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Israelite Writings Are the Base of Man-Made, Fabricated Creeds of the Muhammadans


Israelite Writings Are the Base of Man-Made, Fabricated Creeds of the Muhammadans


Was published in Arabic in October 31, 2015

Translated by Ahmed Fathy



Firstly: a generality in human history

1- There is one celestial religion that has been descended from God to all prophets, with different tongues: "We never sent any messenger except in the language of his people, to make things clear for them…"(14:4). The Quran is the last divine message from God, brought down by the archangel Gabriel to the seal of prophets: Muhammad, to affirm and fulfill the other previous divine messages: "It is a revelation from the Lord of the Worlds. The Honest Spirit came down with it. Upon your heart, that you may be one of the warners. In a clear Arabic tongue. And it is in the scriptures of the ancients."(26:192-196). All the divine message had but one aim, apart from worshipping the Almighty alone with no other gods/deities, to urge people to cooperate to realize justice and peaceful existence. Otherwise, iron, i.e. arms, are reigning in the relations among the nations: God has revealed unto His prophets the divine messages and also has given us iron in the core of the Earth; this is a scientific fact: "We sent Our messengers with the clear proofs, and We sent down with them the Book and the Balance, that humanity may uphold justice. And We sent down iron, in which is violent force, and benefits for humanity. That God may know who supports Him and His messengers invisibly. God is Strong and Powerful."(57:25).

2- The term ''village'' in the Quranic terminology means the nation, the State, or society: that is, lands, individuals, and a political regime that rules. In most cases, past and present, people are divided into two groups: a vast majority of the weak and helpless and a minority of the filthily rich with power, authority, rule, injustice, and criminal actions against the majority. Of the Quranic facts the notion of this criminal minority that use its cunning ways and evildoing manners to control and rule the State, society, or ''village''. Individuals of such a minority struggle and have conflicts amongst themselves so often, but they stand unified against all prophets and messengers of God and all who call for justice and reform on all levels. Such a minority feel spiteful and hateful towards reformers who do not emerge from the social strata of this minority. This minority imagines that it monopolizes all leadership positions in all fields; yet, they do not realize that corrupt people can never be among the reformers. Reform entails marginalizing corruption and the authority of corrupt persons or keeping such evil to a minimum. The fate of corrupt people in a given society is Hell in the Afterlife, however high is their stature, grand is their wealth, and severe is their injustice. "And thus We set up in every city its leading wicked sinners, to conspire in it, but they conspire only against themselves, and they do not realize it.When a sign comes to them, they say, "We will not believe unless we are given the like of what was given to God's messengers." God knows best where to place His message. Humiliation from God and severe torment will afflict the criminals for their scheming."(6:123-124)   

3- This opulent minority that monopolizes wealth, authority, and power hate any type of reform and adhere to the inherited rules and ways from the ancestors in all fields to maintain their stature and position: "Likewise, We sent no warner before you to any town, but the wealthy among them said, "We found our parents on a course, and we are following in their footsteps.""(43:23). All ancestral notions of the forefathers must be maintained by such a minority using fashioned-on-purpose (quasi)religious mottos and notions from the earthly, human-made, fabricated creeds that oppose the divine religion of God that advocate justice. Such human-made creeds apply, justify, and maintain injustices in life. Conflicts and struggle exist between the minority and the vast majority in a given society, apart from the conflicts among the criminal persons in the minority for gaining more wealth and power. That is why human-fashioned creeds vary and increase in number and in different views; they are based on whims, caprices, and common bonds of interests and ambitions.

4- Justice is called for in the Quran on all levels, but in the varied man-made creeds that wage wars on one another, we find that their gods/imams unite in their vehement support for injustice on all levels toward the weak vast majority. They render injustice to God by claiming that their creeds (Sunnite, Wahabi, Salafi, Shiite, and Sufi) are Islam; God does not want injustice to all people: "…God desires no injustice for humankind."(3:108) and "God wants no injustice for His servants."(40:31).

5- Violence and severe action towards others are the epitome of man-made creeds and the exact opposite of the divine message of the Quran; in 57:25, we find in one verse the divine books and iron: one stands for justice and the other for arms and violence used by the tyrant unjust ones toward the weak ones to impose a certain regime or rule on the latter, and especially to abort any possible reform that aims at imposing justice peacefully. Reformers are forced to use arms in defense.

6- Divine will used to intervene to kill all tyrants and their followers as we know from Quranic stories, and saved were a prophet and his followers. The last story of the kind was Moses' Pharaoh. Another stage of human history emerged; injustice and tyrants still exist who follow the route of Moses' Pharaoh as their example: (see 2:11, 8:52-54, 43:56, and 28:41), but civil war atrocities occurred (see 6:65-67) along with self-defense wars (see 2:190-194 , 22:38-40, and 60:8-9) to face armed tyranny of the unjust.

