The Historic Roots of Salafi Wahhabism Movements

آحمد صبحي منصور Ýí 2015-05-05

1-To understand Islam as a religion of peace, tolerance, unlimited freedom of belief and speech, justice and human rights and democracy, you must read the Quran according to its terminology, idioms, and codes. To understand the contradiction between Islam and Muslims, one can read their different traditions and interpretation of the Quran and their fabrication of sayings or [Hadith] which they attributed to the prophet Mohammed, despite being written few centuries after his death, to make their human tradition as sacred as the Quran.

This tradition is the real active religion of the three main Muslim cults: Sunni, the Shiites and the Sufi. The Salafi Sunni tradition is their religious constitution that controls their lives until now although it contradicts the Quran.


2-The real Islam was revealed to the last prophet: Mohammed, in Arabic. This was the final Divine Message from God that confirms all the Holy messages and prophets before Mohammed, and refines Mellat Ebraheem, or the religion of Abraham, after Quraysh, the mighty tribe of the prophet Mohammed had distorted it.


In Arabic and in the Quranic terminology, the Arabic word “Islam” means “Submission to the only one God, and to be peaceful in dealing with other people. Islam in this meaning was revealed to all the prophets before Mohammed, and then was revealed to the prophet Mohammed in the Quran as the final message from God. Quraysh, the mighty Arab tribe of the prophet Mohammed used to control Mecca and the Sacred Mosque and al Hajj or the pilgrimage and the religious rituals of the Arabs when Mohammed was sent to be the Messenger of God.


To keep its interests, Quraysh persecuted Mohammed and his helpless followers and forced them to escape twice to Ethiopia, and finally they immigrated to Al Madina where the prophet Mohammed established his civil democratic Islamic state. After about ten years Quraysh had to convert to Islam to keep its interests according to the new order created by the new Islamic state.

After the death of the prophet Mohammed, Quraysh used Islam to invade and to establish its mighty empire between the borders of India and China to the borders of France. Rulers from Quraysh ruled this empire; the four righteous rulers, or the nearest friends of the prophet Mohammed from 732 to 661, and the Arabic Military Omayya dynasty, from 661- 750, and the Abbasy dynasty from 750- 1258.


Establishing this mighty empire in the first wave shortly after Mohammed’s death started the first wave of invasions by Muslims. Restoring such empire is the dream of the Salafi trend, regardless of the contradiction between this invasion and the rules of Jihad in Islam. Jihad in the real Islam of the prophet Mohammed is just to defend your country, but by Quraysh it has become to invade other countries and to enslave the other people and plunder their wealth.


Inside the Abbasy Empire [750-1258] most of the non-Arabs converted to Islam, not the Islam of the prophet Mohammed, but they were influenced by their own tradition and culture before Islam and restored it under Islamic names. Muslims from that time have become three main cults: Sunnithat represent the Arabs and their hegemony and supremacy, Shiitesthat represents the Persian culture, and the Sufithat represents the peaceful masses of Middle East.


Most of Muslim tradition was written during the Abbasy Empire, and such tradition is currently the basis of Sunni, Shiites and Sufi cults. During the Abbasy period, the famous four Sunni schools were established: Al Ahnaf of Imam Abu Hanifah, Al Malekeyya of Imam Malek, Al Shafe’eyyah of Imam Al Shafe’ey, and Al Hanabela of Imam Ibn Hanbal. The Sunni cult – generally - is more radical than the Shiites cult, while the most peaceful cult –in comparison- is the Sufi one.


Among the fanatic Sunni four schools, the Hanabela is the most radical Sunni school. After the Abbassy period, the Hanbaly School produced its hardest line, Ibn Taymeya and his Salafi School in the Mamluke period.

After the Mamluke Empire, Ibn Taymeya School has produced its hardest line, the current Salafi Wahaby movement.


