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The Holy Quran and the Destruction of the Al-Saud Family:

The Destruction of Al-Saud Royal Family Because of Their Repelling Others Away from God's Path (1)

Published in November 2, 2017

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy



 God says in the Quran: "Those who disbelieve spend their wealth to repel from God's Path. They will spend it, then it will become a source of sorrow for them, and then they will be defeated. Those who disbelieve will be herded into Hell." (6:36). We assert the following ideas about this verse in the points below.

1- The verse 6:36 is about Qorayish tribe and how it spent money to mislead people away from the Path of the Lord God; Qorayish was eventually defeated. The fact that 6:36 is in the present tense in the Quranic text indicates clearly that this verse is applied in all eras (till the end of days) to all those who repel people away from God's Path; i.e., the Quran. Hence, 6:36 applies to the Al-Saud family members in our modern era, because the Saudi kingdom spends billions of US$ to spread Wahabism worldwide to repel people from the Quran (i.e., the true Islam). Qorayish spent lots of money inside Arabia to maintain polytheism and to fight monotheism, whereas Al-Saud family members spend billions of US$ all over the world to distort the great religion of Islam by making people assume that Wahabism is God's religion instead of Islam. 

2- The verse 6:36 shows clearly that Qorayish tribesmen were defeated and their spending for the sake of polytheism was a source of sorrow for them. This will apply certainly to the Saudi royal family; this means that they will be defeated and destroyed by God, and they will feel the bitter taste of sorrow and defeat. 

3- The verse 6:36 shows clearly that those disbelievers will enter into Hell for eternity; this applies to Wahabi polytheists who die while sticking to their disbelief. As for those who sincerely repent, they will die as repentant ones who will be spared and enter into Paradise. We sincerely hope that a wise man among the Saudi royal family members would emerge and save them from humiliation and destruction in this life and Hell in the Hereafter by introducing radical reform in the Saudi kingdom.  

4- The Saudi royal family members are the ones who finance the process of propagating Wahabism worldwide that spread corruption, terrorism, and bloodbaths in most countries in the planet. Thus, they are the ones responsible for tarnishing the image of Islam as its name is now linked to terrorism and bloodshed. This is the worst type of repelling people away from God's Path: the Quran. In fact, jihad fighting for God's sake means self-defense to stop religious persecution, and this jihad has clear, specific, and strict rules in the Quranic text, and we have explained this in many of our previous Quranist writings. Yet, the whole world links the term ''jihad'' to Wahabi terrorism. The true Quranic sharia laws of Islam is based on peace, justice, freedom, charity, tolerance and human dignity, but because of Wahabism, the West countries wrongly assume that Wahabi sharia laws of terrorism, massacres, sabotage, extremism, fanaticism, and religious persecution were part of Islam. The Quran is a mercy sent to Muhammad for the sake of the humankind: "We did not send you except as mercy to humankind." (21:107). Wahabis have caused the Quran to be wrongly accused by the West to be the source inciting terrorism, massacres, and indiscriminate killings.      

5- Hence, If the Saudi royal family members would not repent, declare their rejection of Wahabism, and introduce immediate reform inside the Saudi kingdom, they will taste the bitterness and sorrow of being defeated after spending billions of US$ to spread Wahabism in the guise of 'Islam'. Because of the fact that the Saudi kingdom is a fragile, weak country, it will face imminent collapse in the worst way that reminds us of this verse about ancient nations destroyed by God: "Those before them also schemed, but God took their structures from the foundations, and the roof caved in on them. The torment came at them from where they did not perceive." (16:26).

6- The givens of the political collapse of the Saudi kingdom are unchangeable and will be tackled in coming articles as a kind of warning. In fact, this will be the defeat of the Wahabi Saudis because they repel people away from God's Path, as we infer from the verse 6:36. God's destruction of the Saudi kingdom has not come yet; we preach and warn here in hope of sparing the souls of the weak, oppressed ones in Arabia.

7- Yet, the fact that Saudi royal family members have spent money and tasted bitterness and sorrow (as per the verse 6:36) has come to pass partially; we refer here to the fact that the Saudi royal family members have spent millions of US$ on the terrorist MB group and the MB members turned against them and caused sorrow and losses to them. After they have spent money on Al-Qaradawy, he has been a source of sorrow to them; after they have spent money on Afghani jihadists, Al-Qaida terrorist organization has been established, among other Wahabi organizations that caused sorrow, losses, danger, troubles, and dismay to the Saudi kingdom. This is because when Saudi Arabia has spent billions of US$ to spread Wahabism, the Wahabi terrorist organizations emerged as a reaction to resent the fact that the Saudi royal family members monopolize wealth, power, and authority while submissively serving the USA. This means that danger, sorrow, and bitterness follow the Saudi family members because they have spent money to repel people away from God's Way: the Quran. Thus, the Saudi kingdom has created so many enemies for itself; maybe one of such arch-enemies would cause the collapse and downfall of the Saudi royal family members by destroying and murdering them worldwide! This is why we preach and warn here so that the Saudi royal family members may repent soon enough before it is too late for them. 

