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The Tyrant Ruler Is the Most Powerful Deity in the Human-Made Earthly Creeds of the Muhammadans

Was published in Arabic in December 17, 2015

Translated by Ahmed Fathy


1- The human-made earthly creeds are considered to be an unjust human fabrication; propagators of such creeds ascribe such creeds to Almighty God and add more deities and gods from among the mortals to be worshipped alongside with God the Creator. Such creeds add as well idols, deities of stone, shrines, and holy tombs or mausoleums. Disbelievers visit such temples to worship in them by offering prayers and imploring supplication to stones and buildings. This is most unjust acts toward God our Creator. Human-made creeds bring about injustice to people as well; they act as the catalyst to facilitate robbing, enslaving, controlling, and oppressing people for the sake and luxury of clergymen of such creeds. Founders and keepers of such earthly creeds maintain them because they gain profits from this state of affairs; thus, they control authority, power, and wealth in a given nation.

2- The mortal deities of these specially fashioned creeds are subdivided into two types: one type is the tyrants who are making use of the human-made creed to enslave the citizens. Such tyrants ride the clergymen of the human-made creed, who in their turn ride the citizens in a given nation. This is the case of the KSA royal family; they ride and control the Al-Sheikh family (descendants of M. Abdel-Wahab who control and monopolize the Wahabi, Hanbali, Sunnite creed), and this family in their turn ride and control all Wahabi clergymen and imams by giving them very little while this family gets the greater part of the financial rewards from the KSA royal family. This applies to the military rule in Egypt; the military tyrant ruler rides and controls the clergymen and sheikhs of Al-Azhar, who in their turn ride and control the Egyptian people. The Egyptian Coptic Orthodox pope rides the Coptic Orthodox citizens, and this pope, in turn, is ridden and controlled by the military ruler who controls the military and all Egyptians as well. The same applies in all Sunnite tyrant regimes of the Middle East countries. The other type of mortal deities in the human-made creeds is when a theocracy is established and the clergymen become rulers as happened in Iran, which is ruled by Shiite clerical hierarchy. The 'grand' Shiite imam of such hierarchy rides and controls all Iranian institutions of the military, the police, court judiciary system, ministries, and government. Such bodies ride and control the poor Iranian people.

3- Revolution against the current ruling tyrant regime in a given country and its clerical hierarchy might arise within the human-made fashioned creed; because people stricken by the virus of the human-made unjust creed either might submit to tyranny and stick to that dominant creed or might revolt while sticking also to that dominant creed. Among the chief traits of the human-made creed is that it is fashioned and tailored exactly to fit in and please all parties concerned with all their caprices and whims. This was the case in all pre-Islamic societies when the Quran was revealed; their human-made creeds were fabricated by criminal tyrants who used to gain all benefits and profits. That was why such criminal tyrants refused and rejected the Quran: as it establishes justice and equality for all individuals. God says in the Quran: "Shall We treat the Muslims like the villains?" (68:35); i.e., the criteria of justice can never equate peaceful believers (i.e., the literal meaning of 'Muslims') with the criminal tyrant oppressors and unjust ones. We find condemnation of unjust tyrannical domination in the next verse: "What is the matter with you? How do you judge?" (68:36). This verse is followed by the human-made creeds and myths they fabricate to satisfy all whims: "Or do you have a scripture in which you study. Wherein there is whatever you choose?" (68:37-38). This is the true nature of every fashioned creed to satisfy all parties concerned. Every whim or caprice is turned into creed or dogma within a creed. This is exactly ascribing falsehoods to the religion of God. The mightier and most powerful within a given society will be the most vociferous and hold the most impact and influence. Hence, we read all dominant and spread fatwas and hadiths that urge blind obedience to tyrants. We seldom read a fatwa that urges the resistance of injustice and revolting against the unjust issued by the clergymen of the Muhammadans. Hence, all countries of the Muhammadans are fettered with injustice under the protection of the human-made creed that justifies the existence of injustice. The people have nothing left then but to sing the blues and feel masochistic pleasure in injustice!

