'Right' of Rulers to Massacre One-Third of Their 'Subjects' to Reform the Rest of them, Thus Showing A Historical Fact to Expose the Terrorist MB Members:
We Are the First Thinker to Refute the Sunnite Fatwa about the

آحمد صبحي منصور Ýí 2019-06-27


We Are the First Thinker to Refute the Sunnite Fatwa about the 'Right' of Rulers to Massacre One-Third of Their 'Subjects' to Reform the Rest of them, Thus Showing A Historical Fact to Expose the Terrorist MB Members



Published in April 29, 2019

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy





1- We have read this piece of news about Sudan: (... When the ousted Sudanese president Omar Al-Bashir commanded his security forces to use utmost power to face the angry demonstrators, his command was refused mainly due to his dangerous statement; namely, the Sunnite fatwa based on the Maliki doctrine about the 'right' of rulers to put to death one-third of their 'subjects' to reform the rest of them and to maintain rule and order. The one who exposed this view of Al-Bashir was M. Himdan Hamidaty the vice-president of the Military Council of Sudan. This made several reactions as the movements calling for a secular, modern state leveled accusations against the religious groups which support Al-Bashir and denounced such a fatwa. A main figure among these religious groups rejected this strange fatwa and declared it a 'lie' aiming at tarnishing their reputation. The Sudanese activists announced the fact that this fatwa is based on a known hadith; they condemned the hypocrites among the religious figures who, in secret, urged Al-Bashir to announce military 'jihad' against demonstrators to kill them off...This means that more massacres may occur if religious figures control power in Sudan ...).

2- Of course, this fatwa is part and parcel of the Sunnite fiqh and religion of Satan; it has existed centuries ago; this fatwa caused much controversy during the Mameluke Era as per the history book by the historian Ibn Hajar. We are the first author to expose this Sunnite fatwa in a previous article in order to expose the terrorist MB members in Egypt who are power-seeking Wahabi hypocrites; our article aimed at the time to warn liberal, secular, and leftist movements in Egypt against trusting the terrorist MB organization. Yet, this old article of ours has a story behind it; we mention it in the points below.     



1- When we were released from prison by the end of Dec. 1987, we fled to the USA in Jan. 1988 because we feared we might be assassinated because of the attack on our person and the smear campaign launched by pro-Wahabism journalists like Fahmy Howeidy and the sheikhs/clergymen of Al-Azhar. We remained for about ten months in the USA and we suffered a lot before we returned to Egypt in Oct. 1988 though we knew that the Egyptian authorities will arrest our person inside the Cairo airport. This what happened; we spent the worst two nights in an internal prison cell in the National State Security Apparatus building in Lazoghly district, Cairo, Egypt. Of course, our luggage, which consisted of three bags filled with our unpublished books and other papers, were searched meticulously and we were interrogated for hours. No one cared about how fatigued we were. We promised the men there to write a truthful report about all the events we witnessed during our ten-month stay inside the USA; they released our person and we returned to our wife and kids at midnight. A week later, as per the prefixed appointment, we returned to Lazoghly to submit the desired report which was received eagerly and with much interest.   

2- In this report, we have mentioned honestly that Rashad Khalifa urged our person to come to the USA and he hosted our person in his mosque in Tucson, AZ. Khalifa tried to manipulate our person to support his claim of being (the prophet of modern times). Khalifa kept our passport (and our IDs and papers) in his office. When we had a quarrel with him (in Arabic) because we refused to support his polytheistic claim, he left his office in fury; we seized the chance to request from his female American secretary (who luckily never understood Arabic) to get us our passport and papers. This enabled us to escape Khalifa and we found a remote house with the help of some friends. We settled later on in San Francisco and we suffered a lot until we had to return back to Cairo, Egypt. After mentioning all details – and we felt sure they will verify everything themselves – in this report, we have written in the conclusion of that report that our intellectual, peaceful struggle using Quranism includes preventing the terrorist MB members from ascending to power in Egypt because they are Wahabis who believe in the Sunnite fatwa that Sunnite theocratic rulers have the 'right' to massacre one-third of their 'subjects' to reform the rest of them. This means that if the terrorist MB members reached power in Egypt, they will kill about 17 million among the Egyptian population of 50 million citizens (the estimated number in 1990); soon enough, they will kill off one-third of the rest of the Egyptian citizens, and so on and so forth until no Egyptians would be left! We have written at the end of that report that such bloodshed will include the deep-state men in Egypt and those in power unless the Wahabi ideology of the terrorist MB organization is faced, refuted, and undermined from within Islam itself (i.e., the Quran) using our Quranist reform.         

3- We knew that this is the first time for the deep-state men in Egypt to hear about this fatwa of savagery and bloodshed and that the Minister of Interior at the time, Zaki Badr, will read a copy of our report; this minister was known for being impetuous and sharp-tongued; we knew he would manipulate this fatwa in his struggle against terrorists and he will pay the heavy price for it. It is noteworthy that Zaki Badr is the one who imprisoned our person (along with some of our fellow Quranists) in 1987 as per direct commands from Mubarak who, in his turn, received commands from the KSA within the mediation and influence of some Azharite sheikhs/clergymen. After Zaki Badr was removed from his post, the KSA rewarded him by appointing him as a security advisor/expert. We once met with Zaki Badr in a conference inside Cairo in the 1990s, and when we introduced ourselves to him, he laughed loudly and said that he was happy to see Ahmed Subhy Mansour who exposed Al-Azhar and who is feared by Mubarak!

