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Fatwas: Part Six issued by: Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour, translated by: Ahmed Fathy

Fatwas: Part Six

issued by: Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour, translated by: Ahmed Fathy


The Testimony of Christ

Published in January 19, 2016


Question: … Could you tell me your views in brief regarding the Quranic verse 4:159 …Thank you and God bless you …


  God says in the Quran about Jesus Christ: "Some of the People of the Book surely believed in him before his death, and on the Day of Resurrection, he will be a witness for them." (4:159). This Quranic verse consists of two parts:

1- "Some of … his death …": in our opinion, this first part refers to some of the People of the Book who died in real faith and acceptable belief in God within the real message of Prophet Jesus, not the distorted religion that emerged after his death.

2- "… and on the Day of Resurrection… them.": in our opinion, this second part refers to the fact that in the Hereafter during the Day of Judgment, Jesus will be a witness for his contemporaries whom he saw during his lifetime, who believed in the On God based on true faith. This means that there are two types of the People of the Book; one of them comprise those who die as real believers in the One, True God, as we discern from the following verse: "Among the People of the Scripture are those who believe in God, and in what was revealed to you, and in what was revealed to them. They are humble before God, and they do not sell God's revelations for a cheap price. These will have their reward with their Lord. God is swift in reckoning." (3:199). We know from the Quran that Jesus will be witness against those who deified him, as those are the second type of misguided ones, and he will deny and disown them, among his contemporaries that he saw during his lifetime, within the Day of Judgment as well, as we discern from this verse; Jesus will say these words within the Day of Judgment: "I only told them what You commanded me: that you shall worship God, my Lord and your Lord. And I was a witness over them while I was among them…" (5:117).   




Same Answers to Repeated Questions

Published in December 17, 2016



Question: …  Could you answer me the following questions if you please? …

1- What is the meaning of the Quranic verse 2:106?

2- What is the difference between the terms ''believer'' and ''Muslim'' in the Quranic verse 49:14 and other verses?

3- What is the meaning of this phrase "…Are those who know and those who do not know equal?…" mentioned in the Quranic verse 39:9?

4- Why did not you post my articles that I have sent you via many email messages? I would like to be a writer on your Quranism website but I need you to edit my articles. Thank you.             


  We will give you below brief answers, but we remind you, and other readers, that we have answered such questions over and over ad infinitum ad nauseam; please try first to read our entire archive of books and articles before sending any repeated questions; most probably your will find answers to most queries before you pose them to us. Thank you.

1- As for 2:106, we have asserted before that term Naskh in the Quran means repeating and asserting and NOT deleting or nullifying; please read our book about Naskh.

2- As for 49:14 and the dual meaning of meaning of Islam/belief, we  refer you to our article (in English) titled "Islam: Religion of Peace" on the following link: 

3- We have mentioned before that it refers to knowledge of real divine faith.

4- We have written before that those who would like to create and  account within our website as readers (who can write comments) or writers of articles must send us an email message using a new email account never used before in order to get a password and a username, while telling us his/her name (surname and first-name), date of birth, country of origin and country of residence, and city of current residence. He or she should provide brief information about their education level and cultural background as well as field of experience/work. All writers must adhere to the two stipulated  conditions of publishing article on our website: 1) never to ascribe narratives or hadiths to Prophet Muhammad, and 2) never to deny Quranic facts and tenets. When you send us  such email message containing the above required data, we will create your account for you and send you the username and password. Later on, some readers will be promoted as writers, when they prove sufficiently that they can write Quranist articles. Thank you.




Enslavement of the Amazigh

Published in May 23, 2007


Question: … What do you think about enslavement of the Amazigh by Arabs using the pretext of spreading and propagating Islam? What is the stance of Islam regarding such injustices committed in its name? such Arab conquest was a good or bad thing in your opinion? Thank you …


       Of course, no one denies that such Arab conquests, within North Africa and elsewhere, constitute grave injustices that contradict the Quranic teachings, and Islam is innocent of the crime that came to be called Arab conquests. To give an Islamic pretext of justification to such crime is a common mistake made by historians. Islam never teaches to occupy, raid, or to invade. Quranists are among the first researchers to show the contradiction between Islam (i.e., Quranism) and such heinous crimes called Arab conquests. Thank you.               




