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An Urgent Call Addressed to All of our Dear Fellow Quranists


An Urgent Call Addressed to All of our Dear Fellow Quranists



Published in June 14, 2019

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy





1- The Egyptian translator Mr. Ahmed Fathy – may the Lord God bless and reward him in this world and in the Hereafter for his efforts for the sake of Islam – has dedicated his life since 2014 to voluntarily translate our entire archive of writings (fatwas, articles, and books) into English (and some into French), and he provides the English subtitles to our YouTube videos ( The latest of his English and French translation is our book titled "A Quranist Vision of the Massacre of the Two Mosques in New Zealand" (; "Une vision coraniste du massacre des deux mosquées en Nouvelle-Zélande" (

2- Days ago, Mr. Ahmed Fathy sent us an email after he finished the translation of our book into French and into English, promising to add the translation of the comments of our fellow Quranists within the book as per our request from him: (... Dear Dr. Mansour ... ......... I will add the comments within the English and French translations of the book; I will revise my translation and make the required changes as per the final version of the book, in Arabic, regarding the new arrangement of the chapters and articles, adding the dedication...etc. I will sent both the English and French translations three days later. Once both are published on your great and unique Quranism website, I will copy and paste links of them within YouTube and other websites to address those who are interested in religious and political reform in the Middle-East. I hope most of our fellow Quranists will do the same so that your wise words and great message of peace and reform would reach all horizons  ...).     

3- Mr. Ahmed Fathy the translator kept his promise and sent the English and French translations of our book (complete with the new arrangement of chapters and articles, dedication, and comments). An idea has occurred to us: these translations should be sent to the embassies of New Zealand worldwide in the USA, Canada, the West and East countries, and, of course, to the government of New Zealand. This way, many people will know about Quranists and Quranism and how the Quranist reform is the solution to the problem of religious terrorism. We have requested from Mr. Ahmed Fathy to write a message in the name of our VA-based International Quranic Center (IQC) in English and in French to be enclosed with the two books which will be sent via email messages to those who may be interested. Here are the two messages, in English and French respectively, so that our dear fellow Quranists would copy and paste them within email messages which they will sent to peaceful people around the world who are interested in eliminating Wahabi terrorism, in getting to know what True Islam is, and in spreading the call for religious reform.


To Whom It May Concern


  Within the peaceful, intellectual war of ideas to combat and eliminate Wahabi terrorism, as political and military endeavors have certainly failed to protect the West against Wahabi terrorist operations that have taken a heavy toll as the number of innocent victims of religious terrorism has increased recently, Islamic reform is certainly of paramount importance to all parties concerned. This immediately required and much-needed religious reform entails refuting the myth that Sunnite Wahabism may represent Islam by showing that the only true form of Islam is Quranism; i.e., to believe in the fact that the Quran is the only source of Islam. The Quranist trend proves from within the Quran itself as per the Quranic terminology how Islam (i.e., the Quran itself) is compatible with human rights and all values cherished by most human beings; e.g., justice, tolerance, peace, democracy, equality, charity, mercy, and absolute religious freedom. The only expert, with more than 40 years of experience in studying the Quran and Muslim history, to undertake and lead this mission of reform is the Egyptian-American Muslim thinker and prolific author Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour in his VA-based International Quranic Center (IQC) and through his website (in Arabic and in English) which contains thousands of fatwas and articles and tens of books about Quranism and religious and political reform in the Middle East. The book titled "A Quranist Vision of the Massacre of the Two Mosques in New Zealand" warns against Wahabi terrorism and its counter-terrorism by white extremists and supremacists. This book analyzes the root of evil and terror and it shows how Quranism is the remedy to eliminate Wahabi terrorism. Saudi Arabia, since its emergence, is the axis of evil that spreads the terrorist Wahabi ideology which is unjustly attributed to the name of Islam. When the Wahabi ideology is refuted from within Islam, this will save potential victims in the West. Thus, Quranism, which undermines Wahabism, is an essential factor to bring world peace. We hope our book will be a source of inspiration to readers in the West.


Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour

President of the VA-based IQC

5314 Pillow LN, Springfield VA 22151 USA

703 370 8137 Home

703 962 0874 Cell







A qui cela concerne


  Dans le cadre de la guerre intellectuelle pacifique d’idées visant à combattre et à éliminer le terrorisme wahhabite, les efforts politiques et militaires n’ayant certes pas réussi à protéger l’Occident contre les opérations terroristes wahhabites qui ont fait de nombreuses victimes alors que le nombre de victimes innocentes du terrorisme religieux a récemment augmenté, La réforme islamique revêt une importance capitale pour toutes les parties concernées. Cette réforme religieuse très nécessaire implique la réfutation du mythe selon lequel le wahhabisme sunnite peut représenter l’islam en montrant que la seule forme véritable de l’islam est le coranisme; c'est-à-dire croire que le Coran est la seule source de l'islam. La tendance coraniste prouve, à partir du Coran lui-même, conformément à la terminologie coranique, que l'islam (le Coran lui-même) est compatible avec les droits de l'homme et toutes les valeurs chères à la plupart des êtres humains; par exemple, la justice, la tolérance, la paix, la démocratie, l’égalité, la charité, la miséricorde et la liberté religieuse absolue. Le seul expert, avec plus de 40 ans d'expérience dans l'étude du Coran et de l'histoire des gens musulmans, à entreprendre et à diriger cette mission de réforme est le penseur égypto-américain et auteur prolifique, le Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour, dans son Centre coranique international (CQI)  basé à la Virginie, les Etats-Unis, et sur son site Web (en arabe et en anglais) qui contient des milliers de fatwas et d’articles et des dizaines de livres sur le coranisme et les réformes politiques et religieuses au Moyen-Orient. Le livre intitulé "Une vision coraniste du massacre des deux mosquées en Nouvelle-Zélande" met en garde contre le terrorisme wahhabite et son contre-terrorisme commis par des extrémistes blancs et des suprématistes. Ce livre analyse la racine du mal et de la terrorisme et montre comment le coranisme est le remède pour éliminer le terrorisme wahhabite. Depuis son apparition, l’Arabie saoudite est l’axe du mal qui propage l’idéologie terroriste wahhabite, injustement attribuée au nom d’islam. Lorsque l'idéologie wahhabite sera réfutée à l'intérieur de l'islam, cela sauvera les victimes potentielles en Occident. Ainsi, le coranisme, qui mine le wahhabisme, est un facteur essentiel pour apporter la paix dans le monde. Nous espérons que notre livre sera une source d’inspiration pour les lecteurs occidentaux.


Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour

Président du CQI

5314 Pillow LN, Springfield VA 22151 USA

703 370 8137 Home

703 962 0874 Cell




4- We have requested from our fellow Quranist, the Egyptian-American Mr. Amin Rifaat, who supervise publishing online the PDF versions of our books in Arabic and in English ( to post our book about the New Zealand massacre in Arabic, English, and French and to send the English and French versions to the New Zealand embassies in the USA and worldwide in his own name as a spokesperson of all Quranists. Mr. Amin Rifaat – may the Lord God bless and reward him – has promised us to do so.

5- We expect the same to be done by all of our dear fellow Quranists. We address the following to them.

5/1: Most of our dear fellow Quranists are cultured, well-educated people but they are among the weak ones on earth. Personally speaking, we, as a Quranist thinker in VA, the USA, suffer from media blackout imposed on our person. Our Quranism website is marginalized. Despite our endeavors and writings which cope with world events, our criticizing terrorism, corruption, and tyranny (using Qurnaism), and our defense of the oppressed, weak ones on earth and of the values cherished by most human beings which, of course, match the higher Quranic values, we know that most governments and people of the West do not pay attention to Qurnaism and do not take heed of our website – for so many reasons which we do not need to mention here. We have dedicated our book titled "A Quranist Vision of the Massacre of the Two Mosques in New Zealand" to the government and people of New Zealand because of their honorable and appreciated stance and reaction to the tragedy of the Christchurch massacre; we have shown how New Zealand differs a lot from the rest of the West countries.

5/2: The government of New Zealand knows nothing – yet – about our book titled "A Quranist Vision of the Massacre of the Two Mosques in New Zealand". Quranists must not fail in making the government of New Zealand get to know about this book. We desire only to prove to the New Zealanders – and to the whole West – that not all Muslims are like Bin Laden and that there are Muslims who know what True Islam is (i.e., Quranism). We want to show them that Quranists are busy with the intellectual peaceful jihad for reforming Muslims and they are raising awareness of everyone within their reach about Quranism. Quranists stand against the distortion and the manipulation of the name Islam in politics and within Wahabi terrorism. Quranists side with the camp of goodness in New Zealand, and elsewhere, and with all free, civilized people in the world in their fighting against the camp of evil, terrorism, and bloodshed.

5/3: In order to make our message of peace and reform reach out to whom it may concern in New Zealand, it is not enough that the above English and French messages (and both translations of the book) would be sent via email only in the names of Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour (as President of IQC), Mr. Ahmed Fathy, and Mr. Amin Rifaat; email messages carrying the same content must be sent in the names (i.e., real names, pen-names, or pseudonyms) of most of our dear fellow Quranists; the more the number of sent messages would increase, the more proof we have of the widespread of the Quranist trend of reform; this will cause more spread and propagation of Quranism as the Only True Islam.  

5/4: This is not very difficult to achieve; the following simple steps are to be followed by our dear fellow Quranists.

5/4/1: To copy and paste into email messages the two above English and French messages authored by Mr. Ahmed Fathy the translator.

5/4/2: To enclose links (or copies in Microsoft Office Word files) of our book titled "A Quranist Vision of the Massacre of the Two Mosques in New Zealand" (the French and English versions) in the same email message.

5/4/3: To include in the same email message the following pieces of information about our person, our videos, and our writings:

Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour

President of the International Quranic Center (IQC)

5314 Pillow LN, Springfield, VA 22151

703 370 8137 Home

703 962 0874 Cell


More info:

5/4/4: To send this message with its attachments and/or links and pieces of information to the embassies of New Zealand worldwide in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, and the rest of the countries of the West and the East, and also, of course, to the government of New Zealand itself.

5/4/5: We emphasize again the vital importance of sending such messages in the name of the Quranist person who is the owner of the email itself; this will show the true number of Quranists worldwide.

6- When a great number of messages carrying the same content reach those who are interested, this will be very beneficial to the Quranists worldwide, especially that the majority of them are among the weak ones on earth: "...and the helpless men, and women, and children, cry out, "Our Lord, deliver us from this town whose people are oppressive, and appoint for us from You an ally, and appoint for us from You a supporter."" (4:75).

7- Despite its being very distant from the rest of the world's continents (located about 2000 kilometers away from Australia), New Zealand is among the best countries of the world. Please read about it in the Wikipedia website:


Lastly: the Best Discourse:

 The Lord God says the following in the Quran: "While the angels are removing the souls of those who have been unjust towards themselves, they will say, "What was the matter with you?" They will say, "We were oppressed on earth." They will say, "Was God's earth not vast enough for you to emigrate in it?" These - their refuge is Hell. What a wretched retreat! Except for the weak among men, and women, and children who have no means to act, and no means to find a way out. These - God may well pardon them. God is Pardoning and Forgiving." (4:97-99). As always, the Lord God says nothing but the Absolute Truth.

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