Syrian Refugees in Germany: Risks and the Solution

آحمد صبحي منصور Ýí 2016-06-29


Syrian Refugees in Germany: Risks and the Solution


Written by Ahmed Subhy Mansour .

 Translated by Ahmed Fathy

Firstly: An Explanatory Introduction:

1- Islam is not a people or a group of persons; rather, it is a religion of certain commands and prohibitions, summarized in the Quranic Ten Commandments mentioned in the Quranic Chapter 6, from verse 151 to verse 153. Human beings are free to obey or disobey such commands and prohibitions, as the Day of Resurrection will come to judge each individual's belief and deeds in this worldly, transient life. So as to understand real Islam, one should read the Quran as per its unique Arabic terminology that differs a great deal from terminology of Muslims in their traditions, heritage, history, dictionaries, and other linguistic lexicons. If we read the Quran according to its unique Arabic terminology, we will be surprised to find out the fact that the values of the Western civilization are the nearest ones to real Islam in the Quran, in comparison to the values of the sharia of the man-made religions of Muslims, past and present, which differ a great deal from Quranic values.

2- Muslims are human beings with their human traditions, habits, heritage, history, as well as earthly, man-made religions that they have fabricated themselves and developed with the passage of the past centuries: chief among such religions are the Sunnite religion, the Shiite religion, and the Sufi religion. These three fabricated religions are based on sayings and traditions falsely attributed to Prophet Muhammad two centuries and more after his death.

3- There are main major differences among the earthly, man-made, fabricated religions of today's Muslims: 1) the Sufi religion is brimming with myths; yet, it advocates peace and religious freedom, 2) within the Shiite religion, Shiites have suffered centuries of persecution, which has driven them to be on their guard perpetually to defend themselves; yet, once the Shiites would reach authority and rule anywhere, they persecute other non-Shiites and practice tyranny, as we perceive now in Iran, and 3) the Sunnite religion has been founded and developed within tyrannical authority of caliphate absolute rule throughout the centuries; it represents until now tyranny, oppression, compulsion in religion, and waging incessant wars against non-Sunnites, with the practice and application of its blood-thirsty sharia of jihad.

4- The man-made religions of today's Muslims have been subdivided into sub-creeds and doctrines; for instance, the Sufi religion has been subdivided into thousands of Sufi orders and communities. As for the Shiite religion, it has been subdivided into tens of doctrines and sub-creeds: such as the Iran-based Twelver doctrine, the Ismailism doctrine of the Druze and Alawite Bohra in Israel and Lebanon, the Yemen-based Zaidism, and the Syria-based Alawite Nusayrism of Bashar Al-Assad. As for the Sunnite religion (the more fanatical, extremist, rigid, and blood-thirsty of them all), it has been subdivided, within the Middle Ages, into the four main well-known doctrines: the Hanafi, Maliki, Shafei, and Hanbali doctrines. The last one, the doctrine of the theologian/scholar Ibn Hanbal, is the most fanatical, extremist one. When the Hanbali doctrine dominated in Iraq in the 10th century A.D., it led to the destruction of Iraq, as we have detailed in our book, published on our website, titled: ''The Hanbal Doctrine, Father of Today's Wahabism, and the Destruction of Iraq in the Second Abbasid Era'', and later on, the Sufi religion dominated for the next centuries, leading the influence of Ibn Hanbal doctrine followers to diminish, until the emergence of Wahabism recently.

5- Wahabism has emerged in the KSA, and it has revived and amplified the blood-thirsty, belligerent, extremist, and fanatical Sunnite Ibn Hanbal doctrine. Using oil revenues, the KSA managed to spread and propagate Wahabism as if it were 'real' Islam within all Islamic and Arab countries as well as Arab Muslim communities in the West countries.