To Be A Quranist

Published in October 25, 2016



Question: … An Egyptian university professor wants you, Dr. Mansour, to help him to immigrate to the USA because he is a Quranist … He wants to contact you personally…


        For someone to be a Quranist means to declare his/her beliefs and views in public frankly and outspokenly while facing bravely the religious clergymen, especially that your professor friend lives in Cairo, the bulwark of the corrupt Sunnite clergy of Al-Azhar. This friend of yours has to make for himself a history or a record of peaceful intellectual jihad using the Quran for the enlightenment of people; he has to suffer persecution and wars that will be waged against him and bear with them patently for the sake of God. Luckily, our four decades of intellectual struggle have paved the way and facilitated matters more than ever before. We personally have smashed many intellectual and religious idols and falsehoods; others now in Egypt who follow our footsteps are dealing with details of what we spread as a torchbearer and trailblazer. Your professor friend has made us laugh; why so much secrecy and why did he imagine that anyone will act as a mediator on his behalf? We personally cannot bring over anyone among our Egyptian relatives who are being persecuted in Egypt; let lone those amateurs who have no history at all within persecution or within intellectual reform struggle at all! This is very strange indeed!       





You Are Welcome

Published in October 3, 2012



Question: …On behalf of our Quranists group in Yemen, who are few persons, we offer you, dear Dr. Mansour, our best wishes for your health and happiness  … we feel deeply indebted to you as you have taught us through your website the real Islam that we have been searching for … Your biography and your struggle for the sake of Truth is a source of inspiration to all of us … We wonder if you can offer any help for Mr. (…) who is being persecuted and discriminated against in Yemen because he proselytized Quranism in his city … He is the leader of Yemeni Quranists … Enemies of the Quran force Quranists to hide their religion … The leader of Yemeni Quranists would like you to accept him as a writer within your pioneer website … he has a lot to write and share for the benefit of the Quranist trend within cyberspace … Thank you …


     You are welcome, dear friend. One of the missions of Quranists who are united within this website is to group all Quranists within our online school of thought. your leader is more than welcome to send us an email to contact us to register him as a writer on our website, provided he will adhere to the two stipulated  conditions of publishing article on our website: 1) never to ascribe narratives or hadiths to Prophet Muhammad, and 2) never to deny Quranic facts and tenets. We wish you all the best. Thank you.





Do Hell and Paradise Exist Now?

Published in March 18, 2007



Question: … Have Hell and Paradise been created already? Do both exist now, in your opinion? Can you support your view from the Quranic verses … If they both exist now, are dead believers currently dwell in Paradise and disbelievers in Hell, or both groups wait until the Resurrection Day? 


      Eternal Hell and Eternal Paradise have not been created yet. Within the universe, there is the Barsakh temporary Paradise where souls of those killed during their striving for God's cause and died for His sake dwell now; they are alive in it in sheer bliss. It is the same Barsakh temporary Paradise mentioned in 53:15, and the same one where Adam and his wife used to dwell before they descended to Earth. This Barsakh temporary Paradise will vanish when the Barsakh, the earth, the heavens, and the whole universe will be destroyed during the Resurrection Day, as God tells us in the Quran: "On the Day when the earth is changed into another earth, and the heavens, and they will emerge before God …" (14:48). Hence, we discern here that a new eternal existence or universe will be created by God. Thus, during the Day of Resurrection, God will create the Eternal Paradise and the Eternal Hell; the fuel of the latter is people (i.e., dwellers of Hell) and stones, as per the Quranic text. God will create inside this Hell the following: "O you who believe! Protect yourselves and your families from Hell-Fire, whose fuel is people and stones. Over it are angels, fierce and powerful. They never disobey God in anything He commands them, and they carry out whatever they are commanded." (66:6). This obviously have not taken place yet.   




Urinary Incontinence during Prayers

Published in December 19, 2016



Question: … I am an old man who sufferurinary incontinence … I am tired of stopping my prayers because of urine, and to change my clothes and underwear and to re-perform prayers over and over again … I read your views about Islam as the religion of ease and facilitation, especially in acts of worship. Can you advise me? Thank you …     


     As we have asserted before, Islamic sharia legislations are based on ease and facilitation, as God does not burden any soul beyond its capacity. God is testing you with illnesses at your old age. Hence, It is OK to go on with the performance of your prayers even if you felt that urine got out of your body. What should be more important to you is to adhere to piety and fear of God during prayers and all your lifetime; this is real piety is the end or goal which prayers, and all acts of worship, are the means to attain or achieve. Hence, you will combine piety in your heart during acts of worship and piety in your behavior in daily life. God bless you.




