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Was published in Arabic in September 8, 2015

Translated by Ahmed Fathy


 He said to me: Some Syrian refugees in Europe have converted to Christianity and forsaken Islam. This is a new phenomenon and a first occurrence of mass conversion. What is your opinion about this?

I said: This is not a first-time occurrence.

He said: Do you mean forsaking Islam in times of war?

I said: No, we are talking about a mass-conversion without wars.

He said: When did the first time happen, then?

I said: This happened in the last years of the caliphate of Ali Ibn Abou Talib.

He said: Could you tell me more, please?

I said: This is among historical facts unspoken of by historians during the Arab conquests that invaded neighboring countries. These conquests resulted in civil wars that began with the assassination of the caliph Othman Ibn Affan, then the battles of the Camel, Suffein, and Al-Nahrawan. The following caliph, Ali Ibn Abou Talib, failed in proper ruling, resulting in so many people forsaking Islam. This occurred in the aftermath of the battle of Al-Nahrawan when Ali Ibn Abou Talib faced the renegades who used to be among his followers. They are called Al-Khawarij. Al-Masoudi, the known historian, wrote in his book titled "Moroj Al-Dhahab", under the chapter titled "the renegades who forsake Ali": "Many of the followers of Ali went away stealthily to return to their homeland and some 300 persons converted to Christianity…"

He said: They converted due to their hatred for Ali or hatred for Islam?

I said: Real Islam has nothing to do whatsoever with Arab conquests, and their results, and civil wars that followed, committed by the so-called companions of Prophet Muhammad. Real Islam advocated by us, the Quranists, was forsaken by those companions who did everything for money and material gains. Most of Sunnites followed the actions of those companions. The Arab conquests were the main force behind the creation of man-made creeds, under the name of Islam, to justify these grave sins that continued: more conquests, civil wars, political tyranny, corruption, and coercion in religion. They were no longer Muslims, but their real epithet is ''Muhammadans''. They worship a god of their own fashioning and creation and they named it ''Muhammad''. This deity has nothing to do, or in common, with the real mortal prophet Muhammad, who was sent by God as a mercy for humankind, not as an agent to kill people. The Sunnite creed that claims to be 'Islam' is the fiercest human-made religion of the creeds of the Muhammadans. This Sunnite creed is the main responsible agent for the current civil wars in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East.

He said: What is going on is a struggle for power and authority, right?

I said: It is a struggle between two human-made creeds that claim to be 'Islam': Sunnite and Shiite creeds. This religious conflict is mingled with political struggle; or rather, a political conflict that takes both creeds as cover.

He said: Who is the real responsible person for all this conflict, then?

I said: The Saudi royal family. It created, based on the Wahabi creed which is in turn based on the Ibn Hanbal doctrine Sunnite creed, its monarchy three times, from which two have fallen.

He said: Is KSA behind every terrorism and conflict? Enmity between Sunnites and Shiites began before the creation of the KSA.

I said: That's true, especially in Baghdad in the Second Abbasid Era. The real cause of this religious conflict is the belligerent stance taken by the Ibn Hanbal doctrine Sunnite creed fanatical imams. I have explained this in my book titled "The Ibn Hanbal Doctrine the Precursor of Wahabism and the Destruction of Iraq in the Second Abbasid Era". Sunnites in Baghdad used to revolt and then calm down. Many political internal and external factors interfered in this conflict. The Shiites considered the Sunnites as their mortal enemies. Confrontations occurred many times between Sunnites and Shiites in the form of skirmishes and fracas. This has changed with the emergence of the Saudis who formed their first Wahabi monarchy that revived the Ibn Hanbal doctrine and made it more fanatical and bloodier in comparison to the same doctrine during the Abbasid era. The Sunnite Wahabis established their first kingdom and conquered Hejaz and committed massacres. They attacked the Shiites in Iraq and destroyed their holy shrines, stealing their treasures. They committed massacres among the Iraqi Shiites. Hence, the Shiites-Sunnites conflict deepened by massacres, destruction of shrines, raids, enslavement, stealing, etc. this included Syria as a geographical region near Iraq. This enmity took another level when Wahabis in the Levant and in Iraq confined 'jihad' to be solely against other doctrines and creeds, especially Shiites and Christians.

He said: This is unspoken-of history though most recent!

