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Issued by:Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour , Translated by: Ahmed Fathy
Fatwas: Part Four

Fatwas: Part Four

Issued by:Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour , Translated by: Ahmed Fathy


The Phrasing of the Testimony in Prayers

Published in April 6, 2007

Question: …  If the phrasing of testimony during prayers is 3:18 inside the Quran as you, Dr. Mansour, assert in your writings, and if you claim that this was the one during Muhammad's lifetime, what about testimonies uttered by Sunnites now during prayers? Where did they come from?…       


        Within our book titled "The Book of Prayers", we have asserted that based on historical evidence and on our background in historical studies, the different phrasings of testimonies are made up with the passage of time by many people and it is influenced by Sufi tenets and myths in the Mameluke era in Egypt and the Levant, especially the myth of Muhammad's assumed ascending to heaven. Through research within the Quran (as the only source of the divine, celestial religion of Islam), as detailed in our book, has yielded one result: the real testimony phrasing to be said during prayers is 3:18, and this of course, we presume, is similar to Abraham's religion that preceded Islam centuries ago, and which the Quran was revealed to correct. Sadly, this phrasing, 3:18, was deliberately ignored and other many contradictory phrasings were fabricated, especially during the Sufism-dominated Mameluke era.      




I Cannot Forgive

Published in October 15, 2007


Question: … My problem is that I hardly ever forgive. And I never forget insults, trespasses, and harm caused to me by others … I cannot forgive and forget those who have done me wrings and injustices, and those who have used their power and authority to humiliate me … on rare occasions, I forgive only those who apologies to me for verbal insults or any mistake … otherwise, I will never forgive wrongdoers who have intentionally harmed me, even if the sky would fall on earth or when hell freezes over … feelings of being unable to forget injustices are no longer bearable … I feel tormented daily … Any advice?    


     Our dear son,

   You must learn to forgive and forget by forcing yourself to do so; make a conscious effort to achieve this. You must combine this with reliance on Almighty God to retrieve your peace of mind. Trust God who will defend, protect, and avenge you as He will punish the evildoers and the unjust people one day, in this world, in the next world, or both worlds. Forgetting is the first level of forgiving, and the next step is to pardon others by busying oneself with good deeds, charity, acts of worship, etc. to earn one's place in Paradise, based on true faith and belief in the One God, without other deities or associates, as per true Islam: Quranism. Get busy reading and contemplating the archive of articles and books on our website; you are still a young man, with your future ahead of you. The future belongs to you and your generation, while your foes are old men who assume to own the present but will die soon and will not exist in your future. Power, authority, and money are never owned forever by any mortal. Those powerful persons who have harmed you will not remain in power for long. Do not take so much upon yourself; never waste your time thinking about them or following their news; stick to patience (a great higher value in the Quran), and rely on God as the Only Ally and Supporter of real believers.




Afflicted Believers

Published in May 12, 2016



Question: … Why our Arab/Egyptian traditions and folklore contain the notions that all believers must be afflicted with harm within the whole duration their lifetimes and that fire will not burn believers … Are such ideas Islamic or mythological? Thank you …


   Such notions are Middle-Ages myths; fires in this world may burn anyone caught in them (believers, disbelievers, atheists, etc.), and Hell-Fire is the everlasting abode of all disbelievers in general. All human beings (believers, disbelievers, atheists, etc.) are living within the test of life, and they are experiencing ordeals, calamities, catastrophes, etc. Hence, even real believers are no exceptions to this rule within the test of life.      




Am I a Thief?!

Published in February 19, 2016



Question: … My husband is a rich and generous man, who gives a lot to his family members … My father is very poor and raise my six siblings who study in high-school and at universities, and he struggles to make ends meet. I feel bound to help my father financially, but I feel shy telling my husband that I am doing this using his own money he gives me … Inwardly, I know he would not refuse my helping my father … I give my father what I save from my household expenditure, without my husband knowing it. Am I a thief?! My father told me to tell him about what I am doing so that I avoid the assumed sin of theft. What do you think?