You Have Not Transgressed You Limits

Published in May 14, 2013



Question: … Dear Sir, … I have entered into so many fierce debates as I try to proselytize Quranism … Long, tiresome arguing with many people within many groups, denominations, and doctrines of the Muhammadans online has proved to me that everyone fears the Quranist trend that will overwhelm them as an irrefutable creed… Many of foes of Quranism slander Quranists and accuse them of being an infidel minority … Even some 'moderate' reformers who do not want to discard Sunna or hadiths altogether, but partially, attack Quranism in their articles and videos within cyberspace … Some of them verbally abuse you, Dr. Mansour, and I propose that a forum, debate, or conference of discussion between you and anyone of them will refute their claims and gain media attention … This will win us more Quranists … I hope I am not transgressing my limits here … Have I gone too far while debating with some of non-Quranists online? What do you think?       


     Our dear son,

  Let us assure you here that you have not transgressed any limits at all regarding us or regarding non-Quranists. You have done your moral duty by trying to raise people's awareness about true Islam. You should no longer, in our opinion, waste your time with those who deny the Quranic Truth. You, and the rest of Quranists, should focus on writing Quranist articles that explore the gems of the Quranic verse so that our intellectual trend grow more rich with bright ideas derived from God's Word and to spread our idea within cyberspace to make it available for those who are interested; let us all move away from ignoramuses who reject the Quran, as per God's command to Muhammad and all believers to stay away from them: "Be tolerant, and command decency, and avoid the ignorant." (7:199). "…We have our deeds, and you have your deeds; peace be upon you; we do not desire the ignorant" (28:55). However hard our foes plot to slander or verbally abuse us, their endeavors will be of no avail; evil scheming overwhelms none but its authors. As per our life experience in striving for God's sake to spread His Word and true Islam (Quranism), we frankly tell you that we gain many benefits from such attackers and their ignorance; they serve us by drawing attention of people to the existence of Quranists and the Quranism within cyberspace. This is why the number of Quranists is increasing. Our intellectual procession will not be hindered, however strong and powerful Wahabis are. Thank you for your email message.          




Murdered Prophets

Published in December 25, 2011



Question: … What are the names of prophets murdered by the ancient Israelites? The Quran tells us that ancient Israelites had killed some prophets, but who are the murdered ones? 


   The Quran does not mention names of those prophets who were murdered by the Israelites. The Bible (the Old Testament) tells us few lines about that topic, but we cannot verify the authenticity of the events and names in it, because the killed ones were deemed by the Israelites to be false prophets, while we cannot prove them to be so or to be otherwise. Indeed, you cannot be sure of anything in the Old Testament, as the biographies of prophets there are distorted (for instance, see stories of Abraham, David, Solomon, and Job in the Bible). We cannot accept Biblical stories as part of the Quranic Truth, of course. As for the New Testament, it contradicts the Quran; as Jesus in the Quran was never killed at all. Thus, we are not to worry about names or the numbers of those prophets who got killed; we will never know them, and all you have to believe is the Quranic fact that some of the ancient Israelites had murdered some prophets unjustly as per the Quranic verse 3:21.        




Our Writings Are Only Online

Published in July 4, 2014



Question: … I need you, dear Dr. Mansour, to tell me where I can get printed copies of your books in Cairo … from which libraries or publishing houses? … Many older-generation persons cannot use the internet and I would like to give them your books as a gift to enlighten them and introduce them to real Islam … Indeed, you have really changed my life for the better … I am now very happy and take pride in being a Quranist Muslim woman… I love Islam very much now thanks to you …. God bless you, sir …   


  God bless you, our daughter, and we do assure you that our writings are now found exclusively online; you can use a printer to get copies and distribute them yourself if you like to all your loved ones whom you think are interested in being guided to Quranism. Thank you.




My French Friend

Published in June 17, 2015



Question: … My non-Muslim French friend is a very cultured man who is interested in anthropology, history, and religion of the world … He once asked me, as a Muslim, about one thing: if God is Omniscient and He knows the future, how come the Quran was not revealed to Muhammad as a whole text in its entirety at one time; why it was revealed gradually in verses at certain occasions for years? Can you help me answer his question? Thank you, sir…


   We have written before about the Night of Decree, mentioned in the Quranic Chapter 97, when the entirety of the Quran was revealed by God, through arch-angel Gabriel, to the heart of Prophet Muhammad in the Night Journey, during the lunar month of Ramadan, which is also named the Night of Decree, at Al-Aqsa Mosque, which is in our opinion Mount Tur in the Sinai Peninsula, where Moses before him has received the Tablets of the Torah. Muhammad later on recited the verses separately on certain occasions ad events. More details can be found on our book titled: "The Night of Decree Is The Night Journey".      




