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The KSA on Its Way to Deny Sunna Hadiths:

The Veritable Danger Posed by Wahabism to the World Requires the Immediate Elimination of Wahabism

Published in October 22, 2017

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy


1- Comments of some of our beloved fellow Quranists about the previous article express their despair of any possible reform introduced inside the KSA. We ourselves share their view; it is impossible to reform the KSA, and yet, this will not stop us from writing about the call for reform. We thus talk about our stance and prove it within our website; we must follow the footsteps of the best and greatest role-models of reform; i.e., God's prophets/messengers. However despaired most of them were as they saw no reform occurred to the affluent, arrogant retinue members in their people, the prophets/messengers went on preaching reform till their last breath, while knowing that their people dislike those who give advice (see 7:79).     

2- We are 100% sure that the Saudi authorities will never respond to the call for reform that we preach (i.e., Quranism as the real Islam); yet, we have the greatest hope that our Almighty Lord God will make our person among the witnesses of our era in this world and on the Last Day. Our ceaseless call for reform and intellectual endeavor will qualify our person – God willing – to testify against the arrogant, affluent, unjust ones on the Day of Resurrection. 

3- We have not the slightest glimmer of hope that the arrogant, affluent, unjust, corrupt ones will ever be reformed; yet, there is 1% hope of preventing bloodshed of some people, and this is a more than enough motive to go on writing about reform (religious and otherwise) and warning against tyranny. Hence, our fellow Quranists must allow our person to go one writing about reforming the KSA; eventually, what benefits people remains on Earth (see 13:17). We are quite sure that the next generations will read our words on our website (in Arabic an in English) and reflect on how the Saudi regime was established, flourished, and then collapsed and vanished, after massacring hundreds of thousands of victims! 

4- This is why we continue writing about this topic while hoping for the best.


Firstly: between Wahabism on the one hand and Nazism and communism on the other hand:

1- The 20th century witnessed WWI & WWII and the rise and collapse of the USSR. Within changes of the international scene, the 20th century witnessed also the emergence of the third, current Saudi state (a.k.a. the KSA) and how it leads and controls most countries of the Middle East, though it emerged in 1932 A.D. within the Third World, and thus never to be compared to the USSR and Nazi Germany; yet, Wahabism of the KSA makes it far more dangerous than the communist USSR (and communism that spread elsewhere at the time) and Nazi Germany.

2- When Nazism emerged and dominated Germany, it was a reaction to the humiliation (manifested in the treaty of Versailles in 1919) suffered by Germany after its defeat in WWI. To have revenge against this treaty, Adolf Hitler with his huge military machine destroyed most Europe and the west areas of the USSR, and his victims are more than 20 million dead persons, including Jews, Russians, and gypsies. After the defeat and fall of Hitler, it is impossible that the German Nazism might come back, as it is a source of disgrace and shame chasing the Germans. Another more important reason is the fact that Nazism was a temporary, local ideology that emerged as a reaction to the treaty of Versailles that brought humiliation to Germany. The Allies after WWII understood this and they never repeated the grave mistake of humiliating Germans; rather, they gave Germany the Marshall Plan to revive the economy and restore a high stature without Nazism. Thus, it is impossible that Nazism might return in Germany.         

3- Communism emerged as a reaction to protest against the savagery of capitalism; a communist state was established in Russia (an agricultural and not an industrial country) as a reaction to the tyranny of the Romanov family, and after the execution of this royal family, the Russian communist regime expanded in Asia. Stalin caused the death of millions of victims within this expansion in the East and Central Asia. Because communism has been an ideology that protests against Western capitalism from within the Western culture, it was bound to collapse sooner or later after introducing reform to capitalism. In fact, capitalism made its jaws and claws disappear (for a while) and improved conditions for workers; thus, the raison d'être of communism (and its tyranny and totalitarianism) disappeared. The revolution in means of communications of the global village penetrated the iron curtain and caused the sudden and swift collapse of the USSR. Even after Mao Zedong massacred tens of millions of victims, China now has its own form of capitalism and it rejected is Maoism and communism.           


Secondly: Wahabism is more dangerous than Nazism and communism:

1- Within the revolts and the spirit of getting rid of the American hegemony/dominance and European colonialism, communism was en vogue as a haven and the USSR was a mecca to revolutionaries. Lenin was a bearded man; communists imitated his bear that became the fashion for facial hair for men such as Castro and Guevara. After the collapse of the USSR and communism, Wahabism has become an alternative to face Western capitalism and the USA in particular. Some 'comrades' removed their beards, and some others grew larger Wahabi beards within the myth called 'Islamism' or political 'Islam'. The Wahabi KSA allied itself to the USA, and Wahabi opposition figures fought against the USA and the West in general and all countries loyal to the West: especially the KSA and Egypt.    

