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Within the Immorality and Promiscuity of Clergymen, Al-Shaarawy Is Not the Only One, But...!



Published in November 17, 2019

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy





 Despite the open enmity between our person and the Wahabi sheikh Al-Shaarawy during the 1980s and the 1990s, we were shocked to the core every time we hear more scandals about his immorality and homosexuality; this is why we excuse those who admire Al-Shaarawy who were shocked to read our recent article about him (In English:  +  in French: Sadly, there are millions of Arabs who are still deceived in and by Al-Shaarawy; we assert to them that within the domain of scandals linked to the immorality and promiscuity of clergymen, of all denominations, in the past and in the present, Al-Shaarawy is not the only one.


Firstly: among the human devils, the meanest type is clergymen of terrestrial/earthly religions; Al-Shaarawy belongs to them, of course:

1- Telling lies to people is a sin; yet; the worst type of sinners are those who commit the grave sin of ascribing lies to the Lord God and present themselves to the masses as spokespersons or representatives of Him (or of His Religion) on earth. Ordinarily, people never trust those who tell them lies; yet, sadly, most people trust and believe in clergymen who attribute lies to the Lord God and assume them to be mediators between them and the Lord God – as if such clergymen would draw them nearer to Him! This is why in most cases, the masses deify and sanctify clergymen instead of the Lord God. In the case of the cursed Al-Shaarawy, his followers assume that he uttered/wrote the 'absolute truth' regardless of his distorting the meanings of the Quranic verses and of his spreading the lies known as hadiths which contain nothing but disbelief, blasphemies, and polytheism. Sadly, our Quranist refutations of the Wahabi views of Al-Shaarawy fall on deaf ears of the followers of Al-Shaarawy.

2- Of course, the abovementioned applies not only to Al-Shaarawy and Sunnite/Wahabi clergymen but also to Sufi, Shiite, Buddhist, Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox...etc. clergymen. For sure, all terrestrial religions have their own formal/official type of clergy and the informal/popular type of clergy. Of course, Al-Shaarawy belonged to both types; in his discourse or sermons, he mixed between Wahabism and Sunnite Sufism; he defended the belief in Sunnite sharia and fiqh combined with the belief in the so-called saints and their mausoleums. Of course, Sunnite Sufism is the widespread and dominant earthly religion among the Muhammadans worldwide.

3- Of course, not everyone among clergy or sheikhs of terrestrial religions are immoral or promiscuous; yet, all of them share some features; namely, they sell to the masses falsehoods, lies, and false hopes and they amass ill-gotten money. For sure, the clergymen of the Muhammadans reject the Lord God's Quranic verses in return for so little (i.e., transient money/possessions of this temporary world) while they feign being pious before eyes of onlookers. Some of them defend and brag of their promiscuity; e.g., in Egyptian media, Al-Shaarawy boldly said that he loves "the beautiful ones"; i.e., he defended his pedophilia! And he repeated the hateful Sunnite adage of polytheism: "Allah is beautify and He loves the beautiful ones!".


Secondly: some clergymen who were known for their promiscuity and immorality during the Middle-Ages:

1- The Catholic Pope Alexander VI whose papacy continued from 1492 to 1503 A.D. was known for his corruption and promiscuity; yet, he was the one who excommunicated, imprisoned, tortured, and hanged the reformist Dominican Savonarola, after accusing him of being a heretic, in 1498 A.D. and had his corpse burned at a main square in Florence along with the corpses of some his followers. To prevent devotees from searching for relics, their ashes were carted away and scattered in the Arno River.  

2- In Russia, the Siberian priest  Rasputin, who controlled the Tsar Romanov, was known for his sex scandals, being oversexed, and having many female lovers; he was assassinated in 1916 A.D. 

3- The leader of the Hanbali fiqh scholars during the Abbasid Era, M. Ibn Dawood Al-Dhahiry, who died in 297 A.H. at the age of 42 was known for his being openly gay; the story of his homosexual relation with a hairless young man named M. Ibn Jamee' was known at the time and spread in poetry as per literary traditions typical of the Abbasid Era. This sinful fiqh scholar Ibn Dawood led the furious group of Hanbali fiqh scholars who hated Al-Tabari and made their followers siege him in his house for a some years before demolishing his house, to kill Al-Tabari under the rubble, in 310 A.H.  

