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The Muhammadans Are Surely Hypocrites


The Muhammadans Are Surely Hypocrites

Published in February 23, 2018

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy



 God has not repeated the Quranic details about hypocrites in vain, for no reason, or for the sake of joking and jesting – exalted and glorified by His Holy Name above such things. God tells us within these Quranic details that the trend of hypocrisy continues after the completion of the descent/revelation of the Quran and after the death of Muhammad; in fact, this trend of hypocrisy has become outspoken and vociferous, and its members (i.e., the hypocrites) have dominated the minds of the hundreds of millions of the Muhammadans who deem themselves now as 'Muslims', though their beliefs, deeds, tenets, and sharia laws contradict God's Word, the Quran, the testimony of Islam (i.e., There is no God but Allah), and the Quranic higher values of Islam that include peace, freedom, justice, charity, and mercy. We provide some details about this topic in the points below.

Firstly: features of the trend of hypocrisy during the era of Muhammad:

1- Within the Quranic stories of the previous prophets and messengers, there are only two groups of people who were frank in their stances: explicit believers and explicit disbelievers; the latter group in every era includes the affluent, corrupt retinue members who had authority and power and employed their own obsequious clergymen, henchmen, cronies, followers, and servants. Thus, there are no groups of hypocrites at all (i.e., those who pretend to be believers while they are scheming disbelievers) in the Quranic stories of previous prophets and messengers. 

2- Within the Quranic story of Muhammad, there were not any hypocrites in Mecca when Muhammad was residing there (as Mecca was his homeland) while preaching the Quranic message; thus, there were only explicit believers and explicit disbelievers at that point in time. In contrast, when Muhammad and the early believers immigrated to Yathreb, conditions and circumstances radically changed in this city as it became the Yathreb city-state led by Muhammad. Such radical changes resulted in the emergence of two trends of hypocrites in Yathreb: (1) those explicit hypocrites whose stances, deeds, and words expressed hatred and animosity towards the Quran and Muhammad though they feigned being converts to the new faith, and (2) those adamant in hypocrisy who hid and concealed their true feelings and stances very well while they feigned to convert to the new faith in order to remain the nearest ones to Muhammad, and they were spies/agents recruited and planted in Yathreb by the Qorayish tribe leaders. These spies watched Muhammad closely and informed their Meccan allies/masters of everything happening inside Yathreb. This second trend comprised those hypocrites who never let any deeds or words expose them or show their real stance of disbelief; this is why they are described in the Quranic verse 9:101 as (adamant in hypocrisy). Those who were adamant in hypocrisy were within the inner circle of those who were very close to Muhammad and never showed their disbelief; hence, once Muhammad died, they ruled Yathreb and indeed the whole of Arabia under the behind-the-curtains authority of the Qorayish tribe. They undermined and rejected Islam within their sins/crimes of the Arab conquests and the Arab civil war. The first trend of explicit hypocrites who made no effort at all to conceal their animosity towards Islam were the affluent leaders who had authority and power within the two main Yathrebian tribes: Al-Aws and Al-Khazraj; they resented losing their stature, power, control, and authority; they could never leave Yathreb so as not to leave their wealth, families, connections, assets, stretches of land, etc.; they expressed political opposition and plotted and schemed against Islam and Muhammad all the time though they never raised arms or resorted to any form of violence, as they took advantage of the absolute religious and political freedom within the Quran-based Yathreb city-state that allowed this freedom within adhering to peaceful behavior.       

