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The purpose of this book is not to accuse the reader, rather, it is to converse with him with the belief that in the heart of every reasoning Muslim lies the natural Islamic inclination to truth. And if it so happened, that on this natural inclination, hereditary beliefs should accumulate which contradict the truth, then the noble Qur’anic verses are guaranteed to purify this inclination that it may return to its original purity, as it used to be in the prophet’s days, in the Islamic Golden Age.


For this reason, the author calls on the reader to turn with him through the pages of God’s book, and to reflect on its noble verses, seeking guidance for himself and for all the Muslims.


The author’s aim is to leave the Qur’anic facts speak for themselves. All that the author does is to choose a title which represents the true Qur’anic meaning, which will be found in this book, and to seek help from the verses themselves, for some of them clarify others. Further to this, the author keeps love in his heart for all the Muslims who are united by love for the Qur’an, and he prays to God Almighty to guide him and to guide all the brethren of Islam to what He loves and to that which pleases Him.


God Almighty is the One from whom help is sought.


Cairo, 1991.

The Quran: Sufficient as a Source of Islamic Legislation
This book is the basic of Ahl AlQuran belief of upholding The Quran and nothing but the Quran .
The Book Which Was Confiscated by the Governments of Libya and Egypt in the Nineties