During the weakness of the Abbassy Emperors, the most fanatic Sunni school, named Hanabelah, revolted against the regime and the free Muslim thinkers and philosophers. The Abbasy Emperor Al Motawkkel [847-861] gave al Hanabelah the influence which they used to persecute the Christians and the Jews along with the Shiites and the Sufi Muslims. The Christians of Europe used to attack the weak Abbasy Empire from Minor Asia by the Roman Empire, and from Spain which was a battle field between Muslims and Christians. This weak position of Muslims was the reason of establishing the first Salafi movements in North Africa and Middle East to face and defeat the Christians and to restore the glory of the Arab Muslims as it used to be on the past.


So, the Morabeteen State was established in North Africa and in the Muslim parts in Spain between 1096- 1204. Morabeteen means Mujahedeen.

During its weakness, the Sunni scholar Mohammed Ibn Tomart and his followers established another state named Al Mowahhedeen in North Africa and Spain between 1130- 1269. Al Mowahhedeen means the monotheism.


The Sunni Hanbali Scholar Ibn Taymeya revolted in the 14th century in the Mamluke Empire against the Sufis of his time. Ibn Taymeya was inspired by Ibn Tomart and had the same dream of establishing the Arabic Sunni State that restored the old Arabic Muslim Sunni glory instead of the Mamluke Emperors who were ignorant ex-salves.  Ibn Taymeya was persecuted most of his life and died in the prison in 1327, leaving many books and messages that still enrich the hard line of the Salafi culture until now.


The Ottoman Empire inherited the Mamluke Empire in Muslim World, but it became weaker from the 18th century, giving the Christian powers the chance to control its policy. In Najd, the Hanbali Sunni scholar Ibn Abdel Wahab, advocated the teachings of Ibn Taymeya calling for the Salafi faith and enforce it by the sword. The prince Ibn Saud responded to him in 1745.

This is the beginning of the first Saudi State [1745- 1818].


This Saudi State applied the Jihad according to its Salafi rule, killing the civilians, even women and children inside and outside the Arab Peninsula, until the Ottoman ruler of Egypt destroyed it in 1818. The Christian European powers occupied many Muslim countries, and the Ottoman Empire was so weak that it was unable to help itself or other Muslim countries that belonged to it. This Situation helped the Saudi Family to reestablish its second state in the last decades of the 19th century. However, this second state was destroyed from within.

In 1932, Abdel Aziz [Ibn Saud] established the current Saudi State giving it his family name. His Wahhabi Salafi tough soldiers helped him in establishing this state. He taught them the Salafi Wahhabi teachings as the real Islam and how they must fight the others for enforcing them to accept it.


 After establishing his Saudi State, Abdel Aziz tried to stop his Salafi Wahhabi soldiers from attacking Iraq and Syria to appease the British Empire, and tried to improve his relationship with Egypt. This angered his Salafi Wahhabi soldiers and they revolted against him. He defeated them in 1929, but instead of reforming the Wahhabi Salafi Culture to match the modern time, Abdel Aziz and his sons after him [Saud- Faysal- Khaled and Fahd] used the oil wealth to enforce the Wahhabi Salafi faith as the real Islam.


After the first Gulf War, it was clear that the Saudi kingdom was unable to defend itself that it asked the help from the U.S. This – along with many other factors- created the Saudi Salafi Wahhabi opposition which produced Usama Ben Laden and His Al Qa’eda network, and its supporters around the world.


The Current Salafi Wahaby Saudi opposition that produced Usama Ben Laden and Al Qa’eda net work


This part has many detail, most of them are well known.


Briefly: The Saudi opposition has its famous sheikhs; Salman Al Oudah and Safar Al Hawaly, and other leaders in London, like Sa’ad Al Faqeeh and Al Mas’ary. It has also many intellectuals, followers, supporters and partisans inside and outside the Saudi State. During 1900’s, the Saudi oppositions made many demonstrations in the mosques, but the Saudi state used its power to suppress that rising or [intefada]. So the opposition started committing terrorist crimes, especially after the Saudi regime disavowed Usama Ben Laden.


