The Camp of Evil which Supports Terrorism (1): Erdoğan

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The Camp of Evil which Supports Terrorism (1): Erdoğan



Published in April 1, 2019

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy





1- The camp of evil is mostly located inside the Wahabism-dominated countries of the Muhammadans, despite the political differences among the regimes of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan,...etc., Wahabism spread in such countries and among their power-seeking opposition figures; i.e., the Wahabi terrorist MB organization, along with its overt and secret groups and fronts, Al-Qaeda, and ISIS terrorists who managed to form a temporary State which collapsed and yet it set an example to be repeated since the devilish Wahabi ideology remains thriving and dominant until now.   

2- Erdoğan remains a unique example among the camp of evil which supports terrorism among countries of the Muhammadans. A secular coup d'état occurred against Erdoğan, but it failed, as many people desired to make Turkey return to its secularism established since the era of Kemal Ataturk. We wished that this coup d'état would have succeeded in overthrowing Erdoğan because a military regime is better than the Wahabi Erdoğan; this is because any coup d'état has no religious ideology and it will collapse even after a while. A secular coup d'état would have healed Turkey from the epidemic of Wahabism and would have prepared this country for a democratic transition whose steps have already been taken decades ago. The Erdoğan is nominally secular, but it is a Wahabi regime whose aim is to uproot the bases of democracy in order to establish a theocracy topped by an Ottoman caliph/sultan. This is why we describe Erdoğan as (the underway Ottoman 'sultan').       

3- Wahabis in general are of two types: the frank, overt type like Al-Qaeda and ISIS and the hypocritical, two-faced type like the Turkish president. In fact, Erdoğan talks a great deal about facing extremism and terrorism; he means only those power-seeking people who desire to rule Turkey instead of him; at the same time, Erdoğan ardently spreads the Sunnite Wahabi religion of terrorism inside Turkey. This means that Erdoğan is worse because he is a deceitful, hypocritical man. The stance of Erdoğan regarding the Christchurch massacre at the two mosques in New Zealand makes him the imam/leader within the camp of Wahabi evil, and we provide some details about this topic in the points below.


Firstly: taking advantage of the Christchurch massacre within Turkish elections as Erdoğan is marketing himself as the 'protector' of Islam:

1- This heinous massacre requires supporting and sympathizing with the victims and their families; this is the stance of New Zealanders and their Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, and the stance of many countries worldwide. In contrast, Erdoğan, within his hateful political opportunism, took advantage of the tragedy that took place in New Zealand within the election propaganda of his political party (i.e., Justice and Development Party). Erdoğan aired a video of this massacre to achieve political aims by using the blood of the victims! Besides, he misused the name of Islam after airing such a video; he said that all world leaders, including the UN, said that this is an act of aggression against Islam and Muslims and they never mentioned that the attacker is a Christian terrorist; if the attacker were a Muslim, they would have described him immediately as a Muslim terrorist. Erdoğan went on to mention that "Islam" is a religion of peace and it is never linked to terrorism; we are quite sure he only meant Sunnite Wahabism and not Islam!

2- Erdoğan launched a harsh attack or criticism against the opposition leader, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, and he accused him of supposedly siding with the Islamophobes, as per the description of Erdoğan. 

3- Sadly, this election campaign of Erdoğan bore its rotten fruits inside Turkey, as most Turkish media is pro-government; the media there portrayed the Turkish president as the 'protector' of Islam and Muslims. A headline in a Turkish newspaper mentioned that Erdoğan sided with the victims of terrorism in New Zealand whereas the West remained silent!  


Secondly: Erdoğan is attacking Australia as he is marketing himself as the 'protector' of Islam:

1- Of course, the Australian criminal was never sent by Australia to commit the heinous massacre; in fact, Australia condemned this terrorist crime; it is strange that Erdoğan is attacking Australia to pose as the 'protector' of Islam.

2- Erdoğan described the heinous massacre as part of a larger attack against Islam and Turkey! It is as if Turkey were a representative of Islam! Within the election campaign, Erdoğan delivered a speech to mark 104 years since the Gallipoli campaign or battle when the Ottomans defeated may armies (including armies of Australia and New Zealand), and he said (as per a Turkish newspaper) that the Christchurch massacre is not an isolated attack; rather, it is an organized aggression within a conspiracy theory and that some central intelligence apparatuses of the West are involved in that attack.

3- Australia understood the danger behind the words of Erdoğan as he incited terrorism and violence against Australia. The Australian Prime Minister,Scott John Morrison, talked to the ambassador of Turkey in Australia, telling him that the words of the Turkish president are endangering Australians and very insulting to Australia within such critical conditions. He demanded that these words of Erdoğan against Australia would be removed from the Turkish media; he threatened to take action against Turkey if necessary and all options are available; he told the Turkish ambassador that he will wait for the response of the Turkish government before taking any further steps. This was on Wednesday, March 20th, 2019.


