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Issued by: Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour, translated by: Ahmed Fathy
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Fatwas: Part Seven

Issued by: Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour, translated by: Ahmed Fathy


Our Problem with Al-Bokhary

Published in July 10, 2016


Question: … What's exactly you problem with Al-Bokhary and the Sunna conveyed by him?! … How has this historical figure harmed Muslims of today?! …


  We have no personal problem with the historical figure Ibn Berzaweih (or Ibn Bardizbah in Persian) which was the first name of the person surnamed Al-Bokhary, who was a Persian magi and a known writer who died in 256 A.H.; rather, our problem is with his many-volume book, not with its author. Our problem is that the Muhammadans have made his book 'holy', despite the fact that it is filled with nothing but myths as well as insults toward God, Islam, and Muhammad. Actually, the whole book is based on lies and falsehoods related to content of hadiths/narratives ascribed falsely to Muhammad two centuries after his death and related to the series of narrators who allegedly recounted such lies. We have covered that topic in many of our writings; Al-Bokhary hadiths are figment of his imagination, and they reflect the culture of his age. All hadiths in Al-Bokhary and elsewhere have nothing to do with Islam and Muhammad. As long as the 'saint' Al-Bokhary and his book remain sanctified by others as 'holy', the Muhammadans will remain backward and misguided. It is our mission to enlighten them. By the way, there is no personal problem between us and Al-Bokhary and his followers 'the Bokharians'; rather, our dispute with them is based on faith/belief: would we believe in mythology of Al-Bokhary and his likes or in the Quran alone as the only discourse in Islam? We have chosen the latter as per God's verses: "These are God's Verses which We recite to you in truth. In which message, after God and His revelations, will they believe?" (45:6); "In what message, beyond this, will they believe?" (77:50); "…Which message, besides this, will they believe in?" (7:185). God will judge Quranists and Bokharians in the Afterlife, when all of us will surely know who was right and who was wrong as God will settle our disputes in religion.          




Canada Quranists

Published in December 21, 2016



Question: …  Have you any followers in Canada, Halifax? I am on the verge of depression or madness, and I need help … I want to know quickly more about Quranism … Reading the so-called hadiths repelled me from belief, and I have no other options left but to convert either to Quranism, Christianity, or atheism…


  We have no 'followers' in Canada or elsewhere; we have brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters in Canada and all over the world. Let us hope anyone among our fellow Quranists in your city may contact you! Why do not you read the entirety of our archive online first?!




Why Al-Bokhary

Published in September 19, 2014


Question: … In your opinion, why did Al-Bokhary author his book? What benefit did he gain from inventing and fabricating such myths?! … Thank you …


       Al-Bokhary belonged to clergymen of the Persian religion called Mazdakism who feigned conversion to Islam to scheme a devilish plot to destroy it from within. This plot was hatched after the Persians failed to cause the collapse and downfall of the Abbasids; they favored another route, which was to undermine Islam itself by adding their myths and fabricated narratives. This explains the fact that historically, most of the narrators (or rather authors and fabricators) of hadiths during the Second Abbasid Era were of Persian origins. Notably, most leaders of revolts that occurred during the First Abbasid Era were of Persian origin. When their military, armed revolts failed, their intellectual war emerged in attempt to undermine Islam (the Quran). The Abbasid rulers welcome such narratives authored by Persians because the Abbasids themselves were pioneers in fabricating such narratives to promote and propagate their dynasty before, during, and after their struggle to end the Umayyad dynasty and to take over the throne of caliphate. Hence, hadiths multiplied exponentially by many known and many anonymous authors through the decades, under the auspices and sponsorship of both the Abbasids and the Persians, especially when the Shiite religion emerged and both the Shiites and the Sunnites vied for followers and supporters and were at intellectual war against each other. The main weapon in such intellectual war was, of course, the fabrication of narratives and hadiths. This applies to all books of the Shiite, Sunnite, and Sufi religions, as they are separate religions that contain nothing but myths and balderdash that have nothing to do with Islam. For further details on that topic, we refer you to our book (in English) titled "Penalty of Apostasy" on the following link:  




About Al-Bokhary

Published in January 1, 2014



Question: … I am a Belgian citizen. 2 years ago, I started a personal path to filter out what is valid from my inherited thoughts and what is not. Since the beginning, I was confronted with Al-Bokhary. I first tried to know Al-Bokhary himself, his context (history, geography, etc.) before trying to get my opinion on his work. I fully agree with you about the invented hadiths ... in what is called "Sahih Al-Bokhary". But I also fully disagree when you attack Al-Bokhary personally and his intention. Maybe you are right may be not. I believe that no one is able to know the intention of an author 1200 years later. It's not a scientific approach, and it's a pure speculation. I got a precious critical help from my wife (she is a historian and an archeologist), and we came to the following conclusion about the work of Al-Bokhary. The approach taken by Al-Bokhary is a pure scientific approach: material, method and results. 1. Material: raw and unverified information he started with. Information could be a story, a hadith, a myth or anything reported to him. 2. Method: setting up a filter based on his personal criteria (good or not) to filter out the raw material and collected information. He made information pass through the filter, would keep it if passes the filter, and would reject it if not. This has nothing to do with religious beliefs ... 3. Results: his book, which was titled later "Sahih Al-Bokhary". This title is actually a good marketing name. In my humble opinion, Al-Bokhary book is a scientific historical and anthropological book that has the merit of telling us information on society at that time. And this book should be treated as a book. We can be hard on the content but not on the author. As I already said, I fully agree with you and I appreciate a lot you analyses about the so-called "hadiths" reported in "Sahih Al-Bokhary". But I fully disagree to personal attack on the author. This is not accepted in a scientific approach and actually has a negative impact on what you try to demonstrate. By attacking him personally on his thought and intention, you are actually highlighting this book as a religion textbook and incurring an extreme reaction from those who put this book at high revered position after the Quran itself. And the debate will definitively shift to an emotional debate rather than a scientific one based on data, results, and evidence. We all should respect Al-Bokhary as author and demonstrate that his book is simply an anthropological/historical book as any ordinary books of that genre. Many thanks for all the knowledge you are bringing to us and please accept my best regards …