Usama Ben laden helped the U.S in its war against the communist regime in Afghanistan. By the help of the Saudi agency [Rabetat Al A’alam Al Islamy] or “the league of Islamic World”, which is responsible for advocating and disseminating the Salafi Wahhabi teachings, Usama Ben Laden gathered and concentrated and mobilized Al Mujahedeen from all over the Muslim World on the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan, where they were trained and prepared to fight not only the communist regime in Afghanistan, but also the other regimes in their own countries and takeover them to establish the new Islamic State according to the old historic model of Al Salaf Al saleh, or” the Righteous ancestors”.


After destroying the communist Afghani regime and after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Usama has his own soldiers along with his new alliances; the Taleban in the new Afghanistan. Taleban were the Afghani orphans and poor class whom were sponsored by the Islamic centers or Madaris, means schools, which were built by the Saudi fund to teach the Salafi Wahhabi culture, so they are called Taleban from Arabic word: Taleb, means student.

Being ardent Salafi Wahhabi tough soldiers, they took over Afghanistan and helped Usama Ben Laden in his new war against the U.S and all its allies.

After the collapse of Taleban, Usama still had his army, the Arab Afghan, and his secret followers and supporters, and secret organizations inside and outside the U.S.


Moreover, this current movement of Salafi Wahhabi has a main goal: Establish the united Islamic State to war the west and U.S. To achieve this goal, this Salafi movement has to: Take over the regimes in the Muslim World and change them to be an Islamic States according to their Salafi model, and then unite all these states in one Islamic State and one Khalifa or Islamic Emperor.  It is supposed to begin with the regimes of Egypt, Syria, Jordon, Iraq and other states in the Arab Peninsula, and then it will include the entire Muslim World. Their plan also aimed at freeing the Muslim states which used to be under the control of the Soviet Union and Russia. To accomplish this aim, it must destroy the State of Israel and kill all the Jews inside Palestine according to their Salfi tradition.

To make this dream come true, they:

1-Already controlled most of the mosques and Islamic centers inside and outside the Muslim World. This includes the U.S and the West.

2- Already control the education, most of media and most of means of culture in the Arabic World.

3- Use all these means to make the Salafi Wahaby the only representative of the real Islam and the entire Muslim World. So, they usually talk about “Al Ommah”, means “the Nation”. It sounds that there is one Ommah or one nation in this world, the Muslim Nation, ignoring the other nations in this world. They also talk about the [Muslim] nation as they are representing it.

4- Are controlling the Sunni Muslim communities in the West and the U.S, using them against the West and the U.S.

5- Recruiting those who are against the West and the U.S, like the communists, even among the non-Muslims.

6- Using the Arabic historic religious drama to present the old Salafi generation as the super generation who made utopia on this earth.

7- Distracting the U.S and the West by this new kind of war where you could not predict where, when, or how the next terrorist attack will happen.

8- In this new kind of war, they are using internet in recruiting, funding and advocating their Salafi dogma.

In this new kind of war, they have many different faces and sides: They have trained soldiers and secret organizations to commit the terrorist crime under the name of jihad. They have their secret agents inside many regimes. They have many supporters; some of them are great famous writers and scholars to defend them and to justify their crime, some of them are collecting money and fund for them, while others are trying to recruit the people for them and brainwash the young men, preparing them for the terrorist crimes.

To face them, the West has to use the same tools by using new Islamic centers that uphold the real Islam against them.

The Contradiction between them and real Islam.

This is not to preach Islam, but to prove the fact that this Salafi Wahhabi movement is hijacking Islam and contradicting it. It is a long subject, but I give some aspects of this contradiction.

1- They say the pillars of Islam are five: to testify that No God but one God, and Mohammed is His messenger, the five daily prayers, giving alms, fasting Ramadan, and making pilgrimage if you can. They believe that any one does these five pillars he will go toparadise regardless of any crimes he commits.

This is against Islam, because all these kinds of rituals are not aims in themselves, but they are just means to purify one’s self, or to have Al Taqwa, meaning to fear God by: maintaining the good deeds, and to uphold the real Islamic values of Justice, peace, freedom of speech and belief and tolerance, and abandoning the bad deeds..