8- The Saudi role in financing Wahabi terrorism worldwide is exposed in hundreds of reports published online. We quote below some words of such reports as a reminder for readers.


Firstly: quotations from reports of WikiLeaks taken from Hillary Clinton when she was the Foreign Minister in 2009:

1- Within the first conference of the Organization of
Islamic Cooperation, the Saudi king called for a reconsideration of affairs of all Muslims worldwide, especially in countries where Muslim minorities live, as the Saudi kingdom must play a historic role in preserving the Islamic identity and serving Muslims and Islamic issues. Since the 1970s, the Saudi kingdom has taken the earliest steps to establish mosques and Saudi universities in poor villages where minorities of Muslims live, under the pretext that the West culture poses a threat to them by seeking to control them to convince them to convert to Christianity.  

2- For decades, the Saudi kingdom has diligently financed educational, cultural, and religious projects addressed to Muslim minorities in different countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe; this has not been only through charity money and private companies; rather, this has been systematically and methodically done by the members of the Saudi royal family in order to spread and propagate the Wahabi ideology. Hence, the Saudi cultural and financial sponsoring has begun in the 1980s as the Saudi government spent millions of US$ to establish mosques and religious schools and centers for children and for the youth, among other services. This turned Salafist ideology from something marginal in poor African villages, for instance, to a strong trend spreading all over Islamic societies everywhere, and this seems apparently harmless in villages of the underprivileged and impoverished people.        

3- The Saudi financial sponsorship of such 'Islamic' centers, schools, and universities has reached about 100 billion US$ in three decades, but there is no ascertained amounts of money, but the real amount may be the double of what is mentioned here, especially after oil prices increased in the 2000s.  

4- This is not a religious issue; it is rather a political one. The soviets have spent 7 billion US$ to spread the communist ideology within 70 years (1921 - 1991), and the Saudis used different methods and more money to spread Wahabism among Muslims in Asia, Africa, and the West, so as not to make Wahabism confined to the Saudi kingdom. Thus, Saudi Wahabism is now spread from Kosovo to Jakarta and from the UK to the USA. These Saudi endeavors have included a huge campaign to train imams, sermonizers, and preachers and to teach them the Arabic tongue and the Wahabi ideology while providing them with printed books. This is the biggest campaign of religious education for free sponsored by Al-Saud royal family members.    

5- The situation is worse in Africa in particular; in poor villages of Muslims, one either get free education in Wahabi schools or no education at all; sadly, this applies to poor villages in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and India. Many African countries lack basic human services and facilities, and this poses a threat to providing education, as Christian missions of proselytization and evangelism spread in Africa and try to make as many converts as possible among those who hardly have any knowledge about Islam because of lack of mosques, imams, and religious books, and the Saudi kingdom has filled this gap with its Wahabi centers, schools, books, and preachers.    

6- The Saudi Wahabism managed to drive out and combat Sufism, the religion that used to spread in Africa. The Saudis controlled hundreds of charity organizations that provide humanitarian aid in Africa; thus, Muslim minorities there are aided, educated, trained, and taught the Wahabi religion in countries like Ethiopia, Somalia, Tanzania, Zanzibar, and Nigeria. These Saudi endeavors and sponsorships have been helped by other governments of the Gulf monarchies to spread the Wahabi ideology in Africa, due to internal and external factors, and to make as many African people as possible convert to Wahabism and to reject Sufism, and this has created some tensions in some African countries as Arabian Saudi culture spread in the majority of poor classes in many African cities and villages. On the roofs of houses of poor villages, one can see satellite dishes installed for free to allow African Wahabis to watch Arab channels. Many African youths were allowed to enroll for free in universities in the Gulf monarchies and to find job opportunities there, especially inside the Saudi kingdom. This is why the West countries now accuse the Saudi kingdom of intentionally spreading Wahabism within the poor classes in African to support extremism and terrorism exemplified by the terrorist organizations Boko Haram in Nigeria and Al-Shabaab movement in Somalia.            

7- In Europe, mosques and the so-called 'Islamic' centers are the cultural and social haven for Muslim Europeans, and European governments never imposed any restrictions regarding establishment of such Wahabi centers and mosques, as this has provided the ideal legal opportunity to watch the Muslim communities easily. Like the case in Africa and Asia, the Saudi kingdom topped the list of financing European mosques and Wahabi centers, as the Turkish and Qatari financing come after it. Thus, the Saudi kingdom managed to drive away Sufi groups in Europe, as observed in France, Germany, and the UK.

8- The Wahabi thought and ideology is the keyword for the debates of the West countries about terrorism. The fingers of accusations are pointed at Wahabis without falling into the trap of generalization. This is why the media of the West criticize and question the Wahabi religion which is adopted by all extremist and terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda, as all terrorists insist formally and officially that they derive their ideas partially from the writings of M. Abdul-Wahab, the founder of Wahabism.     

    We continue in the next article.

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