colonialism of the Arab world were positive things or historic events. Both extreme points of the pole share one element: they claim that Wahabism and Wahabi terrorism are part of Islamic sharia laws and the so-called 'Sunna' of Muhammad. Hence, it is very important that Muhammad has been brought into the USA so that he would explain himself.      


Thirdly: polarization and ignorance concerning the level of knowledge of Islam in the USA:

1- Things are not different within all departments of Arabic/Islamic studies or Middle-Eastern studies in American universities and 'independent' research centers; most professors there were Jewish and had a measure of neutrality and objectivity; they saw that Islam is nearer to their Judaism than Christianity; this is because Islam (i.e., the Quran) advocates monotheism and speaks against the idea of trinity and it contains stories of Abraham, Moses, and the Israelites which resemble (to a certain extent) the stories of the Bible's Old Testament. Besides, the Jews in most cases never underwent any racial or religious persecution within the long history of 'Muslims' (or rather the Muhammadans) inside the Arab empire, in contrast to the severe persecution they suffered in the Christian Europe. Jewish professors controlled such departments and centers during the era of the Cold War between the USA and the USSR; Islam at the time did not stir any controversy or cause any debates; Saudi Arabia had no authority or pressurizing role at the time.   

2- After the Yom Kippur War (a.k.a. the October 1973 War) to restore Sinai to its original owners, the Egyptians, Saudi Arabia helped Egypt by playing a major role in pressurizing the USA so that it will not offer much help to the defeated Israelis; king Feisal of Saudi Arabia wielded the weapon of oil; the prices of oil barrels soared as a result; the Saudi Treasury was filled to the brim with oil revenues after 1973; years later, Saudi Arabia assumed the role of the leader of Arabs/'Muslims' instead of Egypt whose political and economic collapse began in the era of Sadat (an continued within the eras of other presidents who followed his footsteps). The Saudi oil revenues were employed by king Feisal to spread and propagate Wahabism worldwide (especially inside the West and the USA) as if it were 'Islam' and in the name of the so-called 'Sunna' of Muhammad. Sadly, thousands of Wahabi mosques, groups/societies, centers, and schools mushroomed like cancerous cells inside the USA (and the West in general) and they are the source of Wahabi terrorism and recruiting terrorists as they have abused the atmosphere of democracy and freedom and free speech; they are still funded mainly by Saudi Arabia until now.  

3- Regrettably, most American universities rely on receiving donations/funding; Saudi donations (and donations from the other Gulf countries) have avalanched (until now) to these universities of the USA, provided that Wahabism is never criticized or researched. It has become a way of making much money and of growing rich to establish the so-called 'Islamic' research centers inside American campuses and to attract professors to them and to their forums/conferences. Riyadh financed many scholarships there; sadly, many American professors taught in Riyadh as their new mecca though they never knew anything about Islam except few lines and they never studied the Arabic tongue. Many venal ignoramuses among the Jews, Pakistanis, and Arabs make huge profits by establishing the so-called 'Islamic' research centers in the West to receive millions of US$ as donations from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf monarchies! 

4- In a post-9/11 world, most people realized that studying 'Islam' is of vital importance in American universities. Sadly, because it is absolutely forbidden inside the USA, especially within circles of academia, to criticize Wahabism or to even objectively research it, all departments of Arabic/Islamic studies or Middle-Eastern studies ignore Wahabism on purpose and never delve deep into the ideological roots of Wahabi terrorism. The alternative is some scientific centers, controlled by security apparatuses inside the USA, which study Wahabism as if it were Islam; for them, Islam is synonymous with Wahabism! Such centers hate 'Islam' as it is accused of producing Al-Qaeda, Bin Laden, ISIS, Boko Haram, and their likes.