4- The clergymen of the Muhammadans' fashioned creeds claim that they believe in God alone without any other partners/deities and that they worship God via prayers, zakat alms, fasting, and performing pilgrimage. In reality, such clergymen, deify, sanctify, and worship a list of deities of stone and mortal human beings. On top of such a list is a falsified character fashioned to represent Prophet Muhammad, who is in their thought and doctrines a demi-god or a divine partner that rules the universe and controls the Afterlife. This deity is for them a divine partner in azan (call for prayers), daily prayers, pilgrimage, and in verbal incessant glorification. Such clergymen later on have added other deities and idols that vary according to the locality and conditions in a given country and its earthly creed; for instance, the imams and the so-called companions of Prophet Muhammad in the Sunnite creed, the Prophet Muhammad's family members and progeny in the Shiite creed, and finally the so-called saints and their shrines in the Sufi creed. In contrast to these falsehoods, worshipping God faithfully alone has to be 100% dedicated to God. If the percentage is 99% and 1% is dedicated to such mortal deities, this is blasphemy, polytheism, and disbelief, according to the message of the Quran. The painful reality of faith/creed of the current Muhammadans shows us that less than 1% of faith and acts of worship is dedicated to God, whereas more than 99% is dedicated to the mortal deities. Hence, the mortal deities consisting of dead and alive human beings are stronger in the false faith and beliefs of the Muhammadans.

5- Concerning the dire reality of legal and real life, the most powerful mortal deities are not the mythical character they fashioned for Muhammad, his progeny and family members, the imams, or even the saints. The most powerful deity is the tyrant ruler or the sultan. This tyrant undertakes the protection and propagation of the human-made creeds and notions and guarding its temples, mausoleums, and shrines, not necessarily because these tyrants worship or believe in these myths, but because the fashioned creed is the means to control and ride people and establish the tyrannical authority and rule. Tyrants might tolerate those who mock the gods and deities, but never tolerate those who mock them and criticize their rule. Tyrants make allegiance to them above all and everything else. Tyrants could protect those who mock the gods and deities as long as their allegiance to the tyrant is guaranteed to remain unaltered.

6- The first theocracy among the history of Arabs, in our opinion, was the theocratic Abbasid caliphate. The first Abbasid caliph, the killer Abu Jaffer Al-Mansour, had said in his famous speech that he was "the sultan of God and His caliph and deputy on earth." The Umayyad caliphate used to kill all its foes and opposition agents with no religious justification offered, whereas Abbasids killed indiscriminately whoever they liked while using religious notions to justify the unjustifiable. The Abbasid clergymen invented the punishment of apostasy (punishable by death), and we have published a book in 1993 to refute such falsehood and negate its link to real Islam: the Quran alone. This book is published here on our website, titled "No Punishment for Apostasy." It is noteworthy here that the Abbasid palaces and courts were filled with atheist writers who took pride in their declared and known atheism in the era of Al-Mahdi, the Abbasid caliph who succeeded Al-Mansour. Such atheists were never harmed nor persecuted, because their allegiance to the Abbasid caliph. The alleged apostasy punishment used to be applied only to the foes and opposition members of the Abbasid dynasty, and the Abbasid caliphs used to call them renegades. Hence, they were killed for political non-religious reasons. Let us remind ourselves with the example of the atheist blind poet Bashar Ibn Burd. He was famous for erotic poems and blasphemous poems of atheism. Al-Mahdi never harmed him because of all these poems; yet, he killed this poet once he satirized Al-Mahdi in other poems that accused him of incest and called for revolting against him. Al-Mahdi then accused him of apostasy and flogged him to death, despite that that blind poet was so old and weak at the time, but Al-Mahdi was ruthless in his punishment.

7- Since the Abbasid era, the tyrant ruler in the countries of the Muhamadans is the most powerful god among the human-made creed gods. Before 1952, in Egypt during monarchy rule, the dominant creed in Egypt has been the Sunnite Sufi moderate creed. The Sufi orders used to be under the auspices of the king himself. Anyone who used to criticize the Sufi creeds was never imprisoned. Yet, when Abbas Mahmoud Al-Akkad, the famous Egyptian parliament member, thinker, and author, said in the parliament that the biggest authority in Egypt out to be ousted, he entered the prison as he was accused of "lèse-majesté" criticizing and offending the dignity of the ruling sovereign or insulting a monarch. Hence, one could then criticize anything and anyone, except the king. When the dominant creed in Egypt has changed into the fanatic Wahabi Sunnite creed, a law to criminalize the so-called contempt of religions has been issued. Any government would punish its foes by such law. Yet, Azharite clergymen of the ruler daily show their contempt of the Christian faith and the Shiite creed with impunity. Anyone of cronies of the Egyptian ruler is allowed to criticize and show contempt of any creed – including Wahabism – as done by famous media men close and royal to the regime, with impunity. The reason: their loyalty to the current regime of the military rule. In Egypt, one can say whatever views of any creed as long as the military ruler will protect you as in return to your loyalty. If anyone dares to criticize the military armed forces (ruling Egypt since 1952 until now), they will be imprisoned and tortured because of insulting and criticizing the supreme deity in Egypt.