      When you read more on our website, about Al-Bokhary and his likes who had written narratives of Sunna and hadiths, you will see clearly that you and us agree with one another. The historical figure or the person of Al-Bokhary is none of our concern; rather, we care to refute his book and his methodology in distorting Islam, Muhammad, and meanings of Quranic verses. Please read our book on hadiths and their methodology and how they were gathered. All hadiths of Al-Bokhary reflect his age and culture and his earthly, man-made, fabricated religion, and NOT Islam. Likewise, hadiths invented by the Ibn Hanbal doctrine followers caused the destruction of Baghdad (capital of the Abbasids) at one point in time. The problem is that the Muhammadans have inherited the sanctification of names of the so-called companions of Muhammad, imams of hadiths, scholars, theologians, etc. within the narratives of the Sunnites, Shiites, and Sufis. The Muhammadans are filled with horror when Quranists criticize such names and their books and/or actions. Please accept our best regards. For instance, if one would stand in a square to curse loudly ''Ibn Berzaweih'', no people would notice at all; if one does the same using the name of Al-Bokhary, one might get killed or seriously injured by passers-by among the Muhammadans! They do not know that ''Ibn Berzaweih'' is the first name of Al-Bokhary! They just worship and deify the name! most of them even never read the book of Al-Bokhary! Likewise, an Egyptian who would curse Al-Sayed Al-Badawi (the saint whose mausoleum is located in the Delta city of Tanta) in a square in Tanta, people would kill this curser, as they worship this saint as a god beside Allah! If the same person would curse ''Ahmed Ibn Muhammad Ibn Ali'' in Tanta, people would barely notice; though this is the first name of the so-called saint! Such is the worship of names deified by people, God warns us against such bad habit in the Quran; see 12:40, 53:23, and 7:71. As a historian, we maintain that most of the historical accounts written about Al-Bokhary and his book are falsehoods; generations of the 5th century A.H. deified and worshipped Al-Bokhary and wrote volumes in praise of him to elevate him above humans. In later centuries, people inherited such deification of Al-Bokhary, without even reading his writings at all. When we began to criticize writings of Al-Bokhary and to prove how he contradicted the Quran, some people felt terrified and told me to stop! Some who partially agree with me insist that Al-Bokhary books might be edited and re-edited to exclude corrupt narratives. We told those that this is a waste of time: the amount of correct items in Al-Bokhary is 0%. They should have fear of God; the worst unjust persons are those who ascribe falsehoods to God and His religion by ascribing lies to Muhammad to misguide people.   





To Curse Wahabism

Published in November 10, 2012



Question: …A friend of mine has cursed the Wahabi religion, is it OK? … He did not mean Islam, of course, as he is a Quranist who knows that Islam is the Quran alone and that it has nothing to do with Wahabism, but can we curse and/or verbally abuse other religions in general? …Thank you …


     As per the Quran, it is prohibited to verbally abuse the deities or gods of other religions: "Do not insult those they call upon besides God, lest they insult God out of hostility and ignorance. We made attractive to every community their deeds. Then to their Lord is their return, and He will inform them of what they used to do." (8:108). It is not considered verbal abuse to describe something correctly in truth; when Quranists criticize words, deeds, or acts of mortal figures/imams of Sunnite Wahabism, Wahabis consider this as slander and verbal abuse; it is not. Any author or writer might commit errors; to be human is to err. When we have proved the errors committed by Al-Bokhary, Ibn Taymiyya, Ibn Abdul-Wahab, etc., in their writings that contradict the Quran, we have been deemed as an apostate, heretic, or infidel by Wahabis who deify those figures and sanctify their writings as 'holy' texts. As for cursing, it is OK for those who died as a polytheistic Muhammadan, but we mean here descriptions of polytheism as per the Quran, and NOT to curse someone in particular by the name. God has cursed the deniers of the Quran and those who distort its meanings: see 2:159-161. As for curses uttered by human beings, these curses are not verbal abuse, as they are invocation upon God not to have mercy on someone. 