2- Wahabi rulers in the KSA and other Arab regimes are not as strong as the USSR or Nazi Germany. Wahabi opposition figures or terrorists like the MB, ISIS, and Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations to come will never be as strong as the USSR or Nazi Germany. Yet, the victims of Wahabism from 1745 A.D. until now are more than 10 million people who lost their lives. This is less than the victims of Nazism, communism, Marxism, Maoism, Stalinism, and Leninism. Wahabism is more dangerous as it exists from 1745 A.D. until now, posing a veritable threat to the modern world. Thus, Wahabism has emerged before Nazism and communism and has continued to exist after they vanished! News headlines worldwide contain massacres and heinous crimes of Wahabi terrorists.   

3- Wahabi armed opposition figures and organizations (i.e., terrorists) pose a threat to all powers worldwide: Europe, Canada, Russia, and the USA. Until now, the West receives fatal blows from Wahabi jihadists whose terrorist operations cannot be predicted regarding their locations and so on. The West managed to eliminate communism (which was part of the Western culture) via the intellectual war of ideas. Thus, the dangerous problem vis-à-vis Wahabism is that this foreign ideology is never part of the Western culture; people in the West cannot delve deeper into Wahabism to study and refute it within a successful intellectual war of ideas from within Islam/the Quran (i.e., Quranism). Quranism is this intellectual war of ideas that will save potential suicide bombers and the potential victims. Quranists are the only ones capable of engaging into this intellectual war of ideas by their intellectual endeavors. This is why the KSA hates Quranists as its foes.      

4- Millions of Muhammadans converted to Wahabism since 1970s, and some of these Muhammadans live in the West, suffering frustrations and a loss of identity, and they find a 'haven' or a 'refuge' within Wahabi mosques there when those Muhammadans face any crises. When such Wahabi mosques in the West heal the wounds of the souls of those Muhammadans, they prepare them to be terrorists. Some Wahabi terrorists were originally poor youths in the countries of the Muhammadans whose fathers fought against poverty and corrupt affluent classes by converting to communism. After the fall of communism, the frustrated youth who suffer poverty and loss of hope resort to Wahabism to change the sad reality around them by resorting to violence! Some of those who convert to Wahabism in the countries of the Muhammadans are wealthy, cultured, ambitious people who never before found a place under the sun to get high-rank positions; they found a glimmer of hope to gratify their ambitions by joining Wahabis within the opposition movements, assuming that Wahabis will be the future theocratic rulers of their countries! These youths (age-group: 18-38 years old) form the large part of the population in any of the countries of the Muhammadans, and they pose a veritable danger as far as security of a given country is concerned. Thus, it is of vital importance to begin an Islamic/Quranist intellectual war of ideas that will save potential suicide bombers and the potential victims. Quranists are the only ones capable of engaging into this intellectual war of ideas by their intellectual endeavors. This is why the KSA hates Quranists as its foes.             

5- Facing the Western weapons that can destroy the planet Earth totally in a very brief space of time, Wahabism has invented an invincible human weapon that cannot be defeated by any other weapons: the Wahabi jihadists who have suicidal tendencies who are willing to die; these are suicide bombers who massacre innocent, peaceful people in major cities. Those terrorist Wahabis linked to Wahabi opposition movements have found in their heritage of the traditional Sunnite books what would encourage and justify turning youths into suicide bombers and time bombs ready to explode anytime anywhere willing upon request! Wahabi jihadists are more than ready to willingly accept such suicide operations, as they are so brainwashed that they assume that Houris are waiting for them in Paradise, with open arms (and open legs!) once they die and massacre the 'infidels'! The West cannot defeat a person willing to explode his body within a suicide bombing, because such a brainwashed person rejects the instinct to remain alive; thus, Wahabis are guaranteed to defeat the West if this goes on. Wahabis even use human shields (a heinous act justified in their books) and they are willing to massacre Muslims/Muhammadans if this will lead to massacre more 'infidels'. Such a Satanist ideology cannot be defeated by weapons; even of the USA gathered all Wahabi terrorists to kill them off, but leaving Wahabism to exist, more blood-thirsty generations of Wahabis will emerge and feel eager to seek revenge at whatever cost. Thus, it is of vital importance to begin an Islamic/Quranist intellectual war of ideas that will save potential suicide bombers and the potential victims. Quranists are the only ones capable of engaging into this intellectual war of ideas by their intellectual endeavors. This is why the KSA hates Quranists as its foes.            

