Pieces of Advice Addressed to the Palestinians for the Second Time As They Must Wake Up

آحمد صبحي منصور Ýí 2018-04-10

Pieces of Advice Addressed to the Palestinians for the Second Time As They Must Wake Up


Published in April 5, 2018

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy


1- We have received some comments about our previous articles that entails that we provide more explanation; some comments assert the deep-rooted brainwash suffered by certain generations of Arabs who lack sufficient information about history and mix politics with morality though both are totally different spheres. Besides, what drives our person to offer more pieces of advice to the Palestinians (in this article and the following ones) is the fact that currently, the laughter-inducing 'resistance' prepared by Hamas by mobilizing demonstrators and burning tires of cars at the Gaza Strip is something silly and it will provoke the Israelis who are bent on avoiding tensions at their borders; thus, the ordinary Palestinians will pay the heavy price of this grave error of Hamas if Israel would bombard the Gaza Strip. In fact, the corrupt Palestinian leaders are traitors who betrayed the Palestinian nation and are to blame for the spilled blood of the Palestinians and for the plight and suffering of the Palestinians now and in the past – more than the Israelis are to blame. Despite such suffering, the poor Palestinians have never achieved any political gains until now – the few gains they had were not realized by launching 'wars' against Israel but by political peace negotiations.     

2- We provide some more details in the points below.


Firstly: refuting wrong views about the attackers and the attacked ones:

1- This is a historical fact: it was the Palestinians who first attacked the early Jewish immigrants in Palestine; the Jews had to form armed Jewish organizations to defend themselves. It is not true at all that the early Jewish immigrants have occupied territories owned previously by some Palestinians; in fact, the whole of Palestine, for thousands of years, was owned by many conquerors before and after the Arab conquest of the Levant that occurred during the reign of the four pre-Umayyad caliphs. The occupiers, in all cases without exceptions, such as the Sunnite Arab caliphs, the Fatimids, the Seljuks, the Ayyubids, the Mamelukes, and the Ottomans, owned the land and controlled its dwellers and inhabitants, and they typically granted stretches of lands to settlers and original dwellers. The influx of Jewish immigrants to Palestine occurred after the Balfour Declaration at the time when Palestine was owned by the Ottoman sultan/caliph; Jewish immigrants continued to settle there during the era of the Party of Union and Progress in Turkey and when Palestine was under the British Mandate.    

2- It is noteworthy that the foreign authority of occupiers in Egypt and Palestine (i.e., the British Mandate) directly controlled governmental stretches of land and Waqfs (i.e., religious endowments that include mosques, stretches of land, and small businesses) as well as stretches of land that had no inheritors; thus, the occupiers in authority in many cases grant stretches of land to some individuals. There was nothing called "the Palestinian state" at the time; the land of Palestine was owned by Great Britain. The presence of the British occupiers did not prevent the influx of Jewish immigrants coming to settle in Palestine within stretches of land that were not owned by Palestinians. Besides, those Jews had bought so many stretches of land from the Palestinians who owned them previously. After some armed Palestinians attacked the Jewish settlers, Jewish militias were formed to defend these settlers; some massacres occurred, but the number of Palestinian victims of such massacres by Jewish militias is nothing when compared to the number of Palestinians victims within the inter-Palestinian civil strife, the Palestinian-Jordanian strife, or the Arab-Palestinian strife. Later on, many Palestinians left and deserted their stretches of land, and Israel was established in 1948 and confiscated such stretches of land, exactly like what Arab and non-Arab caliphs (i.e., the four pre-Umayyad ones and also those who came after them) had done. These are the undeniable historical facts – without interpretation or justification.  


Secondly: refuting wrong views about Palestinians ceding anything to Israel:

1- The Arab and the Palestinian leaders and their many faults and mistakes within managing the struggle within Palestine were the direct cause of making Israel reach its might and power and making the Palestinians reach their misery and despicable conditions. Yet, the Palestinian leaders have never drawn any useful lessons from the past events and failures. 

2- Despite of the above, no one would demand from the Palestinians today to cede anything at all; what is really required from them is to liberate themselves from the Wahabi backward, corrupt leaders in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip; they must revolt against such leaders and demand real, democratic regimes that will rule within observing human rights and dignity for the Palestinians – in the same way the Israelis now enjoy democracy and human rights. When this democratic Palestinian government comes into being one day, it will adopt the same language like the Israeli government; hence, peaceful relations and economic cooperation will take place for the welfare of both the Israeli nation and the Palestinian nation, while forgetting the past and turning a new leaf. Within such an atmosphere of trust between both parties, agreements about mutual interests could be reached. Even without this atmosphere of trust, we see the Palestinian workers working inside Israel and inside the Jewish settlements; they even participated in building the wall established by Israel; the contractors of this project were some leaders of the Palestinian authority. Hence, when peace is restored and the atmosphere of trust dominates, things will be easier and life will be better for both parties.             