The Foul-Mouthed Al-Bokhary

Published in February 14, 2016



Question: … I was indeed surprised when I watched your YouTube episodes titled "Exposing Salafism" … Does Al-Bokhary indeed use the 4-lettered words and the 'F' word in describing acts allegedly ascribed to Prophet Muhammad and his contemporaries? Did some pejorative, taboo words have ameliorated, ordinary meanings in the past centuries within semantic changes in the Arabic tongue? Could you please explain this issue further? Thank you …  


      It was the foul-mouthed Al-Bokhary who used such taboo words and slang terms to insult Islam, Muhammad, and the Quran; it is no use depending him by resorting to linguistic studies adopted by Sunnite ignoramuses or sheikhs to defend their deity called Al-Bokhary. The words you do not like have had the same levels of meaning and denotations today as the ones related to the 3rd century A.H. Arabic tongue. Al-Bokhary focuses in his narrative on bawdy, lewd stories to verbally abuse and to undermine Muhammad and he uses the 4-letter words that refer to sexual acts in his fabricated narratives to tarnish the reputation of Muhammad. Some passages in Al-Bokhary are mere pornographic material, with bad language that one cannot use normally in daily life. Al-Bokhary ascribes promiscuity and using bad language to Muhammad to undermine him and thus destroy the authenticity of Islam in general. The only account of Muhammad's lifetime for us to believe as 100% true is found exclusively in the Quran. God has said the following to Muhammad: "And you are of a great moral character." (68:4). God has chosen Muhammad to reveal the Quran to him because he was a moralistic person with high level of ethics.






I Cannot Help it

Published in August 15, 2012



Question: … I feel always distracted within my acts of worship (prayers, fasting, etc.) because I cannot help thinking of sex and women … I can no longer concentrate … I tried to focus on piety, but I could not … Any advice?     


    One cannot get rid of all devilish whispers altogether once and for all. Devils never give up trying to seduce and tempt one to commit errors and sins, especially when one performs acts of worship and charity as well as good deeds. Devilish whispers might cause one to be too vain and conceited and to think that Paradise is assured because he/she is a Quranist. Other devilish whispers might be to cast doubts on one's acts of worship to feel despair and question their doing them properly or their utility. Other devilish whispers might be to commit sins regularly and atone for them by acts of worship, giving pretext for more sinning to go on and be committed later. Your type of devilish whispers revolves around thinking all the time of having sex. Acts of worship have but one goal: to teach us piety; they are means to attain piety. Piety has two meanings: to fear God always all our lifetime, and to treat people fairly, justly, equitably, and kindly. One is to seek refuge in God to protect one from whispers of devils, before performing any act of worship. One is to always remember that God does not need our acts of worship; it is we who need them to enter into Paradise by obeying God. One is to always remember death; one's lifetime is a chance to do one's best to avoid Hell in the Hereafter. One is to always remember Quranic verses describing Hell and to implore the Almighty to make one keep piety, righteousness, and devoutness all one's life. One is to always remember God's Magnificence and Dominance while performing prayers; one is to be mindful of the Hereafter and placing one's hope in the mercy of the Lord. If one gets distracted for seconds during prayers, one is to continue praying as focused and concentrated as possible for the rest of one's prayers. This is why kneeling and prostrating are repeated in the five daily prayers. Let us all remember that real believers are in daily struggle against devils for a lifetime. As for disbelievers and polytheists, they never struggle against devils who control their minds and hearts, thinking they are sure 100% that their residence is Paradise whatever they do during their lifetime on earth.           





Sexual Desire

Published in November 13, 2009



Question: … Few years separate my age from that of my husband. Our children are adults now… During our married life together, I suffered his egoism as far as having sex is concerned; he never cared about my needs, desires, and feelings in bed. My husband used to care only for satisfying his lust without thinking of me and of the good timing. As years went by, I stifled my feelings at first, but now, I can bear it any longer. I told him frankly about the problem, but he quarreled with me! I started refusing to have sex with him, and he was furious. He threatened me by a hadith about angels that curse wives every night if they do not gratify their husbands. He told me that I am being unjust and unfair toward him and that I do not love him anymore. I  told him why the angels would side with husbands and not frustrated wives. Do angels have time to curse women every night indeed? I never believe in hadiths, for I am a Quranist thanks to you … But I need you to tell me if I have wronged my husband or not. Is he on the wrong as well? Have you any pieces of advice to me? Thank you …


  Firstly: the issue of sexual desire within a Quranist point of view is a topic that we will tackle within a coming article; the sexual problems of married couples are ever-present in the Arab world, and they deserve special attention.

  Secondly: briefly, we assert here that you are on the right and the your husband is on the wrong; he is the one responsible for your lack of feelings for him, because he has not apply God's command in this verse: "Your women are cultivation for you; so approach your cultivation whenever you like, and send ahead for yourselves. And fear God, and know that you will meet Him…" (2:223). The Quranic phrase '' send ahead for yourselves" is addressed to men to arouse an prepare their wives sexually and sentimentally for coitus, as this is beneficial for both husbands and wives on the emotional, psychological, and physical levels. Though the husbands have the initiative apparently in desiring to have sex with their wives anytime, but they have to spend enough time in foreplay, enough to arouse their wives properly so that wives are fully ready for having sex with husbands. If husbands do not do this, they are to blame.        

  Thirdly: we thank you for your mocking the false hadiths about angels cursing wives; patriarchal society norms made scholars invent such a lie to make wives submissive, while insulting Islam and God by fabricating such lies/hadiths. Hence, Sunnite fiqh/jurisprudence is biased against women and for men, even in what is related to sexual relations in married lives.

