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Is It Possible That The Muhammadans Would Achieve Progress to Reach the Level We See in the West?!


Published in July 8, 2019

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy



1- It is impossible that the Muhammadans would achieve any progress as long as they are Muhammadans. They will achieve a measure of progress only if they get rid of religious clergymen and political clergymen. If this happens one day, they will be no longer labeled as 'Muhammadans' who belong to their earthly/terrestrial Sunnite, Shiite, and Sufi religions; rather, they will belong only to themselves as human beings who have human rights.

2- Is it possible to get rid of the terrestrial religions once and for all?!

3- We endeavor to provide an answer in this article which you are reading now.


Firstly: the European nations between belonging to their religious affiliations (i.e., Christian denominations) and belonging to themselves as citizens:

1- The European nations differ in their tongues and races, but all of them submitted for centuries to the dominance of the Catholic Church clergymen and the tyranny of political clergymen. Even when tyrants or political clergymen fought against one another for long durations, their submission to the Catholic popes never faltered; this means that the religious (Christian) clergymen were stronger than the political clergymen. In fact, the religious clergymen lent fake credibility or gave sham legitimacy to the enthroned tyrants or the political clergymen. This is why we say here that the European nations were Christians; they belonged only to the Catholic Church; this applied to European kings, princes, cavaliers, merchants, craftsmen, sailors, peasants, etc. Thus, the European nations submitted for centuries to the religious clergymen to which they belonged and they forgot any nationalistic sentiments; there were hardly any differences between the Spanish nation and the French one, for instance. The Catholic Church dominated the minds of people and it fought against intellectual endeavors in all fields and opposed scientific inventions. Some enlightened priests (e.g., Savona Rolla) and scientists (e.g., Galileo and Copernicus) paid a heavy price when they opposed and contradicted the Church. 

2- The European nations got rid of the dominance and control of the Church and of the political tyranny; this allowed them to enter into the age of reason, discoveries, and science; other nations worldwide followed the footsteps of Europe – except the Muhammadans of course. The European nations no longer belong to Christianity; they belong to their different nationalities: the British, the French, the Spanish, etc. The influence and authority of the Christian clergymen dwindled; a curfew has been imposed on Christian clergymen so that they never have any political roles; their social role in charity and voluntary work is the only role expected from them in the West. It is OK now to expose and criticize the Catholic pope and all clergymen of any Christian denominations in the same manner that happens to politicians and statesmen. The nations of the West do not aim at defending or protecting Christianity but at serving their own interests as citizens. The nations there are no longer at the service of the Church; rather, the Church is at the service of the nation; it offers services in return for voluntary donations. The same applies to politics; rulers are no longer masters of the nations; they are public servants; they serve the citizens and vie for earning their satisfaction. The nations of the West never fear governments; rather, it is the other way round: governments fear the nations. Without the satisfaction and contentment of the nations, no people reach power and authority as servants of the nations and religious clergymen might die of hunger.

3- Is this similar to what we find in the countries of the Muhammadans?! Of course not!


Secondly: democracy means to discard and to disbelieve in political clergymen:

1- The winds of democratic transition reached most countries in the world after WWII and the collapse of tyrannical regimes in Germany, Italy, and Japan. Japan, for instance, began its democratic transition and achieved progress which surprised and impressed the whole world. The second wave of democratic transition came after the collapse of the USSR. The countries of Eastern Europe were successful in their stage of democratic transition; they experienced before the liberation from the Church, within communism, as they realized the fact that the terrestrial (Christian) religion is the opium of the masses; they adopted the slogan of strangling the last tyrant/king with the entrails of the last priest. The countries of Eastern Europe fell into the trap of communist tyranny after WWII; once communism collapsed, the democratic transition became fruitful and successful. 