Thirdly: Erdoğan is attacking New Zealand as he is marketing himself as the 'protector' of Islam:

1- After the Christchurch massacre, Erdoğan filled world media with declarations and statements which added fuel to the fire of hatred and fanaticism; he is attacking New Zealand despite its being on top of the list of countries which are in the camp of goodness which is against terrorism. Hence, Erdoğan is an imam/leader of Wahabi terrorism among the camp of evil in the countries of the Muhammadans; if he had remained silent like most rulers of countries of the Muhammadans, this would have been better for him.

2- Erdoğan incited all Wahabis worldwide to obey him, as he urged all 'Muslims' to cooperate and unite so that they would not suffer any further similar attacks. This means he has revived the Wahabi tenet of the 'Muslim' territory/camp of faith/peace at war against the West territory/camp of 'infidels'!

3- In fact, Erdoğan threatened Australia and New Zealand by declaring that if any Islamophobic extremist people from both countries dare to commit terrorist attacks in the 'Muslim' Turkey, such people will get killed and return to their respective countries in coffins! 

4- Erdoğan threatened New Zealand that if it will not punish the Australian criminal of the Christchurch massacre, Turkey will punish this criminal! This means that the Turkish president does not recognize the praiseworthy steps taken by Jacinda Ardern. This means that Erdoğan is trying to cast doubt on the sovereignty of New Zealand whose government has the right to try the Australian criminal in court. Besides, Erdoğan did not mention how would Turkey 'punish' this Australian criminal; would Erdoğan kidnap or kill him inside New Zealand?! Would Erdoğan undermine the sovereignty of New Zealanders over their country?!    

5- Within the framework of his marketing himself as the 'leader' of the Muhammadans against the West, Erdoğan did the following.

5/1: Erdoğan further insulted New Zealand and the West world by declaring that the West is threatening 'Muslims' by this New Zealand massacre perpetrated 16500 km away from Turkey, as it ushers an ascending rates of Islamophobia and aggression against 'Muslims' long disregarded by the West governments!

5/2: The Turkish president sent his deputy and foreign minister on top of a delegation to New Zealand after the Christchurch massacre; Erdoğan also made a phone call withPatsy Reddy, theGovernor-General of New Zealand, to discuss the terrorist attack against the two mosques.

6- New Zealand understood the danger behind the words of Erdoğan as he incited terrorism and violence against New Zealand. Jacinda Ardern said that the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs,Winston Peters, will travel to Turkey to refute the declarations of the Turkish president. Peters declared that he talked to Turkish responsible leaders and he expressed his shock as the video of the Christchurch massacre was manipulated in order to serve political aims. Peters criticized earlier the Turkish airing of such a video as this may endanger the lives of New Zealanders inside and outside their country. Despite all this, few minutes of the video of the Christchurch massacre were aired once more during the election campaign of Erdoğan!


Fourthly: historical contradictions and mistakes:

1- The Australian criminal wrote on his weapon the name of Turkey and some battles involving the Ottomans; he wrote other names unrelated to Turkey; he even visited Turkey among other countries. Of course, his hatred was against all Muslim immigrants in general; yet, the Turkish president assumed that he must show his anger as if the terrorist attack in Christchurch were against Turkey! Like the Australian criminal, Erdoğan has studied history very well; yet, he made historical contradictions and mistakes during his hasty response to the Australian criminal who committed the Christchurch massacre at the two mosques.  

2- The Australian criminal, in his statement, urged the Turkish people to return to the Asian part of Turkey and to leave Istanbul (or Constantinople); Erdoğan responded by asserting that the Turkish people are there for thousands of years and will remain until the Day of the Resurrection and that no one will be able to turn Istanbul into Constantinople; he addressed the Australian criminal that his European ancestors came here and left and some returned to Europe in coffins and that the Australian terrorist, or any other white supremacist terroriste, dares to set foot in Turkey, he will get killed instantly.

3- We assert the following about the historical mistakes.

3/1: Those who lived in Asia Minor for thousands of years were the Kurds and other Mediterranean nations. In fact, the Kurds are now the original dwellers of Turkey and they are among the weak, oppressed ones on earth; they are controlled by Erdoğan and other Turks in power.

3/2: The Turkish people were tribes who arrived to Asia Minor from plains of Central Asia like the Seljuks who controlled for a while the weak Abbasid caliphate and larger parts of Asia Minor, Iraq, and the Levantine region. 