Thirdly: civilized nations forget the past and turn a new leaf if they really care about the future of the next generations:

1- The struggle went on between Germany (Prussia) and France for a long time; in the 19th century, the Franco-Prussian War (a.k.a. the Franco-German War) broke out. France was against Germany in WWI and it humiliated Germany after defeating it. Such humiliation suffered by Germany made the Germans keen on exacting revenge on the French; the Nazi Germany occupied and humiliated France in WWII. After the defeat of Germany, the victorious countries of the Allies helped Germany and opened a new leaf with it; the atrocities of Nazism were forgotten for the sake of better future for the next generations in Europe; eventually, France and Germany have become allies of each other.       

2- The Hundred Years' War was a long-running struggle between England and France that lasted 116 years (from 1337 to 1453); despite of this struggle, both countries made agreements in 1904 and have become allies of each other, while forgetting the past for the sake of better future for the next generations.  

3- The same applies to Japan and the USA after WWII and to England and the USA after theAmerican War of Independence (1775 - 1783).

4- After the end of WWII, no democratic countries ever launched war against one another; this is due to two facts: (1) the decision to launch wars does not lie in the hand of one person, and (2) wars never solve any problems; they create more problems. Hence, the West countries dedicate their efforts to build their own economy and to raise the standard of living to their respective nations; in contrast, the backwardness of the Arab countries still makes them sink lower into hell. This leads us to the following undeniable fact about peace. 


Fourthly: peace is the best solution in our modern era:

1- India was viewed as the jewel in the British crown; India did not gain its independence through wars and violence; rather, this was done when Gandhi addressed the humanistic aspect of the British people. Within peaceful struggle, India gained its independence without bloodshed, despite the spilled blood of Gandhi himself who was assassinated by an extremist right-wing advocate of Hindu nationalism.     

2- Within the same peaceful struggle, the American Baptist minister and activist Martin Luther King Jr. demanded the civil rights for African-Americans; he was also assassinated by an extremist American man.

3- The white minority which controlled South Africa imposed apartheid (racial segregation), racial discrimination, and the worst treatment on the black majority; this white minority monopolized authority, power, and wealth and practiced atrocious torture crimes to maintain the status quo. This white minority was defeated by the peaceful struggle of Nelson Mandala in his prison; when he became the president of South Africa, he issued a general pardon for those who committed the torture crimes in order to forget the past and to initiate a historic peaceand reconciliation between the black majority and the white minority.   


Fifthly: peace is the divine legislations of the Dominant Lord God in the Quran, God's Book in which the Muhammadans disbelieve:

1- We have written a lot about the Quranic/Islamic legislations of self-defense fighting and military endeavors; we have asserted that its higher aim is to restore peace, as Islam is the religion of peace (http://www.ahl-alquran.com/English/show_article.php?main_id=6674). The man-made Sunnite Wahabi religion in particular glorifies incessant war and hates peace; Sunnite Wahabis have hijacked the name of Islam and they have distorted its Quranic values of peace and tolerance; the Sunnite Wahabis now spread terrorism worldwide and even among peaceful Muslims; this is the culture that negatively influences all Palestinian leaders: secular ones, those of the PLO, and those Wahabi terrorists of Hamas who assume that their crimes of terrorism qualify Hamas to be an 'Islamic' resistance movement; in fact, Hamas is a terrorist movement of Satan.   

2- We remind readers of the following facts tackled in our previous writings: as per the Quran, the Qorayish tribe drove the early believers out of Mecca by force and continued launching its military attacks against them after they settled in Yathreb, and because they were weak (see 6:26), God has commanded them not to fight the aggressors (see 4:77); they have been given permission by God to engage into self-defense fighting after they had enough military preparations (see 22:39-41). This self-defense fighting and military preparations are not for the sake of aggression but for the sake of deterrence; hence, self-defense endeavors aim at stopping bloodshed, restoring peace, and adhering to the call for peace of aggressors who stop their aggression (see 8:60-62). In any case, self-defense fighting involves retaliation in the exact measure as the aggression committed, and it ends when the aggression of the attackers stops (see 2:190-194). Within the battlefield, when the soldiers of the aggressive enemy utter the word of peace and surrender, they must be helped to reach safety and they are never to be fought or killed; killing peaceful ones is a grave sin and crime punishable in Hell (see 9:6 and 4:93-94).     

3- Hence, in light of the above point, weak parties must never fight back aggressors, and the aggressive enemies, in their turn, must remember the humanistic aspect and stop their violence against weak, helpless, peaceful persons; if those soldiers of the army of the aggressors resorted to peaceful people (i.e., Muslims in terms of peaceful demeanor) for help and uttered the word of peace, they will not be killed/fought and they will be saved. 

