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The Holy Quran and the Destruction of the Al-Saud Family:

The Immorality and Promiscuity of the Saudi Royal Family Members


Published in October 31, 2017

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy



1- God says in the Quran: "When We decide to destroy a town, We command its affluent ones, they transgress in it, so the word becomes justified against it, and We destroy it completely." (17:16). This means that the affluent, corrupt ones who monopolize power, authority, and wealth are commanded by God to uphold justice, but they adamantly refuse and exceed all limits of sins, injustices, immorality, promiscuity, and corruption. This state of disobedience and defiance brings about their destruction. This divine rule is applied many times in the modern era; e.g., the Lebanese civil war lasted for 15 years (1975 - 1990).

2- Of course, it is part of our methodology as a thinker not to generalize; therefore, we do not generalize here about each and every members of the Saudi royal family. Generalization is very wrong and it never matches with the Quranic methodology; for instance, the Moses' Pharaoh family included one believing man and the Pharaoh's wife was a believing woman. As far as Quranism is concerned, we are NOT going to mention any sexual scandals or rumors about women of the Al-Saud family members; this is a grave sin/crime as per the Quran: "Those who accuse chaste women, then cannot bring four witnesses, whip them eighty lashes, and do not ever accept their testimony. For these are the immoral." (24:4). This is why this article you are reading is confined to immorality and promiscuity of men of Al-Saud family members, NOT to scandalize them, but to preach and warn readers and to make them draw useful lessons.  

3- The Saudi royal family male members will be destroyed and smitten by God because of their grave injustices, ill-gotten money, immorality, and promiscuity. In fact, their immorality and promiscuous lifestyle is practiced inside and outside the Saudi kingdom [from the West (e.g., inside the USA) to the East (e.g., inside Thailand)], and pieces of news of such promiscuity fill websites (with photos and videos), and we quote some examples of such pieces of news, and NOT all of them, because they are so many and fill tomes and volumes. 


Firstly: homosexuality and murder:

 The fact that homosexual debaucheries spread inside the Saudi kingdom, and among some men of the Saudi royal family, is known worldwide; the websites are filled with such very disgusting scandals. We quote here one scandal of homosexuality and murder concerning a prince named Saud Ibn Abdul-Aziz Ibn Nasser Ibn Al-Saud who murdered his male servant lover, Bandar Ibn Abdul-Aziz, in a hotel room in London. the Saudi royal family tried in vain to impose media blackout on this scandal; media in the West covered this scandal at the time in 2010. Prince Saud confessed to judges in Old Baily Court that he caused the death of his servant, Bandar Ibn Abdul-Aziz, but he insisted on pleading (not guilty) regarding premeditated murder or sadistically torturing the victim to death. When the corpse of the victim was discovered in the hotel room, the prince Saud  claimed that the victim was assaulted by thieves three weeks ago before his the day his corpse was found. The British attorney general, Jonathan Laidlaw asserted that prince Saud confessed to the crime of murdering his servant and that the jury members must decide of prince Saud is guilty of manslaughter or premeditated murder. Laidlaw asserted that the victim's corpse show signs that he was beaten severely and underwent suffocation inside the hotel room he shared with prince Saud. This shows clearly that he was murdered while having sex with a man. A report mentions that prince Saud might have murdered his male lover out of jealousy because he found out that he had another male lover: an Algerian man of Yemeni origin. Videos of webcams of the hotel show that the victim, Bandar Ibn Abdul-Aziz was beaten severely by prince Saud days before his death. Thus, there is clear evidence that prince Saud was either a sadist homosexual or he has these tendencies to violence and homosexuality. Thus, prince Saud (who was 34 years old at the time) was accused of torturing and murdering his 32-year-old servant Bandar Ibn Abdul-Aziz whose corpse was found in Feb. 2010 in a room in the Landmark hotel, inMarylebone, London. The Old Bailey Court was notified that prince Saud physically attacked the victims several times before the victim died, and there was evidence that the prince committed the murder and the savage torture process before it. the Saudi royal family bribed the jury members to impose media blackout to prevent its being scandalized worldwide; mediators among some British leaders and Israeli generals interfered to prevent leaking any details to the media and the public opinion. This pressure led the jury members to demand a written waiver from the family of the victim to settle the case within legal means. Bribes paid by the Saudi royal family reached the total sum of 50 million US$. Mysteriously, the court declared prince Saud as (innocent)! The British authorities assert that they have videos and documented evidence of many scandals of homosexual Saudi princes and that such material may be made known later on when the time comes.                       


