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Conclusion of the Book Titled "A Quranist Vision of the Massacre of the Two Mosques in New Zealand"



Published in April 16, 2019

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy




1- Humanity has reached now the summit of scientific and technological progress; yet, it has not reached – yet – a similar level of civilizational and moralistic progress. Proof: the advanced technology is being used in aggressive wars and in the fabrication of weapons, and in most cases, the weak ones on earth are the main victims instead of being in the focus of interest and attention.     

2- It is a tragedy that the oppressed, weak ones on earth are the main victims of the latest advancement in the fabrication of weapon; this is more tragic when we realize the fact that the weak ones on earth finance unawares this advancement in technology of weapons because of the taxes they pay; yet, they are the victims of wars which have nothing to do with their interests and their lives. It is a sad fact that the UN addresses governments; it should address nations and confine its attention to human rights and to deliver oppressed nations from tyranny.  

3- It is high time that the UN would turn into a higher authority which saves human beings all over the world from tens of evil people who control the globe and human beings living on it; it is a grave injustice that 1% of the earth's population controls the wealth of the planet and therefore control most human beings on earth. These evil minority of affluent people repeats the tyranny typical of the Dark Ages as they are keen on maintaining bloodshed, bloodbaths, and  wars, though such atrocities must stop in our modern age, because it is the era of human rights and the global village; in fact, this global village requires an international government whose aim is to save billions of human beings from the evil, affluent criminals who form 1% of the earth's population. Ordinary criminals rob or murder a person and they are imprisoned and despised. What about evil tyrants who rob the wealth of the nations and massacre many people in their homelands and elsewhere, and yet, these enthroned tyrants are honored and allowed to deliver speeches of lies in the UN General Assembly and are then applauded instead of being arrested and tried in the International Criminal Court (ICC). Do the UN people applaud such tyrants to encourage them to increase their heinous crimes and atrocities? Until when this farce would go on?!  

4- The Divine Religion of the Truth is the one preaching peace, justice, charity, freedom, mercy, dignity, and human rights. In contrast, the devilish religions are the ones which spread wars, hatred, injustice, tyranny, fanaticism, extremism, and terrorism, regardless of the label: Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, etc. What matters most is the behavior and deeds visible to everyone; aggressors who use religious banners/mottoes massacre, rob, steal and commit heinous crimes of terrorism. It does not matter if the propagation of the values of peace, justice, charity, freedom, mercy, dignity, and human rights is done through religious texts or secular ones; what matters most is to propagate, achieve, and practice these values; of course, the diversity in the styles of discourse is of utmost importance.

5- What is much needed now is to raise awareness of everyone on earth of the abovementioned values of peace, justice,...etc.; this should be the mission of the UN and all benevolent powers and institutions worldwide. We mean here the awareness of peace instead of wars of aggression, of tolerance instead of fanaticism, of justice instead of injustice, of democracy instead of tyranny, of mercy and charity instead of cruelty and violence, and of love instead of hatred. 

6- The propagation of such awareness is the essence of our Quranist, peaceful, intellectual war against Wahabi terrorism. Wahabi Sunnite terrorists employ an intellectual war of ideas to recruit and brainwash the Muslim youths. Yet, within our modest means in our VA-based international Quranic Center (IQC), we refute and undermine Wahabi ideology. Our Qurnaism website has been damaged several times by Wahabi hackers but we managed to restore it. If we would have a modest source of donations and funding one day, we would have managed to make our voice reach other platforms and this would enable us to stop and expose the Wahabi deception of terrorists who have countless websites and TV satellite channels.   

7- The money we need to develop and spread our Quranist, peaceful, intellectual war of ideas and to increase its positive influence is less than the price of a tank. In fact, the intellectual war of ideas cost very little but it is a lucrative business all the time through books, shows, and screenplays for movies and TV series ( In contrast, ordinary weapons (e.g., bullets, bombs, and torpedoes) are used up in military wars and end while leaving nothing but grudges and hatred. In fact, world history tells us that military wars were never the final solution to any problem. We should employ the Quranist, peaceful, intellectual war of ideas to save what can be saved now; why would not the UN establish an organization to sponsor and launch this Quranist, peaceful, intellectual war of ideas against Wahabi terrorism? If the UN cannot do this, why would not the powers of peace and benevolence in the world sponsor and launch this Quranist, peaceful, intellectual war of ideas?!

8- We have more than three decades of experience in preaching these higher values from within Islam (i.e., the Quran only) while using the Quran as the Criterion. Despite our modest means, the persecution inflicted on our person, and the media blackout imposed on our person, we have succeeded within our intellectual endeavors through perseverance and patience; we have introduced an unprecedented radical change in the quality of thought of hundreds of Muslim intellectuals. Such reformist ideas did not exist in the past centuries. This means that our Quranism would be more influential if it reaches a wider audience through a satellite channel and when our screenplays of movies and TV series would be produced one day. Of course, we are impecunious now and cannot have this done now. Sadly, the powers of tyranny control the media. Yet, the powers of benevolence worldwide have their own media platforms as well; we implore them to cooperate with us to make our voice reach hundreds of millions of Muslims who are negatively influenced by the Wahabi powers of evil and darkness and may turn themselves into extremists and then into terrorists. 

9- The New Zealand massacre at the two mosques in Christchurch signals, in our opinion, a new type of international war: a religious war. Sadly, many signs of such a war appear in worldwide media and show that there is much fire under the ashes. In order to nip such an international religious war in the bud, we have written this BOOK about the Christchurch massacre, analyzing it and talking about reactions to it as well as its historical roots; this is done within the frame of our call for peaceful religious reform. This is not the first time; in fact, our Quranism website contains thousands of articles, fatwas, and books covering this call for peaceful religious reform. Yet, our call fall on deaf ears; we see no response or support from the powers of benevolence in the West. We hope that a favorable response would reach us sooner than we expect.     

10- We, the Quranist thinker Dr. A. S. Mansour, in our VA-based International Quranic Center open our arms to all lovers of peace, justice, charity, mercy, freedom, and human rights. Until when would we find no response at all?

11- Even if we remain for the rest of our life a lone voice of one crying in the wilderness with no response coming from anyone, it is enough to have the honor of insisting on calling for our principles and values within Quranism and the call for religious reform despite our being persecuted and ignored by others.

12- Even if we do not find any appreciation within this generation, we assume that the next generation will be very fair towards our person and our intellectual endeavors. The next generation will make good use of our Quranist writings and will appreciate them very much, in contrast to the shameful stances of those who rejected our person and our reformist thought and left us to be the victim of persecution and media blackout imposed on our person.


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