6- It is common and very easy within Wahabism to declare any person(s) as infidel(s) and apostate(s). This is normal within any inter-religious debates as each adherents of any faith claim they own the absolute truth, but they accept differences within peaceful existence and do not commit violence against non-believers, unlike Wahabis who are very eager to kill non-Wahabis. Islam (i.e., Quranism) shows what disbelief is for the sake of preaching and warning, while giving all people who reject the Quran absolute religious freedom, as all humanity wait for God's judgment on the Last Day. In contrast, declaring others as infidels/apostates or nonbelievers by Wahabis means one thing: to kill the foes. This is the weapon that Wahabis use to face the West and the Shiites and all non-Wahabis, and even Wahabis who are deemed to be 'weak' in faith or application of Wahabism! Thus, Wahabi opposition movements and their figures and terrorists declare the royal Saudi family members and Wahabi scholars of the KSA as 'infidels' and 'apostates' who deserve to die! It is easy within Wahabism to issue fatwa to declare groups/persons as 'infidels' and 'apostates' who deserve to be put to death by extremist Wahabis who commit terrorist operations and suicide bombings in the East and in the West. Thus, it is of vital importance to begin an Islamic/Quranist intellectual war of ideas that will save potential suicide bombers and the potential victims. Quranists are the only ones capable of engaging into this intellectual war of ideas by their intellectual endeavors. This is why the KSA hates Quranists as its foes.            

7- The most dangerous thing is that Wahabis dare to claim falsely that they belong to Islam! The Wahabi ideology is based on an earthly, man-made, fabricated religion accepted by most Sunnite  Muhammadans (i.e., the Sunnite Ibn Hanbal doctrine). Using petrodollars of oil revenues, the KSA deceive the whole world by imposing the fact that Wahabis represent Islam! It is impossible to defeat Wahabis when Wahabism is protected from discussion and being put to question. This is why the KSA does its best to protect its Wahabi ideology; thus, Quranists are the arch-enemies of Wahabism and Quranism poses a veritable threat to the existence of Wahabism.   


Thirdly: the West countries know the above points; yet:

1- The institutions of the USA and the West know very well that Wahabism is the source of danger and terrorism worldwide; they know since 25 years at least about the intellectual activities and endeavors of our person, Dr. A. S. Mansour, and they follow these endeavors as they know about Quranism. The only problem – for them and not for our person – is that Quranists are believers (in God and in the Last Day) who are loyal to their faith and belong to real Islam, whereas working with the West institutions entails that one belongs to them totally, entirely, and wholeheartedly, a thing that we refuse and so are all of our fellow Quranists. The West institutions refuse that Quranists would work with them as equal peers; they insist that Quranists would work under them and follow them blindly. Quranists need the immediate help of the West to clear the name of Islam from heinous crimes committed by Wahabis who have hijacked the name of Islam. The West needs Quranism and Quranists to protect the West countries from Wahabi terrorism. Yet, the field of security entails 100% trust and loyalty; the West cannot trust Quranists totally since the Quranists are loyal only to their faith. The West countries are hindered from cooperating with Quranists by another thing: they have overt and covert complicated and multiple relations with the regimes of the KSA, the Gulf monarchies, and Egypt, and they have their alliances against Iran. Thus, such relations and alliances will be threatened if the West countries openly cooperated with Quranists.            

2- The West countries has found the alternative; instead of cooperating with Quranists, they use them to get vital information available for free in Arabic and in English within our website and YouTube channel and also within fatwas we issue to answer voluntarily and freely questions posed to our person via email.  

3- Indeed, the USA (and the West), we tend to think, makes use of Qurnaism/Quranists as a source of threat to pressurize the KSA. The Saudis feel frightened that they might lose some influence in the West because of Quranists who might have a measure of influence at the expense of the KSA. We tend to think (and not all surmises are necessarily wrong!) that the USA pressurize the Saudis by threatening them to ally itself with Quranists instead of Wahabis. Such pressure bears its fruits; the KSA proclaims and announces the intention to 'sift' and 'review' hadiths. This is a decisive point; all hadiths are no longer deemed hallowed or holy as per the formal Saudi vision. Doubt is thus cast on 'some' hadiths, and this will make ample room to other non-Wahabi Sunnites to form their own visions to cast doubt on other hadiths. This will certainly undermine the whole of the so-called Sunna hadiths and books.     

4- This is why we tend to think that it has not been easy for the Saudi king Salman to issue a decree containing this initiative to 'sift' and 'review' hadiths, especially that before he was enthroned, he was the prince of Riyadh who vehemently opposed that Saudi women might be allowed to drive cars. And he, along with his brother the Interior Minister Nayef Ibn Abdul-Aziz, faced with all their might the Wahabi opposition movements led by Dr. Al-Masaary, Dr. Al-Faqeeh, Salman Ouda, and Safar Al-Hawali. It is strange that after the passage of some years, king Salman would issue the decree to 'sift' and 'review' hadiths to protect the Saudi throne. Let us remember that the former Saudi ambassador in the USA, the prince Bandar Ibn Sultan, who has exercised huge influence on the White House and the American administration, was the spearhead of the war against our person (and against Quranism) in Washington. Where is he now, by the way?!   

5- The KSA now has taken the first step within a long route, after the preliminary steps of (1) limiting the powers of the religious police, (2) allowing women to drive cars, and (3) controlling and curbing the outspoken extremist Wahabi sheikhs and clergymen. The major step is when the KSA would declare that it disowns and rejects Wahabism altogether, but howis this ever going to happen? We provide the answer to this question in the next article. 

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