2- In contrast, in the countries of Middle Asia, the terrestrial religions of the Muhammadans have thrived; within such earthly religions, an immortal deity named (Muhammad) is being worshiped and sanctified; this false deity has nothing to do with the mortal prophet mentioned in the Quran. We name them as the Muhammadans because they imitate Christians in deifying mortals and things/relics/tombs. The terrestrial religions of the Muhammadans have spread their firm roots for centuries in the countries of Middle Asia. Communism forced such terrestrial religions to hide momentarily to make room for the communist tyranny. When communism collapsed in this region of the world, the terrestrial religions of the Muhammadans returned with a vengeance to dominate the scene; they support, as usual of course, the enthroned tyrants; they help as a catalyst to form an alliance between religious clergymen and political clergymen. Thus, the atheist, communist ideology collapsed, and the vacuum created by this collapse has been filled by the ideology of terrestrial religions which typically serve all enthroned tyrants since the Arab conquest of these countries of Middle Asia.   

3- The Sunnite Sufism was the dominant terrestrial religion within the Ottoman caliphate; after its collapse in 1924 A.D., Kemal Atatürk established a (tyrannical) secular, nationalistic Turkish State which went to extremes in its laïcité. The roots of the terrestrial religion remained hidden until revived by Erbakan and Erdoğan.   

4- The deep-rooted earthly religion of Sunnite Sufism in Egypt (the most ancient and firmly established State in the region) began to hide when the Egyptians were liberated from it as their renaissance began with the rule of King M. Ali Pacha and his dynasty (and successors) of khedives. Within the era of liberalism in Egypt in the first half of the 20th century, the extremist terrestrial religion known as Sunnite Wahabism infiltrated gradually through the Egyptian soil through the Sunnite societies and mosques and the terrorist MB organization (created by GB and the Saudi kingdom). Within the 1952 coup d'état in Egypt which put an end to monarchy, the so-called Free Officers allied themselves to the MB members at first; the tyranny of the military regime made President Gamal Abdel-Nasser look for an ideology which would support it. Nasser struggled against the terrorist MB organization and removed its members from the political scene by force; he made the Nasserist nationalist ideology replace Wahabism – this went on for a while. After the death of Nasser, the terrestrial religion returned with a vengeance – its clergymen dominated Egypt within all aspects of life; they hinder and abort all endeavors of introducing democracy. Despite the fact that the military regime men and the Wahabi MB members differ in almost everything, they agree on one thing: they stand against both democracy and religious reform.    

5- In Iran (another ancient and firmly established State juxtaposed with Egypt in the region), the Shah spread the ideology of Persian nationalism and employed it to rule within tyranny; he marginalized the Shiite clergymen; yet, the Shiite clergymen defeated him eventually and they rule now after establishing their horrid theocracy. 

6- The so-called Arab spring occurred and it achieved partial success only in Tunisia because it has experienced secularism or laïcité in the era of the leader Bourguiba who was one of the greatest politicians in the Arab world and the founder of modern Tunisia. This partial success is also because of the fact that the Tunisian armed forced never interfere in the political life; they protect, and do not rule, the homeland; this is in contrast to the Egyptian military in power which - in our view - betrayed the Egyptians. Yet, the hope of democratic transition is not that big in Tunisia because of the dominance of the deep-rooted Sunnite Wahabi religion. 

7- The Saudi Wahabism is the cause of the backwardness of the Arab countries which adhere to the most extremist religion which dates back to the Middle-Ages. Wahabism has aborted any natural development and any endeavors of introducing democracy in the so-called 'Muslim' world; so far, the countries of the Muhammadans have not experienced democratic transition in the same manner which was experienced in the West. The Saudi Wahabism is the primary cause of religious wars which broke out, inquisitions, and instances of religious persecution which are very much like the ones which occurred in Europe in the Middle-Ages.  

8- Of course, Wahabism is the basis of declaring democracy as Western 'evil' or 'devilish' product of 'disbelievers'. To declare democracy as part of disbelief is part and parcel of the terrestrial religions of the Muhammadans now despite their religious differences. Despite the struggle between Sunnites and Shiites and between military regimes and the Wahabi MB terrorists, all of them agree in their enmity towards democracy and their persecution of preacher/callers of religious and political reform who are, typically, declared as 'infidels' and 'apostates'. Even if the so-called Arab spring would have succeeded, the deep-rooted terrestrial religions of the Muhammadans would have easily aborted any endeavors of introducing a democratic transition. This is why we, Dr. A. S. Mansour, urge the introduction of the Quranist religious reform as the basis for other types of reform. Of course, this religious reform must be accompanied with free speech and freedom of expression on the religious, political, artistic, and creative levels. Otherwise, the dominance of the religious and the political clergymen will go on within the Middle-East region and hopes of democratic transition in the near future will be lost.     


