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The Real Source of Danger Regarding the Massacre That Occurred in Two Mosques in New Zealand


Published in March 15, 2019

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy







1- A heinous massacre occurred today (March 15th, 2019) inside two mosques in New Zealand committed by an Australian racist extremist man who arrived in New Zealand to shoot people inside two mosques in Christchurch; about 49 people were killed and 50 were injured, including children, during this mass shooting attack. There were about 300 persons in the first mosque when this criminal killed 41 among them within this mass shooting; he drove his car to the second mosque and killed 8 persons; he chased those who ran away to try to kill them off. Tens of injured victims are hospitalized now; some of them may die because of their critical cases. The criminal posted his crime via the cyberspace, along with a long statement, as he takes pride in the atrocious crime he has committed!  

2- Sadly, we assert here that the real source of danger regarding any massacres is not the number of victims (even if it would reach hundreds of thousands); the real source of danger is the ideological/religious motive behind committing this or that massacre. The worst massacre in the twentieth century is American atomic bombs thrown at Hiroshima (where about 140 thousand people were killed) and Nagasaki (where about 80 thousand people were killed) in Japan in 1945, which was a military attack aiming at ending the war; this heinous crime had no religious motives. After the end of World War II, the UN has been established to prevent more wars.


Firstly: explaining the real source of danger requires this historical overview:

1- Wars which are based on devilish, terrestrial religions (whose adherents commit aggressions in the names of such religions) go on as long as such aggressive religions dominates a region as they are maintained by its wicked clergymen and ruling tyrants. We have written and published on our Quranism website the first part of the book titled (Episodes of Bloodshed in the History of Caliphs), with a focus on how Arabs fought against the Christian Byzantines and other Europeans; this is part of the faith tenets of the Sunnite religion of Satan: to divide the world into two camps: the camp of peace and belief (where the Muhammadans or Saracens resided) and the camp of war and disbelief (where 'infidels' resided); see our article in English on this link:  . Of course, Arab caliphates included civil wars among caliphs and their rivals and foes such has Shiites and Al-Khawarij rebels. In our book, we tackle how in most cases, caliphs were the winners within such military strife; their Arab empire borders reached between the Great Wall of China to the Pyrenees south of France and the borders of Constantinople.     

2- In the second part of our book, which we are currently writing and hope to finish and publish it soon, we tackle how the West (or Europe) regained its power; Constantinople regained its might and attacked the Levantine region to invade areas until Aleppo. The Arabs were no longer able to control Iberia (Spain) after their defeat by the troops of Charles Martel in the Battle of Tours (or Bataille de Poitiers) in 732 A.D. and the Europeans managed to retrieve and re-conquer Spain gradually until they achieved their last, decisive victory over Arabs in Granada in 1492 A.H. At the same year, the ships of Christopher Columbus reached the Bahamas; later on, the united Iberia (Spain) attacked the coasts of North Africa. We tackle in our book also the Crusades which began in 1096 A.D. and established several kingdoms in the Levantine region (especially in Jerusalem and Syria), Asia Minor, and Iraq.      

3- The Mamelukes defeated the Crusaders several times until they were driven away from the Levant once and for all. After the sultanate of the Mameluke collapsed, the Ottoman power emerged and invaded Constantinople in 1453 A.D.; the Ottomans invades other European regions (e.g., Greece and the Balkans) until they reached the walls of Vienna and were defeated in 1683 A.D. This made the Turkish sultans in European culture as representatives of 'Islam' instead of Arabs. 

4- The Ottoman caliphate grew weaker while the Europeans continued their geographical discoveries and they invaded the New World and larger parts of the Ancient World in Asia and Africa. Of course, the West secular and colonial powers were not as brutal and savage as their ancestors the Crusaders (who killed tens of thousands of Arabs in Jerusalem even inside mosques until their horses swam in rivers of blood). The secular West powers got rid of the dominance of the Church and focused on their worldly gains and interests only by manipulating (not massacring) the people of the conquered regions to serve the West: this is colonialism.  