   Of course, you are not a thief, but we feel bound to tell you that you should inform your husband beforehand, before giving any financial help to your father or anyone else, using your own husband's money. In addition, you should ask his forgiveness for giving your family some money without his consent; you have deceived him by making him think you spend all the money he gives you on household expenditures. Small mistakes are bound to lead to bigger ones; mutual trust is the basis of conjugal happiness, and you should leave no room for any doubts at all.  One's spouse's folks and how to treat them is a sensitive issue for young married couples; your husband is not responsible for spending on your father's family; he must be informed to make him do this willingly after approving what you do, because this is his money. Explain your situation wholly to him and win him to your side as a loving wife who never hides anything from her loving husband.     




We Had To Do It

Published in March 30, 2011



Question: … I am a Quranist and so is our family members, and all of us love and respect you, dear Dr. Mansour … We felt shocked to watch you in a YouTube video appearing in a talk-show within a Christian TV satellite channel that tarnishes the name of Islam, with a TV presenter who was a former Muslim converted to Christianity … Of course, I know you talked about political issues and how Islam has nothing to do with terrorism and violence, and I agree with you, but why did you accept to appear within that anti-Islam channel of proselytization in the first place? … With due respect to you, why did you feel urged to appear on that channel? …


     Our dear daughter,

  You are welcome to our website. Our answer to your question is that we feel bound, as per the Quran, to never hide the truth if I am called upon to talk about our religion; see 2:159. Personally, we do not care about the ulterior motives or objectives of any channel; we care only for clearing the name of Islam, which is innocent of those who have tarnished its name by ascribing their terrorism to it. A reformer is to deal with those who need reform; we cannot refuse to speak the about the Quranic Truth within any channel. This Christian channel has allowed us to talk through it on two separate occasions, causing Christian fanatics and extremists to criticize the channel for hosting us as a guest to speak about Islam. We were verbally abused in cyberspace by Sunnite Wahabi extremists as well, and we do not care about such criticism. Of course, you know we have nothing but our website to voice our views and theories pertaining to Quranism; it is a great opportunity to be outspoken in telling the Truth via other venues, pulpits, and channels to reach out to more viewers and win them to Quranism. We feel bound to seize any chance offered outside our website in order to make people know Quranism as real Islam, which is refuting the devilish narratives of Sufis, Shiites, Sunnites, and terrorist Wahabis. Any channel that allows us to talk uninterrupted is good publicity to us; even Christian viewers may realize the difference between real Islam (the Quran alone) and deeds and acts of the Muhammadans, especially the terrorist Wahabis. Such viewers will get to know that not all Muslims are like Bin Laden. To stifle or hide the Truth means that one deserves the curse of God. Please accept and convey our best regards to your blessed family.                




Future of Quranists in Egypt

Published in May 27, 2014



Question: … What do you think of the future of Quranists in Egypt as the presidential elections draw near?  


   We hopefully expect that Quranism and the Quranist trend will flourish and spread more among Egyptian people now after Egyptians got rid of the terrorist MB rule in July 2013, and because Quranism is compatible with the modern-age culture (i.e., democracy, freedom, human rights, and human dignity). Our expectations also include the fact that Salafism and Wahabism will dwindle in Egypt until they disappear forever, because it belongs to the past and to centuries-old traditions of the deified mortal forefathers whose culture was based on tyranny, corruption, injustice, oppressions, and compulsion in religion. We do believe that Egypt is entering a transitional period from which it will emerge as a real democracy, and such positive change will take place by Egyptian youths, who represent the majority of Egyptians, who will draw plans of their future. Within two presidential terms, the generation of senile powerful men will die, and when they are gone, the culture of tyranny, oppression, and suppression will come to an end, especially by corrupt Wahabis and military men. Egyptian youths will rule Egypt in the near future, and they will be better than generals and Wahabis, as enlightened youths will maintain democracy, freedom, human rights, and human dignity and will combine Islam (Quranism) and the modern-age culture. We are very optimistic; but we think we will not live long enough to witness the coming strong Egypt rising to lead the Arab world. When this happens, remember us and pray for our soul to attain God's mercy.        




Do You Still Have Hope?

Published in March 31, 2012



Question: … Dear Dr. Mansour, you have been writing for decades about the veritable danger posed by the terrorist MB and Salafists and their likes among Wahabis … Yet, the more Wahabism are attacked and criticized, the more sympathizers Wahabis gain. Do you still have hope, or do you think that Wahabis will invade Egypt more than ever before? … Thank you.    