Thirdly: is it possible that religious reform would be introduced very soon?:

1- For more than 40 years, we, Dr. A. S. Mansour, have managed – in the very first time in the history of the Middle-East – to criticize the terrestrial religions, to expose their imams, and to debunk and undermine their 'holy' myths. Many people followed our footsteps but within varying degrees of success and boldness. We have paved the way, and all the mines have exploded under our feet; we were imprisoned and persecuted, rendered jobless and penniless, declared as an 'apostate' or an 'infidel', and forced into self-exile as a political asylee. Our intellectual endeavors bore fruit; the way is paved now before other thinkers to imitate our person and/or quote some of our ideas (whether they ascribe them to us or to themselves!). The result: the 'holy' mythology which dominated for centuries is being undermined and questioned now. Leaders of such 'holy' myths have to defend them now, not by resorting to discussion, reason, and logic, but by persecution, imprisonment, torture, confiscation, media blackout, insults and verbal abuse, character assassination, and accusations of being traitors or paid agents of the West whose aim is to destroy their 'Islam'. We take pride in being able to continue writing Quranist fatwas, articles, and books and making Quranist videos; we intellectually face alone (within our modest financial means, our website, and our YouTube channel) the two strongest powers which hate the Quran: the religious clergymen and the political clergymen who own wealth, media, thousands of websites, dozens of satellite channels, thousands of institutions and mosques, hundreds of religious and political leaders, and countless followers. If Quranists would have their own satellite channel one day, things would change to the better regarding the introduction of religious reform. Sadly, we do not have enough funding or financial sources to allow us to break through the media blackout imposed on our person. It is our fate to struggle for our livelihood with one hand and to struggle, with the other hand or rather with our pen, against haters of Quranism among Sunnites, Shiites, and Sufis.    

2- Despite of the above, we, Dr. A. S. Mansour, have managed to do the following.

2/1: We have managed to remove all fear and awe from the hearts of those who dare to think of criticizing the holy cows of the Muhammadans; e.g., Al-Bokhary, the 4 sinful pre-Umayyad caliphs, the so-called companions of the Prophet, the so-called 'saints', and the 'holy' imams/authors.

2/2: We have managed to prove that the sanctified deities and the 'holy myths of the Muhammadans are very weak and need defense from their gullible worshipers; the Muhammadans now are like the disbelieving polytheists among the people of Abraham who desired to support and defend their gods. It is strange that the naïve followers of earthly religions would worship mortal gods while seeking benediction or aid from them, and at the same time, they find themselves in an awkward position for having to support and defend such helpless, false gods.

2/3: We have managed to prove the fact that terrestrial religions need  defense and protection offered by any political authority so that no one would dare to question, undermine, or discuss such religions of Satan. This way, leaders/clergymen of such earthly religions would feel safe after warding off the danger of criticism. 

2/4: We have managed to prove that when any given government undertakes the mission of protecting and promoting any given terrestrial religion (e.g., Sunnite Wahabism in Egypt), this government is distracted from its true role in life (i.e., to serve citizens) and it wastes too much time and money; this is because it is impossible to force all people to adhere to a certain doctrine or faith.

2/5: We have managed to prove that tyrannical countries typically require religious clergymen to protect and reinforce the dominant political clergymen.  

3- The painful fact still remains; i.e., the bumpy road of introducing religious reform is still long, difficult, and very tiring for the following reasons.

3/1: Our modest means in our VA-based IQC do not enable our person to reach for a bigger number of people worldwide who may be interested in religious reform.

3/2: We cannot produce any movies or TV series though we have written dozens of screenplays (turning history into period drama) which aim at reform by tackling unspoken-of history of caliphs and exposing deified historical figures; such enjoyable period drama and movies will help make the awareness of religious reform and enlightenment reach most people/viewers, especially if such movies and TV series would be dubbed or subtitled into several languages (for more details, see our article, in English, found on this link:

3/3: The religious clergymen and the political clergymen relentlessly defend their dominance and stature with all their might.