Me and My Late Wife

Published in August 20, 2016



Question: … I am a 60-year-old man and I prayer daily … My late wife was bed-ridden for five years before her death … I did my best to give her tender, loving care, and I served her all the time, to the extent that I used to help her defecate and urinate and I was the one who used to clean and bathe her … I comforted her and tried as much as I can to relieve her suffering … May God have mercy upon her soul … my question is as follows: while my wife would be asleep, I used to get into sex chat online with some women … I never met anyone else and I never had extramarital sex at all. This sex chat occurred so many times during these five years … Shocked by my wife's death, I feel now guilty; I weep daily and cry myself to sleep every night, because I have been unfaithful to my wife and that I committed a sin against God. I am now afraid that God may punish me! What am I to do? Any advice?    


  We implore God the Almighty to reward you for your care and love toward your late wife; indeed, few loving husbands do what you did. As for your sin, it is a small, minor one, and God will pardon you for it, if He so wills, as long as you repent and feel remorse because of it, and judging by your words, you seem to be determined not to return to such sin. God bless you.        




Attacking Us!

Published in August 21, 2014



Question: … Some people are spreading online a series of articles to vilify and insult you, Dr. Mansour, and to verbally abuse all Quranists … I have enclosed such articles to you with this message along with one long article authored by me to refute them … Please edit my article and add to it if you have time … You can publish the reply and refutation on your website of course … God bless you …


  Please, our dear son, do not pay attention to any criticism or verbal abuse directed at us or at Quranists in general; such attack on us will prove beneficial as many people who do not know about Quranism will get curious to read our view on our website. We need every possible publicity; our trend of Quranism is moving forward and we are not to waste our time responding and refuting any verbal abusers. Besides, the Quran forbids real believers from debating with those who mock and try to undermine or refute Quranic verses, so as not to be among the polytheistic disbelievers like them. Every attack on us is useful; those with reasoning minds will know about us and read our archive and reach to the conclusion that Quranism is real Islam. God will settle our differences within the Day of Judgment; let us pray implore the Almighty to be among the winners in Paradise.





Published in January 14, 2007


Question: … Who are Houris of Paradise mentioned in the Quran? are they females, as I have discerned from the Quranic verse 55:56? Are there male Houris for women in Paradise? Thank you...


 Let us remember the fact that Hell and Paradise have not been created yet by God, and the same goes for Houris. We tend to think that when winners among human beings will enter paradise, they will be new immortal creatures, that are neither male or female, created from their own good deeds. For all Paradise dwellers, God will create pure Houris for their enjoyment. Our limited human imagination  cannot fully envision or see in our minds the intense pleasures of Paradise.  Please read all our articles on that topic for further details.




Sinning Disobedient Writer

Published in August 16, 2011



Question: … I have read most of your writings, admired only by seekers of the truth like myself … Thank you for you endeavors and brilliant writings … I'm a Quranist now because of you … I feel that the only problem that your intellectual foes are still slandering you and cast doubts on your piety and even your being religious … What do you think?  


  Let us suppose that we might be a sinner or a disobedient person who writes opinions, articles, books, and researches online; being a person who disobeys God might be my own problem, not the readers'. Thus, we are not to judge writings of any author based on his/her personality or deeds; for we are no politician who is eager to please people to elect him. we are a free thinker who demonstrate a line of thought online, and we never impose our views on anybody. The best method is objectivity; i.e., to put a barrier between the opinion and its author. We can judge opinions and not persons who have authored them. It is not important who says or writes the Truth; what is important is Truth itself. Of course, we are not implying that we never commit errors or mistakes in our writings. No author or thinker is infallible. God bless you.    





Rituals of Funerals

Published in May 13, 2015



Question: … What are the true Islamic rituals as far as funerals are concerned? I do not approve of current rituals performed in Egypt at funerals and burials; how can we pray for the soul of the deceased in an Islamic manner? Thank you …


1- Prayers for the dead person is to implore God to have mercy on him/her. Such prayers uttered in any phrasing (not a specific one) directly after burial, as per the Quranic verse 9:48. There is no prayers or service to be performed at mosques at all.