I said: Due to the widespread endeavors of Wahabi imams in Iraq and the Levant in the 19th century, Christians were massacred until the fall of the first Saudi monarchy in 1818 A.D. Wahabi Imams used to continue inciting Syrian and Iraqi Sunnites against Shiites and Christians. Massacres continued especially the massacre of 1860 A.D. Christians sought aid from the European missionaries. Many immigrated to Europe. Many Shiites converted to Christianity and fled to Europe as well. Many immigrants were among the cultural elite who established the Arab Literature of the immigrants of Arab origins.

He said: What about the remaining Christians and Shiites in Iraq and the Levant?

I said: They were subject to persecution by the Sunnites who became fanatical terrorists because of Wahabism. It was recurrent to organize Wahabi raids against Christians and Shiites in so many villages and neighborhoods. The Ottoman Empire used to overlook these incidences for political gains.

He said: What happened after the fall of the first Saudi kingdom in 1818 A.D.?

I said: It was destroyed by Muhammad Ali Pasha the ruler of Egypt. Yet, this ruler left Wahabism spread among the Sufis and Sunnites in Egypt as the 'real' Islam. That is why the second Saudi kingdom was established within favorable conditions, and then fell. Abdul-Aziz Saud established the current, third, KSA in 1932. This was done by enlisting the help of "the Brothers", i.e., the Bedouin youth who were very cruel-hearted Wahabis who were trained in military sites in the desert. With their aid, Abdul-Aziz conquered Hejaz and the Ihsaa Eastern area and the south of Hejaz that used to belong to Yemen. Hence, the KSA borders were drawn by swords of these Brothers who committed many massacres in Iraq and the Levant in many raids in several villages. They called their horrors 'jihad'. They received moral and intellectual support by Wahabi imams in Iraq and the Levant. They killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and Levantine families. These Wahabi Brothers, with their leader Faisal Darwish, got angry as the British built once a police station in the borders of Iraq. They considered this as an obstacle to their 'jihad'. They raided and destroyed this police station and killed all those inside it. When Great Britain interfered, Abdul-Aziz stopped his Brothers from continuing their actions. They considered him as a traitor who forsake Wahabism, and ordered him to stop all talks with 'apostates', i.e. the Egyptians and the British. Military conflicts ensued between Abdul-Aziz and the Wahabi Brothers. He killed all of them in the Battle of Al-Sablah in 1930.

He said: The first Saudi kingdom Wahabi terrorism caused the immigration of Shiites and Christians from Iraq and the Levant, but what is the result of the persecution done by Abdul-Aziz in the third kingdom?

I said: This is rarely spoken of nowadays. Briefly:

1- To face Wahabi/Sunnite persecution against Shiites and Christians, the latters raised the banner of Pan-Arabism and Arab Nationalism, especially when the Ottoman caliph Abdul-Hameed II used the name of Islam for political reasons against France and GB. He formed what was called the Islamic Group "Gamaa Islameyya". Thus, Pan-Arabism rose as a reaction against Wahabis and the Ottomans, with its leaders the Christians Michel Aflaq and Satei' Al-Hadari who established the Baathist Movement that reached power in Iraq and Syria. Nasser, the Egyptian leader, gave momentum to the Pan-Arabism movement when his enmity with the Saudis grew fierce.

2- Weak Shiites in Syria, Palestine, and Lebanon defended themselves by other means: Alawites, a sort of Shiites, in Syria joined the Baathist Party then turned against it while making use of Pan-Arabism. Consequently, Hafez Al-Assad became a president and and later on his son became a president as well. The Shiite creed was subdivided into so many doctrines; one of them is Bábism that later on developed into a separate full-fledged creed called Baha'ism which faced severe persecution as a burgeoning creed that pledge allegiance with Israel and the west to protect itself from the Wahabi persecution. The Druze is among the oldest Shiite factions related to the Fatimids. This creed and its followers faced the fiercest forms of persecution that led them, in Lebanon, to embrace Pan-Arabism (like Kamal Jumblatt) and made the Druze in Palestine join Israel as citizens in its army. Thus, the Druze people who are Shiite Arabs serve in the Israeli army as one of its important components.

He said: You have led us too far in history; what about the destruction going on now in Iraq and Syria? What about Syrian refugees converting to Christianity and forsaking what they might have believed to be 'real' Islam?

I said: The KSA was established three times and fell twice. The third current one was established by Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud, who had to learn hard lessons of his ancestors so as not to let the third monarchy fall.

He said: What do you mean?