  Lastly: in all details, and not only basics and general rules, the Sunnite sharia contradicts the Quranic sharia.





Al-Bokhary and Rashad Khalifa

Published in March 20, 2007



Question: … Was Muhammad indeed the Seal of Prophets? What about messengers? Could there be any messengers after his death? The American-Egyptian Rashad Khalifa once proclaimed himself as the so-called ''Messenger of the Covenant'' … What do you think?


   There is no problem if one addresses and talks to God during prayers and supplications; but there is a huge problem if one thinks that God is talking to him/her. Such a liar is assuming himself/herself as a messenger. This is a grave sin as per the Quran: " Who does greater wrong than someone who invents falsehood against God, or says, "It was revealed to me," when nothing was revealed to him, or says, "I will reveal the like of what God revealed"? …" (6:93). Hence, divine revelation ended by the death of Muhammad, the last of all prophets and messengers, and the completion of the Quran: real and only source of Islam. Anny assumed revelation after that means, ipso facto, the emergence of earthly, man-made, fabricated religions. This is what human beings do in all eras; even the Muhammadans, after the death of Muhammad, adopt three earthly, man-made, fabricated religions, and countless doctrines and denominations within these three umbrella terms: Sunnite, Shiite, and Sufi creeds. All sharia laws related to the earthly, man-made, fabricated religions of the Muhammadans contradict the Quran totally. To make these earthly, man-made, fabricated religions pose overtly as 'Islam', the Muhammadans claim in their falsehoods that their books replace and supplant sharia of the Quranic verses! This is absurd; as a result, 'holy' 'infallible' ancient books of Baha'is (e.g., Al-Aqdas), Sunnites (e.g., Sahih Al-Bokhary), Shiites (e.g., Al-Kafi), and Sufis (e.g., Ihiaa' Olom Eddine) are placed above the Quran as if such books replace it! as for real Islam (Quranism), the Quran is the only reference and source of Islam for those seeking guidance and desire to know God's religion. The Quranic text is protected by God Himself from being changed, and this protection will go on until the Last Day, so that it remains intact for all people until Doomsday. Yet, Satan/the Devil never give up as far as tempting Adam's progeny is concerned. God tells us in the Quran that Satanist/devilish revelation will go on; it is the basis of earthly, man-made, fabricated religions, especially when someone would claim that he receives revelation from God, a sin committed by Rashad Khalifa and many others in all eras. Such sin of claiming to be a prophet/messenger will go on until the End of Times, as per what Satan has declared when he refused the divine order to prostrate before Adam; see 7:13-17. Before Rashad Khalifa, numerous men and women claimed to be prophets, and numerous people believed them. What is worse than this claim is to think that Islam is not complete in the Quran and to believe that another revelation after the Quran (i.e., the so-called Sunna, imams, Sufis saints, etc.) is vital to know Islam! This sin is common place for centuries and is committed by today's Muhammadans. Therefore, God asserts the fact that believers are to believe in one discourse in Islam as God's Word: the Quran. many Quranic verses assert that the worst type of unjust ones are those who ascribe falsehoods to God and reject His verses. This applies to those who believe in the narratives of Sufis, Sunnites, Shiites, etc. and those who assume that Al-Bokhary and other books are 'divine' revelations and part of Islam. Those people are worse than those who claim to be prophets; followers of these modern false prophets are few people, while the Muhammadans are millions who assume and suppose that their myths are part of Islam. The number of Baha'is and followers of Rashad Khalifa are nothing in comparison to the number of the Muhammadans. Rashad Khalifa, years before his assassination in the USA, told people that he received 'divine' revelation, and he wrote about this in a newspaper he owned. We ourselves have witnessed that when we visited the USA at the time, and when he told us to join him, we refused and disowned him as a fabricator and a liar.                





The Unaware Ones In Hell or Not

Published in February 9, 2012



Question: … I read on your website daily to learn about real Islam that I have been looking for …. I know you are too busy and I will be brief …Most Muhammadans are the ignorant, gullible masses who do not know they are on the wrong to suppose that the earthly religions are Islam, and many of them are religious ones and good people who are unaware of real Islam (Quranism) … Will God accept their good intentions and good deeds despite their lack of good faith (Quranism)? Can their ignorance of real Islam be excused by God? … I am worried about them … What is your opinion? God bless you, sir …   


       To think that being ignorant or unaware is an excuse is an old controversial issue for centuries, as we discern in most books of traditions and until now. God will judge those people in the Afterlife; and this matter is left to Him. Yet, this will not hinder our thinking about the topic to deliver our opinion based on our relative and personal, and therefore not absolute, understanding of the Quran. we brief our opinion in the following points below.

1- This issue is a very personal, individual one pertaining to each believer alone; we are not talking here about the masses of the unaware Muhammadans who think that their creeds pertain to Islam; rather, we talk about each person unaware of the Quranic Truth, regardless of this person's doctrine, creed, denomination, era, location, etc.