5- Typical of political, historical, and sociological studies inside the research centers and universities of the USA, there is no interest in researching the roots of any topic at hand. This grave error occurred even within studying communism which belongs to recent history, let alone phenomena which belong to the Middle-Ages (and authors of that era) such as caliphate, Salafism, hadiths, and fiqh. Salafists venerate the past and seek to restore the caliphate system into today's Arab world. It is of paramount importance that the focus should be on the historical and fundamental roots of the terrorist Wahabi movements. Sadly, the 'independent' research centers never do so; instead, they readily accuse Muhammad (or rather the Sunnite/Wahabi false portrayal of him) of being the root of evil and terrorism; they adopt the Saudi Wahabi erroneous vision of Muhammad and they assume that the so-called Sunna hadiths were really uttered by him! Hence, it is very important that Muhammad has been brought into the USA so that he would explain himself.


Fourthly: between fanaticism and ignorance of Islam among (Sunnite and Christian) experts of 'Islam' and American policymakers:

1- Typically, such 'experts' of 'Islamic' studies emerge from such above-mentioned centers and departments; they work as consults in the Pentagon, the Congress, the White House, and the American security apparatuses. All of these experts share the element of mastering the English tongue but they know very little Arabic; they can hardly read/speak the Arabic tongue; they are also ignoramuses regarding Islam and 'Muslims'; they never establish a clear barrier between Islam, as a religion, and 'Muslims' as human beings.

2- Many of such experts are of Indian or Pakistani origin and they hardly understand Arabic; they never read the Quran in its original Arabic tongue; all of them are conservative Sunnites and were taught Wahabism (by Saudis) as if it were Islam; they read the translations of the Quran in different tongues; such translated editions of the Quran are funded and printed by Saudi Arabia and they contain margins offering Wahabi erroneous misinterpretation/exegeses of the Quranic verses. Hence, these Sunnite experts hardly know anything about True Islam (i.e., the Quran). The other type of experts comprises secular persons and Christians who hate the name of Islam and hate the Quran very much; their information about 'Islam' comes exclusively from the Wahabi vision, their disgust by the Arab and the Saudi corruption, and their suffering from Wahabi terrorism in the West. We name them as the Christian experts as opposed to the Sunnite experts. Of course, both types of 'experts' are ignoramuses who know nothing about Islam (i.e., the Quran).     

3- Within closed meetings, both the Christian experts and the Sunnite experts of 'Islam' talked to American policymakers about how to make the best use of the presence of Muhammad inside the USA. As expected, the Saudi lobby inside the USA employed its money and power in American media to attack and undermine Muhammad; he has been described as an inveterate liar, a sorcerer, a soothsayer, a fortuneteller, and an imposter. As per the Quran, they are the same accusations leveled against him by the Quran-hating Qorayish tribesmen in Arabia in the 7th century A.D. Surely, both the Christian experts and the Sunnite experts of 'Islam' parroted the stance of the Saudi lobby (after being bribed, or paid very handsomely, of course!); they attacked Muhammad as an imposter and disapproved of the idea of inviting him to talk within American media. They proposed his being deported from the USA as his presence will exacerbate the problem and deepen the current crisis; they warned that ISIS terrorists will seek to exact revenge against the USA for its helping such an imposter; the ISIS terrorists may seek to assassinate him to get rid of him and to embarrass the American administration at the same time. They said that Saudi Arabia, the chief ally of the USA in the Middle-East, is very much pained as the USA has interfered to save an imposter who claims to be Muhammad. Since Muhammad has been brought to the USA anyway, the experts advised that his claim of being a prophet must been exposed and debunked. Both the Christian experts and the Sunnite experts of 'Islam' offered their unified Saudi vision of how to manage the discussion with Muhammad since his talking to the American media seemed inevitable. They proposed a program for these debates which will be watched by millions of people worldwide. They said that instead of assassinating such an imposter (which was the cherished wish of both the Egyptian President and the Saudi king), character assassination is much better; he must be exposed and refuted on camera before viewers worldwide. This way, religious and political disputes, strife, and wars will be restored to the Middle-East as desired by the USA and the West.   

