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By: - Amin Refaat

God wants us to think and use our minds and our hearts to realize His existence. He knows that it is hard for the limited human brain to understand or visualize Him so He gave us clues in his Holy Books.
Quraan is THE right source for information which would help those who are doing what you do. I do not know if you’ve read all of it and if you did, how many times have you read it. But Muslims are ordered by Him to read the Quraan on daily basis. The elders divided it to 30 Parts to be read one part per day to complete it once every month. I was blessed by doing that since 1988 so you can do the math to know how many times I have read it cover to cover.
The more you read the Quraan the more you understand it.
What you are doing now is what Abraham was doing thousands of years ago. He, on his own, realized the existence of God in spite of the fact that his guardian uncle was an idol maker. That is why God chose him to be His friend.
Here I am sharing with you some ideas which I hope will be helpful to you and others:

  1. God is the absolute source of every good thing.
  2. He is the source of the ultimate energy which changed the clay Adam was made of to flesh and blood.
  3. This energy is so intense to the extent that it brought the mount down when Moses asked Him to reveal Himself. He told Moses: Look at the mount and if it stayed in its place you will see Me. When God reveled Himself to the Mount it collapsed and Moses became unconscious.
  4. Size wise God tried to give us an idea when He said: Earth is His fist and heavens are folded in His right hand.
  5. God is the ultimate source of: Mercy, Compassion, Generosity, Justice, Strength, Wisdom, Wealth, Love, Kindness, Tolerance, Forgiveness and all other good things.

Saying this, you are right about feeling Him in yourself and in every other beautiful thing or moment you come across.
He is the closest thing to any living thing because He is life itself.
To put it in a simple example imagine him as the Master Service Provider and all of us are wirelessly connected to Him. Everything we do or think of is recorded in our account up there in audio and video. That is why on the Day of Judgment our Digital Books (As named in Quraan) will be given to each of us and we will be asked to read it.
When somebody’s time comes to an end his service will be disconnected and he dies.
Daily prayers in Islam are the daily connection to the Main Server for updates, downloads and uploads. Reading a Part of the Quraan daily is the daily operating system maintenance.
At lease this is the way I understand it.

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Comments ( 3 )
Comment By   Mohammad Dandan     - 2011-07-25
avoiding (emotionality) when writing
Mr Refaat: I honestly do not mean to belittle your contributions, matter of fact I very much appreciate your sincerity and passion, BUT: is your article directed to Muslims or Non-Muslims? When you say [Quraan is THE right source of information], are you addressing Muslims who already believe that, or Non-Muslim, who believe that Islam altogether is a fraud? Starting with Allah, whom they think is the god of Muslims ONLY, the prophet whom they think is an imposter and the Quraan , which to them is nothing more than a fabrication? My friend: with all respect due, our approach as Muslims when tackling these or any issues, especially those related to doctrine, should be rational and non-emotional.

Comment By   Mohammad Dandan     - 2011-07-27
Bro. Refaat: If you would allow me to address you as brother, rather than Mr. There is a difference between being emotional and being passionate.There is a time and there is a place to be in either state of mind.Dicussing intellectual issues(religious or political) there is no harm being passionate, but being emotional takes a lot out of your stand on those issues.May Allah guide you, and through you, guide lots and lots of people to what HE pleases

Comment By   Mohammad Dandan     - 2011-08-03
Mr. Refaat.....easy on me
OK Mr. Refaat: May be you do not understand the purpose and objective of this site…. It is for the betterment and reformation of Muslims at large, from the point of view of those who believe the Quran to be the sole source of Islam. It is not a propagation center for spreading Islam…It is not even a place to defend Islam against its adversaries, although within some articles one might deviate from that primary objective which is, one more time , is to reform Muslims from a Quranic point of view, not a Bukharist or a Kullini's point of view. Having said so , I am skipping over all other remarks, because I do not want it to get ugly.