7- Let us remember that divine messages have come successively to the Israelites, but injustice and tyranny went on along with man-made creeds of whims. Jews even dared to kill some prophets, and they have been punished accordingly: "…They were struck with humiliation and poverty, and incurred wrath from God. That was because they rejected God's revelations and wrongfully killed the prophets. That was because they disobeyed and transgressed."(2:61). Their killing has extended to those calling for justice, and thus, as a rule in the Quran, their punishment is severe in Hell: "As for those who defy God's revelations, and kill the prophets unjustly, and kill those who advocate justice among the people-promise them a painful retribution. They are those whose deeds will come to nothing, in this world and in the Hereafter; and they will have no saviors."(3:21-22). We notice the use of the present tense in these verses, despite the fact that killing prophets has been done in the past; this indicates that killing of reformers goes on until now. The divine message is one religion of peace and justice that is opposed by evildoers everywhere and in every era.  


Secondly: The Muhammadans and the West countries

1- An overview of the current state of affairs fills one with wonder: the Muhammadans (Shiites, Sunnites, Wahabis, Salafis, Sufis, etc.) who are Arabophones and can read the Quran easily, that is preserved by the Almighty, are the ones whose countries are where tyranny and injustice reign supreme on all levels with the supremacy of fabricated creeds supporting tyranny and injustice, and blind following to the footsteps, ways, notions, and tomes of the forefathers. In contrast, in Western countries who do not know the message of the Quran, but due to their horrid experience in the past with Church tyranny and support of all sorts of injustice, have decided to confine religion to houses of worship, not to mingle with worldly affairs. Since that decision, the Western people have explored the planet and made scientific advances. Thus, the West has applied unawares the Quranic commands of contemplating the creatures and the universe: see 10-101, 12:105-109, and 29:56-57.  In the meanwhile, the ignorant Muhammadans are still concerned with veil, niqab, beards, clothes, jihad by having sex like ISIS terrorists, breastfeeding the adults, raping female children under the guise of marriage, and historical mortal deities/devils dichotomies: Ali & Mu'aweiya and Al-Hussein & Yazeed, etc.

2- The West reached the Quranic truths by reasoning despite the fact that it does not know about the Quran, whereas the Arabs who know its language (see 12:2 and 43:3), never read, understand, contemplate, or reflect on it. Although the Quran contains so many commands of reasoning, thinking, contemplating, reflecting, perceiving, and the like, the Muhammadans never do that, and thus, these verses apply to them: "Have you seen him who chose his desire as his god? Would you be an agent for him? Or do you assume that most of them hear or understand? They are just like cattle, but even more errant in their way."(25:43-44).

3- Prophet Muhammad used to feel sad when his people shunned the message he came with, and God has said to him to consider them as the following: "And if you call them to guidance, they will not hear. And you see them looking at you, yet they do not see."(7:198) and "Nor are equal the living and the dead. God causes whomever He wills to hear, but you cannot make those in the graves hear. You are only a warner."(35:22-23). The Quran has commanded Muhammad not to feel sorry for them: "What of him whose evil deed was made attractive to him, and so he regards it as good? God leads astray whomever He wills, and He guides whomever He wills. Therefore, do not waste yourself sorrowing over them. God knows exactly what they do."(35:8) and "Perhaps you may destroy yourself with grief, chasing after them, if they do not believe in this discourse."(18:6). All the previous verses apply to the state of the Muhammadans of our days.  

4- human beings when deprived of awareness are similar to animals. Reasoning mind is the light of one's soul and heart: "Is he who was dead, then We gave him life, and made for him a light by which he walks among the people, like he who is in total darkness, and cannot get out of it? Thus the doings of disbelievers are made to appear good to them."(6:122). Unbelievers who sanctify tomes of forefathers and prefer it to the Quran are in deep darkness and think they are guided in the best manner.

5- The Muhammadans are so unconscious of their era, lack awareness, and backwardness reigns supreme in their minds; they live in the darkness of the Middle-ages notions and ways until now: with the tomes and volumes of Al-Bokhary, Ibn Hanbal, etc. among other mortal gods. They are still arguing over dichotomies of Yazeed and Al-Hussein, among others. They think of nothing but these dead deities: their so-called saints and imams and scholars. The Muhammadans are dead arguing most of the time about the dead persons. How could we possibly expect them to use their reason in such a mode of life? As long as this goes on, tyranny, clergy, and injustice remain controlling everything, while justice is absent. Conflicts and struggles never end among the Muhammadans for the sake of transient possessions and power. They destroy one another's lives; the Quran will be a tool/instrument witnessing against them against them in this world and in the Afterlife.