2- Such uttering of prayers to implore God for having mercy on the soul of the deceased does NOT influence or benefit the dead person at all; his/her fate is already determined by his/her deeds and faith, and the dying person already have seen angels of death telling him/her about their irrevocable fate, to be seen after the Day of Resurrection.

3- Thus, uttering a prayer for mercy is beneficial ONLY for those who uttering it, as they obey God as per 9:48. 

4- Any rituals at funerals are cultural aspects that has nothing to do with Islam at all; in fact, most of these rituals are derived from earthly, man-made, fabricated religions in the past (the Pharaonic religions, for instance) and at present (Sunnite Wahabi creed, for example). It is silly to talk to a corpse and to assume it hears you; it is silly to think that the corpse will be tormented until Doomsday or enjoy Heaven inside tombs and cemeteries. All corpses decompose and turn to dust. 

5- Rituals of funerals in Egypt are pretty much the same among the Muhammadans and Copts as all Egyptians imitate their forefathers the Pharaohs within their myths of Isis and Osiris. Rituals of funerals differ from one country to the other as per ancestral myths dominant there.    





Challenge Is Confrontation

Published in August 31, 2012



Question: … For months now, I've been roaming mosques to preach Quranism to people after they perform congregational prayers … I try to simplify your ideas to them, without mentioning your name … I sometimes distribute copies of your ideas and articles to people inside and outside mosques, without mentioning your name or mine in them … Would please you give me more ideas on how to proselytize safely without having to deal with those who want to attack me or to dispute harshly with me? … People get angry with me when I quote this Quranic verse 31:21 to them when I preach within Friday sermons sometimes … Thank you …


   Personally, we urge you to go on copying and distributing anything from our archive; feel free to do so, and you do not have to mention our name, so do not worry about that. We feel glad that pious preachers like you make good use of our archive. Yet, we assert here to you that the real challenge is confrontation; people yawn when they hear the Quran and are used to listening to it without paying much attention. You must try to influence them by shock; you must refute the Sunnite falsehoods by showing how they contradict the Quran as ancestral traditions are the route to Hell: "And when it is said to them, "Follow what God has revealed," they say, "Rather, we follow what we found our parents devoted to." Even if Satan is calling them to the suffering of the Blaze?" (31:21). If people got angry and verbally abused you or attacked you, you will know for sure that you have shaken their Satanist deep-seated notions. Their shock may drive them to reject you at first, but later on, some of them will deeply think and reach the Truth. Some of them will adamantly refuse to be proven wrong and will reject the Quranic Truth to adhere to Sunnite myths of their ancestors. These are the real disbelievers to be avoided by you. Within both cases of those who reject the Quranic Truth and those who will discard myths to adhere to the Quran, you will have been to them like a wake-up call that have stirred their soul and driven them to think and reconsider. Your problem is that you must shock people by being outspoken while you tell the Quranic Truth, and bear patiently with any possible harm or verbal abuse while keeping away from those adamant in refusal. This is better that preaching the Quranic verses while they are yawning.        





No Pardon Here

Published in June 30, 2013



Question: … What is the limits of pardoning others? … I have been discussing many topics with some of the Muhammadans who adore and worship Al-Bokhary, and they tell me that he wrote that every 'Muslim' must pardon any offenses and trespasses of other fellow 'Muslims', and never to abandon his brother more than three days. Can any Muslim pardon any offender indeed? What about someone who has raped someone else's wife, should the husband forgive and pardon him?! … Thank you …  


  There is no pardon here in such a case; this is a crime that must be punished in this world first before the next, for the sake of deterrence. Such criminal is not a Muslim. The word ''Muslim'' means literally in Arabic ''a peaceful, trusted person''. This is the meaning of Islam in terms of behavior and demeanor. Its meaning in terms of faith is obedience and submission to God alone. This meaning in terms of faith is judged only by God during the Last Day. The former meaning in terms of peaceful demeanor is judged by people in this life. Polytheism and disbelief in terms of faith are to deify things and mortals as 'holy' associates beside God. Polytheism and disbelief in terms of behavior or demeanor is committing aggression, violence, and injustices. Thus, crimes like murder, rape, violence, sabotage, etc. are committed by criminals who are not to be deemed as Muslims; the worst thing is when terrorists (à la Bin Laden) ascribe their heinous crimes to the religion of Islam. People are allowed to judge behaviors as violent or non-violent, peaceful or aggressive, because the crimes committed harm others and cause material damage that must be revenged. As for being misguided or guided in terms of faith, this is judged only by God in the Hereafter. Hence, there is no pardon or forgiveness for the criminals who commit rape.       