I said: His first policy of paramount importance was to make the Americans and the Europeans his allies. The USA was a rising power that replaced GB at that time. Oil discoveries reinforced his relations with the USA that had to protect the newly-established monarchy in return for controlling the Gulf oil.

He said: What about those who became monarchs after the death of Abdul-Aziz?

I said: He died in 1953. The one who ensured its safety was King Faisal, the shrewd one who pretended to be pious. He turned the KSA into an extremist Police State in all the worst forms of tyranny and oppression toward its citizens who were tortured and hanged. This tyranny and corruption was supported by Wahabi sheikhs and imams to suppress any peaceful opposition movements. King Faisal introduced IT into the KSA while maintaining the strict literal application of the Wahabi creed without any changes or reform. He spent lots of money to spread Wahabism in the USA and the West in general to transform Arab Sunnites in these countries into bombs to terrorize the West anytime he liked. The USA and the West are still paying the price of the wrong deeds of the shrewd King Faisal.

He said: What about Egypt and Iran?

I said: The KSA is surrounded by two strong infallible indestructible countries: Egypt and Iran. Iran is a Shiite power like most citizens of the Gulf monarchies that are ruled by Sunnite/Wahabi rulers. Iran represents a major threat to the KSA. The latter tries to control and surround the former by using Egypt as a regional force and using the USA on the international level. The creed spread in Egypt before 1952 was the 'moderate' Sunnite/Sufism creed. Wahabism, as a term, is not very much liked among the Egyptians. The KSA had to control Egypt from inside by spreading Wahabism (rechristened as Salafism) to replace its pre-1952 'moderate' Sunnite/Sufism creed. Hence, now Wahabism equals Sunnite creed in Egypt.

He said: This is what happened in Egypt; it turned its creed into Wahabism within half a century to follow the KSA royal family. But how did this come to pass?                                               

I said: Abdul-Aziz sent his agents to Egypt: Rasheed Reda, Hamid Al-Fiqi, and Moheb-Eddine Al-Khateeb. Those Wahabi imams established Wahabi institutions like "Advocators of the Sunna" and "The Muslim Youth Association". Sheikh Al-Sobki turned the Sharia Society – the biggest society of Sunnite creed in Egypt in the 1930s – into a Wahabi society. Another man was chosen from "The Muslim Youth Association" to establish the terrorist MB that is still present worldwide. This man was Hassan Al-Banna, who was later on assassinated in Cairo in 1949.     

He said: Do you mean to tell me that the MB terrorist group was established by the Wahabi KSA?

I said: Exactly. Within 20 years (1928: 1948), the terrorist MB became an international secret group that planned many assassinations. It had 50 thousand factions in Egypt alone. They purportedly helped in the 1952 Coup in Egypt to overthrow monarchy. Soon enough, they disagreed with President Nasser who persecuted and imprisoned them. Most of the Egyptian MB fled to the KSA. The latter took revenge from Nasser in the Yemen war in 1966 and plotted against him during the Six-Day-War in Sinai in 1967. They contained him in Khartoum Conference in 1967 and urged him to appoint Sadat as his Vice-President. Sadat was a Wahabi agent of the KSA. The KSA planned the assassination of Nasser by poisoning so as to bring Sadat to power as the new president. Sadat was a servant to the KSA and Wahabism. Once assassinated, Mubarak replaced him and you know the rest. That is why the KSA controls Egypt until this very moment.

He said: What about the KSA policy toward Israel?

I said: Verbally, the KSA expresses animosity toward the Hebrew State; yet, the KSA never stood in the way of Israel. Both Israel and the USA count on the USA and the West. The KSA has no common borders with Israel. Oil profits and revenues are in international banks controlled by Jews and other allies of Israel.

He said: What about Yemen?

I said: The KSA policy here is weakening, destroying, and division of Yemen if possible. The KSA took Yemeni lands in the area between Hejaz and today's Yemen. They used their agent, Hassan Al-Banna, in 1948, to make him send another MB man, the Algerian Al-Fadeel Al-Wartali, to incite revolts in Yemen that ended up in the beheading of the Yemeni king/imam and the stealing of all his treasures. The revolt did not succeed totally; the KSA continued to plot against Yemen to the extent that the Saudis made pact with Yemeni Marxists to divide Yemen into two states. Now, the KSA is at war with Yemen for the same reason: destroying Yemen after spreading Wahabism inside it to urge its destruction.