4- Zaki Badr was appointed as the Minister of Interior in March 1986; at the time, we were suspended from work as an assistant professor at Al-Azhar University. Some powerful Azharite sheikhs/clergymen pressurized the Mubarak regime to punish and get rid of our person; this is because we delivered Friday sermons in several mosques to attack, criticize, and undermine hadiths, Al-Bokhary, and other myths like the so-called intercession. Of course, some men of the Ministry of Interior under Zaki Badr watched us closely.  

5- Mubarak admired very much the sharp-tongued, furious man, Zaki Badr, and gave him leeway to say and do anything he liked; at one time, in 1987, inside the Egyptian Parliament, Zaki Badr verbally abused the leader of Al-Wafd Party (namely, Fouad Seraj-Eddine) and one of his female relatives; another Al-Wafd member (namely, Talaat Raslan) tried to slap Zaki Badr, but Zaki Badr slapped him and beat him with his shoe! This scandal was unprecedented, of course; yet, Mubarak never removed Zaki Badr from his post after such effrontery; Mubarak needed him to face the Wahabi terrorists who committed many operations inside Egypt at the time.  

6- What mostly provoked the ire of Zaki Badr was how the terrorist MB members infiltrated into many political parties and had contacts with Mubarak himself behind the back of Zaki Badr through (the big man) in the Mubarak regime: Youssef Wali who was the Secretary-General of the National Democratic Party (the party in power headed by Mubarak) and the deputy of the Prime-Minister. Youssef Wali had close ties with Al-Wafd Party and its head and leader Fouad Seraj-Eddine.

7- When the terrorist MB members infiltrated and controlled the Labor Party which was a socialist party, this party became MB-affiliated within efforts of the two prominent leaders of this party: Ibrahim Shukry and M. Helmy Morad. The Al-Shaab newspaper of this party was controlled by these two men who deserted socialism and became Wahabi MB members: Adel Hussein and Magdy Ahmad Hussein; by the way, Ahmad Hussein was the Founder of the Young Egypt Party before 1952. Of course, Al-Shaab newspaper and Al-Wafd newspaper became MB-affiliated and their journalists attacked Zaki Badr who was never popular among the Egyptians. Zaki Badr deplored the fact that the terrorist MB members controlled Al-Wafd Party (which was a liberal one) and the Labor Party (which was a socialist one). The struggle between Zaki Badr and such people and newspapers became so fierce and personal.

8- Of course, like all ministers serving the Mubarak regime, Zaki Badr feared being removed from his post; in general, Mubarak fired so many Ministers of Interior successively: Zaki Badr was preceded by three fired ones: Al-Nabawi Ismail, Hassan Abou Pasha, and Ahmad Rushdie. Zaki Badr was more savage and sharp-tongued than his predecessors; he was attacked in newspapers more often than not; he feared that if he would be removed from his post, he would be helpless while having to face the powerful foes he helped to create. This is why four years after his appointment as the Minister of Interior, Zaki Badr lost control of his temper and his tongue.   

9- Zaki Badr delivered a speech in Jan. 1990 in Benha (a city in the Egyptian Delta, North of Egypt) within a conference for new police officers who graduated recently. In his speech, Zaki Badr attacked all opposition figures inside and outside the Egyptian government, especially the MB members. There was nothing new in this verbal abuse except the Sunnite fatwa of bloodshed he read in our report. Zaki Badr declared his intention to apply this fatwa regarding the opposition figures and the MB organization; this means he would put to death about 560 thousand men among them; he said this jokingly of course; his other joke was that he issued orders for his policemen in all cities and for all the mayors of Egyptian villages to kill off and bury any man who wore a beard and a white djellaba (i.e., signs of Sunnite Wahabism).      

10- The leaders of the opposition seized the chance of this ill-timed joke of Zaki Badr; they published his speech in the first page of their newspapers. Journalists at the time wrote that Zaki Badr is irresponsible as he threatened to put several citizens to death for a trivial reason. Zaki Badr was deemed as ''enemy number one'' of the Egyptians. The leaders of the opposition met with Mubarak within the help of ministers verbally attacked by Zaki Badr. Those leaders made Mubarak hear the tape which recorded the speech delivered by Zaki Badr. Mubarak removed Zaki Badr immediately from his post as the Minister of Interior; he appointed M. Abdel-Haleem Moussa in his place. 

11- Thus, we have taken revenge against Zaki Badr; this is our testimony, as a witness, for the sake of history.


