ISIS is alive and kicking:
DAESH Has not Outlived Its Usefulness

عبد الغاني بوشوار في الجمعة 05 يناير 2018

DAESH Has not Outlived Its Usefulness

The enzime energizing the non existent Islamic state is constantly boosting the activities of the terrorists by the supply of arms and financial backing in addition to the mainstream media publicity.

Though Raqqa, the so called capital, is reduced to rubble and occupied by various forces ; and though many cities and localities in Iraq and Syria celebrated the defeat and the ousting of the terrorists from them after massive destruction, Daesh is still alive and kicking, pursuing the mission for which it was created. Its activities have not been reduced as can be testified by the continuous havoc and destruction they are still spreading because it has not outlived its usefulness that was initially determned by its masters and its financial backers and protectors.       

Daesh terrorism is thriving and the Western powers in collusion with the Zionists and the Islamo-Christian faschists have defined the objectives of the so called Islamic terrorists none of which has anything to do with Islam or the Mislims who are constantly being on the defensive. No Muslim in the world endorses the vile actions of the terrorists who pronounce « Allahu Akbar » every time they are executing the orders of their masters.

Islam, to the rest of the world populations, is thus portrayed as a dangerous and a violent religion and all Muslims have to be viewed as terrorists to be eradicated from the face of the earth. Changing  the regimes in the Islamic societies  with the more moderate ones under the control of the Western powers and Israel is the aim of all this onslaught on these areas. This sought after change will  give them a free hand to exploit the resources of these countries and force them to accept Israel as the dominant military power and admit the zionists as the representatives of the only chosen people of God.

The insignificant numbers of the terrorists, in comparison to the billions of Muslims in the world, are portrayed by the mainstream media controlled by the Zionists as the real image of Islam, violent, destructive and barbarian with no regards for human values cherished by the rest of the citizens of the world.

The actions of the terrorists have always been exagerated to cover up the atrocities committed by the sophisticated weaponry of the Western powers and Israel which are pretending to combat terrorism, their own creation. It is an established fact that the terrorists have been helped and supported in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya and everywhere else where they are ordered to operate. It was recently reported that thousands of terrorists were helped to get safe passage from Raqqa and everwhere when they get cornered. Daesh and all the terrorists have not outlived their usefulness. Bush, Sarkozi, Blair, Holland and other leaders are constantly reminding the world that the war against terrorism will take a long time.

This long war is not only launched aagainst the Muslims, but it also aims at the submission of populations of the Western countries to the control and abuse of power of their rulers, the guarantors of their freedom and security.

Daesh and the Jihadists are continuing their atrocities and expanding their field of activities to continue to accomplish the mission of serving the interests of their masters until total and complete control of world resources. They have not outlived their usefulness and their terretory has no borders or a fixed capital. They receive sophisticated equipment and the necessary financial backing to continue their atrocities everywhere where duty calls : mosques,places of worship, historical sites, gatherings for celebrations, markets, musical festivals and anything that will accentuate the hatred of the Muslims and justify the sophisticated intervention of bombing and destruction of the areas of their operations.

I personally condemn any terrorist act against humans whether it is state official terrorism using drones and sophisticated precise weaponry or committed by savage outlaws such as Daesh, Al-Qaeda or other group of terrorists claiming association with Islam. Life, to me, is to be preserved at all costs.

 Enlightened and wise people around the world should mobilized to call for the abolishment of the United Nations which only serves the interests of the big powers and its corrupt employees (Banki Moon was indicted). A new world order with new leaders who possess an enlightened vision and  have a genuine concern for the well being of all of us is a pressing necessity to put an end to all violence in human societies.

Daesh has not outlived its usefulness and only concerted efforts of enlightened leaders can put an end to the terrorists mission and eradicate them from the face of the earth .

Dr. Abdelghani Bouchouar

Agadir, Peaceful Morocco

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ولا زلنا ننتظر إفتتاح قسم للكتابات الفرنسية ، ونأمل أن نجد العون .

وكل عام وأنتم بخير.

والله جل وعلا هو المستعان. 

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