4- The American policymakers requested from the Christian experts and the Sunnite experts of 'Islam' to prepare a report containing questions to be posed to Muhammad; this was swiftly done in the same meeting; copies of such report were handed out to the American policymakers; in fact, they raised their eyebrows in surprise as they read such a report containing clever and very tricky questions.


Fifthly: Muhammad walking in the streets of Washington:

1- Within unnoticeable surveillance, Muhammad walks in the streets of Washington and he is not followed by media people; he is dressed in simple, ordinary American clothes, and no one recognizes him.

2- In Washington, he visits the White House, the Pentagon, the US Department of State, and the Congress; he visits all museums and enters into markets, parks, libraries, and universities. Muhammad speaks with people in flawless English; this has surprised those who watch him closely; they feel that this is a miracle; how has he learned the American tongue so fast?! Indeed, his American dialect is exactly like white Americans with no accent at all! Muhammad visits later on NYC, LA, Boston, and Houston.

3- Those who watch him closely will notice that Muhammad refuses to enter into Shiite and Sunnite mosques; he performs prayers on his own inside his hotel room; he restrains his looks when he comes across women who wear revealing attire. It is noticed that Muhammad looked angrily in silence at women dressed in niqab and men dressed in Saudi or Pakistani attire.

4- Two months have passed as Muhammad roamed the streets and made several trips. Hot debates continue about him in newspapers, websites, and satellite channels; in most cases, he is virulently attacked; he reads about this while smiling. Everyone is waiting eagerly for meetings which will be held by Muhammad and the questions which will be posed to him by journalists and also by those who assume themselves to be 'specialists' in 'Islam'.  





The stance of the Muhammadans regarding the presence of Muhammad inside the USA




Firstly: demonstrations inside the USA organized by the American Muhammadans against Muhammad:

 As Muhammad was visiting several locations in the Atlantic coast of the USA, many calls were raised among the Sufi, Shiite, and Sunnite American Muhammadans who live in the USA to stand united against the imposter 'Muhammad' who claims to be a prophet and is employed as the agent of the central intelligence apparatuses of Islam-hating countries in order to destroy Islam. Leaders and clergymen of the American Muhammadans urged the American Sufis, Shiites, and Sunnites to reject their religious, racial, sectarian, and doctrinal disputes and differences in order to face the inveterate liar and imposter who claims to be Prophet Muhammad. Many meetings and conferences were held to discuss how to face such a veritable danger. Decisions were taken promptly; massive demonstrations are to be organized simultaneously in several major American cities in most American states to demand Muhammad's deportation. Yet, such demonstrations brought no results at all; more demonstrations are arranged to be organized once Muhammad would appear in any forum, debate, or conference within the American media. The American Muhammadans were mobilized in such demonstrations as they attended inciting, furious sermons delivered inside mosques of the USA; angry demonstrators chanted anti-Muhammad slogans, demanding his deportation while accusing him to be an imposter, a sorcerer, and an inveterate liar.   


Secondly: the CNN debate concerning the presence of Muhammad inside the USA:

1- A CNN anchor hosted the four men representing the high-rank clergymen and religious leaders/sheikhs of the American Sufi, Shiite, Sunnite, and Sunnite Wahabi Muhammadans; each of the four men had a different religious attire but they voiced the same demand in unison; i.e., Muhammad, the inveterate liar and imposter, must be deported as soon as possible. 