6- Using Wahabism as a powerful tool, the Saudi family had established its very first monarchy/state (1745:1818 A.D.) and its second one (1819:1891 A.D.), and the third, current one has been established within endeavors that lasted for years (1901:1926 A.D.), until the current KSA was established officially in 1932 A.D., by Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud, who gave the monarchy and its citizens the name of his family.  The spread of Wahabism and its involvement in politics caused several dissentions, disputes, and divisions among its followers and adherents, leading eventually to the emergence of the Wahabi oppositional movements inside the KSA, as we have detailed in our book titled:  "The Wahabi Oppositional Movements in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the Twentieth Century", which is published on our website. The Saudis have established in Egypt, and elsewhere, organizations that preach, prop gate, and spread Wahabism (a.k.a. Salafism) as if it were the 'real form' of Islam, controlling mosques and infiltrating into societies and communities worldwide. Moreover, the Saudis have established political organizations, in Egypt and elsewhere, which seek to reach rule, power, and authority, such as the terrorist MB organization. With such political activities, many of these Wahabi political organizations broke away from the KSA, such as the terrorist MB organization which spread Wahabism and the political ambition of reviving the caliphate regime that seek to face the Jewish people and the West countries in general. The power-seeking Wahabi terrorist organizations multiplied worldwide, seeking to wage wars against the West countries, and such terrorist organizations include now ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and Al-Nusra Front. Hence, the Saudi Wahabism spread bloodbaths all over the world, and Wahabism-induced terrorism lead to the destruction of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen. There are other countries that might suffer the woes of civil wars in the near future because of Wahabism: Egypt, Sudan, Tunisia, Algeria, Nigeria, and Pakistan.

7- With Wahabism dominating all mosques, media, educational institutes, universities, and schools, and the public opinion within the countries of Muslims, the current generations of youths now staunchly believe that Wahabism is actually Islam. Sadly, people of the West countries have been convinced of such falsehood, and they have called Wahabis as 'Islamists', despite the fact that such Wahabis are the mortal enemies of real Islam: the Quran alone. When Quranism has emerged in Egypt, Quranists have endeavored online to explain and show the Quran-based real facts and tenets of Islam as a religion of peace, freedom, liberty, tolerance, mercy, and charity. Yet, Quranists have undergone a clampdown by the military rule men in Egypt under the Mubarak regime, which supported the KSA and propagated its Wahabism.        

8- Lastly, the civil wars waged and caused by Wahabism in the Middle East caused Syrian refugees to flux into Europe, among other refugees of other nationalities, and into Germany in particular.

Secondly: Syrian Refugees in Germany:

1- Germany has received more than one million refugees in 2015, mostly consisting of Muslims who fled the inferno of Syrian civil war. There are about 4 million Muslims (about 5% of the German population) who live in Germany. There are about 4 million and 900 thousands Syrian refugees who fled Syria, 2.7 million refugees who fled Afghanistan, and 1.1 million refugees who fled Somalia. The larger part of these refugees fled to European countries, resulting in many long-term effects within the EU and on more local levels in Germany and other countries of the EU.

2- Within Germany, heated debates occurred between the supporters and opponents of allowing Syrian refugees into Germany, and the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, has been criticized for her sympathy with the refugees. A recent opinion poll in Germany has showed that Germans believe that Germany is witnessing the rise of Islamist terrorism within the backdrop of the refugees flux into Germany. 40% of the opinion poll samples have showed that Muslims should be banned from entering Germany.

3- Within the margin of such heated debates, crimes have been committed; a huge arson occurred on Tuesday, 7th of June, 2016, in a hall of the exhibition city within Düsseldorf, as halls have been turned into a shelter for refugees. On Monday, 20th of June, 2016, the court rule within Gera sentenced a 29-year-old person to three years and three months of imprisonment, when found guilty of arson committed within a shelter of refugees in Altenburg, Thuringia.

4- Between 2015 and 2016, some Syrian, Iraqi, and Afghani refugees in Germany have committed various crimes, and such refugees constitute the larger communities of refugees in Germany.

Thirdly: Risks:

1- It is noteworthy that immigrants to Germany, and other EU countries, coming from Asian countries, like Viet Nam, have integrated and acculturated easily into their new country of residence. It is noteworthy as well that most of the Turkish immigrants who came to Germany after the World War II have preserved their isolation but never have been the cause of any troubles within the German society: the reason of this is that most of them are peaceful Sufis who never converted to terrorist Wahabism, despite their adamant refusal to acculturate and integrate into the German society in order to preserve their identity, culture, traditions, and teachings.         

2- Problems began with the Muslims immigrants to Germany after the dominance of Wahabism within the Arab and Muslim world; most recent immigrants and refugees have learned from Wahabism that the world is divided into two camps: ''Home of Peace'' (i.e., Muslim countries) and ''Home of War/Infidels'' (i.e., the West countries). among the Wahabi notions is the idea that military jihad is an obligatory duty against all West countries as much as a Wahabi could manage. Hence, such Wahabi immigrants and refugees are similar to a fifth column inside the ''infidels' camp'' who supposedly oppose and hate 'Islam', as per terrorist Wahabi teachings.         