2- In their Jihad, because of the first wave of wars that established the Muslim Arabic Empire, they attributed to the prophet Mohammed- falsely- that he said; “I am commanded to fight all the people until they testify that there is no god bur one God and I am His Messenger.” And they claimed also that he said: “My livelihood is maid under the shade of my spear.”


 The Early Arab Muslim under the leadership of Quraysh started those continuous wars against all the known powers in the seventh and the eighth centuries to establish its new empire.

The Salafi Wahaby soldiers used to memorize the history of that Jihad to do the same or more. The Saudi state in its wars during the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries used to kill the civilians including women and children. Actually, as a matter of fact, they used to attack the helpless farmers in Iraq, Syria and Jordon to kill them and plunder their little wealth. It is very easy to prove this by their own books as they consider it a religious Jihad, and they were proud of killing the non Wahaby salafi from the Sunni and Sufi and the Shiites Muslims. This is their jihad as it is confirmed by Ibn Abdel Wahab in his books.

In Islam, Muslim has to fight just to defend himself and his people when they are attacked. Muslim state is forbidden from attacking the other or to start war. Briefly God said in the Quran: “And fight in the cause of God those who are fighting you, and do not transgress the limits. Truly, God loves not the transgressors: [2: 190] “whoever transgresses against you, you transgress likewise against him”.[2:194]

3- In their jurisprudence, they make the holy Quran just one resource among their other human resources, and twist the Quranic meanings to match their demands. Moreover, they consider their jurisprudence a holy one, and for it they refused the democracy claming that democracy is against the rule of God!

In Islam, the Quran is the only resource of Islamic jurisprudence which is so simple and flexible that it could be applied any time. In this holy Jurisprudence, it is forbidden to accuse any peaceful man to be infidel or idol worshipper, and the only reason to kill a human being is when he kills someone, or when he is a soldier among army attacking your peaceful country. It is also prohibited to commit suicide through aggression and injustice.[4: 29-30]

In their jurisprudence, there are many reasons to kill a Muslim, male or female: if he/she commits adultery while being married or was married before, when abandoning the five daily prayers, when leaving Islam, when disputing on any Salafi religious issue. Finally, it is also the right of the Imam, or the Salafi ruler to kill the third of his people to reform the other two thirds.

According to them, it is easy to kill any one if they accuse him to be [kafer] or [Moshrik], meaning infidel or idol worshipper. They accuse all Christians and the Jews to be infidels, and accusing the non-Wahhabis, non-salafi to be Idol worshipper, and thus should be killed.


4- The Salafi Wahhabism has its special codes and terminology. For Example:

Sunna in the Quran and Arabic language means the law of God and His way in dealing with people. For them, Sunna means [the Hadeeth] or the sayings attributed to the prophet Mohammed.

In the Quran, the only saying that Muslim should believe in, is the saying of God in the Quran. To them, they believe in all the saying they ascribed to the prophet Mohammed.

In dealing with each other, Muslim in the Quran is any peaceful one regardless of his faith, and Mushrik [idol worshipper] or Kafer [infidel] is anyone who attacks the peaceful people and commits crime threatening the human life, or persecutes the others in the field of religion. For the Salafi Wahhabis, they are only the real Muslims while others are not.

The word Salaf -as a noun means ancestor - is mentioned in the Quran only one time in the Quranic stories about the pharaoh of Moses. God made that pharaoh and his elders as a [Salaf] for all the misguided people after them [ 43: 56] also [28: 41-42] It is not a good meaning in the Quranic context.

So they add the word [Saleh] means the Righteous, so they say [Al Salaf al Saleh] means the righteous ancestor. It is also against Islam, because it is forbidden to praise yourself or others by righteousness, because it is up to God alone to bestow.[53: 32][4: 49-50].

They describe themselves as [Ahl Al Sunna WA Al Jama’ah], means they are the majority of Muslims. According to the Quran and the only God who knows the innermost of people, in the realm of religion, only few of peoples who are really guided while the majority of the mankind are misguided.

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