5- When the governor (and later on king) of Egypt M. Ali Pacha introduced a renaissance in Egypt to rejuvenate and prolong the life of the sick man of Europe (i.e., the Ottoman empire), Europe fought fiercely against him. On the margin of this, M. Ali Pacha and his grandson, Khedive Ismail, introduced a renaissance in Egypt and sent many men to Europe to be educated in many fields. Before all that, the very first Saudi kingdom emerged in 1745 A.D. in Arabia and based itself on Wahabism (a revival of the extremist Sunnite Hanbali sect) and the main tenet of religious wars. This first Saudi kingdom was away from Europe; its men massacred many non-Wahabi Arabs and 'Muslims'. The Egyptian military troops of king M. Ali Pacha defeated the Saudis and caused the collapse of the first Saudi kingdom in 1818 A.D. The second Saudi kingdom emerged and collapsed very soon because of internecine struggles. Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud established the third, current Saudi kingdom after obtaining the permission and aid of Great Britain which aimed at re-dividing the region after World War I, and new modern states were established: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Israel.  

6- Huge reserves of oil have been discovered inside the Saudi kingdom; the Saudi royal family allied themselves to the USA. The USA and Europe allowed the Saudis to spread and propagate Wahabism all over the world as if it were Islam. The West powers made use of Wahabism as a tool to face and the (atheist) communism of the USSR. Soon enough after the collapse of the USSR, the confrontations and struggles began between the West and Wahabis who were not controlled by the Saudi kingdom. the Wahabi centers and mosques inside the USA and Europe are terrorist pockets which pose a veritable threat to the West. This has inevitably resulted into a violent reaction on the part of white supremacists and right-wing extremists in several West countries.  


Secondly: from Barack Obama to Donald Trump:

1- The West and the USA have resorted to the intellectual war of ideas against the USSR and communism; this caused the collapse of the USSR without shooting a single bullet. Of course, communism is a Western product which could easily be faced through the West culture using an intellectual counter-attack to dismantle and undermine communism. In contrast, Wahabism is a devilish product of the Sunnite Hanbali culture of the Arabs. This means the West powers are NOT culturally qualified to face the Wahabi terrorism by undermining and refuting in from within Islam; only Quranists are qualified to do that. Of course, the West powers now are not willing to get rid of Wahabism; sadly, they see that it serves their purposes and interests to protect and to invest Wahabism. The Quranists are the only thinkers who can show the difference between Quranic values of Islam (e.g., justice, peace, freedom), which match values supposedly cherished by the West, and the devilish Wahabi tenets. The West powers do not desire to seek the help of Quranists to defeat the Wahabi terrorism because this goes against the deep-seated, centuries-old hatred of the name of Islam in the West. The ancestors of the West people never saw from 'Islam' except atrocities, massacres, and heinous crimes committed by Arab and non-Arab Muhammadans (caliphs, sultans, and conquerors) during the Middle Ages. The same sentiments are share by victims of Arab conquests such as Egyptian Christian Copts and other minorities during the Middle Ages. Wahabism in our modern times has restored persecution of non-Wahabis in the Arab world (and terrorism against 'infidels' of the West) in the name of 'Islam'. This is why the West (and Egyptian Christian Copts) are eager to describe terrorist Wahabis as 'Islamists' and their movements/organizations and terrorism as 'Islamic' in order to defame Islam and to tarnish its name. This is reinforced by the fact that Wahabis control Arab media and the enthroned Arab tyrants protect and propagate the Wahabi ideology and culture.          