3/4: Sadly, the introduction of religious and political reform in the countries of the Muhammadans does not serve the financial interests of the West (not out of religious [Christian] motives; the Church never plays a political role now). In sum, it is painful for us to mention the fact that in order to allow the West countries to sell many weapons, wars must go on for whatever reasons anywhere in the world. The religious clergymen and the political clergymen in the countries of the Muhammadans fight one another and waste the wealth of their nations within needless, endless wars. They have to purchase weapons from the West countries; the West is taking most of their oil and money. This means that the West policy regarding the countries of the Muhammadans is as follows: They desire to kill themselves and fight one another; let us help them in doing so while gaining billions of US$ from these morons!   


Fourthly: is there any scientific progress in the countries of the Muhammadans?:

1- The obvious, known answer is no; the reason behind the lack of scientific progress is the existence of religious clergymen and political clergymen who dominate the countries of the Muhammadans.

2- We can say that today's Muhammadans live in a stage similar to Europe under the dominance of the Catholic papacy and when reformist thinkers and scientists were persecuted by the Church. When terrestrial religions dominate any societies, clergymen who are ignoramuses wear the garb of scientists; they spread their 'holy' myths and allow no one to question them. For instance, Al-Bokhary hadiths include one about consuming 7 dry dates to avoid being poisoned or negatively influenced by witchcraft; those who refuse to believe in such a myth are labeled as (Sunna-deniers) and enemies of 'Islam'! Another example is that Azharite curricula include the myth that the Earth are carried on the back of a whale; gullible, naïve followers must believe in this myth propagated by the grand imam or head of Al-Azhar!  

3- The Wahabi Najd Brothers who helped Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud establish his Saudi kingdom assumed that cars, telephones, and motorcycles are devilish inventions which must never be brought into Arabia. In contrast, today's Wahabis use the cyberspace to spread their wicked religion of terrorism; they no longer prohibit the consumption and use of products made by the 'infidels' of the West. Yet, they prohibit criticizing words of the deities of the Sunnite Wahabi religion; e.g., Al-Bokhary and M. Ibn Abdul-Wahab. This means that all hopes are lost – for the time being – regarding the emergence of any scientific renaissance and economic boom which would make the Muhammadans follow the footsteps of the West or even India and South Korea.   

4- The political clergymen or tyrants never trust any efficient and talented and respectable writers, thinkers, and scientists, especially those who neither flatter tyrants nor dance in their processions. This is why in countries ruled by tyrants, those who come to the fore and are catapulted into fame are those hypocritical, obsequious ignoramuses; they are appointed as ministers (of education and information, for instance!) and in high-rank positions in the government of any given tyrannical country. Those ignoramuses hate and despise very much talented and respectable scientists and thinkers – a group never trusted by enthroned tyrants, anyway, and which will expose the ignorance of those who occupy high-rank posts. Those talented and respectable scientists and thinkers have to choose between self-exile, marginalization, or dying of sorrow. 

5- Many brilliant Egyptians and Arabs are very successful when they immigrate to the West countries; the system there encourages the talented, efficient people and gives losers the chance to be among the outstanding winners in any given field. In contrast, in the countries of the Muhammadans, talented, efficient people are being fought and persecuted or chased away to leave their homelands, whereas the hypocritical, obsequious, corrupt ignoramuses are appointed in high-rank positions.

6- We will never feel shy to admit this fact: We, Dr. A. S. Mansour, are the only reformist thinker who have authored thousands of articles, comments, fatwas, and books (published on our website) which contain tens of thousands of unprecedented ideas about political and religious reform apart from studies and researches regarding unspoken-of history of Muslims. Our Quranism and boldness drove the deep-state men of Egypt to chase us away and to force us to choose self-exile. In contrast, during the year (2012 - 2013) when the terrorist MB organization ruled Egypt, a Saudi Wahabi preacher, Al-Areefy, was received cordially in Egypt as a guest who delivered a Friday sermon aired in the national TV; he is an ignoramus; it turned out he copied words and ideas of someone else in his sermon delivered in one of the grand mosques of Cairo. Sadly, we were driven out of Egypt, whereas an ignoramus like Al-Areefy was welcomed as a VIP guest and was received like a king!



 The question now is as follows: Is there any glimmer of hope on the horizon? The answer is as follows: Please re-read this article!    


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