   Personally, we believe that  reformers and thinkers never despair  at all, for many good reasons; chief among them is that they do not seek material gains or rewards and never try to serve their personal interests. Reformers and free thinkers are men and women of principles and they remain engaged with their theories to address the current generations and the next ones who will come after reformers are dead. Reformers and thinkers will have their names  immortalized in history. If they are religious reformers, like ourselves, who seek to elucidate true Islam and its Quranic tenets to please and gratify God, they will be rewarded in the Hereafter by being among witnesses about their age and people during the Day of Judgment. When those thinkers specialize in history of Egypt, like ourselves, they never lose hope, as they realize the facts of the modern era and know for sure the movement of history. We mean here to assert that all backward trends that contradict the modern age will be defeated eventually, however mighty they appear now, especially when Egyptians will remain steady in their resistance by proper awareness to warn all people against Wahabi terrorism. We have written in the 1990s (when Wahabis committed heinous terrorist crimes in Egypt) an article in Egypt to assert that real thinkers never lose the glimmer of hope.     





The Terrorist MB Group and Legitimacy

Published in July 10, 2013



Question: … It is funny that the MB members in Egypt are repeating the term ''religious and political legitimacy'', since the Egyptians deposed the terrorist MB president in the aftermath of the 30th of June 2013 Revolution that involved more than 30 million Egyptian demonstrators … It is funny that the terrorist MB members never realize that all Egyptians hate them now because the MB members hae betrayed Egypt and Egyptians to please the USA, Qatar, and Israel… What do you think? 


  You are absolutely right; the so-called or alleged legitimacy of the Wahabi MB members is a myth of their own fabrication to hide their greed for wealth and lust for power; as if no one is fit to rule Egypt except terrorist Wahabis. The terrorist MB members are a veritable danger that Egyptians have got rid of soon enough, and we thank the Lord Almighty for it. 




Atheism and Drunkenness

Published in May 15, 2012



Question: … I am an atheist now, but I am still reading about religions until I came across your website by coincidence … I watched your videos on YouTube, and I feel bound to ask you some brief questions … I never read anything in the Quran to prohibit drinking wine or to get drunk, except before performing prayers … I also think that you argue against Quranic verses and intentionally twist their meanings to serve your theory of Quranism. Can you answer me?!   


   Clearly, you have read very little within our website archive of articles and books; there are hundreds of articles and tens of books waiting for you to read them and you will find all answers to your questions in them. It is up to you; to read or not to read. This is your own life and freedom; we will not lose anything if you die as an atheist or win anything if you die as a real believer in the Quran. we do not care. We do not interfere with personal freedom of people. Thank you, and please accept our regards and best wishes for your health and happiness.




Devilish Mausoleum

Published in October 25, 2013



Question: … Is it OK as per Quranism to visit the mausoleum containing Prophet Muhammad's tomb and pray beside it? … Thank you…


   Such devilish mausoleum is something pagan and heathen, fashioned and forged by Satan. Such mausoleum has been built for the very first time during the Abbasid era, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with the burial place of Muhammad. Historically, Muhammad was never buried in a tomb with an epitaph; he was buried in the room of his wife, Aisha, who continued to live in the same room until she died during the caliphate of Mu'aweiya, the very first Umayyad caliph. When the Umayyad caliph Al-Waleed Ibn Abdul-Malik was enthroned, he ordered the demolish of all rooms of the dead wives of Muhammad to rebuild and expand the Yathreb mosque. No one at the time cared to verify the burial place of Muhammad. During their rebuilding process, they found a bone in the sand, and they were afraid that it might have been part of the skeleton of Muhammad's corpse, but they reburied it elsewhere. Many caliphs later rejuvenated and expanded the Yathreb mosque. Within later decades, the devilish idea of making this mosque a holy location or ground or a sanctuary like Mecca and the Kaaba emerged and drove people of Yathreb to randomly choose a location inside the mosque to build the epitaphs and mausoleum, claiming that Muhammad was buried underneath this spot. They sanctified this tomb and worshipped at it in a form of pilgrimage. This is polytheistic paganism which has nothing to do with Islam. As the Hindus and Buddhists fill their temples with money, precious stones, etc., the Muhammadans honored their assumed buried deity by offerings, precious stones, money, etc. inside this mausoleum within iron boxes and chests. No one dared for centuries to snatch and rob such things for fear that their deity, an immortal Muhammad who lives underneath the ground (!), would take revenge. The Muhammadans have made this imaginary Muhammad as a supreme god controlling the universe and is far more superior than Allah! When the very first KSA was established, the Saudis confiscated all precious stones and treasures of this mausoleum when they conquered the Hejaz region that included Mecca and Yathreb. They also robbed similar treasures from Shiite 'holy' mausoleums in the Iraqi cities of Najaf and Karbala.               