2- The CNN anchor reproached them; he reminded them that most of them were originally immigrants and political asylees (within true or false claims) and the American Law protects their rights: free speech, religious freedom, and propagating/proselytizing their religion inside the USA. The Wahabi Sunnites have misused this freedom to cause harm to the USA with terrorist crimes and operations. Muhammad, accused by them of being a false prophet, is a man who was detained and tortured in prison because he declared his views and his religion, regardless of the fact that they are true or false views, and he has the right to peacefully express his views; others are to refute him with their own views without persecuting or punishing him. The CNN anchor continued and said to them that the views of Muhammad are thought-provoking and tenable since the grand imam of Al-Azhar and Saudi scholars (i.e. Sunnite Wahabis) and Shiite scholars could not refute him and demanded his being detained and incarcerated in Egypt; the Egyptian government leveled against him accusations which never exist except in countries of tyranny and corruption. The CNN anchor continued and said to them that if it had not been for the interference of the USA to save Muhammad, he would have died of torture. The CNN anchor reproached them indirectly by saying that it is strange that human-rights organizations in the USA and the civilized West countries defend Muhammad though most of their members are non-Muslims and some are atheists, whereas 'Muslims' demand his deportation despite the fact that he quotes the Quran. Why would American 'Muslims' (especially Sunnite/Wahabi extremists and fanatics) enjoy free speech and religious freedom and yet demand that Muhammad would be deprived of such rights?!         

3- The four religious leaders of American Muhammadans defended their viewpoint; they said that this false prophet is an imposter and an inveterate liar whose aim is to distort the image of Islam and to deny Sunna hadiths. They said that though he quotes Quranic verses, he will deny the Quran soon enough because, for the sheikhs of the Muhammadans, those who deny Sunna hadiths deny the Quran as well soon enough. The CNN anchor expressed his surprise by their prejudice against Muhammad; how would they guess he might deny the Quran soon enough?! This is a groundless presupposition; no one can be accused of something one may (not) do in the future! No clergymen, or any other mortals, are omniscient beings who may predict future events! Would the American government put to death any persons among American Muslims under the claim that they might perform terrorist crimes in the near future?! No one would approve of this grave injustice, of course. The CNN anchor reminded them that Muhammad relies on the Quran to assert his views and this means he will never deny the Quran in the future; this is simply because if he would do so, he will fail and destroy the basis of his own views.    

4- The four sheikhs/leaders of the American Muhammadans had nothing to say to the CNN anchor except that they still believe that this man is an imposter and an inveterate liar. The CNN anchor told them instead of demanding his deportation, they can face him within a TV debate; the CNN is ready to host them alongside with Muhammad anytime. The CNN anchor assured them of his being neutral and objective within such a debate just as the case with debates held among presidential candidates. The four sheikhs refused to participate in such a TV debate; they merely handed the CNN anchor the list of accusations they level against Muhammad. The CNN anchor read this list and said he cannot level these accusations against Muhammad since they must do so themselves; he returned the list to them. The four sheikhs felt perplexed and confused as they looked at one another. The CNN anchor asked them about the reason of their perplexity and confusion; they told him they have not shown up here to demand a debate with the imposter; they merely aim at proving his being an inveterate liar who is a hater of sharia and a Sunna-denier. The CNN anchor tried to convince them to face Muhammad within a CNN debate; he told them Muhammad deserves the right to be given the chance to defend himself and his views; this is democracy and these are the rules of engaging into interfaith dialogue. The four sheikhs postponed their taking a decision about a debate until they consult their respective communities/societies first. The CNN anchor ended the show by asserting that CNN is ready to host Muhammad and the four sheikhs within such a TV debate; if the four sheikhs would refuse to show up, the CNN will host Muhammad in a special interview to defend himself and to refute the accusations leveled against him.     

5- The fear of the four sheikhs regarding the suggestion of facing Muhammad within a TV debate has made the public opinion side with Muhammad. Sympathy with Muhammad has increased as the CNN spread the news of what happened to him in Egypt. The CNN hosted many independent experts in politic, human rights, and Islamic studies to discuss the status of Muhammad inside the USA and the reasons behind the unexplained fear of the four sheikhs regarding the suggestion of facing Muhammad within a live CNN debate, this is not to mention the same fear within the ranks of 'Muslim' imams inside the Middle-East countries. Everyone hosted by the CNN anchor readily agreed that Muhammad must have the chance to talk about Islam in which he believes and to answer any questions posed to him about it. It was predicted that his being hosted in a CNN interview or debate will be of vital importance to face 'Islamists'/terrorists.    

