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The Swiss espionage, and Colonel Elghanam's fate, WikiLeaks
By: - ali alghanam

                         Message to Julian Assange

WikiLeaks must publish the Documents about the Swiss/U.N violations against Colonel Mohamed Elghanam in Geneva                       


 The Swiss Ambassador exposed the Conspiracy against Colonel Dr. Mohamed ELghanam, via the United Nations violation of its own regulations by closing his disappearance case brought against Switzerland.

Swiss/UN Violation against Colonel Dr. Mohamed ELghanam for his snatching the fig leaves and exposing the covert world of Swiss espionage. 

Of course, the July 2009 testimony of Swiss Ambassador Michel Gottret was given without realizing that I already had United Nations documents which confuted the statement his government had received from the UN and transferred to him, in response to my complaint about the disappearance of my brother, Colonel Dr. El-Ghanam in March 2007.  

The Swiss authorities arrested him without charge or trial, and I will reveal what has happened as to the falsification of the facts, obvious lies, and shameless violation of United Nations regulations, supported by  documents that are not debatable, as follows:

  1.  Approximately one year after making my complaint to the UN Group on Involuntary disappearances, I received from them the response of the Government of Switzerland claiming that my brother was detained "for his dangerousness".

Regardless that this barbaric allegation is a mockery of the law, and carries with it the motivation of the Swiss authorities to escape from the criminal responsibility for what they committed against my brother, physical and psychological violations in their failed attempts to recruit him, and despite the Swiss and Egyptian collusion against Colonel Ghanam, the bigger catastrophe is the United Nations involvement in the crime as evidenced by the following:

The United Nations gave me a period of six months to respond to the Swiss allegation, starting on May 13, 2009, and ending on November 12, 2009.

 2.   I responded to the UN the next day, May 14, 2009, and I sent an additional response in July 2009, and I received from the United Nations confirmation that they&nbs"4">Secondlyhe says that his government had been notified by  the United Nations that I did not respond.

It is clear that, in contrast to the claim made by the Swiss Ambassador and his government in July 2009, the deadline has not yet passed as it is only two months into the six month period, and the United Nations closed the case before the passage of six months and lied that they did not receive my reply, although I had received confirmation from the UN that they did receive my reply. 

So this forgery of the facts is a flagrant violation not only of the rights of Col. Dr. Mohamed El-Ghanam, but also of the UN regulations and their credibility via their announced cooperation in broad daylight in the conspiracy against my brother, and their dressing truth with falsehood, without shame or consideration of laws and justice.

So, has the United Nations passed the point of providing  legitimate international cover for the crimes of some countries, to the more dangerous stage of participating in the crime?  And has the UN become more harm than good?

And why does the international community ignore Swiss terrorism against the honest who refuse to spy, and leave Colonel Dr. Mohamed  El-Ghanam in unknown fate since March 2007, following his article complaining about the physical and psychological violations suffered at the hands of Swiss police and intelligence via their attempts to recruit him. 

Also, he filed a complaint in 2005, supported by witnesses, to the Swiss justice, who refused to transfer it to the court or call the witnesses for two year, in order to protect his intelligence service, in flagrant violation of the laws and of the rights of my brother.

Later the Swiss expelled Ghanam from his apartment and gave instructions to the hotels not to rent any room to him, leaving him several nights sitting on one of the chairs in the streets, which represents flagrant violation to his humanity, and crime mixed with brutally vindictive punishment for his article and his refusal to waive his complaint.  

Following that, Ghanam disappeared from the world since March 2007.  Unfortunately, these Swiss insults and outrages happened with the participation and blessing of the Government of Egypt, while on the other hand Libya caused the Swiss to lose their balance and humiliated the Swiss president, and expelled him, defeated and with empty hands. 

A big difference between this and that, between dignity, and humiliation and shame.


YouTube - Wikileaks : Help Colonel Dr. Mohamed Elghanam from the ...


Dec 29, 2010 ... Dr. Mohamed Elghanam was detained because he said NO to the swiss intelligence and secret police to their offer : which is to spy on Arabs ... - Cached


- Dr. ELghanam Ali -

Brother of the political refugee, the disappeared Col. Dr. Mohamed El-Ghannam in the Swiss jail, because he exposed the Swiss attempts to recruit him to spy on the Muslim community in Geneva.  


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