2- Ignorance or unawareness of God or true religion is part of the nature of human beings because of the deviation and distraction of devils that make people focus on transient life instead of the everlasting, eternal one; even Go in the Quran has told Muhammad that he was among the ignorant ones before the Quranic revelation given to him: "We narrate to you the most accurate history, by revealing to you this Quran. Although, prior to it, you were of the unaware." (12:3). Yet, each person or individual carries the true innate nature that the universe has a creator and that there is higher values in which most people believe, like charity, justice, freedom, equality, etc. Hence, each person has a superego or conscience about what is right and what is wrong: "And man will be evidence against himself. Even as he presents his excuses." (75:14-15).

3- To wake up from being ignorant and unaware, God sends catastrophes and calamities to make us re-think and reconsider events of our life and repent and remember death, the Afterlife, and the Day of Judgment.

4- Hence, we are to take heed of such wake-up calls from Fate; God tests each of us during our lifetime on earth, and our innate nature must make us realize that we are to obey God and work on winning our place in Paradise. We are to judge ourselves and repent and make sure we follow the path of righteousness and the true religion of God.

5- Anyway, in this life, God does not punish those who are unaware, those who forget, and those who are forced into the ways of sinning; rather God punishes those who commit sins willingly. Anyway, each person is born with the big questions inside their brains: "Who created people and the universe and why?'', ''Why the humankind is created?'', ''Who is God?'', etc. Hence, each person will reach the conclusion that there is God the Creator, without any other deities beside Him, if each person reflects upon nature, the earth, the heavens, and creatures. If one applies one's reasoning mind deeply, one will certainly realize the absurdity of the myths of worshipping things or creatures or mortal human beings. Thus, to get to know the Truth is easy and available for all human beings without much efforts; yet, the falsehoods are being maintained by being unaware, ignorant, disinterested, or by not to care about one's position in the Afterlife. Satan and devils are on a mission to make the progeny of Adam forget about the Afterlife and God. being ignorant or unaware is a state that does not go on unless one chooses to keep it, until one's death. This makes one deserving Hell; one has no excuses after spending a lifetime deliberately without thinking of the eternal life after one's death.


  When one gets to buy a kilo or a pound of meat, one makes oneself quite sure of its quality, price, weight, type, etc. so as not to get deceived by the butcher. This shows that one is fully aware and not ignorant as one cares not to be deceived, despite the fact that this kilo or pound of meat will be eaten and turned into excrement within few hours. In contrast, most people accept and choose to be ignorant and unaware of their future life in the Hereafter; they rarely care to work hard on it to win Paradise, and they willingly accept to be deceived by corrupt clergymen who trade in earthly, fabricated religions. Most people accept to be duped and deceived by willingly offering money, donations, votive items, oblations, etc. to clergymen and mausoleums, and they obey blindly all words of clergymen. Such unaware, ignorant ones are deliberately choosing this; this is no excuse to be spared from Hell if they die without repentance and without knowing and applying real meaning of Islam: submission to God alone. In that case, they choose ignorance and being heedless willingly, and they are not forced to overlook their reasoning minds and to never use them. "Those who do not hope to meet Us, and are content with the worldly life, and are at ease in it, and those who pay no heed to Our signs. These-their dwelling is the Fire-on account of what they used to do." (10:7-8); "We have destined for Hell multitudes of jinn and humans. They have hearts with which they do not understand. They have eyes with which they do not see. They have ears with which they do not hear. These are like cattle. In fact, they are further astray. These are the heedless." (7:179). God says nothing but the Truth.     




An Eye For An Eye

Published in January 6, 2016



Question: … If someone plucks out an eye of someone else, what is the Quranic rule to be applied in that case by rulers as per court ruling issued by a judge? … Thank you.


   We find the answer in the following Quranic verse: "…a life for a life, an eye for an eye, a nose for a nose, an ear for an ear, a tooth for a tooth, and an equal wound for a wound; but whoever forgoes it in charity, it will serve as atonement for him…" (5:45). This means that retribution of the same type of injury is lawful, unless victims forgives the evildoer and accepts ''diyya'', which is financial compensation/indemnity in return for the offense, whose sum or amount of money is decided by the specialized authority like the State or the court.   




My Jewish Fiancé

Published in January 2, 2011



Question: … Her 'Muslim' colleague deceived her, but her American Jewish boss saved her … This boss proposed to her, provided that he keeps his Jewish faith and she keeps her Islamic faith … Is it OK for a Muslim woman to marry a Jew? She knows her parents will not approve of it, but can she marry him without  her father's consent? Can you write the marriage contract for her and hold the ceremony at the IQC of yours, Dr. Mansour? Could you convince her parents to give their blessings to this marriage? … Thank you …   


  A Muslim woman can marry a Jew, a Christian, an atheist, and any man of other religious denominations, provided that he is a peaceful non-violent person who is not a terrorist. Those men whom women cannot marry as per the Quran who are aggressive and violent in terms of demeanor and behavior, using any religion to call for and commit massacres. We are not to judge future husbands as per polytheistic faiths or different denominations or beliefs, as this type of disbelief is dominant among and apply to almost 99% of human beings and as such aspect is judged by God alone in the Hereafter as He will judge our differences and settle our disputes in faith. Until the Day of Resurrection comes, human beings are to live in peace and intermarry regardless of differences in faiths, religions, and beliefs; peace is what counts in marriage, because it is Islam in terms of demeanor and behavior. Accordingly, this Muslim woman can marry her Jewish boss as long as he is a peaceful man. We are ready to hold and perform the ceremony and write the marriage contract at IQC, as we are legally authorized to do so in VA. We are ready to talk to her parents to explain to them that this marriage is legal as per the Quran as long as the husband is not a religious terrorist massacring others and committing acts of terror and violence in the name of religion. Thank you.        