6- The four religious leaders/sheikhs of the American Muhammadans were very much troubled by the keen interest of the CNN anchor concerning hosting Muhammad, especially that other channels (with Fox News on top of the list) begin to compete with the CNN in trying to host Muhammad in an exclusive interview. The four religious leaders of the American Muhammadans decided to hold a private meeting to discuss what to do regarding facing this danger.   


Thirdly: the four religious leaders of the Muhammadans meet and conspire against Muhammad:

1- In a remote, isolated ranch in VA, the USA, a meeting is held and the attendees are only the four American religious leaders/sheikhs who represent leaders of mosques, organizations, and groups of Sunnites, Sunnite Wahabis, Shiites, and Sufis inside the USA. They are discussing how to face the veritable danger posed by the presence of this man who claims to be Prophet Muhammad as he undermines their deities and ridicules their faith tenets. The question is raised: Who would dare to face Muhammad within a TV debate? 

2- When it was proposed that the Sunnite sheikh Massood was the one fit for facing the false prophet within a televised debate, he shuddered in fear, saying: "Do not speak to me about such a suggestion! Even the grand imam of Al-Azhar and the Saudi grand mufti have decided not to face him though they are our masters and the imams of Sunna and the Umma and we are merely their disciples! I shall never manage to do what they have refrained to do! In fact, this imposter might quote the hadiths about sex, and about mocking and casting doubt on the Quran, from Al-Bokhary book to embarrass me on air! He might show the discrepancies and contradictions in the hadiths of Al-Bokhary book! I cannot face such a man!" 

3- The Sunnite sheikh Massood smiled and said mockingly: "I do believe that the Sufi sheikh Bahlool with his miracles and 'divine' knowledge by which he deceives his gullible, naïve disciples can single-handedly face this imposter!". The Sufi sheikh Bahlool said angrily: "Are you trying to ridicule me, O sheikh Massood?! Did you forget that I am fully aware of your sexual relations with tens of women apart from your twenty wives?! I know quite well that any woman who desires to convert to 'Islam' and comes to you, you have sex with her under the pretext of teaching her directly about 'Islam'!" The Sunnite sheikh Massood stood and shouted angrily: "You have taught me this, O sheikh Bahlool! Do not forget your amorous conquests with your female Sufi disciples! You never stopped "knowing" women until you became impotent as a senile, old man! I know the exact number of women who converted to 'Islam' after spending several nights in your bed! Do not make me too mad at you, or else, I will mention more details about your past sexual life! You only feel quite envious because I am still a strong man and enjoy the best of health!".

4- The Shiite sheikh Mandoor calmed them down and said: "Each of us keep CDs of the videotaped sexual scandals of one another. Besides, the FBI people keep their own copies of these CDs of our amorous conquests in bed and our secret meetings held in houses, mosques,...etc. with many people, plus documents about our bank accounts and the money donations transferred to them. The FBI people decided not to scandalize or expose us, I think, because we are at their mercy and always at their service; all of us are under their surveillance. So please do not expose yourselves by yourselves!". They fell silent for a moment. The Shiite sheikh Mandoor continued: "I spent days till I found this remote ranch for our meeting away from the surveillance of American security apparatuses and the FBI. They cannot spy on our meeting here; they might find out about this meeting in this ranch later; let us seize the chance of complete privacy; we must agree on the best way to ward off the danger of this imposter who is about to be hosted by the CNN. Sadly, the American administration people did not assassinate him as I have ardently wished. In fact, his presence is our biggest problem now because he is protected by the USA and has the right of free speech and freedom of expression like the rest of us. Obviously, we cannot face him in a TV debate. I myself cannot refute him if he would decide to discuss with me the hadiths-book of the Shiite imam Al-Kulayni titled (Al-Kafi)!".

