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Message to the United Nations
By: - ali alghanam

Message to the United Nations:

To the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Ms. Navanethem Pillay.



                 Switzerland arrests writers

The Swiss Parliament Revoked the Asylum Granted to Colonel Dr. Mohamed Elghanam, and Jailed him  Since March 12, 2007, because of hisArticl.    The Colonel’s article was a Protest and Complaint to the International Community regarding illegal Swiss actions that had been taken against him.Jailing of non-Asylum and /or Asylum Person for His Article is illegal & Terrorism.     We raise this matter to Ms. Navanethem Pillay to 

:1. Condem the Swiss action .2. Call to release the Colonel immediately. In the Swiss parliament on November 6, 2006, the MDG decided to revoke the asylum granted to Mohamed Elghanam because of his article and Jailed him.

My brother was the Director of Legal Research in the Egyptian Ministry of the Interior.  While in that position, he refused to fabricate cases against some opposition political figures and journalists.  (He refused the order of the Egyptian President in this matter.)  So, they forcibly retired him, then they tried to assassinate him, so he went to Geneva under Political Asylum

While in Geneva, he published several articles critical of the Egyptian regime.Colonel Dr. Mohamed ELghanam, a professor of Criminal law,a defender of Human Rights, Freedom, Democracy, and the rule of law, obtained his PhD from Rome University in Italy, and most recent Egyptian law and legislation was taken from his books and references.  The Colonel speaks Italian, French, English and Arabic.

 1. Since my brother's political asylum was withdrawn, why did the Swiss not sent him back to Egypt ?2. Does this mean that any country can arrest any person who publishes on the internet any news that they do not like ?

 3. If my brother was jailed because his article, so why do thousands of journalist stay free?
 4. Why has no one been able to see or contact my brother since the arrest on March 12, 2007?  is he still alive?
 Arresting a person because of his article or his Complaining is a violation of freedom of expression, a Human Right.
 My brother's article was a protest and Complaint to the International Community against Switzerland's illegal action against him in 2005, when the Swiss Government jailed him from February 15, 2005, until June 21, 2005, because he had filed a Complaint against the Swiss police and intelligence.
 His article explained the reason of his arrest, and other information that had been published before in many Swiss newspapers. 
 After he wrote his article, they jailed him again on November 10, 2005, for some weeks in a Psychiatric hospital, then moved him directly from the hospital to Prison de Champ Dollon after their failure to fabricate a psychiatric report against him, so they failed to forge a report saying that he imagined that the Swiss intelligence tried to recruit him.  Then they released him from the jail on April 28, 2006.
 It is an international crime to put an intact person in a Psychiatric hospital.
 Then, after some months the Swiss Parliament revoked his asylum, and jailed him on March 12, 2007, and he has disappeared completely from the world.
 I ask the international Community, the United Nations (Ms. Navanethem Pillay) and the Human Rights Organizations to make a public condemnation of the Swiss action, and to call for the release of Colonel Dr. Mohamed ELghanam immediately from the Swiss jails.
 N.B.:   Egypt cooperates with Switzerland in this matter.
 Best regards,  Dr. Ali ELGhannam

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Dec 29, 2010 ... Dr. Mohamed Elghanam was detained because he said NO to the swiss intelligence and secret police to their offer : which is to spy on Arabs ... - Cached

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