3- There were weak, peaceful believers in Mecca who were oppressed by the affluent retinue members of Meccan leaders; they adhered to the religion of peace in terms of security and peaceful demeanor and not in terms of faith inside their hearts, as they drank wine and adhered to polytheistic worship of mausoleums, and this means they clearly disobeyed the Quran (see 22:30 and 5:90-92). Those peaceful ones (or believers in terms of behavior only and not in terms of faith) adhered to their polytheistic ways/rituals when they immigrated to Yathreb and were reluctant to participate in the self-defense endeavors; yet, they did not join the political opposition nor the schemes/plots of hypocrites; God has warned them to correct their faith tenets and stances within many verses in the Quranic Chapters 3, 4, 5, 8, 33, and 66. Within rebuking them in the Quran, God never describes these believers as (hypocrites) who deserve lowest depth in Hell; they had nothing to hide and never conspired against Islam or Muhammad. 

4- The desert-Arabs who lived outside Yathreb were divided into two types: (1) extremists who were adamant in hypocrisy/disbelief, and (2) those who were true believers (see 9:97-99). Some of the hypocritical desert-Arabs came to the Yathreb city-state while feigning to convert to Islam, but they were spies who moved freely through Yathreb to know its weak and strong points in terms of military defenses to inform the aggressors of the best locations to launch their attacks. Thus, Yathreb as a city was an easy target of aggressors' attacks from the desert areas that surround it from all corners, and when a trench was dug around it to ward off the enemies, the city was sieged during the battle of the confederates; this is why the defense technique was to readily mobilize the self-defense troops out of Yathreb to face the troops of the enemies before they reach and enter into Yathreb, as we infer from the phrasing of many Quranic verses related to self-defense battles. Therefore, the aggressive hypocritical desert-Arabs were among the most dangerous arch-enemies of the Yathreb city-state; God has mentioned in the Quran certain ways to deal with them within the military and political aspects. Thus,if they adhered to peaceful behavior, they were allowed to live in Yathreb to enjoy peace, equality, absolute political freedom (i.e., peaceful political opposition), and absolute religious freedom while keeping their peace pledges/treaties held with the Yathreb city-state regarding adherence to non-aggression and non-violence and never supporting the polytheistic aggressors who attacked Yathreb. In case they would breech their treaties/pledged, they must be fought if they commit military aggression (see 4:88-91). At the same time, God has warned the hypocrites of Yathreb against raising arms against the Yathreb city-state that protected them and provided them with religious and political freedom; those highwaymen and aggressors who violated peace and harmed other citizens inside the Yathreb city-state would be penalized severely as per the corporeal punishments mentioned in the Quran (see 33:60-62 and 5:33-34).     

Secondly: the difference between the features of hypocrisy during the era of Muhammad and those of our modern era:

1- The political rule, power, and authority that changed within the Yathreb city-state resulted in the explicit hypocrisy within the affluent ones within the Yathrebian two main tribes: Al-Aws and Al-Khazraj, and those hypocrite never reached power and rule once Muhammad died. Those who ruled were among those adamant in hypocrisy, and their hypocrisy reached higher level when they committed their aggression and crimes of the Arab conquests and the Arab civil war that contradict the Quran while hypocritically raising the banners of Islam. This level of hypocrisy has spread and dominated after the death of Muhammad and it still exists among the Muhammadans of today.

2- This is a remark of paramount importance: the high level of outspoken hypocrisy is tackled in the Quranic verses which were revealed shortly before the death of Muhammad (within the Quranic Chapters 5, 9, and 63). This leads to this series of questions: has  hypocrisy ended once and for all or vanished suddenly once Muhammad died?! Did hypocrites repent once Muhammad died?! Was hypocrisy a fad or a temporary trend that ended abruptly once Muhammad died?! The answer is the same for these questions: of course not! This answer is derived from this verse: "Among the Desert-Arabs around you there are some hypocrites, and among the inhabitants of Yathreb too. They have become adamant in hypocrisy. You do not know them, but We know them. We will torment them twice; then they will be returned to a severe torment." (9:101). Those who were adamant in hypocrisy mentioned in the verse 9:101 played a destructive role in Arabia and against Islam, and their evil deeds incurred their being tormented twice in this world and their torment in Hell as they died without repentance. 