5- The Sunnite sheikh Massood retorted to the Shiite sheikh Mandoor: "That is because (Al-Kafi) is a book filled with lies, myths and falsehoods!". The Shiite sheikh Mandoor told him: "(Al-Kafi) does not differ at all from Al-Bokhary book in relation to lies, myths, falsehoods, and made-up series of narrators! Both books cannot be discussed or understood using the reasonable mind! One either to believe in one or both of these books or to reject them; that is all!". The Sufi sheikh Bahlool said: "The same applies to the book of the Sufi grandmaster Al-Ghazaly titled (Ehiaa Olom Eddine) [revival of religious sciences].". The Shiite sheikh Mandoor said: "Exactly! And hence our big problem with this imposter protected by the Americans! When he and any other persons would decide to discuss or to put to question our holy books while they disbelieve in them, they will undermine and expose us!". The Shiite sheikh Mandoor sighed and continued: "The problem is not whether this man is actually Prophet Muhammad or merely an imposter; the main problem is that any persons who might discuss our faith tenets using the reasonable mind and the Quran as criteria to judge them, they will easily realize that we, clergymen of all doctrines, repeat the stances and deeds of the Meccan polytheists of the Qorayish tribe. In fact, any persons who disbelieve in our faith tenets and our hadiths can debunk them and undermine and expose all sheikhs once they read the ideas and hadiths found in (Ehiaa), (Al-Kafi), and (Al-Bokhary). The problem will aggravate when anyone would read the Sunnite fiqh and sharia books which urge terrorism such as the ones authored by Ibn Taymiyya and M. Ibn Abdul-Wahab! Am I right, O sheikh Massood?!". The Sunnite sheikh Massood remained silent in despair as he could not refute the words of the Shiite sheikh Mandoor.   

6- The three sheikhs directed their looks towards the fourth silent sheikh; they asked him in unison: "What is your own view, O sheikh Al-Ghamadany?!". The Wahabi sheikh Al-Ghamadany sighed and said to them calmly: "There is no way out but to resort to the fatwa of sheikh Ibn Taymiyya quoted by the Algerian sheikh Abou Bakr Al-Jazaeiry in his book titled (Minhaj Al-Moslem) and the Egyptian sheikh Sayed Sabek in his book titled (Fiqh Al-Sunna)." The Sufi sheikh Bahlool said: "What is this fatwa?". The Wahabi sheikh Al-Ghamadany said: "To put heretics and apostates to death, without trial, once they are caught and even if they declare their repentance!". The other three sheikhs shouted in unison: "Great! This is a brilliant idea, O sheikh Al-Ghamadany!". 



 Within a closed room which contains several screens and boasts the American flag, some FBI men are watching, from different angles, the closed meeting of the four religious leaders of the American Muhammadans; they saw them embracing one another in mirth and then sitting down. The Wahabi sheikh Al-Ghamadany said: "Prepare a young man who will volunteer to blow himself up along with Muhammad and those around him at the CNN; speak with this chosen young man a lot about martyrdom and the number of houris in Paradise waiting for each of the martyred jihadists!". In an exuberant manner, the Sunnite sheikh Massood told him: "I have under my command lots of jackasses desiring to participate in suicide-operations!".    

An Imaginary CNN Interview with Prophet Muhammad (PART I)
An Imaginary CNN Interview with Prophet Muhammad (PART I)

Authored by: Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour
Translated by: Ahmed Fathy

About this book:
We imagine what would happen if Muhammad would be brought back to life now to be interviewed by the CNN. The aim is to destroy the deeply rooted deification of Muhammad by the Muhammadans; they worship an imaginary deity named (Muhammad) which has nothing to do with the mortal prophet whose true history is mentioned exclusively in the Quran. We employ the question-and-answer format to demonstrate what True Islam is and how it has been rejected by the Muhammadans for centuries. We prove indirectly and undoubtedly to the Anglophone readers that Muhammad was a prophet of the Lord God and the miracle he conveyed is the Quran. Quranic stories of prophets are juxtaposed with the narratives of the Old Testament.