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Swiss violation of the international law by imprion Col.Elghanam
By: - ali alghanam

Swiss violation of the international law to imprison political asylumi, Colonel Dr Mohamed El Ghanam

Egyptian intelligence participated with the Swiss intelligence in this operation in addition to a suspicious role of the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign affair.

Colonel Dr Mohamed El Ghanam As a political refugee can not be imprisoned, since he has an international immunity according to the international law and so he is not undergo to the Swiss law, so the maximum that Switzerland can do about Colonel Dr. Mohamad El Ghanam to send him to another country

But Switzerland had violated the international law to imprison, arrest, and hide Colonel Dr Mohamed Ghanam the political asylumi for the sixth year via cooperation with the dictator Mubarak;s regime and his security systems that conspired with the intelligence of Switzerland in an international crimse, so Switzerland, which was suppose according to the international law to protect Dr. Col Dr. Mohamad El Ghanam has committed many crimes against him in clear violation of all laws and international conventions

the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign affair, which the Revolution did not reach it yet still refuses to take the legal steps that the Egyptian Constitution put to every ctitzen and to Mohamed El Ghanam as an Egyptian citizen, despite the request and notification that submitted by the Egyptian Parliament to the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign affair and despite the sound its Representatives of the parliament, which filled the hearing requesting via the session of the Egyptian Parliament from some days ago to release of Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman and Col. Dr. Mohamed El Ghanam .

And on the other side there are an attempts from the Egyptian intelligence to protect the Swiss intelligence and Switzerland from the international responsibility of their crimes against Colonel Elghanam via a violation of the rights of political asylumi, Colonel Dr Mohamed El Ghanam, with a suspicious role of the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign affair.

It seems that the remains of Mubarak’s system are still addicted to Mubarak's policy of betrayals and treason against the honorable citizens and just that the mention of the name of Colonel Dr Mohamed El Ghanam, make them panic with a fear in their hearts , based on the popular words that the only one who afraid from the soldier is the thief,

Dr. Ali Elghannam

The brother’s of colonel Dr.Mohamed E lGhanam

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