Secondly: gambling and king Fahd:

1- It is known that king Fahd lost 60 million SR on tables of gambling in London casinos. The Sunday Times mentions that the memoirs of Janan Harb, the widow of king Fahd (a woman from a Christian background) stated that she will publish a book entitled "The Saudi King and I" in which her relationship with King Fahd will be detailed. Janan Harb moved out of the Saudi kingdom; she mentions in an interview that king Fahd was addicted to gambling and to a sedative called Methadone. Her biography will be turned into a movie, as per the BBC News. This movie will be produced in a time when oil prices in the Saudi kingdom have plummeted so much and when the Saudi family members try hard to conceal and stifle rumors about conflicts about the Saudi throne. The movie is said to include a scene of king Fahd giving himself Methadone through a syringe and another scene of his addiction to gambling in Mayfair, London.            

2- Pieces of news of Al-Saud and gambling are countless, but this is the funniest piece of news of this category: at one time, the Saudi prince Majid Ibn Abdullah Ibn Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud lost 359 million US$ and five of his nine female companions (to settle the rest of his debts!) in only six hours within a poker game. This prince is known for his addiction to drugs, gambling, and deviant behavior, as per Arutz Sheva Israeli media network.   


Thirdly: drugs:

  The Saudi prince Abdul-Mohsen Ibn Waleed Ibn Abdul-Mohsen Ibn Saud was arrested in Oct. 2015 in Lebanon (with two of his men) as he was the biggest drug dealer and smuggler in the Middle East. This Saudi prince was arrested in Rafiq Al-Hariri International Airport in Beirut, on his way to the Saudi kingdom, as his luggage, within his private plane, contained a few kilograms of cocaine and two tons ofCaptagon. Interrogation of the Saudi prince and his men was delayed for one day because they were inebriated and intoxicated. This has been the biggest drug smuggling case in the history of Lebanon and the Saudi kingdom. In fact, the KSA suffers in the last two decades increased rates of addiction of various types of drugs. The cost of the drugs found with this Saudi prince reached 110 million US$. Captagon filled the Levant region years before this case that unveiled details of such drugs smuggling within Syria and how Captagon reached armed terrorist militias there, especially ISIS terrorists. Smuggling drugs into the Saudi kingdom is a crime penalized by the capital punishment (by beheading) regardless of the amount confiscated by the police. Three years before the incident of this Saudi prince, an Egyptian man named Ahmad Al-Guizawi was arrested when accused of smuggling Tramadol pills; this accusation is said to be false by Egyptian media because Al-Guizawi dared to criticize Al-Saud family in his blog and social media accounts, before he traveled to Mecca for pilgrimage, and his arrest caused much trouble between Egypt and the KSA; demonstrations before the Saudi embassy in Cairo led the Saudi ambassador to leave Egypt for a while. This means that the Saudi authorities condoned the Saudi prince who smuggled tons of drugs while it have framed an Egyptian innocent man who dared to criticize Al-Saud family online! Drugs smuggled into the Saudi kingdom since 2014 include cocaine, heroin, cannabis, and different pills and sedatives, worth more than two million SR, involving 1400 incarcerated defendants, mostly foreigners, and the drugs amounts confiscated by Saudi police are too much in relation to the number of Saudi population. The Saudi prince expected that his private plane will not be searched because of his diplomatic passport as a member of the Saudi royal family this prince quarreled with men at the airport in Lebanon for insisting to search his plane and luggage. This incident sheds more light on the series of crimes committed by the al-Saud royal family members worldwide: smuggling drugs, murder, violence, rape, kidnaping, and torture. The same Saudi prince was involved in the crime of forcing three American women serving him in his palace in Beverly Hills, LA, to take drugs and he has beaten and raped them! Foreign Policy mentions that many of the Saudi princes are involved in smuggling of drugs inside and outside the Saudi kingdom. In 1999, the Saudi prince Nayef Ibn Sultan was accused of smuggling cocaine from Venezuela to France, using his private plane and his diplomatic passport, but he lives now inside the Saudi kingdom within impunity after he fled secretly from France before being sentenced to ten years in absentia. An international memo of his arrest exists since 2007. The American authorities have accused the same prince before in the 1980s of distributing cocaine inside the USA. WikiLeaks in 2010 mentions a telegram about secret parties of consumption of drugs (hash and cocaine) and wine inside Jeddah and how the Saudi authorities overlook such parties and masquerades financed by some Saudi princes and hosted about 150 men and women. The Foreign Policy mentions that Wahabi sharia laws and penalties are never applied inside the Saudi kingdom to about 15 thousand persons of the Al-Saud family members; yet, foreign drug smugglers and dealers are beheaded in Saudi prisons! There are lines of evidence linking crimes of Saudi princes worldwide (rape, violence, and murder) to smuggling of drugs.               

  Summary of a WikiLeaks report about an American diplomatic memo:

1- Behind the veneer of Wahabi conservatism in streets of Jeddah, underground nightlife is thriving for many youths in parties held secretly behind closed doors in which sex, drugs, alcoholic beverages are available. Even orgies (or group sex) is available because religious police is never present in parties (especially ones celebrating Halloween) held under the auspices of Saudi princes and their retinue members.

