Wake Up, Arabs! Your Enemies Are Your Rulers, and Not Israel and the USA

آحمد صبحي منصور Ýí 2017-06-11

Wake Up, Arabs! Your Enemies Are Your Rulers, and Not Israel and the USA

Published in June 10, 2017

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy


Firstly: torture and the awe of tyrants:

1- Coming to arrest him, he was taken by force by the police from his home, amidst the screams of his children. Before the police officer, he cried and wept, asking for a paper to sign any confession they desired to be spared from being tortured again, but the smiling police officer insisted that torture must precede his confession. He was tied with ropes to a cross-shaped piece of wood, beaten, electrocuted, etc. and whenever he lost conscious, they would wake him up so as to get the full taste of torture. Hours later, he was thrown to the police officer to sign a confession he could hardly read, for his eyes were so swollen. He was thrown into a jail cell crowded with inmates; when he regained his senses, he knew from them that all of them, including himself, were accused of conspiring to overthrow the regime, though they never knew one another except in this cell. The routine of their imprisonment days was typically as follows: torture rounds all day and interrogation within torture rounds by night. Days later, he was thrown into the streets outside the police station. He returned home as the remains of a human being; all his neighbors who saw him coming turned away, for fear of getting involved in his supposed crime if they greet him, as he was a dangerous suspect, and they might get tortured like him if they show they knew him. these people were innocent but terrified; one of them was tortured to terrorize the rest to assert the (awe) of the State, or rather the awe of the tyrant who represent the State; in fact, the tyrant is the State.      

2- Torture is a crime that humiliates and terrorizes citizens and make them lose their dignity; this crime is the basis of the authority of al tyrannical rulers. Publishing news of widespread torture makes citizens feel terrified of tyrants, thus allowing the tyrannical rulers to ride and control them, to confiscate their present, future, and wealth without hearing a voice of protest. Thus, within torture, the tyrants become the only source of all legislative, executive, and judicial authorities without limits or being questioned. Tyrants cannot do without torture; otherwise, they will fall and may get deposed or assassinated.       

3- The citizens/nation within the tyrant's State fear the government because they fear being tortured.


Secondly: within democracies, governments fear citizens because the nation is the source of all authorities:

1- Muhammad, the seal of prophets, was the leader of the Quran-based democratic Yathreb city-state, and he derived his authority from the dwellers of Yathreb: "It is by of grace from God that you were gentle with them. Had you been harsh, hardhearted, they would have dispersed from around you. So pardon them, and ask forgiveness for them, and consult them in the conduct of affairs..." (3:159). This means if they had dispersed from around Muhammad, he would have lost his authority as the leader of this city-state and he would have suffered persecution again as was the case in Mecca before. Thus, as a leader of this Yathreb city-state, Muhammad's authority was never derived from God, though he was a prophet of God, but from the Yathreb dwellers gathered around him (i.e., the nation or citizens), and he had to be gentle with them and to satisfy them so that their allegiance to him would be maintained; thus, he consulted them in the conduct of affairs: their affairs. This is Islamic Shura consultation, and he had to pardon them (and ask God to forgive them) if they insulted or harmed him.    

2- What we mention in the above point applies to democracies; citizens criticize harshly whoever are in authority, without fear and without limits; people in authority smile at them, as they knew they are public servants to all the nation/citizens. The citizens have the right to question them and to fire them from their posts; people in authority know their posts are temporary; later on, they will be like ordinary citizens with their everyday life.   

3- This is why West democracies are nearer to the true Islamic/Quranic sharia and Quranic higher values that include freedom, equality justice, and human dignity. In contrast, within the countries of the Muhammadans, tyrannical rulers are being deified as deities; Muhammadans repeat this bad habit within the culture of tyranny since corrupt caliphs (the four pre-Umayyads, the Umayyads, the Abbasids, the Fatimids, the Mamelukes, and the Ottomans) until the present era of tyranny in their countries, though we are in the 21st century.  