He said: What about Iraq?

I said: The KSA was threatened by Saddam Hussein. At first, he was controlled in an attempt to partly destroy the Shiite Iran as well as Iraq: by weakening its army. When Saddam failed in his wars against Iran, he directed his rebelling forces to invade Kuwait. Hence, Riyadh was in grave danger. The KSA enlisted the help of the USA. The result: the Second Gulf War and the USA-led invasion of Iraq. The KSA managed to destroy Iraq inwardly by inciting Sunnite-Shiite conflicts. Some Sunnites there committed massacres against Shiite citizens.   

He said: What about Syria?

I said: The minority Shiite Alawites reached power by the coup led by Hafez Al-Assad who became the president of Syria. He took revenge from Wahabi Sunnites when they revolted against him. He ruled Syria with tyranny and oppression and so did his son who succeeded him as president. Now, there is a struggle for existence between the Shiites and the Wahabi Sunnites in Syria. The latter is a majority among Syrian citizens. If Bashar Al-Assad is to fall, this means the annihilation of all Alawites who constitute about 20% of Syrians. That is why the current Syrian president refused to relent and leave his office when faced with peaceful protests. His plan was to open the way before Wahabi terrorists to replace the peaceful opposition.  Instead of talks with peaceful protestors that aim at reform, Bashar Al-Assad avoids the shame of killing them by allowing terrorists to infiltrate into protests to justify his quelling the revolts using arms against peaceful reformers.

He said: What is the role of the KSA in Syria?

I said: The Saudi family seized this opportunity to destroy, divide, and weaken Syria. Soon enough, all armed groups of terrorists emerged from Jordan and Iraq and infiltrated Syria. Tons of arms and weapons were handed to them as well as trained fighter. All this was done under the supervision of Saudi Intelligence. The West, Iran, and Turkey overlooked all this in hope of more political gains when the Levant would be divided into small areas. Hence, ISIS spread and grew bigger than ever. The KSA is bent to destroy Syria as was done before in Iraq.

He said: But ISIS opposes the KSA, right?

I said: This occurs when Wahabis enter into the arena; Wahabis create terrorists that turn against their sponsors (the Wahabis). For instance, when Abdul-Aziz created the Brothers of Najd, they helped him at first, and then they revolted against him; he eventually killed them all. He established the MB in Egypt and stopped their coming to the KSA so as not to repeat the same error with the Brothers of Najd; yet his successor had to offer them a safe haven when the MB faced the persecution of Nasser in 1954. Egyptian MB in the KSA established the opposition movements in the kingdom after the Gulf War. The MB plotted a lot against the KSA. Sadat cooperated with the MB and they killed him eventually in 1981. The USA cooperated with Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden and the Wahabis in its war against the USSR in Afghanistan; later on, Bon laden turned against the USA and the KSA. No body learned the valuable lesson yet.

He said: So, the KSA has to weaken all neighboring states within its borders to appear as the strongest monarchy. How is that related to our former subject of Syrian refugees converting to Christianity?

I said: ISIS massacres and Bashar Al-Assad's massacres destroyed Syria and killed hundreds of thousands of Syrians. A great number of refugees went to Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey. When faced with nowhere else to cope with the ever-increasing number of refugees, they tried illegal immigration to Europe. Hence, corpses of Syrians filled the Mediterranean!                 

He said: But you have to laud the German stance and the public opinion of the west concerning the Syrian refugees.

I said: Europe suffers already from Wahabi immigrants. The Europeans cannot ignore pricks of conscience if they leave Syrians without help. Yet, Europe has its right doubts of spreading terror in Europe if these refugees included ISIS men and other terrorists. Germany and the Vatican overlooked these doubts and offered help and sympathy with Syrian refugees. During such dire times, it is not surprising to find some refugees converting to Christianity and forsaking Sunnite and Shiite creeds. Both Catholicism and Sunnite/Shiite creeds are human-made creeds. Those converted refugees left creeds that deified Prophet Muhammad and imams of Sunnites and Shiites to embrace a creed that deified Jesus and Christian scholars and clergy. Real Islam has no room for the deification and worship of people, dead or alive, and has no clergy whatsoever of any kind. This is a major contrast. All earthly human-made creeds are against real Islam, i.e. the Quran alone, and the worst enemy of Islam is Sunnite Wahabism that caused many bloodbaths worldwide under the name of 'jihad'.