Stop That Arrogance!

Published in June 11, 2015



Question: … I am and atheist who discarded Islam 20 years ago … Months ago, I have discussed certain topics, online, with some Quranists and they told me about your website, Dr. Mansour … I have read some of your books and articles; I am beginning to reconsider many things, but I still have many questions to put to you … If you convince me with your answers, I might become a Quranist myself; here is the first group of questions I pose to you …


  Thousands like you contact us via email or our website, to say condescendingly that they are about to believe and their arrogant discourse shows them as thinking we have ample free time to respond to their desire to debate and discuss what we have already discussed in our archive of books and articles. Their questions are the same as they repeat it over and over, despite the fact that we have answered them previously tens of times. Those who really and faithfully seek guidance can read thousands of articles, fatwas, and comments and tens of books which are available on our website for free, waiting to be read by all. This is enough; please stop that arrogance of yours. It is none of our concern that someone somewhere would believe or disbelieve. This email above is typical of the dominant type of ordinary 'cultured' persons who brags their ignorance: they hate to spend several months in serious reading of our archive and demand from us ready-made answers (akin to takeaway fast food) to fit the size of their tiny brains and superficial knowledge. Those atheists address us arrogantly as if they challenge us or seem to think that their atheism is harmful to us or their belief is useful to us. In fact, we do not care if they believe or disbelieve: this is each person's individual freedom and personal choice, bearing the consequences in the Hereafter, as per the Quranic rules. That a person believes or not in Quranism is none of our concern at all; our personal concern is to be guided and die as such in order to enter Paradise. Our personal concern is to strive for God's cause within our intellectual peaceful jihad via cyberspace and elsewhere, by using the Quran alone (faithfully dedicating our endeavors to God alone) to reform people who themselves wants to be reformed by knowing the Quranic Truth. We never feel saddened by those who reject Quranism, never feel happy by those who convert to Quranism, and never feel sorry when our intellectual foes verbally abuse, criticize, or attack us. What we care for is to gratify God by our writings and deeds and to be rewarded in Paradise. Lastly, we tell you this final word: you are welcome to our website to read all our archive and articles by our fellow Quranists if you like; and peace be with you if you read and learn and also if you withdraw and move away from our website. Thank you.         





Trials and Tribulations of an Egyptian Mother in the West

Published in November 23, 2014


Question: … I am an Egyptian woman who immigrated to a West country along with my 9-year-old son ... My son is treated by a psychiatrist because he suffers a trauma, among other ailments, as he witnessed severe persecution we have undergone in our native country … my son seems to be depressed all the time and distracted … Can I read and recite Quran to him to make him feel better? … I tried to make him learn how to pray, but he adamantly refuse … He is very stubborn and he does not feel welcome at our new country at all … He is giving me daily so much troubles that drive me crazy … I wish I can help and advise him but he never listens to me … Any advice? 


  Any pieces of advice coming from a loving mother to her son must be closely intertwined with 1) her motherly affections and tender, loving care, and 2) her ability to arouse his sense of being a responsible young man and that you need his moral support in such hard days to stand by you as an asylee whose affairs and life are not yet firmly settled. You should beg him and coax him that you as his mother need his support and help to readapt to this new life in a new country. You must assure him that both you and he need God's aid and should together implore Him for it. make him pray with you as your prayers' imam within the five daily prayers. Tell him Quranic stories about patience of prophets who faced ordeals, like Abraham, Muhammad, Noah, and Job, and how that bearing patiently and steadfastly with calamities will make both of you manage to surmount all difficulties. Give him hope in the new country in which you currently resides, telling him that the early years may be difficult as one has to re-adapt and acculturate to fit in, but with the passage of time, you and he will have been rooted in this country that has given shelter, protection, and livelihood. Tell him he will be a father to a great, successful family one day. May God help you in this world and the next. 




We Are Not a Tyrant

Published in September 26, 2015



Question: … I am not a Quranist, but I do think that you are a great thinker and reformer … Allow me to tell you here that you seem tyrannical and absolute about your views … You seem not to accept compromises as far as reconciling different views is concerned … Can't you be more democratic? You seem to be unable to accept different opinions that contradict your Quranist vision … Are you sure your opinions will not be fossilized or calcified later on as some might deem them as 'absolute' and 'infallible' ones? … Do you think you own the absolute truth? … Can't you imagine or bear to think that someone else might be disagreeing with your thoughts about certain Quranic verses? What do you think? …  


  We reply as follows.

1- To deduce and write innovative ideas based on Quranic verses and on history and traditions of the Muhammadans is a specialized field of knowledge; one can enter this field by dedication one's life to it, by studying and hard work.

2- Democratic societies define democracy as the right of all citizens to participate in public life and to have equal opportunity in political participation. As for scientific fields of natural sciences and humanities or human sciences, they are specialized fields with their experts and erudite ones. There are branches in Western universities to study and teach Islamic studies and all branches of historical and fiqh knowledge related to it, headed by professional specialized professors. Hence, the field of Islamic studies is part of humanities and academic disciplines of human sciences. The West countries do not allow the citizens to participate politically or to elect or participate in referendums related to such academic disciplines, right? This has nothing to do with democracy or lack of it.