Published in May 23, 2007



Question: … Is Masturbation prohibited in Islam? It is never mentioned in the Quran? What is your opinion? …     


  The Quran prohibits masturbation, though the term is never mentioned in the Quranic text; this entails a brief explanation. Let us contemplate upon these verses about traits and descriptions of real believers: "Those who work for charity. Those who safeguard their chastity. Except from their spouses or their slaves (to whom they are married) – for then, they are free from blame. But whoever seeks anything beyond that-these are the transgressors." (23:4-7). Chastity in this Quranic text refers literally in Arabic to hiding their genitals away from any extramarital sex or illicit sex. Of course, a female/male believer may not hide their genitals and may not be chase with their spouses of the opposite sex: free spouses or those who were slaves and were freed to marry their owners, within the era when slavery was permitted. Thus, a female used to buy a male slave to free him to get married to him legally with a contract, and a male used to but a female slave to free her to get married to her legally with a contract. The rest of the Quranic Chapter 23 talks about other descriptions of real (male and female) believers in God and in the Quran. Hence, the verse "But whoever seeks anything beyond that-these are the transgressors." (23:7) means that anyone who indulges into sexual activities of any type with anyone or alone, apart from one's spouse, is a transgressor. Such activities include masturbation. Yet, masturbation is a minor sin or mistake, not a major, grave one, because during masturbation, one imagines a fantasy that did not occur in reality, followed by ejaculation and a feeling of relief and release of sexual tension. Hence, masturbation is not fornication, but it is getting nearer to fornication by imagining fantasies and touching and/or rubbing one's genitals. This nearness to fornication in thoughts and deeds is prohibited as per this verse: "And do not come near fornication…" (17:32).     





Masturbation Again

Published in April 16, 2012


Question: … Is masturbation OK in order to find an outlet or sexual release instead of adultery or in order to avoid adultery in extreme cases? … Or is it prohibited in Islam? Thank you …


   Prohibitions within the Quran are within certain two degrees, for immorality (or fornication) and for transgressions (aggressions, injustices, tyranny, etc.); there are major, grave sins and minor, small sins or mistakes. God will pardon small sins if believers avoid major, grave ones: "If you avoid the worst of what you are forbidden, We will remit your sins, and admit you by a Gate of Honor." (4:31). Those forgiven will be among those on the Right in Paradise, a lower degree in comparison to the forerunners in Paradise. Of course all sexual immoral acts are prohibited, and we are not to come near them: this is strict form of prohibition in the Quran by the divine command to avoid certain items: "…That you do not come near immoral behaviors, whether outward or inward…" (6:151). "And do not come near fornication. It is immoral, and an evil way." (17:32). Hence, we are not to come near anything related to sexual thinking that lead to fornication.  Yet, since it is a basic instinct to think of sex, we are to avoid sexual bad language, touching anyone in a not-so-innocent way, ogling and leering with our eyes, watching pornographic material, guarding our looks by moving them away from any sexual stimulus, etc. Yet, all these are small, minor mistakes or sins, and no one is immune against them 100%. Masturbation is a small sin, but when must endeavor to repent from it, stop this sort of addiction, and to do many good deeds to atone for it and so that God will remit such sin: " To God belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on earth. He will repay those who do evil according to their deeds, and recompense those who do good with the best. Those who avoid gross sins and indecencies-except for minor lapses-your Lord is of Vast Forgiveness…" (53:31-32).    




Danger of Salafists

Published in May 18, 2011



Question: … Political Salafists are increasing now in Egypt, and this is posing a veritable threat to Egypt and its civil State that most of us want it to be secular and democratic … What do you propose to expose them and save Egypt from falling into the Wahabi-rule quagmire?