2- Extremists among the supporters of white supremacy and the right-wing in the West were infuriated by the election of Barack Hussein Obama as the first African American president of 'Muslim' roots. The hatred of the name of Islam increased when the Obama administration allied itself to Wahabism; the Bush administration was desiring to employ the peaceful Quranist intellectual war of ideas against Wahabi terrorism; we ourselves are the witness of this; yet, we lost hope of serving the USA in this respect once Obama was elected. The reaction of the Americans who had to bear with the presence of Obama for eight years has been to elect Donald Trump who represents the worst features of the American right-wing: racism and extremism as well as hatred of 'Muslims' non-white Americans, women, and human rights. At the same time, Trump has allied himself to the Saudi kingdom and its Wahabism as he is keen on milking the Saudi cow to the last drop.     

3- The election of Trump coincided with the ever-increasing power of ISIS; this has given momentum to the racist statements of Trump against Islam and 'Muslims' (or the Muhammadans), and Trump's statements against the name of Islam have their reverberations and influence inside and outside the USA. This is the environment in which emerged the Australian criminal who massacred peaceful 'Muslims' in two mosques in New Zealand.

4- This Australian criminal represents a Western non-Wahabi version of ISIS terrorists.


Thirdly: the real source of danger is the environment in which this Australian criminal has emerged:

1- This Australian criminal belongs to the same religion of terrorism which urges massacring the innocent ones within a place of worship (i.e., a mosque) and a religious day (i.e., a Friday); let us remember that ISIS terrorists massacred more than 300 men and injured more than 128 men on Friday Nov. 24th, 2017 within a terrorist attack on a mosque in a village in Sinai, Egypt, and they chased the runaway people to kill them off; this is repeated now by this ISIS-like Australian criminal. 

2- Trump is the leader of such racism and hatred; his words and deeds have created a propaganda for such racism which has acquired more supporters; some of them have committed terrorist crimes within the last two years since Trump assumed his office as the American president. This is exemplified in the points below.

2/1: In Jan. 28th, 2017, arson occurred in a mosque in Victoria, Houston, Texas, the USA, and the whole building was burned down; this occurred after Trump has taken some decisions against 'Muslims' and refugees.

2/2: A day later, at least 6 people were killed in a mass shooting attack at a mosque in Quebec, in Canada.

2/3: In June 19th, 2017, in London, the UK, a terrorist drove his car blindly to run over people who came out of a mosque; one man was killed and ten men were injured.

2/4: In Sept. 28, 2016, a bomb exploded inside a mosque in Dresden, in Germany.

2/5: Two months later, some extremist white persons wrote with graffiti anti-Muslim slogans at the walls of a mosque in Bordeaux, in France.

2/6: Lastly, this ISIS-like Australian criminal mentioned in his statement (posted by him via the Internet) that he is influenced by Trump "who will restore dignity to the white identity" and by Candace Owens the pro-Trump conservative commentator and political activist.  


Fourthly: the real source of danger in this ISIS-like Australian criminal is his being cultured and a leader:

 In fact this Australian criminal has launched a new page in the West within applying the cursed religion of ISIS (i.e., Wahabism) against 'Muslims' (or the Muhammadans); i.e., to massacre (the other) which differs in race and religion. This Australian criminal is ideologically cultured and indoctrinated. This appears from the following facts.

1- This Australian criminal videoed his crime and posted it via the Internet; he takes pride in his crime and urges other racist extremists to imitate him and to follow his footsteps.

2- This Australian criminal wrote words showing his knowledge of the history of the struggle between "Muslim" Arabs and the West.

2/1: This Australian criminal wrote on his weapons that he wants to stop to the invasion of Europe by the Umayyads and Andalusians; he wrote a reference to the Battle of Tours of 732 A.D., the Battle of Vienna 1683 A.D., and the Battle of Lepanto 1571 A.D. to remind people of how Europeans achieved victory over Arabs and Ottomans. Besides, he wrote the phrase (the eaters of Turks) which was the name of Greek gangs who killed many Ottomans in bloody attacks in the 19th century. 

2/2: This Australian criminal mentions in his statement that he aims to take revenge for hundreds of thousands of European people killed and enslaved in the course of history when 'Muslim' Arabs/Ottomans invaded parts of Europe.