3- We personally share our views online, for all people to read, and we ask their opinions and reactions in the form of comments and email messages, and we interact with and respond to them. If we are proven wrong by anyone, we acknowledge the fact and thank those who advise us.

4- Moreover, we never impose our opinions and views on anyone; no one has accused us of being tyrannical before. We are indeed the only Azharite professor to present for more than three decades new, unprecedented ideas in Islamic thought, while tackling in our fatwas issues related to Quranic sharia, politics, history, traditions, Arabic linguistics, and Arab literature. Our intellectual line of thought and Quranist school are available for everyone to peruse for free and to comment on them freely. We never assume that we have the absolute truth about anything related to religion; we present our personal view that God will judge us for it in the Hereafter. We even urge our intellectual foes to fear God so as not to refute, unawares, a Quranic verse unintentionally, because everyone bears responsibility of one's voiced views in this world and the next. Having said that, am I still a tyrant to you?!   

5- If you want to know what real religious tyranny feels like, try to discuss any Quranic topic with a Muhammadan clergyman; he will talk nothing but nonsense and falsehoods to you and may accuse you of apostasy of you dare to contradict him.

6- Fear God and do not verbally abuse us or accuse us of being tyrannical.        





The Kawthar

Published in December 22, 2016



Question: … Within the Quranic Chapter 108, titled "Kawthar", what does the word ''Kawthar'' mean? What is your Quranist vision or interpretation to the whole Quranic Chapter 108 that consists of three verses only? … Thank you …


  As for 108:1, we have said before that God has given Muhammad ''Kawthar'' which is one of the names or epithets of the Quran itself; God has not given Muhammad any revelation but the Quran. as for 108:2, God has told Muhammad that such honor of his receiving the divine revelation of the Quran entails that he would perform prayers and offer sacrificial animals for God's sake to give their meat to the poor. As for 108:3, we discern that Muhammad had preached the Quranic guidance to all people around him, but most of them denied and rejected the Quran and became enemies of Muhammad; they will be among losers as they hate both the Quranic Truth and Muhammad the Seal of Prophets. They will be cut off and will never be among the winners in this life and in the Afterlife. 





We Now Know Quranic Facts of Islam

Published in November 10, 2012



Question: … Thanks to you, dear Dr. Mansour, all of us now know the Quranic facts of Islam … Long time ago, I used to doubt the Quran because if the erroneous, faulty interpretations of it by the past and present Muhammadans … I take pride in being a Quranist now … May God reward you in Paradise for your reformist endeavors … I feel now that the Quran is easy to understand and I believe in it more than ever before … Your style of writing touches my heart and I think you are the one who helped me understand the Quran for what it is … God's message is now clear to me … I feel I can now appreciate and discern the meanings of Quranic verses by following your line of Quranist thought … I feel my belief and piety have increased … Thank you for being what you are … Keep up the good intellectual work, and God bless you …


  Thank you very much, our son. Your encouraging us is boosting our morale, especially after the attempts of Wahabi hackers to destroy our website. They do this because they cannot refute the Quranic Truth that we explain here and that expose their falsehoods. 





Two Testimonies

Published in April 14, 2011



Question: … I am a Quranist like you are … May I pose a question to you? … Is anyone mentioning or uttering the name of Prophet Muhammad in the Islamic testimony is an infidel and a polytheist? I refer here to those who does not know about the fact that there is no such a thing as dual testimony and that the real Quranic one is only in these words (There is no God but Allah) … What about those who utter the Sunnite dual one while worshipping only God and not deifying any mortals and prophets? Such people cannot accept what I tell them about the fact that mentioning Muhammad's name in the testimony is deifying him as a deity beside God. What shall I do to convince them of rejecting this polytheism?! Thank you …  


   To utter the Sunnite dual testimony is to disobey God and His Quranic commands. We refer you to our article (in English) covering that important topic as a basic tenet of Islam, on the following link:

   We assert to you here briefly that the dual Sunnite testimony that adds the name of Muhammad beside God, and indeed the triple one of Shiites that adds the names Ali and Muhammad beside God, is one of the worst forms of polytheism that the Muhammadans commit past and present. The real testimony in the Quran is (La Ilah Ila Allah) and its repeated many times as such without any additional parts. It is blasphemous to add the names of mortals (any prophets or non-prophets) to this real Islamic testimony. There is nothing called ''saints'' or ''holy mortals'' in real Islam (Quranism). Likewise, it is polytheistic to mention Muhammad's name beside God's name in the call to prayers. Likewise, the Muhammadans perform special prayers dedicated to Muhammad! This is deifying him in spite of himself after his death. Another corrupt notion that assert Muhammad's being deified by the Muhammadans is to believe in the so-called intercession of him in the Hereafter. If you utter the so-called dual testimony absentmindedly out of habit, it is OK; God will forgive you and pardon this unintentional mistake. As per the last two verses of the Quranic Chapter Two, God pardons unintentional sins and mistakes committed by forgetfulness. To obey Muhammad is to obey the only thing he obeyed: the Quran itself. Muhammad himself has been commanded in the Quran to follow the Quran. consequently, we discern that Muhammad never uttered a dual testimony: 'there is no God but Allah and I am His messenger'; when you come to think of it, you will see that this is unrealistic and laughter-inducing, right? Muhammad never uttered such a thing; of course, he used to utter the real Islamic testimony found in the Quran as per God's command to him in this verse: "Know that there is no God but Allah, and ask forgiveness for your sin…" (47:19). By the way, the Quranic Chapter 47 is titled ''Muhammad'', and God has addressed him a lot in it, apart from other commands to him (and to us as well) in other Quranic verses and chapters. The ones who really believe in the Last Day are those who work hard for it to win Paradise by making sure 100% that their faith and belief tenets are correct and reformed; it is not enough to declare in public or within one's heart that one believes only in God without associates and partners while one deifies mortals, tombs, and things, while deeming oneself a monotheist while overlooking such polytheism. By the way, polytheists and disbelievers in the Quran, who have favored and applied other texts instead, think also that they are good 'Muslims', and these verses apply to them as their description on the Resurrection Day if they die without repentance: "Then their only argument will be to say, "By God, our Lord, we were not polytheists!" Look how they lied to themselves. And what they invented deserted them." (6:23-24). Thus, every person should not be convinced that the inherited faith notions are 'enough' or 'correct' for him/her; they must faithfully and devoutly ask God for guidance and to verify the truth and reconsider all notions. When he or she would know the Truth (that we contend that it is Quranism), they should follow it and stop uttering the so-called triple or double testimonies, as this is what anyone who believes in the Afterlife and the Last Day will do. All of us are free to make a choice as far as choosing and believing religious notions is concerned. God will settle our differences and disputes in faith during the Day of Judgment.              




Preventing Polytheists from Pilgrimage

Published in October 24, 2014



Question: … Some atheists online have told me that the Quranic verse 9:28 seems racist and intolerant, as it prevents polytheists from approaching the Kaaba though in other verses, pilgrimage is urged for all people in all eras without discrimination. Is that a contradiction as atheists claim? How can I refute them? Traditional ancient books of Quranic text interpretations or exegeses are faulty and lacking …Any ideas? Thank you …    


    God says in the Quran: "O you who believe! The polytheists are polluted, so let them not approach the Sacred Mosque after this year of theirs…" (9:28). The term ''polytheists'' here does not refer to any set of beliefs or any faiths contradicting the Quran, nor does it refer to any non-Muslim who follow other creeds at all; rather, it means those who are disbelievers and polytheists in the sense of their violent, aggressive behavior and belligerent demeanor. It refers to those who unjustly fight the peaceful ones in an act of transgression and aggression. Those violent ones are to be prevented from ever entering the Sacred Kaaba Mosque, the safe haven to all people as per God's commands in the Quran. God's House is for believers and Muslims in terms of peaceful, non-violent behavior, and in the sense of those who adhere to safety and maintain security, regardless of their faiths or even lack of them. Since the vast majority of human beings are peace-loving nations who do not commit military aggressions or fighting for no reason, they can visit mecca and perform pilgrimage to the Kaaba. For further details about meanings of peaceful ones and violent ones among human beings in relation to two meanings of Islam (i.e., in terms of faith and in terms of behavior), on the following links:    





"And raised for you your reputation" (94:4)

Published in August 26, 2013



Question: … Dear Dr. Mansour … I am a Quranist … You have mentioned in your book titled "Prophets in the Quran" that Muhammad is not to be described as to be in a higher stature than that which God has assigned to him and in the manner by which God has described him in the Quran … what about the Quranic verse 94:4? Some Sunnites assert that Muhammad's reputation is raised in the world by mentioning his name in the testimony, prayers, call to prayers, etc. and that contradicted your Quranist views? Can you refute the Sunnite claims in that interpretation of 94:4? God bless you … Thank you …  


  God has raised the reputation, fame, and mention of the name of Muhammad by 1) choosing him as the last messenger sent as a mercy to the humankind, 2) praising him in the Quranic verses that people will read until the end of days, 3) making special sharia legislations confined to him and his wives, mentioned in the Quranic Chapter 33 and the Quranic Chapter 49, and 4) making Muhammad's name one of the most famous names worldwide even in the West; millions of males are called after his name. the number of authored books about him are beyond any other real historical figure. Debates go on revolving around his life for centuries. Let us remember that if it had not been for the Quran, no one would have heard of him outside Mecca and outside the 7th century A.D., and let us remember that God has raised his reputation within he frame that he is a moral human being, not above any humans; he is NOT a deity beside God in the testimony, prayers, call to prayers, etc., and he is not to be deified, worshipped, sanctified, or glorified by any means. Lastly, let us remember that within the Quranic Chapter 94, God tells us that He relieved Muhammad of his burden, and He made his heart embrace Islam and understand and believe wholeheartedly in the Quran to preach it to people; these are God's blessings and bounties granted to Muhammad. Muhammad's reputation is raised in the world because he conveyed the Quran and his name is mentioned in it. In fact, the Sunnite, Shiite, and Sufi Muhammadans are the ones who have tarnished Muhammad's reputation and the reputation and image of Islam by deifying Muhammad, as others have deified Jesus before, and by ascribing to Muhammad countless false narratives that deformed and distorted the Islamic faith.      

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