Muhammad Was not Poor

Published in March 3, 2014



Question: … I lived through a nightmare for years in Libya under Kaddafi regime, but I live in Europe now … I read a lot of traditional books of the Sunnite religion, and I was never convinced and had many questions  … I feel happy to be able to read your Quranism website that was censored and blocked in Libya … I feel happy to be a Quranist now … I have had this question for a long time: How Muhammad lived money-wise as he preached God's message? Was he a poor or a rich person? One cannot anymore trust books of Sunnites to seek any answers. Could you provide me an answer using the Quran alone? Thank you in advance …    


   You are very welcome in our Quranism website. Please read our articles on history of Muslims and the ones on Quranic stories, and you will find answers to many questions. As per the Quran, we deduce that Muhammad was rich; we quote this verse to prove it: "O you who believe! Do not enter the homes of the Prophet, unless you are given permission to come for a meal; and do not wait for its preparation. And when you are invited, go in. And when you have eaten, disperse, without lingering for conversation. This irritates the Prophet, and he shies away from you, but God does not shy away from the truth…" (33:53). This means that people used to enter Muhammad's house to eat and drink, and linger for a long time and he used to be too shy to ask them to leave. This shows that he was rich to feed so many people. Besides, Muhammad was striving for God's cause with his time, endeavor, money, and his life, like all sincere believers with him: "But the messenger and those who believe with him struggle with their possessions and their lives. These have deserved the good things. These are the successful." (9:88). This shows clearly that Muhammad was rich. The liar named Al-Bokhary wrote in his many-volume book that 1) Muhammad was too poor and had ate at houses of others, and that 2) Muhammad died while his shield is pawned at the pawnshop of a Jew in Yathreb! You see now clearly how Sunnite books are mere falsehoods that contradict the Quran.     





The Truth and Disbelievers

Published in December 22, 2011



Question: … I am worried whenever I hear words of Sunnites who have discarded the Quran by placing the narratives of hadiths and Sunna above it to replace it totally … What is their fate in the Afterlife if they died as Sunnites and not Quranists? … Am I, as a Quranist, better than all Sunnites around me? Does the devils  cast clouds of doubt upon my mind?! Is what I say part of devilish whispers?  Or am I too proud and thinking myself better that the rest of people? I am extremely worried; what do you think?  


   You should bear in mind that real faith/belief is piety coupled with good deeds and acts of charity. This meaning and application of faith is the guarantee for real believers to bear in mind always, during their lifetimes, the Last Day and the hope to enter Paradise in the Hereafter. Such real believers will not care for transient possessions of this world nor for any worldly struggles for ambitions, because they know they are leaving this world anyway when they die. Such Truth and the daily self-judgment cause real believers to adhere to piety and the fear of God in all their doings and to implore God for forgiveness if they fall into the trap of committing any sins, as they repent and atone for their sins regularly by doing many good deeds and charity works. Real believers never feel they are infallible; they remember God all the time and readily repent.

  As for your question, when real Quran-believing people see the Muhammadans who adhere to myths and falsehoods an reject the Quran, they realize that Quranists are monotheists and the Muhammadans are polytheists who deify mortals, mausoleums, and other items. It is their fault that they discarded and abandoned the Quran, especially regarding Quranic descriptions of monotheists and polytheists. real Quranists like you should know that if the polytheistic Muhammadans who die without repentance from polytheistic beliefs and practices will enter Hell in the Last Day. This should never trouble you at all. Of course, you know that polytheism annuls all good deeds of a person during the Day of Judgment; see 39:65. There are those atheists who persist in denying God until they die, after spending their lifetimes preaching and calling others to deny God. There are those terrorists who commit indiscriminate killings using the name of Islam and jihad after distorting God's religion. There are those who deify tombs and dead people like the so-called 'saints', 'theologians', 'scholars', and 'imams'. Hence, if such groups die without repentance as they went on disobeying God, they are surely residing in Hell after the Day of Resurrection. Real repentant ones who committed aggressions, violence, and crimes must declare their repentance in public. As for those who corrected their faiths into monotheism, they can do this repentance on their own privately, as faith is a matter between one and God alone. May God help and guide you.       

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