3- Such serious problem has been exacerbated and aggravated by the emergence of the ISIS terrorists; not only as ISIS terrorist organization has led to the increase of the number of refugees seeking shelter in the West countries, but also as ISIS members manipulate online ideological war of ideas to convince and recruit Muslims residing in the West countries to join ISIS terrorists. Thus, such youths are driven into committing massacres and bloodbaths. The problem worsens as Wahabi centers and mosques in the West countries falsely raise the banner of Islam and claim falsely taking in its name; such centers and mosques prepare and train the youth to turn them into suicide bombers in service of ISIS and other terrorist organizations. It is logical that immigrants and refugees would suffer psychological crises, leading them to resort to mosques, where they will find those who will certainly manipulate such crises to turn them into criminals/victims who will kill themselves and others!      

4- When we talk about one individual who might become a terrorist, this threat poses a serious problem; let alone millions of individuals who might become terrorists when brainwashed by Wahabis, who make use of the dire, despicable conditions of refugees and immigrants who suffer from feelings animosity of some national fanatics. Such factors contribute into turning millions of Wahabi Sunnites in the EU into time bombs that will explode sooner or later if no handy, quick solution comes along to save the innocent and to defuse such time bombs.     

Fourthly: The Solution:

1- All immigrants and refugees from Muslim background must be rehabilitated to acculturate and integrate into the German society, to turn them into law-abiding German citizens who feel loyal to their new homeland and grateful to the German nation that have hosted and saved them.    

2- Such rehabilitation process can never be within the West culture; rather, it must stem from Islam itself: within ignored, disregarded, discarded Quranic facts and values, intentionally overlooked for 14 centuries but luckily preserved in the Quranic text – if we are to read the Arabic Quran to understand it in its unique terminology while avoiding the erroneous distortions and interpretations of the Sunnites, Shiites, and Sufis. Adherents of these three religions annulled the Quranic sharia under the pretext of making hadiths replacing Quranic teachings, to subjugate the Quran to their blood-thirsty man-made sharia laws. Such overlooked facts and tenets of Islam are the same as the West values, because of which Germany has hosted Syrian refugees and other refugees of other nationalities.      

3- Strict measures should be applied against the extremist terrorist Wahabis who control mosques in EU and turning them into terrorist centers, manipulating the freedom of speech, thought, religion, and religious proselytization to spread Wahabism all over the EU and to preach hatred of the EU societies that host, shelter, and feed them while providing them with care and safety. Wahabi clergymen and terrorists must be removed from their positions that influence Muslims, replacing them with moderate, enlightened Muslims in all mosques and religious 'Islamic' schools and institutes in the EU.     

4- The reform mentioned above should be coupled with amelioration of conditions of poor Muslims in the EU to care for them to earn their loyalty to the EU countries that host them.  

Fifthly: The Quranists Are the Solution:

1- The Quranists specialize in the following:

A) in reforming Muslims from within Islam by convincing them that Islam (i.e., the Quran alone) is the religion of peace, tolerance, justice, political freedom, religious freedom, human rights, and human dignity, and  

B) in the peaceful intellectual war of ideas against Wahabi terrorism, in order to save the Muslim youth from falling into the trap of terrorist imams and clergymen. 

2- When Quranists have performed their duty within such peaceful intellectual endeavor in Egypt, they have suffered waves of persecution and arrest, and when their leaders fled to the USA as political refugees, they have enjoyed safety and managed to go on with their call via their International Quranic Center (IQC), their website, with its Arabic and English sections, and the Ibn Rushd Media Company.     

3- Inside the USA, the Quranists have managed with their limited sources and finances (their website and some YouTube videos) in causing considerable positive changes in the mind and thinking of millions of Muslims worldwide, and the number of enlightened Muslims and their trends is increasing. If Quranists in the USA would find anyone to cooperate with them, they would manage to create an unprecedented and unparalleled reform that will certainly save thousands of victims and save billions of money.     


4- Since 2002, Quranists in the USA have addressed the American authorities to seek their cooperation in the intellectual, peaceful war against Wahabism and its terrorist organizations like ISIS; yet, the Saudi influence prevents such cooperation until the present moment, and that is why terrorism still poses a threat in the USA, with no radical solution. 

5- Does the Saudi influence exist in Germany as well?!  

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