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My Written Will Addressed to my Beloved Ones the Quranists

My Written Will Addressed to my Beloved Ones the Quranists

Was written in Arabic in October 31, 2015

Translated by Ahmed Fathy


1- Please do not understand my following words as personal talk about myself ; this is a general discourse addressed to all whom it may concern regarding the reform of the Muhammadans who follow human-made, fabricated, earthly creeds, thinking erroneously that these creeds are Islam. Muhammadans of today have reached an unprecedented level of massacres, crimes, and destruction that goes beyond the previous fourteen centuries. The one who is writing this discourse or written will is a reformist thinker concerned with real Islam (the Quran) who dedicated his life to religious reform by resorting to the Quran as the sole authority in Islam, since 1975. I am writing here my will addressed to all who are of their own free will desire to cross the route to reform by Quranism. I am addressing mainly the Quranists.

2- The route to reform is landmarked with mines, traps, and pitfalls; foes and opponents will persecute, curse, restrict, and torment Quranists who follow this route. If all of us be among the ones who keep to this route within peaceful intellectual jihad in deep faith in the Almighty and the Last Day, God in the Judgment day will put us among the company of prophets as witnesses of our age and people among whom we lived in this life: "Whoever obeys God and the Messenger-these are with those whom God has blessed-among the prophets, and the sincere, and the martyrs, and the upright. Excellent are those as companions. That is the grace from God. God suffices as Knower." (4:69-70).

This divine grace will eclipse and dwarf all wonders of this transient life as well as its vicissitudes. God is the One who chooses His messengers and prophets: "God chooses messengers from among the angels and from among the people. God is Hearing and Seeing. "(22:75) and He knows those whom He has chosen: "God knows best where to place His message" (6:124). Yet, the field is open before us all, i.e., the rest of human beings, to occupy the second place/stature after the messengers/prophets of God provided we follow their methods and path by calling people to believe in God within Quranic insight and knowledge: "Say, "This is my way; I invite to God, based on clear knowledge-I and whoever follows me. Glory be to God; and I am not of the polytheists."" (12:108).  The path followed by Prophet Muhammad has been certainly the Quran alone, which is described as ''insights'': ""Insights have come to you from your Lord. Whoever sees, it is to the benefit of his soul; and whoever remains blind, it is to its detriment. I am not a guardian over you."" (6:104), "If you do not produce a miracle for them, they say, "Why don't you improvise one." Say, "I only follow what is inspired to me from my Lord." These are insights from your Lord, and guidance, and mercy, for a people who believe." (7:203), and "These insights are for mankind, and guidance, and mercy for people who believe with certainty." (45:20). There is nothing more wonderful than when one becomes, in the Day of Judgment, among the witnesses regarding our people with whom we used to live, in the company of prophets, before other people: "And the earth will shine with the Light of its Lord; and the Book will be put in place; and the prophets and the witnesses will be brought in; and Judgment will be passed among them equitably, and they will not be wronged. And every soul will be fully compensated for what it had done. He is well aware of what they do." (39:69-70). Competition or race, then, is not for the sake of transient possession of the materialistic vain world, but for the sake of entering Paradise in the afterlife via sincere faith and good deeds: "Know that the worldly life is only play, and distraction, and glitter, and boasting among you, and rivalry in wealth and children. It is like a rainfall that produces plants, and delights the disbelievers. But then it withers, and you see it yellowing, and then it becomes debris. While in the Hereafter there is severe agony, and forgiveness from God, and acceptance. The life of this world is nothing but enjoyment of vanity.Race towards forgiveness from your Lord, and a Garden as vast as the heavens and the earth prepared for those who believe in God and His messengers. That is the grace of God; He bestows it on whomever He wills. God is the Possessor of Immense Grace." (57:20-21). Those who spend their life racing to obtain vain materialistic gains of this transient mortal existence will either die ignobly within grief before getting satisfied and feel enjoyment or would get all they desire and more to the extent that they will feel no more enjoyment due to over affluence or overabundance. The latter might live to reach the senile old age, feeling geriatric ailments that prevent them from enjoying the worldly possessions. Eventually, they will die with no hope or future, feeling utmost sorrow in this life and interminable grief and horror in the Afterlife. The reason: such type of people feel that worldly possessions and material comfort did not give them happiness and real satisfaction and it is too late, when dying, to work for one's real future in the Eternal Life after the Day of Judgment. Real believers who perform good deeds acceptable to God and in seeking His grace and mercy are the ones who avoid such destiny of pain and torment. The best type of believers is those who dedicate their lives to call for the true faith and become witnesses; they admonish and preach those around them using the Quran to make others avoid polytheistic notions and practices whilst they (i.e. the Muhammadans) feel they are guided. Quranists never impose their views on others, though. Quranists never seek to ask others for rewards, fees, or wages. Quranists bear patiently with mental anguish and sometimes real harm done to them, in hope of receiving the real reward from the Almighty.

3- I, Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour, confined myself to my abode and home library since 1985 until now, dedicating my time to reading and research. This sedentary lifestyle has its expected negative impacts on health that I inevitably have to bear with. In recent years, I have resisted the urging of my sons to visit medical doctors. Days ago, I have undergone a thorough medical check-up. The medical doctor has warned me of upcoming health problems. Let us repeat that we do not intend here to narrate personal issues; we mean to write our last will while approaching the end of our life/journey; Quranists must go ahead in the route of reform after I leave this world and pass away, until we meet Our Creator in the Day of Judgment.    

4- As for my part, I might live after writing this article for a day, a month, a year, or even 20 years. Only God knows the predestined date and precise moment of my passing away. What I am sure about is that what is left from my life and effort is brief and short. Yet, I have still the arduous task to publish all my writings that will take years. I have decided to dedicate my time fully to publish old writings and books via our website, whether those writings have been published before in print or not. Chief among these books are the one about the Mameluke Era in Egypt, the one about the establishment of human-made fabricated creeds within history of early Muslims, and our commentary on the seminal book of Ibn Khaldoun; the first Arab sociologist, to mention but a few. As for articles, the ones concerning Quranic terminology will be published intermittently within serious research articles on history. Of course, reviewing books before uploading them on our website is an arduous, tedious task. Each book is serialized in the form of one-article-per-day, and then, it is collected in one webpage. I will try from now on to upload two articles per day instead of one, before I am taken severely ill or before I pass away.

5- My will addressed to all Quranists is to seek ardently to spread our ideas and articles via the internet and cyberspace. Every Quranist worldwide should learn how to write a research by reading critically and deeply all my research articles on our website. Among such articles/books are the ones on the Sufi creed, the ones we have written in 1977. With no exaggeration on our part, such articles/books on Sufism are a pioneer field in refuting Sufism as a creed opposite to the Quran. This pioneer field has been the string point to refute Sunnite and Shiites creeds and notions within historical research of the life and times of the Muhammadans and their notions, theology, doctrines, etc. and how to prove their contradiction with the Quran: the real and only Islam. This endeavor of peaceful reform to raise awareness of people is my will to my beloved friends, the Quranists, worldwide: by writing Quranist research articles or by spreading Quranism and our website within cyberspace to everyone. This is the race for good deeds and the heavenly reward that will allow us, Quranists, to be among the witnesses in the Day of Judgment before the Almighty.

6- Within my written will here, I excuse myself  in cases of error, while asking God's mercy and forgiveness, and I seek divine reward in cases of deducting good notions of faith from the Quran in a manner that is pleasing to Our Creator. Glory be to God, Who never wastes away the good deeds and works of those who did them. We ask God's aid and guidance in this life and the next.



Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour

Friday, July 31st, 2015.

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