3- As for the explicit, outspoken hypocrites of Al-Aws and Al-Khazraj tribes, once Muhammad died, they were marginalized like the rest of the Yathreb dwellers (who are called in the Quran as the supporters). The leader of the supporters, Saad Ibn Eibada, who opposed the appointment of Abou Bakr as ruler/caliph was promptly assassinated to be silenced and to deter any possible opposition to the Qorayish taking over the rule of Arabia through its agents appointed as caliphs. Thus, the supporters (who were believers) and the explicit hypocrites of Yathreb were marginalized in order to pave the way to those dangerous, evil polytheists, who were adamant in hypocrisy, to rule and dominate the political scene to make Qorayish regain its control over Arabia. Thus, those who were adamant in hypocrisy reached their goal at last and after waiting for a long time within careful, unique, and secret scheming, preparations, and plotting; this is the Qorayish scheming that is mentioned in this verse: "They planned their schemes, but their schemes are known to God, even if their schemes can eliminate mountains." (14:46). Before the advent/descent of the Quran, the Qorayish tribe specialized in manipulating and distorting the monotheistic religion of Abraham to serve its trade and wealth and to protect its political dominance over Arabia, as the Qorayish leaders controlled Arabs and made them protect the Qorayish trade caravans. It is expected that the Qorayish leaders would repeat the same manipulation after Muhammad's death by distorting the meanings of Quranic verses to serve several political and economic ends; hence, the polytheistic Arabs were mobilized to commit the worst sins/crimes of the Arab conquests that changed the history and the geography of the ancient world forever. The Qorayish tribe schemed and plotted to contain the threat to its interests posed by Islam, Muhammad, and the early believers with him. The Qorayish evil schemes included not to put all efforts of fighting and eliminating Islam into one direction; thus, besides the military aggression and frequent attacks against Yathreb, informants/spies/agents were planted inside the Yathreb city-state to get news of Muhammad and the early believers with him. When most Arabs converted to God's religion of peace in multitudes (see 110:1-3), the Qorayish leaders feigned to convert so as to manipulate Islam as a unifying force to dominate over all Arabs once more; the Qorayish hypocritical spies/agents in Yathreb managed to be so close to Muhammad and to acquire high stature and fame that made them deemed by others as qualified to rule Yathreb and lead its dwellers after the death of Muhammad; thus, the pre-Umayyad caliphs (who came from Qorayish) helped the Qorayish tribe to regain its control and dominance over Arabia. As for the explicit, affluent hypocrites of Al-Aws and Al-Khazraj tribes in Yathreb, they were very naïve and gullible as their words, stances, and deeds exposed them and they lost their stature and power or good. In contrast, those adamant in hypocrisy like Abou Bakr, Omar, Othman, Ali, Al-Zubayr, Talha, Ibn Awf, etc. were so cunning and sly as they feigned to embrace Islam to wait for the suitable time after the death of the prophet of Islam to undermine and destroy Islam, by raising its banners to unify Arabs and mobilize them into the evil schemes of the Arab conquests to form an Arab empire ruled by the Qorayish factions.                     

