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To reform Mubarak of Egypt



1- Egypt is the leader of the Middle East. If you reform Egypt you can easily reform the Arab countries. As long as Egypt is still under a autocratic regime, other Arab nations will suffer the same.


2- Mubarak is not qualified to be a leader. He is a second tier dictator.

He does not the charisma of Nasser, the founder of the Egyptian revolution in 1952, and the leader of the Arab Nationalism. Mubarak does not have the inspiration or the courage of late president Sadat who established peace between Egypt and Israel after the war of October 1973. By a bad accident, Mubarak has become the president of Egypt after the assassination of Sadat in October 1981.


3 -Generally in the Middle East, there are two kinds of dictators: *Dictators who have the initiative and the ability to create new facts and change the culture of the people to make progress.

* Other dictators who usually focus only in keeping themselves in the power, creating culture of corruption , keeping the policy of “reaction”, not “action” in dealing with the international Society. They are ready to compromise to appease and please the international powers. Mubarak belongs to this kind of dictators.

However, the two kinds of dictator eventually fail, and Egypt has lived in suffer and misery since Nasser to Mubarak, (1952 –).


4- Dictatorship is the only reason of failure while democracy is the only way of progress. So, reforming Egypt and the Middle East has become an international demand after 9/11. It has become well known that dictatorship and corruption in the Middle East have hatched an ugly monster named “terrorism” or the “Radical Muslims”.


5- Mubarak has to keep himself and his son and family in the power to save their lives and their wealth. To stay in power, he supports the religious culture of the radical Muslims, giving it the name of Islam, and helps the so- called moderate leaders of the Muslim Brothers to a certain degree. In the same time he uses torture and the unlimited power against the terrorists to keep the situation under his control.

By creating this strong radical Muslim trend, Mubarak has the ability to scare the U.S, and to scare also the Egyptian intellectuals and the masses as well, as if he is saying: Who is better: me or them.


6 -Mubarak is well known as the most corrupted Egyptian ruler in the late four centuries. He has his unique policy to avoid the anger and the frustration of the masses. He distracts and twists their anger and hostility towards America instead of him. Here, he has the support of the Muslim Brothers and other terrorist oppositions. Most of their scholars and imams are controlling the mosques, the education and the media. They help Mubarak in convincing most of the Egyptian masse that America and Israel is the ardent enemy of Islam, and are plotting against Muslims to keep them behind all nations. This “complex of conspiracy” is the motive obsession of the terrorist mentality. That explains the reason of September, 11.

As a plain fact, Mubarak uses the American aid to tarnish the American image in Egypt. He has to do it to switch the anger of the deprived Egyptian towards America in stead of him.


How to deal with Mubarak?


1- Last year, Mubarak had to make some minute reform as a response to some American pressure [allowing presidential elections instead of a presidential referendum]. Before the last elections he promised to make more reform. Without a big pressure he will continue his autocratic corrupt policy.


2- Mubarak should be informed that this meeting not to discuss any situation, but just to inform him these facts:

* The U.S congress and policy makers consider Mubarak responsible for tarnishing the American image in the Arab Egyptian streets.

* It means he uses the American aids against America.

* He is responsible for increasing the terrorist movements by his policy.

*He is responsible in making Al Azhar - the most moderate Muslim seminary in the entire Muslim World – serving the ideology of the terrorists.

 *He is responsible for persecuting the reformers and repressing millions of the free intellectuals in Egypt preventing them from helping in the process of reform.

* In the current situation, America has only one way: is to stand firmly in establishing real reform in Egypt with or without Mubarak.

*Accordingly, Mubarak has to reform Egypt; otherwise he will be accused to be the enemy of the American people and the international society.

*In the very near future, the United Nation will be developed to have more power in establishing democracy and justice inside the Third World, and in protecting the freedom fighters and the Human Rights activist, and in questioning the dictators who are famous in torture and corruption.

* It is well known that Mubarak and his family have many enemies who are eager to revenge him and his family. So, sooner or later, the United Nations and the terrorists will be after the Mubaraks; their lives and wealth.

* The only way to save their lives and wealth is to establish real reform in Egypt in this period of his presidency.

* The U.S has to be partner in establishing this reform to clear its image as the guardian of democracy in the World in this modern history. Reforming Egypt peacefully will help – quickly - in reforming the Middle East and other Muslim countries.

* Egypt has thousands of the free Muslim thinkers and million intellectuals who can help in rooting this reform, once it becomes upheld sincerely by the regime.

* This reform will be handled by a committee consists of Egyptian thinkers and scholars who are experts in Islam, law, economics, and other aspects.

* This committee will prepare a detailed report in reforming the Constitution, the Egyptian laws, Al Azhar, and how to establish a new democratic regime in Egypt.

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