4- The tyranny accompanied by the injustices and torture crept gradually once Muhammad died; the high-rank, affluent people of Qorayish feigned to convert to Islam after long years of enmity toward the new religion and fighting an persecuting new converts. The Islamic Shura consultation in the Yathreb city-state, led by Muhammad, was linked to mercy and justice, and many Arabs converted overtly to Islam; i.e., in term of peaceful behavior (see 110:2). Muhammad never forced anyone to pay alms/Zakat to the poor; this was always done voluntarily, and he never took such money, distributed to the poor, from hypocrites (see 9:53-54). Once Muhammad died, the Qorayish tribe confiscated all authority, power, and rule and removed the Yathreb dwellers (called at the time as: ''the supporters'', as opposed to Meccan immigrants to Yathreb) from all power and authority, though Yathreb was the capital, and the caliph Omar Ibn Al-Khattab put to death a man named Saad Ibn Eibada, who was the leader of the supporters in Yathreb. Qorayish imposed on all Arabs (especially Bedouins in Arabia) to pay alms/Zakat to it as it would assume its distribution; Bedouins and desert-Arabs refused and revolted, and allegedly forsake Islam and recanted, but the troops of Qorayish, led by the first caliph Abou Bakr, fought and defeated them, forcing them to obey the caliph and supposedly to return to 'Islam'. Qorayish then led those Arabs and Bedouins to channel their belligerent nature into one unified endeavor of widespread grave injustices: the Arab conquests that aimed to form an Arab Empire led by Qorayish in Mecca. Abou Bakr and Omar began such wicked conquests, and when Othman was appointed as a caliph, he confiscated all ill-gotten money of the conquests as his own private property and deemed his throne/position as a grant from God! Othman used to distribute money exclusively to Meccan people who were immigrants to Yathreb and to his faction the Umayyads. This led the soldiers of the conquests, mostly desert-Arabs and Bedouins, to revolt against Othman. Consequently, the caliph Othman tortured some of the known 'companions' of the Prophet; e.g., Ammar Ibn Yasser and Ibn Masood. Othman commanded the punishment of all the rest of the opposition leaders by making them move from one conquered country to another within being heavily guarded by his men, so as not to settle in one city to cause revolts and wreak havoc. Eventually, Othman was assassinated in Yathreb, and the first Arab civil war began.                  

5- When the civil wars ended in the assassination of the fourth caliph, Ali, the first Umayyad caliph Mu'aweiya Ibn Abou Sufyan decided that caliphate will be hereditary; his sons would be enthroned after him as the case in any monarchies and empires. This led to the fact that increased tyranny became more the mot d'ordre and torture was institutionalized as measures performed within daily routine. Torture became severer and more habitual, frequent, and brutal; in the Umayyad Era, torture included the 'easiest' measure of the pillory (i.e., to be tied in public to be ridiculed and mocked by the masses who were allowed to humiliate, beat, kick, slap, punch, and spit on the victims!) and the hardest most cruel measure of inserting huge nails in the victims' necks that were tied by ropes and pulled in the streets from their necks! Torture ways changed within the Abbasid Era to include cutting off the limbs of victims, whereas in the Mameluke Era, torture included impalement and being flayed alive. In all eras, such means of torture were performed by executioners in public to terrify and intimidate people into submission and silence, especially within the Ottoman Era, and being tortured in public was done routinely under the weird appellation: "public humiliation".       

6- And because of the fact that the Muhammadans are Salafists who worship their past and their 'immortal' and 'good' ancestors (i.e., Salaf in Arabic), they revive and re-live their past and they make tyranny and torture dominate their eras for centuries until now!


Thirdly: tyrants are the enemies of God:

1- There is no medial or in-between position in that case; just like the case with the testimony of Islam (There is no God but Allah). The Islamic Shura consultation means direct democracy; we refer readers to our article published here (in English) explaining this concept on this link:


Thus, to avoid direct democracy means automatically to deify rulers as infallible gods and making them tyrants; this is against the basic tenet of Islam: (There is no God but Allah). God has commanded Muhammad to apply Shura consultation (i.e., direct democracy); thus, those who refuse to apply it are placing themselves above the prophet Muhammad; i.e., they deify themselves. God is the Only One never to be questioned; human beings (rulers and others) are questioned: "He will not be questioned about what He does, but they will be questioned." (21:23). Hence, tyrants who refused to be impeached, questioned, checked, and held responsible for their deeds are in fact deifying themselves as deities; this is utter blasphemy. This is why in the Arab world, tyranny is directly linked to implicit or explicit deification of rulers.     

2- Shura means the art of exercising power by the nation/citizens; if they are powerful and in authority, rulers are then public servants in service of citizens. If all powers and authorities are in the hands of rulers, rulers are tyrants who own, control, and ride citizens who are turned as animals/cattle or ''subjects'' as if they were living in the Middle Ages. This is the concept that dominated all caliphates (i.e., theocracies); caliphs were assumed to be held accountable only before the Lord God, and not before people they ruled. This means the 'divine' right of kings who ruled as representatives of God and get their 'legitimacy' and authority from Him! How blasphemous! Indeed, the Sunnite, Shiite, and Sufi myths have always nurtured such a corrupt notion till now. This means that revolting persons or groups, as well as opposition figures, at the time were deemed as heretics and apostates who were tortured and then put to a violent death. Subjects were cattle owned to be slaughtered by caliphs whenever these caliphs wished! This is ultimate injustice, treachery, sinning, and tyranny of Satanist sharia laws, NOT God's Quranic sharia legislations of justice. The Muhammadans' Satanist sharia laws are applied partially or wholly, implicitly or explicitly, as per a given country of the Muhammadans, and are propagated and lauded by Wahabis (terrorist MB members and Salafists) in the Arab world. Within such terror and tyranny in these countries of the Muhammadans, the body of a given individual is liable to be tortured anyhow, anytime, anywhere by tyrants and their cronies, and no one is ever allowed to protest or complain secretly or outspokenly!           