He said: What are the profits and losses of Wahabism and the KSA now during such current state of affairs?  

I said: AIDS spread among ISIS men and women due to their promiscuity. Some Sunnite Syrians converted to Christianity. These are the KSA losses. Wahabis dream of spreading Wahabism all over the world especially in the West. The KSA established thousands of schools, mosques, and centers worldwide and bought thousands of churches to turn them into Wahabi mosques. Wahabi Saudis controlled all Islamic studies branches and colleges in the American and European universities to prevent anyone from criticizing Wahabism and its crimes that are committed under the banner of 'Islam'. The Quran says: "[Due to] arrogance in the land and plotting of evil; but the evil plot does not encompass except its own people. Then do they await except the way of the former peoples? But you will never find in the way of Allah any change, and you will never find in the way of Allah any alteration." (35:43). Hence, the KSA evil plots bear dire consequences suffered by the KSA itself. All over the world, especially in the USA, accusations are leveled against the KSA in terrorist crimes. Donald Trump who hopes to run for president in 2016 in the USA elections verbally attacked the KSA and accused it of committing massacres by spreading Wahabism. Now, tens of thousands of former Sunnites became either Christians or atheists. This is similar to the above-mentioned events when some converted to Christianity in the era of the caliph Ali Ibn Abou Talib as a reaction against bloodshed. It is expected that Wahabism would dwindle gradually due to the bloodshed committed by ISIS and other similar Wahabi/Saudi terrorists.

He said: What is the way out of this series of bloodshed incidents?

I said: Sunnite/Shiite struggle was not invented by the West or the USA. They merely made use of it for the sake of oil and overlooking the future of Western/American generations. The west overlooked the fact that Wahabis turn against their allies as soon as possible even if this ally is a Wahabi like them. Let alone non-Wahabi western people. The primary grave error committed by the Western policy is becoming allies with Wahabism and the KSA royal family. Forming alliances with tyrannical regimes related to Wahabis is another grave error. These regimes never allow any religious reform such as advocated by the Quranist trend.               

He said: Would democracy in the Middle East serve the goals of the West?

I said: In fact, it will protect Europe and the west. Tyrannical regimes and Wahabism would spread ruin and wreak havoc in the region and this will remain a threat to Europe not just in the form of refugees but also terrorists as well. Wahabis in the USA and Europe will create terrorism in their hosting countries.

He said: How could be establish democracy in the Middle East?

I said: Democracy as a culture cannot be established unless with the advent of reform on all levels: educational, religious, legal, and political. We need a peaceful intellectual war against Wahabism. We need to clarify the fact that real Islam – the Quran alone – is democratic by nature and advocates complete religious freedom as well as justice, peace, and mercy for all humankind. Real Islam is against injustice, aggression, and coercion in faith.

He said: We are to clarify the point that peaceful reform of religious thought in Islam is the only way to get rid of Wahabism and to pave the way to establish democracy, and hence to ensure the safety of Europe and the West. The West and Europe cannot be save with tyrannical regimes in the Middle East. Terrorism cannot be fought with arms and weapons alone.

I said: The world has become a village without frontiers. ISIS creates agents using intellectual war inside the West to destroy the Western civilization. Even if the USA managed to kill all agents of ISIS and any other terrorists, the terrorist ideology would bring more and more terrorist generations who would become more violent and revengeful. Intellectual and cultural war against Wahabism should be the basis and under the protection of military power. Wahabi thought and notions ought to be refuted within Islam (i.e., the Quran alone) especially the bad notion of permitting a Wahabi to kill all non-Wahabis especially in the West: the world of unbelief according to Wahabis. Wahabis turn Sunnite immigrants in the West into spies and agents to destroy the west from inside. When real facts of the Quran are spread and clarified by the Quranists, all falsehoods and myths of Wahabism would vanish. Millions of souls would be spared.

He said: What is the cost of this vital intellectual war?

I said: Less than the price of one warplane!

He said: I mean, why do not the leaders of Europe, the West, and the USA begin using this intellectual war?

I said: May be because they are the exporters and fabricators of warplanes, weapons, and oil companies. They gain huge profits from wars waged worldwide and live on bloodsucking; the more corpses and victims, the more their profits. That is why the West, Europe and the USA are allies of the KSA and sell arms and weapons at exorbitant prices and commissions. They gain billions of money at the expense of billions of victims in the Middle East and worldwide. 

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