4- This means that the shared element in the emergence of hypocrisy during Muhammad's era and its emergence after his death is the political rule; this has been the backdrop of the dominance of hypocrisy in Yathreb and all Arabia later on, as the Qorayish tribe had established its Arab empire by deliberately violating the Quranic teachings and contradicting Islam during the era of the pre-Umayyad caliphs; instead of repentance and returning to true Islam found in the Quran, the Qorayish leaders and caliphs justified their sins and crimes by ascribing it to the name of Islam by claiming they were applying and spreading the Quranic message. This grave sin occurred as soon as Muhammad died, as the ruler/caliph Abou Bakr was the first one to begin the evil aggression of the Arab conquests during the sacred lunar month of Muharram (one of the four sacred months of pilgrimage in the Arab calendar), and this aggression was committed while hijacking the name of Islam; i.e., the Arabs claimed that the other non-Arab nations were infidels and disbelievers whose countries deserve to be attacked, invaded, and occupied. This Qorayish religion of violence and aggression contradicts the Quran, but it has used the name of Islam to unify and mobilize Arabs into the military conquests that went on during the Umayyad caliphate. Thus, the name of Islam, the religion of peace, has been hijacked to cover and justify the Qorayish religion of invading, occupying, looting, raping, enslaving, massacring, and sabotaging. Within the Abbasid caliphate/empire, fiqh legislations and hadiths had to be authored and written down to codify and justify such conquests and crimes/sins that contradict the Quranic teachings; hadiths have been propagated as supplanting and replacing the rules, laws, and legislations of the Quranic sharia, and the meanings of Quranic verses have been distorted, warped, and twisted in the name of interpretation. A branch of studies called fiqh (i.e., theology) has been established to incorporate countless notions that contradict the Quran and help establish the earthly, man-made Sunnite religion that raise the label/motto or banner of Islam though it is a wicked, evil religion that contradicts the Quran.             

5- Sadly, the overlapping between Islam (i.e., the Quran) and the Sunnite religion of Satan is still dominant until today worldwide; the name of Islam in worldwide media is accused of being the religion of terrorism; this accusation must be leveled at the Sunnite religion that has hijacked the name of Islam since the Abbasid Era (that witnessed the fabrication and application of the Sunnite religion books) until now in our modern era. The tyrannical countries of the Muhammadans are dominated by Shiite or Sunnite clergymen as part of the regimes in these countries; besides, Wahabi political terrorist trends terrorize citizens and rulers to reach power one day to apply theocracy, and these Wahabi terrorists (e.g., the MB terrorist group and the terrorist Salafists), in their turn, assume they belong to 'Islam'. Such Muhammadans are hypocrites indeed; their hypocrisy is shown in the Friday sermons and their preaching on TV channels and within cyberspace; i.e., they use the Quran to prove the values of tolerance, peace, and justice of Islam, while they use hadiths and fiqh to support and flatter tyrannical rulers and justify their injustices that include assassinating, imprisoning, and torturing of political opposition figures deemed as 'apostates' who deserve being severely punished. For instance, when the KSA-funded Wahabi terrorists in Cairo, Egypt, assassinated the secular thinker Farag Fouda in the early 1990s because he exposed their hypocrisy and showed how their Wahabi notions contradict the Quran, the Wahabi preachers blessed and supported such assassination as part of their sharia and insisted that their 'Islam' is the religion of tolerance!      

6- This is the main feature of the hypocrisy of the Muhammadans of today; namely, to claim they belong to 'Islam' while they believe in tenets, notions, and practices that deify/sanctify mortals, books, and things/items and that contradict the Quranic sharia legislations, teachings, and values.

7- Most human beings on earth do not believe in Islam (i.e., the Quran), such as Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists, deists, agnostics, and atheists. They are frank and outspoken in their rejection of the Quran and never acknowledging it as God's Word; thus, they are not among the hypocrites. The real hypocrites are the Muhammadans who hide and conceal their disbelief in, and their rejection of, real Islam (i.e., the Quran) while insisting in public that their Sufi, Sunnite, and Shiite religions are labeled by force as 'Islam'. If they would be frank in their rejection of the Quran, they would not be deemed as hypocrites who harbor a vicious, devilish, deceitful duality of having tongues that talk in the name of 'Islam' while having hearts/souls/minds that deify/sanctify things and mortals.     


1- The Quran is the Only Criterion to judge all of the above points.

2- The Quran exposes the hypocrisy of Muhammadans of today; when Quranists quote Quranic verses to refute and undermine the polytheistic tenets and notions of the sharia laws of the earthly, man-made religions of the Muhammadans, those Muhammadans readily and overtly show their disbelief (which lurks inside their hearts) within their words, stances, deeds, and behavior.

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