   Of course, no one can deny that Wahabi Salafists are posing a grave danger, and they harm Egypt and Islam. Within the Mubarak regime (1982-2010), the Wahabi Salafist spread their ideology within most mosques, schools, media, and universities in Egypt; they manipulate the name of Islam and confiscate its banner unjustly, though Sunnite Wahabism has nothing to do with the Quran (real and only Islam). Salafists have done that using financial aid pouring into their pockets from the KSA. The Saudi regime used to order Mubarak to persecute and imprison Quranists in Egypt as they expose Salafism/Wahabism as a sham creed and a false religion that has nothing in common with Islam. Quranism is the only tool that will make Salafism/Wahabism dwindle until it will vanish soon, if Quranists are allowed into Egyptian media to expose Salafism using the Quran and by showing the contradictions between Salafism and the Quran. sadly, the relationship between cronies of Mubarak and Salafists did not end in 2011; rather, it was strengthened. Our worst fear for Egypt is when thousands of Egyptian youths convert to Salafism and be duped and deceived to commit terrorist acts. Indeed, Salafists and all Wahabis are time-bombs inside Egyptian cities.

  There are two types of solutions to such a problem:

 The long-term solution of issuing new legislations and laws:

1) New laws must be issued to ban any manipulation of mosques in political propaganda and for religious doctrinal debates or preaching, while all sermons of Friday congregational prayers should be confined to moral aspect of Islamic/Quranic values, seldom preached in mosques nowadays in Egypt. As for those who what to be free to preach Salafism/Wahabism (or indeed secularism, Christianity, Shiite creed, Sufism, Baha'ism, etc.), they can do this within media, societies, centers, clubs, cafés, forums, etc. away from houses of worship. All harmful mosques must be retrieved from those who spread terrorist and extremist ideologies and political propaganda of the terrorist MB members and Salafists. To dedicate mosques to the worship of God alone is the real meaning of the motto: God is the Greatest. Mosques should never be used for worldly purposes to seek political ambitions of this transient world.

2) All laws that restrict freedom of speech, self-expressions, proselytization, creativity and artistic expression, freedom of thought, and religious freedom must be annulled. Egyptian courts must never judge anyone for expressing his/her religious and political opinions in public. The first law to be abrogated is the so-called "contempt of religion" law, which prevents anyone from exposing Salafism and Wahabism.  

     The quick, immediate solution:

 This is the one that should be applied now to save Egypt: to allow Quranists to voice their views outspokenly within Egyptian media to expose Salafism and refute Wahabism. Quranists are the only qualified people to do so. If this would happen, Egypt will return to the liberal era of the great thinker and religious reformer Muhammad Abdou (who died in 1905) and his enlightened school of thought when he headed Al-Azhar. Quranists are the ones who have built their intellectual trend on the school of thought initiated by M. Abdou and have spread their trend in cyberspace in Arabic and in English. Egypt badly needs a modern vision of Islam, not a backward, obscurantist Salafist vision that may lead to its collapse. The future and part of the present time will be favorable to Quranism. Salafism and Wahabism will soon be  gone as they are no longer compatible with the modern age. Quranism is the future of the Middle East, but it must start from Egypt: the leading pioneer country in the region. Those who help Quranists spread their message will be joining the caravan of enlightenment, and those who persecute Quranists will be thrown into the dustbin of history. This dustbin has already received Mubarak the tyrant and will soon receive obscurantist Wahabi/Salafist ignoramuses.          




It Is No Use!

Published in December 9, 2011



Question: … I am a Quranist and I feel extremely frustrated … Whenever I expose falsehoods of Al-Bokhary and other authors of traditional books of Sunnite religion, using the Quran and your Quranist vision, people hate me for it; some stopped talking to me, and some call me apostate and infidel … What shall I do? I want to save them by showing them true Islam … I am fed up with their ignoring me and their rejection of what I say … Any advice?



    Those who listen to the Quranic Truth feel it entering their hearts, however adamant in their rejection they become: "Thus, We slip it into the hearts of the guilty. They do not believe in it …" (15:11-12); "Thus We make it pass through the hearts of the guilty. They will not believe in it until they witness the painful punishment." (26:200-201).


    Intellectual jihad by preaching and spreading the Quranic Truth entails high level of patience; see the Quranic Chapter 103, as those believers who adhere to patience, perform good deeds, preach goodness, and believe in the Quran will be among the winners in Paradise in the Hereafter. We advise you to go on and be patient in your intellectual peaceful jihad of preaching God's Word and exposing contradictions of the Sunnite religion; you should be perseverant as much as you can so as not to be among the losers I the Hereafter.  





