The Rebuilder’s Tale

Raad Abdul-Aziz في السبت 18 نوفمبر 2006

how they were reacting — what if I had misjudged them? — but after a moment, they burst out laughing. Tensions disappeared. One of them tapped me lightly on the head, saying, “You make jokes for us!”
I passed that test, but each day brought new threats to our lives. The first night, a rival militant group attacked us with grenades and machine guns. Another day the emir of our group said that if their ransom demands were not met in 48 hours, they planned to execute us — “probably by beheading.” During those 48 hours, I just kept thinking about my 4-year-old son. But the deadline came and went — and the emir had a new idea: the Italian hostages and I would lead an attack against American troops. The assault would be broadcast on Arabic TV. I had to translate between the Italian pacifists and the radicals, who seemed ready to kill us if we declined. This surreal discussion went on for days. And then suddenly, after three weeks, we were released.
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We were driven to the back of a Baghdad mosque and ordered out of the car in front of an Al-Jazeera cameraman, there to capture the moment. Later I heard I owed my life to a secret deal with the Italian Red Cross. The Italians flew back to Rome, where everyone celebrated and called them heroes.
My welcome home was different. I learned that many Iraqis and Arabs around the world hoped I would be beheaded — even some people I knew. After many threats against me and a near hit with a bullet, I could not put my family at further risk, and we fled Iraq in secret. We left everything behind. Now I am trying to start over in Europe. This is very painful.
But I keep remembering a strange feeling that came over me during those critical moments. Something told me that I would not die, that I had an unfinished task. Now I wonder if there is a way to make my voice louder than the voice of those who order us to fight all unbelievers. This cannot be God’s way.
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