8- The same applies to the KSA; it is impossible for anyone to criticize the KSA royal family members and its supreme deity and founder Abdel-Aziz Al-Saud. What one can do is only to submit to them and to flatter them, and in such a case, one can even criticize M. Abdel-Wahab the founder of Wahabism, although this mortal deity is dearer and greater to them than Prophet Muhammad himself the seal of all prophets. But the KSA king remains the supreme deity. We have not forgotten Saddam Hussein in Iraq, who used to be worshiped and invoked by 99 names and whose statues and pictures were made holy. All Iraqi citizens, Sunnites, Shiites, Arabs, Kurds, and Chaldeans, had to swear allegiance to him. As long as Iraqi citizens at the time would show full loyalty to Saddam regime, they can curse all the so-called companions of the prophet and his progeny as much as they please.

9- This unjust tyrant ruler is the supreme deity in the countries of the Muhammadans; despite the fact that such tyrant kneels before supreme international powers to seek their approval. Such tyrants have no limits in terrorizing, torturing, and incarcerating their citizens, and they use the money of the nation to buy arms and weapons to terrify citizens and fortify the army and security forces. We have been recently watching on TV the speeches and forums of the USA presidential candidates among the republicans. They compete in showing how they are the able ones to defend the national security of the USA and the American citizens. They have accused Obama of failure to secure the national security of the USA and the American citizens. That is the holy mission of any USA president. While the holy mission in the countries of the Muhammadans is terrorizing its citizens by the tyrant ruler who is the supreme deity as we have said before.

10- When the human-made creed is dominant in a given country, its supreme deity is the current tyrant ruler. When God the Almighty our Creator is the Only Supreme God to us, with no other partners, all human beings thus become equal; i.e., with no superior airs and statures above one another. Superiority is confined to God alone in Islam. Hence, real Islamic society and its ruling regime establishes equality among all citizens and ensures complete religious freedom (belief and non-belief and in acts of worship). The mission of the Islamic society is not to guide people to faith or to Paradise. Guidance in this aspect is a personal and individual responsibility, as per the Quranic text. The real mission of any regime within a really Islamic society is to serve citizens and to protect their rights, not to get superior over them. Superiority and transcendence are confined to God the Almighty alone, not for His creatures. When secular regimes dominate and the human-made creed clergymen vanish, the real Muslim society I any nation is realized, as in the society of Yathreb under the rule of Prophet Muhammad. Such oasis of freedom on all levels was crushed after the prophet's death by the caliphs and the unjust caliphate of the dissolute, rake, unbelieving rulers. The models nearer to the Islamic society model, as in the Prophet Muhammad's Yathreb, are now the USA, Canada, Europe, and Japan. While ISIS terrorists and those who follow their ways and creed notions among the countries of the Muhammadans are the real enemies and foes of real and only Islam: the Quran.     

11- To sum up, the political reform begins only and exclusively by the peaceful religious reform within real Islam that includes no worship and deification of human beings, dead or alive, and no theocracy and clergymen hierarchies. We need an abolishment of clergymen as a job or position; they ought to be exposed and all their scandals be known to the general public. all people should unite to apply the following mottoes: (justice for all; religious freedom for all; governments are to serve citizens; the military is to defend the nation and the land, not to rule; the police mission is to protect the citizens not to oppress them; all citizens are equal before the laws issued by elected parliament members who have been elected transparently with no rigging). If all citizens stopped calling for more reform, liberty, and justice, they will remain ridden and controlled by the tyrant rulers and their cronies.                                                            

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