Conclusion of the Book: Islam Is the Religion of the Truth, But What about Those Who Ascribe Themselves to Islam?

آحمد صبحي منصور Ýí 2017-11-24

 Conclusion of the Book: Islam Is the Religion of the Truth, But What about Those Who Ascribe Themselves to Islam?


Published in November 23, 2017

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy


1- Most of the Muhammadans live in countries dominated by tyranny reinforced by clergymen. Any types of clergymen are based on telling lies and falsehoods. The clergymen of the Muhammadans spread their religion of myths through mosques, media, and education. Such lies and myths are sanctified by the masses because they are presented while preceded by the phrase (Prophet Muhammad said that...). When reformist thinkers refute such myths and falsehoods and say that Prophet Muhammad never uttered such nonsense, they are severely persecuted. Tyrants are addicted to telling lies profusely all the time whenever they talk. When Sufis, Sunnites, an Shiites become very 'religious, they adhere to tenets of their earthly religions by being addicted to telling lies shamelessly during their daily life and they swear by God's name falsely; these hypocrites even renege on their promises while saying the phrases like "God willing" & "if God wills it"; i.e., inchaa-Allah in Arabic, to evade fulfilling their promises using God's Will as a pretext! Those who use such phrases intend not keep their word! Thus, they insult God's Holy Name and use it falsely, talking it in vain, in the same manner when Wahabi suicide bombers and terrorists shout (Allahu Akbar!) or God is the Greatest!            

2- It is second nature to the Muhammadans to tell lies, to take the Lord's Name in vain, and to swear falsely by His Name; this is a main feature of hypocrites, and this way, they bring damnation to their souls in the Hereafter, as we infer from this verse about hypocrites of Yathreb during Muhammad's lifetime: "Had the gain been immediate, and the journey shorter, they would have followed you; but the distance seemed too long for them. Still they swear by God: "Had we been able, we would have marched out with you." They damn their own souls, and God knows that they are lying." (9:42).    

3- Addiction to telling lies is manifested more in the political life; some men would claim to be 'chosen' ones by God to rule people in His Name! Those sinners are corrupt ones who monopolize and confiscate the name of Islam to defeat their political foes and other secular politicians by distinguishing themselves that way; this, it is as if when one questions or criticizes them and their notions, one is criticizing Islam itself! Such men ascribe lies to God; God never deputized any mortals to speak on His behalf or to rule people in His Name. Yet, this blasphemous notion spread for centuries by tyrants to 'justify' their tyranny, crimes, and injustices; Umayyads, Abbasids, and even European kings and emperors assumed that their deeds are part of Fate ordained by God's Will! Thus, those who would dare to protest are deemed as protesting the Will of the Lord and must be regarded as 'heretics' or 'infidels' who deserved to be put to death.      

4- The Europeans liberated themselves from the domination of the Catholic Church with its myths, illusions, and falsehoods that corrupted social and political life for centuries. Hence, telling lies is no longer a religion there but regarded as a vice and a crime. The Europeans have discovered that telling the truth and giving true, sincere promises is of vital importance for better life; this made trade flourish based on mutual trust and security among citizens. This is of course real Islam in terms of peaceful behavior, as people feel safe and secure when dealing with one another within an atmosphere of trust, honesty, and integrity based on telling the truth and fulfilling promises truly.    

5- When the West liberated itself from the dominance and control of its man-made, earthly religions, truth has become the basis for people when dealing with one another; telling lies has become a source of shame and disgrace for anyone and in many cases a crime punishable by law. People may tolerate a lie told by a common person, but never a politician and responsible officials because they must be truthful as they serve their societies. This a very important priority in the West; the media focus too much on officials and politicians, especially those who conceal their errors and mistakes; their statements must be truthful and they must please the citizens; people have the right to refute them and to prove if they tell lies, and if this is proven, the media have no mercy for them within vitriolic criticism and backlash, leading them to resign or lose their posts. This has occurred many times.      

6- In contrast, Middle-Eastern tyrants tell so many lies spread by their media and insist that their lies are truths that must be believed by the citizens. Obsequious clergymen in the service of tyrants assert and subscribe to their lies to gain more favors, posts, and money, and they have no qualms because their earthly, false religions are based on a bunch of lies. Hence, lies fill the atmosphere to the extent that when some persons tells the truth, no one would care to listen, let alone believe them.

7- When Middle-Eastern Sufi, Shiite, and Sunnite people immigrate to the West, they carry the instinct to lie inside them, and they are surprised to see West people tell the truth spontaneously about everything, even about their private lives, without telling lies and fabrications. When those immigrants tell lies, as typically expected because lying is second nature to them, the West people might forgive them at first but desert them if they lie a second time. Some immigrants engage into a self-reform process and adhere to telling the truth to adjust their lives, integrate, and acculturate in these West societies. Some of those who adamantly refuse to reform themselves will frequent Sufi, Sunnite, or Shiite mosques of the West, where lies and falsehoods reign supreme, and they remain inveterate liars all their lives.       

8- We can never expect people to tell the truth as part of their daily life while being dominated by clergymen of earthly religions which are based on lies and falsehoods.

9- Any type of reform must begin with removing the control and domination of clergymen over people. 

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