4- In contrast, some of the weak, helpless party (i.e., the Palestinians) resort to massacring peaceful Israeli civilians because they cannot face the military army of Israel; this is the summary of the so-called 'armed resistance' of the Palestinian leaders; thus, instead of stopping all forms of aggression and initiating peaceful struggle and peace negotiations for the rights of the Palestinian nation, the Palestinian leaders incite and organize aggression against peaceful Israeli civilians and other innocent civilians of different nationalities; this wretched state of affairs results in nothing but the contempt of the international community towards the Palestinian leaders and their followers.      


Sixthly: the mean, vile Palestinian 'resistance' and its results:

1- The PLO and its so-called National Front have invented the meanest, vilest way of the so-called 'resistance'; i.e., to hijack planes that carry innocent passengers; moreover, the terrorist, MB-affiliated, Hamas members have invented another mean, vile way of the so-called 'resistance' by committing indiscriminate killings of civilians.  

2- The leaders and members of the PLO controlled certain regions in the West Bank in the 1960s and they attempted to establish a state-within-a-state inside Jordan, while establishing bases to launch attacks against Israel; they declared their intention to depose King Hussein of Jordan in 1970, and they attempted to assassinate him twice. In Sept. 10th, 1970, they hijacked three civil planes and reached Al-Zarqa, a city in Jordan, and they caused the planes to explode before the cameras of the international press. King Hussein exacted his revenge against those Palestinians within the event of Black September (1970 - 1971). When Yasser Arafat and his organization moved to Lebanon, they attempted to establish a state-within-a-state inside Lebanon; this resulted in the Sabra and Shatila massacre; this is the 'greatest' achievement of the Palestinian 'resistance'! 


Seventhly: the relation between the plight of the Palestinians and the dead horse!:

 Because of the chronic Arab backwardness, Arabs and Palestinians have lost and missed many great opportunities and they regretted each of these losses after it was too late; they weep and demand similar opportunities now!

1- The UN General Assembly issued Resolution No. 181 in Nov. 29th, 1947, to divide Palestine between the Palestinians and Israel; the Arab state of the Palestinians constituted about 42% of Palestine and the Jewish state of Israel constituted about 57% of Palestine, and this UN resolution included making Jerusalem and Bethlehem as the UNtrust territories; i.e., under the administration of the UN. Israel agreed to Resolution No. 181, but Arabs had refused it; Israel announced the establishment of its State in May 14th, 1948, and Arabs mobilized their military forced and were defeated also in 1948; this allowed Israel to expand and annex more stretches of land till it controlled about 75% of Palestine. The Resolution No. 181 died and was buried.    

2- This political reality of Israel having about 75% of Palestine was supported by the Israeli military might. The Tunisian president Bourguiba realized the fact that Arabs have missed the great opportunity offered by the UN Resolution No. 181; in March 3rd, 1965, he delivered his speech in Jericho, urging Arabs and Palestinians to acknowledge this UN Resolution No. 181; yet, most Arabs accused Bourguiba of high treason and of betraying the Arab cause!    

3- After the Arabs were defeated during the Six-Day War of June 1967, Israel annexed the West Bank, Jerusalem, Sinai, and the Golan Heights. The Arab response was very backward in the Arab summit in Khartoum, held in Aug. 29th, 1967, as they adamantly refused three things: negotiations with Israel, making peace with Israel, and acknowledging the existence of Israel.

4- After the October 1973 war, Sadat had to take part in the Camp David Accords and he made a place in it for the Palestinians; yet, most of the Arab leaders accused Sadat of high treason and of betraying the Arab cause! Years later, Yasser Arafat agreed with something less within the Oslo Accords and he acknowledged the existence of Israel for the first time. 

5- The Abbasid poet Saleh Ibn Abdul-Quddos once wrote/uttered these lines of poetry:

The arch-enemies could never bring harm to the ignoramuses

More than the harm inflicted by ignoramuses upon themselves!


Lastly: readers should smile when they read the following points:

1- Within a conference for the masses with leaders of political parties in Cairo, Egypt, in 1948, to discuss the plight of Palestine when Israel has been established, many speeches were delivered with enthusiasm and empty words and slogans; some of the masses repeated the slogans with loud voices; the 'best' and most influential speech of them all was the one by a leader of the Waft Party; when he stood at the pulpit, he simply took out his revolver out of his pocket and fired a bullet into the air, declaring that this is the only way to 'liberate' Palestine! Some of the masses wept for joy and others applauded the man with standing ovation! And then, every man returned safe and sound to his house to have some good and wholesome sleep!      