2/3: This Australian criminal's 73-page statement express the extremist sentiments of Trump against 'Muslim' immigrants who are deemed as "invaders". This Australian criminal mentions that the land of the West will never be dominated by immigrants; the West should remain be dominated by the white people who will not die out or go instinct to be replaces by immigrants. This Australian criminal mentions that he is a white man from the working class and he committed his crime to ensure the future of the white nation in the West. This Australian criminal wrote on one of his weapons this phrase: "Welcome to hell, immigrants!". This Australian criminal considers his crime as a 'glorious' deed against invading powers which threaten the Western civilization. This Australian criminal mentions that he has chosen a mosque frequented by many invaders in New Zealand to catch the attention of the media and the people of the West in general.  


Fifthly: the coming source of danger is more grave and fatal: this Australian criminal represents an imminent wave of ISIS-like terrorism of Western white supremacists against 'Muslims':

1- Within his statement on the Internet, this Australian criminal mentions that he does not belong to any political movement and that he had his personal motives to commit this attack; he mentions that he represents millions of Europeans who are looking forward to living in their own lands and practice their own traditions. 

2- This is why many persons eagerly and swiftly supported this criminal.

2/1: The Australian politician and right-wing senator Fraser Anning, hours after the heinous crime, has issued a statement to blame the Christchurch attack on 'Muslim' immigration; he wrote: “Does anyone still dispute the link between Muslim immigration and violence?”“The real cause of bloodshed on New Zealand streets today is the immigration program which allowed Muslim fanatics to migrate to New Zealand in the first place.”  “Let us be clear, while Muslims may have been the victims today, usually they are the perpetrators. World-wide, Muslims are killing people in the name of their faith on an industrial scale.” “The truth is that Islam is not like any other faith. It is the religious equivalent of fascism. And just because the followers of this savage belief were not the killers in this instance, does not make them blameless”. But his remarks were denounced by many leaders inside and outside Australia. What Anning calls "Islam" is, in fact, the Sunnite Wahabi religion of terrorism.

2/2: Others have said/written the following statements.

2/2/1: (...This attacker did not target innocent people like adolescents in a Pop concert or families enjoying picnics in gardens and parks; he targeted a blow against part of the political machine which actively attacking his nation in order to annihilate the white people ... Muslim immigrants in Europe destroy their nations ...). This is, of course, a reference to the crimes of ISIS terrorists in Europe; they never belong to Islam; rather, they belong the Sunnite Wahabi religion of terrorism.  

2/2/2: (... This attacker deserves our respect! ... he deserves a medal for what he did ... this is the very first time when things go the other way round ... this is the first time when there is a reversal of roles and victims (not attackers) are Muslims ...). This is, of course, a reference to the crimes of ISIS terrorists in Europe; they never belong to Islam; rather, they belong the Sunnite Wahabi religion of terrorism.

2/2/3: (... That there are two mosques in a city named as Christchurch is a very provoking fact in itself...).



1- The situation is bleak and gloomy: 'Muslim' immigrants constitute a minority in the West countries; most of them adhere to Wahabism; this means that the current environment has several factors which will interact so that worst crimes will be committed in the near future. Would this heinous crime in New Zealand usher a revival of the Middle-Ages struggle between the 'Muslim' East and the Christian West?! The 'Muslim' immigrants in the West countries will pay the heavy price for such struggle, of course. We should bear in mind that Asian non-Muslim immigrants (e.g., from China) are never attacked despite being so many; their number surpass that of the Arab/'Muslim' immigrants.   

2- In our very first article published in the Cairo-based Al-Akhbar newspaper in Egypt, in 1989, we have written that the Quran (i.e., Qurnaism) is the solution to put an end to the Wahabi Sunnite ideology of terrorism.

3- What is the number of victims on both sides ('Muslims' and non-Muslims) since 1989 until now?!

4- Why do not you try to think and understand?!


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