Lastly: the following points are noteworthy:

1- We have repeated our criticizing and attacking this corrupt Sunnite fatwa in our articles published in the 1990s in several Egyptian independent newspapers (e.g., Al-Ahrar newspaper). This drove some journalists at the time to pose questions to the head-sheikh of Al-Azhar at the time (Dr. M. Sayed Tantawi) about this fatwa; he told them (as per Al-Ahrar newspaper) that it exists and that he supported it!

2- Unintentionally, we have been the indirect cause of removing the next Egyptian Minister of Interior, M. Abdel-Haleem Moussa, from his post; he was a religious Sunnite man; he had the ambition to contain and win to the side of the Egyptian government the overt and secret organizations loyal to the terrorist MB organization as a step to dismantle this Wahabi organization one day; he made his several calls to Sunnite sheikhs/clergymen to help him convince imprisoned terrorists (among the Salafists and the MB members) to repent and to announce their rejection of all extreme and terrorist ideas. Within his last meeting with the main figures of the Sunnite religion in Egypt, M. Abdel-Haleem Moussa talked to the terrorists and their leaders in a friendly manner to prove his tolerance; this was his fatal mistake. This Minister of Interior brought to his office within this last meeting the terrorist Salafist leader Omar Abdel-Rahman, who was imprisoned in Egypt at the time, to attend the negotiations and to convince his followers to let go of all terrorist ideas; when this Salafist leader was returned to prison in a special vehicle, his verbal abuse of the Minister of Interior (as well as rejection of the so-called repentance offer) was recorded in a tape; M. Abdel-Haleem Moussa heard this tape and he did not punish the Salafist leader. Among those who attended this meeting was a Quranist friend who concealed his faith; he informed our person with the details of such a secret meeting; we readily informed our dear friend the known journalist Ibrahim Eissa (who worked in the leftist Rose Al-Youssef magazine at the time) with the details we received; this is because he was known at the time for his anti-MB, anti-Wahabi, and anti-Salafist writings; he published all the details we told him about; when Mubarak was surprised by such meetings held without his prior permission, he readily removed M. Abdel-Haleem Moussa from his post, and Hassan Al-Alfy replaced him as the new Minister of Interior. This occurred in April, 1993, in Cairo, Egypt.             

3- The fatwa of granting rulers the 'right' to kill off one-third of their 'subjects' to reform the rest of them has its historical background.

3/1: The Umayyads declared that their deeds (or rather crimes) were part of the Lord God's Divine Will and predestined Fate; hence, it was assumed that those who opposed the deeds of the Umayyads opposed God's Will. The Umayyads spread this notion without writing it down in books and without much theorization; there were no fiqh or hadiths books during the Umayyad Era; this notion spread orally at the time by caliphs and viziers as well as powerful governors such as Al-Hajaj Ibn Youssef and Khaled Al-Qasry who massacred many people without talking much about the quasi-religious justification for their violence and aggression.   

3/2: The full-fledged, written fiqh theorization for quasi-religious justification for aggression of the powerful men emerged in the theocracy established by the Abbasid caliphs. For instance, the Abbasid caliph Abou Jaffer Al-Mansour, once enthroned, delivered his famous speech in which he announced his being the embodiment of God's sovereignty on earth and the successor of God who managed all 'subjects' on behalf of God. This means he declared himself as a representative of God on earth (exalted be the Holy Name of the Lord God above such an insulting, polytheistic claim). The Abbasid caliph, Harun Al-Rasheed, once enthroned, announced his owning the earth and people living in it.       

3/3: The fiqh notions about allowing bloodshed be committed by the powerful ones led to the emergence/fabrication of a hadith about shepherd and herd/'subjects', ascribed to Muhammad forcibly about 200 years after his death. This hadith is about the 'imams' (i.e., enthroned Sunnite tyrannical theocrats or caliphs) as shepherds and their 'subjects' as a herd of cattle owned by rulers/caliphs who were responsible for them in this world and in the Hereafter! This means that shepherds were allowed unquestionably to slaughter any number from among their herd of cattle and to spare lives as per their whims, and no mortals could hold them accountable or responsible for anything they do in this transient world.  

3/4: The notion of shepherd and herd/'subjects' in this Sunnite hadith resulted in fiqh notions/fatwas about the 'right' of any 'imam' (i.e., Sunnite tyrannical theocrat) to kill off one-third of the 'subjects' to reform the rest of them.

4- The ousted Sudanese president, Al-Bashir, believed in this fatwa and he applied it in the massacres he committed against Muslim Africans in the Darfur region; he is wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC). When he was surprised by the massive demonstrations against him, he declared this fatwa to his military leaders who refused to obey him. Detained now somewhere, Al-Bashir now is facing his fate. Al-Bashir had his turn to get ousted; the turn of other enthroned Arab tyrants may take place in the near future. The Best Discourse: the Lord God says the following in the Quran: "Have you not seen how your Lord dealt with Aad? Erum of the pillars. The like of which was never created in the land. And Thamood-those who carved the rocks in the valley. And Pharaoh of the Stakes. Those who committed tyranny in the land. And spread much corruption therein. So your Lord poured down upon them a scourge of torment. Your Lord is on the lookout." (89:6-14). As always, the Lord God says nothing but the Absolute Truth.

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