3/3: The Ottomans belong to a Turkish tribe which during it journeys into Anatolia in 1232 A.D. came across two warring armies; they sided with the weaker army and saved it from defeat and made it achieve victory. This victorious army which was weak belonged to the Turkish Seljuks who fought the Mongols led by Aqtay the son of Genghis Khan. To show gratitude, the Seljuk sultan Aladdin I or Alaa'-Eddine I (1219 – 1235 A.D.) appointedErtugrul, the head of the Turkish tribe who helped him, as governor over a border stretch of land; this gave Ertugrul  the chance to raid the Byzantine Empire which was within its stage of collapse. Within the banners of 'jihad', Ertugrul managed to expand his territories and annex more stretches of land in the west from the Byzantine Empire; after his conquering the city of Eskisehir, Ertugrul died at the age of 93, succeeded by his son Osman I in 1299 A.D. the founder of the Ottoman Empire. When the Mongols attacked the Seljuk State in Asia Minor in 1300 A.D., causing its collapse, Osman I declared his ruling his annexed territories/regions independently and he conquered further regions within the Byzantine Empire and he reached the Bosporus. Shortly before his death in 1326 A.D., his son Orhan conquered the city of Bursa; Osman I told Orhan to bury him in the church of the palace of Bursa; this church was turned into a mosque. Hence, Osman I died after he set the expansionist policy of his Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman sultan Mehmed II conquered Constantinople in 1453 A.D. To encourage and to boost the morale of his soldiers and military leaders, this sultan revived a historical myth about the Prophet Muhammad's companion, Abou Ayoub Al-Ansari, who sieged Constantinople along with the Umayyads in 670 A.D. and got fatally wounded as the Umayyads were defeated. The legend includes that before his death, the wounded Al-Ansari commanded the Arabs to bury his corpse in the nearest spot to Constantinople. Mehmed II spread the rumor that the tomb of Al-Ansari was 'discovered' near the walls of Constantinople and a mausoleum and a mosque were built on that spot! The Turkish people who deified companions of Muhammad worshiped at such a 'holy' mausoleum; the soldiers and the military leaders of the Ottoman army of Mehmed II vowed to conquer Constantinople; they managed to do that and this caused a decisive, radical change in world history at the time. After the conquest of Constantinople – presumably and supposedly in the name of Islam! - Mehmet II the Conqueror re-named the city as Islambul (later on renamed as Istanbul) and he turned its Hagia Sophia cathedral into a mosque.

4- In his statement, the Australian criminal wrote that white Europeans will turn Istanbul into the Christian Constantinople once more one day. Erdoğan responded by his intention to turn Hagia Sophia cathedral into a mosque. Mehmet II the Conqueror did so, but in 1935, it was turned into a museum. Erdoğan desire now to re-turn it into a mosque once more! Erdoğan assumes he can predict the future by saying that the Turkish people will remain until the Day of the Resurrection and that no one will be able to turn Istanbul into Constantinople.



1- The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, has applied  Islam in terms of peaceful behavior, which is dealing with all people through the higher Quranic values of Islam: peace, justice, charity, mercy, and human dignity. As for Islam in terms of belief/faith inside the heart/soul of human beings, it is monotheism and piety; this is judged only by the Lord God on the Day of Judgment. Within the life of human beings on earth, we have the right to judge the overt behavior of all human beings. Hence, we, ourselves, assert that the Prime Minister of New Zealand is among the best Muslims in terms of peaceful behavior. We assert also that terrorists are disbelievers in terms of behavior; they are never Muslims, however hard they assert otherwise and regardless of their religious affiliations, races, and colors, because they resort to violence and aggression. Hence, we, ourselves, assert that Erdoğan is among the leaders of Wahabi terrorism, however cunningly he plays with words; his stances, words, and deeds contradict Quranism; i.e., Islam which is only the Quran. 

2- Erdoğan is currently occupying a part of Syrian land and he kills some of the Syrian people; yet, he apparently talks about Islam the religion of peace! Erdoğan is apparently singing the hymns of freedom which is a core Islamic value in the Quran; yet, at the same time, he is chasing the opposition figures and strip them of their freedom to criticize his regime. The Lord God says the following in the Quran: "O you who believe! Why do you say what you do not do? It is most hateful to God that you say what you do not do." (61:2-3); "Do you command people to virtuous conduct, and forget yourselves, even though you read the Book? Do you not understand?" (2:44). We tend to think that Erdoğan never read this in the Quran.

3- If Erdoğan adheres indeed to the Quranic facts of Islam, he should have been the first one to support the words, stances, and deeds of the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, but he has done the exact opposite; i.e., he took advantage of the blood of the innocent victims of the Christchurch massacre in order to 'justify' his shedding more blood of other innocent victims elsewhere.



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