Lastly: Israelite writings are the base of man-made, fabricated creeds of the Muhammadans

1- God says in the Quran: "We made a covenant with the Children of Israel: "Worship none but God; and be good to parents, and relatives, and orphans, and the needy; and speak nicely to people; and pray regularly, and give alms." Then you turned away, except for a few of you, recanting. And We made a covenant with you: "You shall not shed the blood of your own, nor shall you evict your own from your homes." You agreed, and were all witnesses.But here you are, killing your own, and expelling a group of your own from their homes-conspiring against them in wrongdoing and hostility. And if they come to you as captives, you ransom them, although it was forbidden to you. Is it that you believe in part of the Scripture, and disbelieve in part? What is the reward for those among you who do that but humiliation in this life? And on the Day of Resurrection, they will be assigned to the most severe torment. God is not unaware of what you do. Those are they who bought the present life for the Hereafter, so the punishment will not be lightened for them, nor will they be helped."(2:83-86). One might wonder: why God mentions this history of the Israelites in the Quran? Why the Quran is filled with their stories? What is the aim of that?

2- The Quranic discourse has no room for chatting, reiterations, and redundancy, for it is a: "... A Scripture whose Verses were perfected, then elaborated, from One who is Wise and Informed."(11:1), "A revelation from the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. A Scripture whose Verses are detailed, a Quran in Arabic for people who know."(41:2-3), "…it is an invincible Book. Falsehood cannot approach it, from before it or behind it. It is a revelation from One Wise and Praiseworthy. "(41:41-42), and "We have given them a Scripture, which We detailed with knowledge-guidance and mercy for people who believe."(7:52). Accordingly, all discourse concerning the Jews or the Israelites is addressed to us; such a discourse is a warning to us so as not to imitate them in sins. This is a Quranic miraculous prediction; this is what the Muhammadans do now: they follow the footsteps of the Israelites.

3- It is commonly known that the Israelite writings are part and parcel of the Muhammadans tomes and volumes within every corner and page of them; i.e., in the books of the so-called interpretation of the Quran and the endless books the so-called hadiths (sayings) ascribed falsely to Muhammad after his death. It is a well-known fact that the leaders of the rise of theology are mostly non-Arabs in the history of the early Muslims. Hence, such non-Arabs are the founders of the earthly man-made creeds (Sunnite, Shiite, and Sufi creeds as well as their branches and subdivisions) that oppose real Islam (the Quran alone). Early Arab Muslims were taught by such people and learnt all about the Torah and translated freely the stories of the Israelite doubtful accounts of the prophets to be used in the so-called interpretations of the Quran and fabrications of the so-called hadiths. What worsened matters gravely is the fact that the real founder of the Sunnite creed was the (former?) Jewish man called Ibn Saba', of Yemeni origin, and later on, the devilish endeavor was continued by another Jew of Yemeni origin whose surname was Kaab Al-Ahbar (i.e., the highest Rabbi). This person joined the first Umayyad caliph, Mu'aweiya, and became the master and teacher of Abou Hurayrah, the most famous narrator of lies and fabrications that came to be called as hadiths ascribed falsely to Prophet Muhammad after his death. Hence, Yemen produced the first two leaders of the Sunnite propagation and both were (former?) Jews, who emerged in the era of the caliph Omar Ibn Al-Khattab. One of them joined the first Umayyad caliph and the other, Ibn Saba', supported Ali Ibn Abou Talib his rival and the previous caliph. Both Yemeni men called for a revolt against the caliph Othman Ibn Affan that came before Ali. It was Ibn Saba' who first called for the deification of caliph Ali shortly before Ali's death. We must conclude then that Shiite and Sunnite creeds are both founded by two Jewish clergymen of Yemeni origin, who converted to Islam as a type of disguise, of course, to infiltrate into the caliphate regime with political aims. The Shiites later on suffered throughout history from severe persecution politically and socially, and hence, its leaders founded the Sufi creed to disguise their line of thought and theology. One of the main founders of the Sufi creed is a historical figure called Maarouf Al-Karkhy (i.e., of Al-Kerak region in the Levant), who was a former Christian converted to the Shiite creed. Thus, when most Jews and Christians converted within two centuries gradually to Sunnite and Shiite and Sufi creeds, they carried with them all theological lines of thought pertaining to their former creeds fashioned by the ancients, not related to the Almighty, of course, but with a change in terminology and labels.

4- It is a Quranic miracle of prediction that the Quranic text mentions the Israelites and addresses them so often. This discourse and stories are addressed to the Muhamadans as well whose Israelite writings are so revered, honored, and sanctified by them more than the Quran; because Israelite writings are the base of all theological reference of the fashioned, man-made, earthly creeds of the Muhammadans, past and present.  Please refer to 2:83-86 in the Quran and you will perceive that with little contemplation, these verses apply to the Muhammadans of today.              

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