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Quranists Conference calls for Cessation of Mecca’s Subjection to Saudi Rule
in 09-12-05


                         Quranists Conference calls for Cessation of Mecca’s Subjection to Saudi Rule
Ahlul Quran’s Editor
Dec. 02 2009
Copied from Elyoum Essaabe’
Called to convene a conference in Washington to end the control of the Kingdom over the Sacred Places.
Quranists Conference calls for cessation of Mecca’s Subjection to Saudi Rule.
Wednesday Dec.2 2009
Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mensour, Leader of the Quranists group, called to convene a conference in the American Capital Washington, to discuss what he referred to as “The illegal Saudi occupation of the Sacred Places and the Hajj, from Islamic, historical and legal perspectives, to be attended by all free thinking Muslims. Those moderate non-Wahhabi Sunnites, Shiites, Sufis and Quranists, along with political leaders, thinkers and media figures. During such conference, committees to be formed, plans to be adopted to convene further conferences with its ultimate goal to put an end to the Saudi control of the Sacred Places.
Mensour expressed his dismay for the lack of action on the part of Shiites and Sufis in Iraq and Syria against this hegemony, knowing that it was the Saudis who murdered their forefathers and they are still murdering them and desecrating their sacred places, pointing out that the dominance of the holy places by the Saudi family contradicts Islam and necessitates Jihad.
 Mensour added that lack of courage in discussing this subject, led to the acquiescence in accepting the status que, which with the passage of time and turned into a religious conviction in the Saudi right to exercise control and dominance over the sacred places, giving the Saudis and their Wahhabi sect the chance to lead and represent Islam.
Dr. Subhy Ahmed Mensour pointed out that the members of the Saudi Royal family are nothing compared to world Muslim population which numbers more than a billion and a half, and those who adhere to the strict Wahhabi Hanbali sect are not much compared to followers of other sects, and that there is no evidence from Almighty God justifies the Saudi hegemony over the Hajj obligation and the sacred places, rather they were able to do that through invasion, aggression and committing massacres of civilians, which blast their claim to rightful custody, and confirms the necessity for armed Jihad against them for the sake of Allah alone.
He added that the intention of this call is not to ignite a war to transfer control to another state, rather to educate and to form pressure groups and international political movements, to force the Saudi regime to give up control of the sacred places, to be put under the auspices a neutral international administration that guarantees Hajj and visitation to all peaceful people, and guarantees the comfort, freedom of worship, facilitation of travel and stay for any ho wants to go there.
Furthermore, he added, the Saudis were successful in imposing this status quo since they conquered the Sacred Mosque and Al-Hejaz back in 1924, as they succeeded in diverting the Muslims from discussing the issue Islamically , Sharee’a based jurisdiction and lawfully. They managed to keep the Muslims busy with local and regional wars, they even tried to impose Wahhabism on Muslims at large to lead them and create the camp of world believers versus the camp of disbelief and war in the West.
He added that this nonsense could easily be eradicated through education and enlightenment, and the clarification that the saying of Almighty God “The Bedouins are more prone to disbelief and hypocrisy”, befits the ruling family in Saudi Arabia. For they are the worst enemies of Islam, not only because of their corruption, tyranny, oppression, injustice  and their history filled with massacres ,but primarily because they commit all that tyranny, oppression, aggression, murder and mayhem ,plunder and savagery in the name of Islam, and because of them ,Islam stands accused of terrorism, extremism, fanaticism, backwardness, strictness and bloodshed.
Mensour finished his call by saying: “We hope for this current century to witness the disappearance of this state, to save the world of its evils, which resulted in the death of more than 4 million Muslims, through wars, conflicts, strife, bloodshed, that spread from the Arabian Peninsula to India, Pakistan, Kashmir, Afghanistan then to Indonesia eastward. And to Syria, Iraq. Egypt, North Africa, Maghreb westward, then North Europe and America, with the beginning of this century, all under the banner of Islamic Jihad                          
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