2- At one time, within a general assembly of those Arab rulers/leaders who gathered in the Arab League in order to discuss the Palestinian cause, the imam/ruler of Yemen was given the chance to talk through the microphone; he took out a very long piece of paper from his pocket that contained a poem written in classical Arabic, and he recited it with too much enthusiasm in a loud voice! This imam thought himself in the Okaz Market in Arabia in the pre-Islamic era!      

3- Welcome everyone to sheer madness and utter backwardness!




(1)Adel Bin Ahmad: Your wise words, Dr. Mansour, fascinate me very much; you continue surprising me with your great articles that contain innovative, unprecedented ideas; may God grant you longer life and better health. My opinion is that resistance by force or using armed violence is of no use at all to the Palestinians; even if they manage to have their own independent state, they will be ruled by the likes of Abbas and Hamas; i.e., the corrupt people and terrorists, after rigged elections that will never result in anything good at all; later on, this will result in an influx of Palestinians who will try to immigrate legally or otherwise to the EU, the USA, or Israel, as they will be risking their lives this way instead of risking their lives by submitting totally to the likes of Hamas and Abbas. The best solution, in my view, is that Israel should annex the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and grant the poor Palestinians the Israeli nationality and all human rights enjoyed by Arab Israelis now; this will make both Israelis and Palestinians enjoy peaceful coexistence.       

(2) Ben Levante: I disagree with the views expressed above by Dr. Mansour; peace will not be achieved between an oppressed party (i.e., the Palestinians) and the party of the oppressors (i.e., the Israelis) as they still hate, disrespect, and despise each other; peace is supposed to be based on mutual respect and mutual interests. The backwardness of Arabs and their wrong choices have caused their losses; yet, this does not mean that the Israelis are so 'angelic', guiltless, or blameless. The ignorant Arab masses never know about freedom and democracy because of the Arab tyrants; yet those tyrants are backed by the West countries, especially the USA, which focus only on their interests and not on spreading democratic values and culture; thus, the governments of the world are not as noble or humane as one might think. Not all Arabs are against peace; the Gulf monarchs in 2002 made a peace initiative to help the Palestinians; yet, Israel refused it; not all Israelis want peace and not all of them are moralistic or even democratic. Likewise, not all Palestinians are violent ones or terrorists like the MB-affiliated Hamas; the Palestinians in the diaspora have the right to return to the West Bank and to form their own independent state. Why do the Jews have the right to return after being removed in 70 A.D. from Jerusalem (the Romans did not evict Jews from Palestine, only from Jerusalem). Besides, it is hardly logical that Dr. Mansour would expect Arabs to accept the UN Resolution No. 181 of 1947; weakness does not entail that people cede their legitimate rights. The Palestinian leaders are corrupt, but this does not mean that the Palestinians would cede their rights, though they are to be reasonable enough while defending these rights. By the way, historically, all past conquerors of Palestine never drove its inhabitants out of it by force; Britain is to blame (because of the Balfour Declaration) as it helped create Israel and gave the Jews stretches of land that were not lawfully their own, while disregarding the Palestinians who are the original dwellers of Palestine. We must not forget that Zionist gangs committed the King David Hotel bombing which was the site of the central offices of the British Mandatory authorities of Palestine. Had this been the way in which Zionist Jews have repaid Britain that helped them create a homeland in Palestine?! Aggressors will remain the same in all eras; this applies to Zionists.            

(3)Mustafa Ismail Hammad: I thank Mr. Ben Levante; he is right when he says that most conquerors of Palestine in the past did not relocate its inhabitants by force; Mr. Ben Levante wrote exactly what I have thought to write; I intended to write a severe rebuke addressed to Dr. Mansour, but the more-than-enough comment of Mr. Ben Levante has spared my time and effort. 

(4) Dr. Othman M. Ali: Some people assume that both sides (i.e., the Israelis and the Palestinians) never desire peace; I cast doubt on this view; Israel made peace agreements with Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon. If the Palestinians really want war, let them fight their own battle using their own money and arms/weapons and NEVER to rely on Egypt to fight their battle on their behalf; no Egyptian blood will be spilled for the sake of any other nation; it is enough that the mad leader and president, Nasser, had caused the bloodshed of Egyptian soldiers in Sinai in 1967 because of his arrogance when he said that he (and Arabs) will throw Israel into the Mediterranean Sea. If the Palestinians choose war, they will mostly be annihilated and the remaining few ones will be Israeli citizens and peace thus will reign supreme in the Holy Land and in the Middle East once and for all. If the Palestinians choose peace, let them either integrate into Israel as citizens or establish their independent state in the West Bank (and maybe another one in the Gaza Strip) and allow the Palestinians in the diaspora to return within a limited period of time; those who will not return can choose to remain in their respective countries to which they have immigrated.    

(5) Hisham Al-Saeedi: Peace will be attained when Israel and the West countries, especially the USA, acknowledge the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.

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