3- As per the Holy Quran, all Arab tyrants must be considered as traitors and infidels/disbelievers hated by God: "...God does not love any sinful disbelievers." (2:276); "...God does not like the treacherous." (8:58); "...God does not love the deceitful sinners." (4:107); "... God does not love any disbelieving traitors." (22:38); as transgressors/aggressors hated by God: "... God does not love the aggressors." (2:190); "... God does not love the aggressors." (5:87); "...He does not love the transgressors." (7:55); as unjust ones hated by God: "... God does not love the unjust ones." (3:57); "... God does not love the unjust ones." (3:140); "... He does not love the unjust." (42:40); as corrupt ones hated by God: "... God does not like corruption." (2:205); "... God does not love the corrupters." (5:64); "... God does not like the seekers of corruption." (28:77); and as arrogant, excessive ones hated by God: "... He does not like the arrogant." (16:23); "... He does not love the excessive." (7:31) "... He does not like the excessive." (6:141);. The wronged ones have the right to be outspoken and vociferous in their protest and complaining: "God does not like the public uttering of bad language, unless someone was wronged. God is Hearing and Knowing." (4:148).


Fourthly: tyrants are your enemies and you are to treat them a such:

1- God addresses all human beings in this verse: "Satan is an enemy to you, so treat him as an enemy..." (35:6); this is the first step of the reform of individuals: to take Satan as the real arch-enemy.  

2- Human beings cannot see Satan and devils who control their human allies and making them see the right as wrong and the wrong as right: this applies to Arab tyrants controlled by devils: they are unjust rulers who go on sinning and committing all types of injustices without repentance until they are assassinated or deposed/dethroned or until they die.  

3- God has commanded us in 35:6 to treat Satan and devils as enemies of human beings; the same treatment applies to tyrants who are allies of the devils; tyrants are aggressive, arrogant, excessive, unjust and sinful disbelieving transgressors. The first step toward reform in Arab societies is  treating Arab tyrants as real arch-enemies like devils and Satan; we are not to laud and praise them while they torture and oppress us but to curse them all the time and invoke God against them; we are not to submit to them, but to resist them as much as we can. However afraid Arab peoples are, tyrants are more intimidated and frightened. Ordinary citizens have nothing  to fear for or to lose, whereas tyrannical rulers have much to lose and many things to fear. If Arab citizens fear for their children, tyrants fear more for their children.   

4- We do not only mean the individual tyrants/rulers, but we also mean their cronies in their security apparatuses, military forces, police, media, judicial system, and clergy who are part of the deep state; all of them are traitors who betray the Arab citizens and must be severely punished. This is the religious edict of Islam regarding al such tyrants and cronies. God will punish in Hell for eternity murderers who each killed one peaceful innocent person: "Whoever kills a believer deliberately, the penalty for him is Hell, where he will remain forever. And God will be angry with him, and will curse him, and will prepare for him a terrible punishment." (4:93); let alone tyrants who killed hundreds of thousands of peaceful innocent people?! God says in the Quran: "...and an equal wound for a wound..." (5:45); "As for the thief, whether male or female, cut their hands as a penalty for what they have reaped-a deterrent from God. ..." (5:38). What about tyrants who tortured hundreds of thousands and steal $ billions from the nations and are never by cutting off their hands and never repent?!   



1- Our lifetimes on Earth are short, fleeting, and transient anyway, and death is inevitable and inescapable; "Say, "Nothing will happen to us except what God has ordained for us..." (9:51); God created human beings as free creatures; why Arabs cede this freedom?! 

2- Arabs must change the inherent bad traits of accepting tyranny, torture, humiliation, passivity, submission, fear, etc. to adhere to human dignity and to fear no one except for God our Creator; we are not to fear any mortals at all. The unjust tyrannical rulers are being intimidated by Satan and devils; in contrast, real believers fear no one but Almighty God: "That is only Satan frightening his allies; so do not fear them, but fear Me, if you are believers." (3:175). With this type of faith (monotheism: Quranism), the route of reform is paved on all levels: to change ourselves, as Arabs, to the better so that better change and future to us and our children would occur by the will of our Lord God: "...God does not change the condition of a people until they change what is within themselves..." (13:11).    

3- European nations did not get rid of tyrants and obsequious clergy eagerly serving these tyrants unless with severe and savage wars that lasted for so long; as a result, their grandchildren now enjoy a dignified life and welfare. Meanwhile, the Muhammadans are still tyrants and clergy within political and religious tyranny; the Muhammadans have become a disgrace to humanity: how come that thousands of millions are controlled by about 30 rulers! This is utter disgrace!       

4- It is a shame that the Muhammadans of today readily accept this disgrace to them and to their children in the future as well!

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