4- Within the Mameluke Era, the homosexual Sufi sheikh Khedr Al-Adawi (who died in 672 A.H.) had a major influence on Beibars the Mameluke sultan; he was the personal sheikh of this sultan; Beibars believed him to be a saint/ally of the Lord God and he built mosques dedicated to this sheikh! Al-Adawi turned such mosques into houses to shelter criminals/thieves and promiscuous followers who sought illicit sex with lewd women, as per Al-Nuweiry the historian. Al-Nuweiry wrote that Al-Adawi bragged in public of his homosexuality and bestiality! Al-Nuweiry wrote that Al-Adawi typically signed his letters to the supreme judge as Khedr the fucker of donkeys! When the supreme judge reproached him severely for such a signature and threatened to use it to put him to trial for immoral behavior, Al-Adawi stopped using such a signature at once out of fear and he sent no more letters to the supreme judge in Cairo, Egypt. Al-Adawi was a fanatic who hated Christians very much and he demolished many churches in Egypt and the Levant; these churches included the one of the Roman Catholics in Alexandria which was said to house the severed head of John; Al-Adawi turned this church into a mosque with a madrassa (school) named Al-Khedra School (i.e., a name derived from his first name: Khedr); he spent too much money on such a project from the Treasury of the Mameluke sultanate. In order to lay his hands on this Catholic church in Alexandria, the heartless Al-Adawi himself slaughtered one of the priests inside it!   


Thirdly: some clergymen who are known for their promiscuity and immorality during our modern era:

1- In the 1940s in Cairo, Egypt, the secretary-general of the terrorist MB organization Abdel-Hakeem Abdeen (who was the in-law of Hassan Al-Banna the founder of MB who was assassinated in 1949) was known for his sex scandals; he fornicated with married women who were wives of other MB members (he manipulated them within the known habit of the MB members to make their families visit and get acquainted with one another). This sex scandal spread in 1945; the senior MB members demanded from Al-Banna to form a committee to put Abdeen (his in-law) on trial in the main headquarters of the MB organization. After being pressurized, Al-Banna had to accept their demands. The trial resulted in finding Abdeen guilty; when ways of punishing him were being discussed for days, Al-Banna had to interfere to save his in-law; he formed another committee which decided to acquit Abdeen and to declare him innocent of all accusations. This resulted in several members quitting the MB organization forever. It is noteworthy that the grandson of the promiscuous Abdeen is the Egyptian-Swiss televangelist and MB member Tariq Ramadan who has been accused of raping several women; he is imprisoned now.     

2- The sex scandals of the Catholic Church or the Vatican fill the media worldwide. Let us exemplify this in the following points.            

2/1: Hundreds of Catholic priests in Pennsylvania, the USA, were accused of molesting about 1000 children; sadly, the criminals were protected by other senior priests in the same State and by the Vatican. 

2/2: In 2018, Pope Francis declared that the Vatican is following about 2000 cases of child molestation, a crime committed by many priests; he said that within the judiciary system, such cases take a long time.

2/3: About 4000 Christian priests inside the USA are accused of child abuse and molestation; one month before the scandal of molestation in Pennsylvania, the USA, Pope Francis accepted the resignation of the 88-year-old cardinal Theodore McCarrick; he was laicized because of his involvement in cases of child molestation and such crimes occurred within several years. In 2002, in Boston, a scandal involved a former priest, John Geoghan, who molested more than 130 children; this story was turned into a movie titledSpotlight(    

2/4: Of course, the scandals of child molestation or rape by Catholic clergymen in Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Chile, and Australia fill the media and the cyberspace.

3- It is a positive and a very good thing that the media people in the West are free to expose such criminals and to demand their being punished (e.g., Catholic priests and the Swiss MB member Tariq Ramadan). In the liberal epoch of Egypt, Abdel-Hakeem Abdeen was exposed; no one remained silent regarding his crimes. This is in contrast to the case within the military rule in Egypt.


Fourthly: clergymen of the Muhammadans and the military rule in Egypt:

1- If Tariq Ramadan were living in today's Egypt, no exposure or punishment would have occurred to him; instead, the officers of the Egyptian State Security Apparatus would readily videotape his sex crimes in order to threaten him so that he would submit to their will and obey their commands; he would have been forced that way to work for them. In the upper-class Dokki district, in Cairo, Egypt, in the 1990s, a man who was not among Azharite clergymen was known as a popular sermonizer in one of the mosques there; the number of his followers increased rapidly as he promised them Paradise through intercessors; the officers of the Egyptian State Security Apparatus decided to put him under control and make him serve them; when he was told to cooperate with them when the time comes, he refused in distain; when he was faced with a videotape showing him fornicating with a woman who was one of his relatives (among the types of women a man cannot marry as per the Quranic/Islamic laws), he was very much afraid and accepted the other option since he could not serve them: to stop delivering sermons and to sink into oblivion once and for all!

2- After much atrocities committed by clergymen who allied themselves to tyrants in Europe, the Europeans engaged into reform endeavors and religious revolts for centuries. This eventually led to separating the Church from the political life and affairs of rule; its role is confined to charity works. No one is allowed to mix religion with politics now. The Europeans realized the fact that the terrestrial religion is the opium of the masses; many revolutionaries demanded to strangle the last king/tyrant with the entrails of the last priest.