Published in July 14, 2016



Question: … I suffer bouts and fits of depression, and sometimes I verbally abuse and quarrel with my wife without being able to control myself. I become irritated easily, and I suffer lack of certain hormones as my doctor told me, and my psychiatrist is trying to help me now. My bangs of conscience are tormenting me; my wife is bearing patiently with me because she knows I am ill. Will God punish me for mistreating her? … It is out of my hand; I cannot control my temper… what shall I do? … I feel guilty … Thank you.


   God will not judge except intentional behavior, and not uncontrollable one: "… There is no blame on you if you err therein, barring what your hearts premeditates. God is Forgiving and Merciful." (33:5). As for your case, you should perform more additional prayers and to have more patience by practicing self-restraint: "O you who believe! Seek help through patience and prayers. God is with the steadfast." (2:153). It is good that you resorted to doctors seeking treatment. Try to please your wife as much as you can; she seems to be an understanding, loving type. Explain fully to her details of your ailments and progress in treatment and remedy. Remember this verse and read it daily: " God does not burden any soul beyond its capacity. To its credit is what it earns, and against it is what it commits. "Our Lord, do not condemn us if we forget or make a mistake. Our Lord, do not burden us as You have burdened those before us. Our Lord, do not burden us with more than we have strength to bear; and pardon us, and forgive us, and have mercy on us. You are our Lord and Master, so help us against the disbelieving people."" (2:286).




How to Be a Quranist

Published in May 15, 2012



Question: … For several months now, I have read most of your articles and books, Dr. Mansour, and I admire your logic, analyses, and arguments … I am not veiled and I am not an extremist woman, and I would like to be a Quranist. I feel that I have found true Islam that I looked for it for years, the real Islam addressing the mind, heart, and soul. But I ask you how to convert to Quranism; is there a certain ritual? Thank you, sir …


  You are welcome, our dear daughter, but we would like to inform you that Quranists are not a sect, group, denomination, or a new faith. We are a reformist intellectual trend showing true Islam (Quranism) within cyberspace to proselytize real Islam among the Muhammadans who reject and abandon the Quran. This rejection of the Quran by the Muhammadans in every era has been going on since centuries ago until now. Each Quranist participate in our website as per her/his capacity. We have researchers writing articles, writers of comments to discuss topics, those who translate books and articles, and those who spread Quranist articles via cyberspace to make Arabs get to know the website and read its archive. Another mission of ours is to make non-Quranists and non-Muslims get to know real facts and tenets of Islam found in the Quran only and exclusively, in order to clear the name of Islam and its reputation (tarnished by Wahabis and other terrorists) from accusations of terrorism, fanaticism, obscurantism, backwardness, and extremism. Islam is Quranism: the Quran alone, and it is a great religion of peace, whose reputation is tarnished by the Muhammadans who ascribe their crimes to it. there should be real Muslims (i.e., Quranists) who will dedicate their life to the Quranist intellectual endeavor to seek to gratify God by defending Islam.   




Devilish Petty Matters

Published in July 29, 2016



Question: … Some people are obsessive about their cleanliness before performing prayers; some think that after urinating, some drops of urine would be still coming out while they are walking. They get irritated for having to change their underwear many times to allaying their worries, fears, and doubts about cleanliness and clean clothes fit for performing prayers. What do you think is the solution to  such obsessions? Many of such people are not suffering in ailments at all. Thank you…  


   We have written before about the fact that cleanliness and ablution before performing prayers are based on alleviation and facilitation, not introducing more hardships and intricate rules never mentioned at all in Islam (the Quran alone). There is no need for doubting every move and being obsessed with cleanliness; as long as one has performed ablution or Tayammum, it is OK to pray. Such obsessive doubting is a type of devilish whispers over petty matters and trivialities that certainly aim at making one unable to perform acts of worship to avoid complications one brought upon oneself for no reasons at all. It is futile to argue about over-cleanliness while forgetting that piety in all acts of worship is of paramount importance. Piety is to fear God and to worship Him alone without other mortal deities, and it also means to deal gently, kindly, and charitably with all people. One is to focus on dedicating one's acts of worship and one's religion and heart to God alone by worshipping, revering, honoring, praising, glorifying, sanctifying, and deifying Allah alone, without any mortals (prophets or other people: saints, imams, etc.). It is a sad fact that the Muhammadans deify a mausoleum in Yathreb, thinking that it is the tomb of Muhammad, their imaginary entombed immortal deity that supplants God! The Muhammadans worship a complete pantheon: Muhammad, his family members, his in-law, his progeny, his companions, as well as countless saints and ancient imams. Many of them worship at tombs and mausoleums of the so-called saints, thinking that their pagan polytheistic act is part of Islam! One should doubt such pagan rituals instead of doubting if a drop of urine might fall into one's underwear. Let us focus on avoiding devilish whispers of polytheism and doubting one's cleanliness; no one will enter into Hell because a drop of urine in one's undergarments; people who live within polytheism and without piety are the ones who will dwell forever in Hell as disbelievers in the Quran.