2- The VIP and elite members of Saudi high classes hold parties underground in secret. One of these recent secret parties held by a Saudi prince in Jeddah to celebrate Halloween included about 150 men and women in their late twenties and in their thirties. Every man and woman was searched thoroughly by security men before entering, and the scene inside was like any ordinary nightclub outside the Saudi kingdom: lots of wine and drugs, DJ, and lovers dancing in suits and soiree clothes, and this party has been sponsored by an American company of energy drinks and by a Saudi prince who was attended the party of course.   

3- The religious police are not to be seen at such parties or orgies, and security men have lists of names of guests who were never ashamed to talk about their lusts and carnal appetites. As per words of a young Saudi man who is the son of a known businessman in Jeddah, Saudis hold such parties in palaces of Saudi princes and in their presence so as not to allow religious policemen to interfere. There are different ranks and titles among the ten thousand Saudi princes, including six generations, and each of them has a spacious palace, fancy car, huge salaries during his lifetime, retinue members, servants, and guards. Most Saudi princes grew up with guards and attendants nearly their age (and therefore called as brothers) brought from Nigeria and other African countries, and they are very loyal to the Saudi princes they serve.  

4- Regardless of Saudi laws and habits against wine-drinking, prostitution, and drugs, there is a huge black-markets inside the kingdom that provide prostitutes, all types of wines, and all drugs, which were available in the Halloween party in Jeddah. The wine in the party was bought at prices between 100 to 1500 SR as per the type of imported wine (arak, whisky, vodka, champagne, etc.), and prostitutes fill the place along with amounts of cocaine and hash.

5- This shows that well-off and affluent Saudi youths enjoy relative social freedom indoors and in secret and engage into orgies behind closed doors in parties so frequently held in Jeddah and other main cities. As per the words of a Saudi youth, smaller group-sex encounters are being organized in lofty mansions of the affluent men, and such mansions include underground private bars and small nightclubs, and engaging in such activities in secret is a reaction to the ultraconservative trend in public inside the Saudi kingdom.  


LASTLY: a former foreign guard who served Saudi princes exposes their secret life: drugs, homosexuality, corruption, and crimes:

  Within his book titled "Saudi Bodyguard", a British man named Mark Young exposes all scandals of the Saudi princes and some of their sons and daughters, especially the late king Fahd Ibn Abdul-Aziz, prince Talal Ibn Abdul-Aziz, and prince Fawwaz Ibn Abdul-Aziz. Indeed, Young has spent ten years working as a bodyguard to several princes and he wanted to ease his conscience by narrating the crimes he saw. The book is about working life of a bodyguard for the Saudi's and the unusual experiences he faced. Experiences of a bodyguard that worked with the upper echelons of the Saudi royal family members and others. Young exposes in hits books the British and the Americans who provide protection to the Al-Saud family in return for confiscating the wealth of the Saudi citizens admired by Young when he contacted them for ten years. The author of this book asserts how the Saudi princes are corrupt ones who steal, gamble, and rape because they are sex-addicts, homosexuals, and addicted to drugs, and he asserts how the royal Saudi family manipulate the religion they claim to apply and with the money they claim they spend for the welfare of Saudi citizens. He writes about the prince Ahmad Ibn Abdul-Aziz, calling him a criminal, drunkard, addicted to drugs, and a gambler. The author asserts that the prince Feisal Ibn Fahd was a homosexual who committed crimes of murder and he was addicted to drugs though he is the head of the police forces that hunt drug-dealers, and he died from an overdose. He writes about the prince Fawwaz Ibn Abdul-Aziz that he was a corrupt drunkard who was addicted to gambling and lost huge sums of money, while he was the governor of Mecca. He writes that the prince Ezz-Eddine Ibn Saud was a homosexual who died of AIDS at a young age. We read in the book that the prince Hammoud Ibn Abdul-Aziz asked Young to have sex with him, but when Young refused, the prince was furious. The author writes further that the princes M. Ibn Fahd and Saud Ibn Nayef lost huge sums of money on the tables of gambling. The author provides many photos in his book of himself with members of the royal family he served as well as documents proving he worked inside the Saudi kingdom as a bodyguard. Young in his book addresses the Saudi nation by telling them to revolt and demand their rights instead of submission to the corrupt Al-Saud family members who made the Saudi citizens import and beg everything they eat, drive, use, and wear from the civilized world. Young asserts that Islam is a great religion but never applied inside the Saudi kingdom and that Prophet Muhammad is insulted by the Saudi royal family members who never cared about caricatures in the West insulting Prophet Muhammad. Young asserts that the Saudi princes steal lands and oil revenues, which are billions of US$ that should have been spent on the Saudi citizens and they insult sharia laws and they incarcerate, insult, persecute, and torture those who defend rights of Saudis! These are very true and painful words!

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