3- Thus, the people in the West freed themselves from the opium of the masses; sadly, the Muhammadans and Arabs are still addicted to it; they are enslaved to all types of clergy (Sunnite, Shiite, Sufi, Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox). Because of the dominance of clergymen in the Arab world, some men made use of clergy as a tool to reach power and rule; this is exemplified in Iran in the late 1970s until now. Enthroned tyrants everywhere surround themselves with obsequious clergymen; tyrants ride/control such clergymen who, in their turn, ride/control the masses. Thus, since the masses submit t clergy, they submit to enthroned tyrants as well. This is why enthroned tyrants have to full control clergymen by videotaping their sex crimes; this occurred to Al-Shaarawy and others.

4- Of course, enthroned tyrants distort the image of opposition figures (even when they include some power-seeking clergymen) and defend their obsequious clergymen who serve them; they prevent anyone to discuss or criticize such domesticated clergymen or to accuse them of anything even if they are criminals. This means that enthroned tyrants preserve the halo of sanctity around their clergymen. This is why we find that in Egypt, people who criticize Al-Shaarawy or the 'grand' imam (or head-sheikh) of Al-Azhar are accused of showing 'contempt' to religion. The same accusation is leveled against those non-Christians who criticize Christian clergymen.  

5- This is exemplified in a sex scandal published in 2001; the June 17 edition no. 663 of the not-very-respectable gossip-centered weekly newspaper (Al-Nabaa) sported a front-page headline proclaiming "The Muhariq monastery in Asyut Governorate is transformed into a house of prostitution at the hands of a senior monk." The lurid headline was accompanied by a two-page article accompanied by even more lurid photos showing a portly bearded man, identified as a monk, in bed with an unidentified married woman. The article described the monk as a sexual predator who had used his influence as a religious authority figure to prey on helpless women. His perversion of his religious duties even extended to having sexual trysts on the monastery altar and to wipe his genitals after sex using the curtains of the holy alter. This excommunicated and defrocked monk lured women into sex with promises of healing their infertility or other ailments, then blackmailed them out of jewelry and money with videotapes of the encounters. This number of Al-Nabaa newspaper sold very well; a libel suit was filed against the editor-in-chief. This monk allegedly videotaped and blackmailed about 5000 women; one of them notified the police. Angry demonstrations and gatherings of Copts in Cairo and elsewhere demanded putting the editor-in-chief on trial.Subsequent days have brought further disturbances, including a clash that left 40 police officers and 30 demonstrators slightly wounded. The government, attempting to head off the brewing storm, ordered all remaining copies of the newspaper confiscated. The editor-in-chief of Al-Nabaa underwent two days of questioning and has been charged with disturbing the peace by publishing scandalous pictures and subject matter which led to the humiliation of a religious group and lit "the fires of civil strife.". many bodies condemned the editor-in-chief of Al-Nabaa; e.g., Al-Azhar, the press syndicate, the Higher Press Council, and the representatives of the Protestants and Catholics in Egypt. Copts in Egypt never organize demonstrations or sits-in to demand any rights or to demand an end of persecution; they do so only as a form of 'religious' jihad to condemn any insults directed to their Orthodox clergymen! The military regime in Egypt, headed by Mubarak at the time, had to protect clergymen who served the State; Mubarak interfered as even the closure of Al-Nabaa was not enough to soothe the anger of some members of the Coptic community; the editor-in-chief was held in trial and sentenced to an imprisonment term.     



1- No types of reform could be introduced to Egypt (and other Arab countries) unless clergymen would be marginalized; they must submit to criticism so that enlightenment and reform endeavors would bear fruit. Sadly, many secular enlightened Egyptian Copts among our acquaintances would typically feel furious and would be fuming when we talk to them about liberation the Copts from the authority of the Coptic Orthodox Church. One of our dear friends, a secular Coptic writer and journalist in Egypt, held and expressed some liberal views which were never approved by Pope Shenouda III of Egypt; this Pope issued a command to the wife of this journalist to forsake the bed of her husband (and never to have sex with him elsewhere) as a form of punishment! This is a shocking story about how Christian Coptic clergymen control Copts of Egypt. Even Al-Azhar and its clergymen/sheikhs cannot have such a level of control over the Muhammadans in Egypt.

2- The Arab poet Abou Al-Tamhan Al-Qini was known, before his conversion to 'Islam', for his promiscuity and immorality. A friend of his once asked him about his 'slightest' sin; he told his friend that he was received as a guest in a convent; he consumed with her cooked flesh of swine, several bottles of wine, and he fornicated with her all night long; on the next day, he stole her clothes and belongings and ran away before she would wake up! Of course, this poet is a mean promiscuous man, but he confessed his sons; yet, he had honor and respect one hundred times more than all clergymen, past and present, who had or have honorific titles like pope, grand imam, ayatollah, and sheikh of Islam.  

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