Falsehoods of Ours about the MB

Published in February 3, 2015



Question: … Dr. Mansour, stop telling lies about the MB members! … They are good religious people who seek no harm at all! … Do not be among those who rejects the application of Islam in political and social aspects of life! … You do not really understand the Quran for what it really means to tell us! … Stop being an enemy for Islam for the sake of earning US$, and stop being sick! The MB members are better than you are! … God will punish you, Dr. Mansour! … Stop slandering and verbally abusing the MB with your rumors and lies! …  


   We, Quranists, differ in our political views; this is expected and permissible, but we are unified in one stance against those who manipulate religion and then name of great Islam as a step to reach power, authority, and ill-gotten wealth or for the sake of transient possessions of this temporary world. We receive no money from anyone. We are very poor money-wise, but our wealth lies in our minds and our belief in God and His Word. We stand united against those who misuse the Quran to endorse terrorist acts, massacres, looting, enslavement, and other injustices and heinous crimes in the name of God and His sharia. We, Quranists, refute such falsehoods of the Sunnite Wahabis (especially the terrorist MB group members established by Britain) and Salafists using the Quranic verses themselves and our knowledge of history of the Muhammadans. We are your intellectual foes and you are among our foes who reject Islam (Quranism), as the religion of peace, and are furious because they cannot refute views adopted by Quranists. We implore the Almighty to make us, Quranists, witnesses over those Muhammadans during the Day of Judgment.   






One's Age Is Pre-ordained

Published in August 10, 2016



Question: … I implore the Almighty to grant you more years to your age with excellent health … I love you as a dear father to me, and all Quranists like myself need you and your writings … I eventually know real Islam through your writings … May God reward you in Heaven … All of us learn from your wise words daily … God bless you …


   Thank you, our dear son, but allow us to assert to you here that it is no use to pray for longer life for oneself or for others whom we love; one's age is pre-ordained by God before one is born, by years, days, and seconds. No one can postpone the moment of one's death: "But God will not delay a soul when its time has come…" (63:11); "No soul can die except by God's leave, at a predetermined time…" (3:145). Hence, once one is born, the countdown timer or stopwatch for one's moment of death (known only to God) is already ticking and set in motion: "… No living thing advances in years, or its life is shortened, except it be in a Record. That is surely easy for God." (35:11). Hence, every minute of one's lifetime is registered in one's record of deeds written by angels. Hence, no one will live longer than one's lifetime pre-determined for one by God. It is no use imploring God to grant anyone longevity. Thank you again.





Why Am I a Muslim?

Published in February 22, 2014



Question: Dear Dr. Mansour … I would like you to help me refute and respond to atheists who question my faith … Their two posed questions to me are as follows: (Why am I a Muslim?) and (How can I prove that I am not following the devils?) … I consider you as a dear Godfather to me … God bless you … Thank you …


   To be a real Muslim is to deal with people peacefully, charitably, kindly, justly, and gently, based on one's free choice and one's will. This is the very first layer of meaning of the term ''Muslim''. The second and last one is to devote and dedicate one's religion, faith, acts of worship, good deeds, etc. to God alone, and believing in the Quran alone as God's Word without any other books. This is done based on personal choice and free will, of course. Some choose other options like worshipping mortals and tangible items: this is choosing to worship devils/Satan. There are those who reject God's final message to humanity (the Quran) to prefer to believe in other man-made books (like countless 'holy' books authored by ancient Muhammadans). During the Day od Resurrection, one will certainly find the consequences of one's choices made during one's lifetime on earth. God bless you. 

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