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On the Impossibility of the Repentance of the Big Criminals Who Are the Tyrants and Clergymen of the Muhammadans  





Published in March 20, 2020

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy






Firstly: on the impossibility of the repentance of clergymen/sheikhs of Satan and enthroned tyrants:

1- Ordinary criminals and leaders of gangs of criminals may repent before their death. Yet, the big criminals who are clergymen and enthroned tyrants never repent.

2- We hardly expect the repentance of clergymen/sheikhs who spent most of their lives spreading and propagating lies/hadiths to the Lord God and to Muhammad; they have reached fame, authority, and wealth that way; their repentance requires that they must announce to all people that their words are false; in that case, they must bear patiently with the hatred/animosity of the masses and the fury of the rulers. We remember when we lived in Cairo, Egypt, that a Sunnite sheikh/clergyman we know reached his old age after decades of preaching and glorifying Al-Bokhary and the so-called Sunna hadiths; when our Quranist trend of thought emerged, he argued against the Holy Quran; these Quranic verses apply to him: "Among the people is he who argues about God without knowledge, and follows every defiant devil. It was decreed for him, that whoever follows him - he will misguide him, and lead him to Hell torment." (22:3-4); "And among the people is he who argues about God without knowledge, or guidance, or an enlightening book. Turning aside in contempt, to lead away from the Path of God. He will have humiliation in this world, and on the Day of Resurrection We will make him taste the torment of burning. That is for what your hands have advanced, and because God is not unjust to the servants." (22:8-10). The son of this Sunnite sheikh converted to Qurnaism; this son told our person that he discussed many of Al-Bokhary hadiths with his father and how they are refuted by the Quranic verses; he proved to his father that such hadiths are mere fabrications and lies unjustly ascribed to Muhammad and to the Lord God. This Sunnite sheikh felt terrified and kept telling his son never to announce such view to the masses because they are cows/cattle and might murder him! this misguided and misguiding Sunnite sheikh/imam/clergymen is a leader of a herd of cows/cattle as per his own words! This means that he recognized the Quranic Truth but chose to conceal it (and to continue to adhere to misguidance and fabrications) for fear of losing his life and his son's life and losing his wealth, stature, and authority. 

3- We hardly expect the repentance of tyrants who have reached and maintained power through bloodshed and massacres; such enthroned tyrants have continued to massacre, loot, torture, oppress, imprison, and commit many grave injustices and heinous crimes; their repentance requires that they must announce to all people that they were criminals; they must confess all their crimes and allow the people wronged by them to seek retribution; such tyrants are responsible for the physical pains and mental anguish of their victims; they are responsible for consuming ill-gotten money they earned through many injustices; if enthroned or deposed tyrants would live for 1000 years and would repent, they would not be able to make amends to the millions of their victims who fall into many categories.

4- What we see is the exact opposite.

4/1: The sheikhs/clergymen of Satan continue to spread their lies and fabrications until they die; even when they stop propagating some of them because they obsequiously seek to gratify the rulers who told them to shut up and stop talking about a certain type of fabrications, they continue to spread and propagate other types of falsehoods and lies which will gratify their masters who are the enthroned tyrants. 

4/2: Mubarak, when he was merely an army officer heading an Egyptian military base in Belbeis, Egypt, was steeped in corruption. He became a big criminal once he became a president; in the first years of his presidency in the early 1980s, many people in Egypt admired his 'integrity'; yet, meanwhile, he began to steal and smuggle millions of L.E. Within his 30-year rule, he stole and smuggled from the wealth of the Egyptian nations what is estimated to be thousands of millions of US$. Yet, in the early 1980s, Mubarak the hypocrite used to preach those around him by reminding them that shrouds have no pockets. Shortly before Mubarak's death, his two sons uploaded on YouTube a video of Mubarak praising himself and preaching the viewers; we were not surprised by this self-deception; Mubarak deliberately forgot the billions of US$ he stole and smuggled (a scandal known to both Egyptians and non-Egyptians) and the millions of Egyptian citizens he oppressed.

5- It is a unique case of self-deception caused by Satan; the souls of the big criminals are entrapped by Satan.


Secondly: the role of Satan:

1- Satan and his devils whisper evil into all jinn and human beings including prophets/messengers; this is why the Lord God has commanded Muhammad to seek refuge in Him against Satan the outcast.

1/1: "Say, “I seek refuge in the Lord of Daybreak. From the evil of what He created. And from the evil of the darkness as it gathers. And from the evil of those who practice sorcery. And from the evil of an envious when he envies.”" (113:1-5).

1/2: "Say, “I seek refuge in the Lord of the humankind. The King of the humankind. The God of the humankind. From the evil of the sneaky whisperer. Who whispers into the hearts of people. From among jinn and among the humankind.”" (114:1-6).

1/3: "And say, “My Lord, I seek refuge in You from the urgings of the devils. And I seek refuge in You, my Lord, lest they become present.”" (23:97-98).

1/4: "And when a suggestion from Satan assails you, take refuge in God. He is Hearing and Knowing." (7:200).

1/5: "When you read the Quran, seek refuge in God from Satan the outcast." (16:98).

1/6: "When a temptation from the Devil provokes you, seek refuge in God; He is the Hearer, the Knower." (41:36).

2- The pious ones seek refuge in the Great Lord God against Satan the outcast, in contrast to those whose devils increase their misguidance: "Those who are righteous - when an impulse from Satan strikes them, they remind themselves, and immediately see clearly. But their brethren lead them relentlessly into misguidance, and they never stop short." (7:201-202).

3- The whispers/suggestions of Satan later on turn into full dominance/control over the minds/hearts/souls of his followers.

3/1: The Lord God has said the following to Iblis/Satan: "“Over My servants you have no authority, except for the sinners who follow you.”" (15:42).

3/2: The Lord God has said the following about Iblis/Satan: "He has no authority over those who believe and trust in their Lord. His authority is only over those who follow him, and those polytheists who believe in him." (16:99-100).

3/3: Iblis has said the following to the Lord God about his intention to entrap and misguide the progeny of Adam: "He said, “Do You see this one whom You have honored more than me? If You reprieve me until the Day of Resurrection, I will bring his descendants under my sway, except for a few.”" (17:62).

4- The control of souls by Satan is manifested in two types of fabrications/falsehoods.

4/1: The lies/hadiths/narratives/falsehoods/fabrications which fill the terrestrial religions are the revelations of Satan. The Lord God says the following in the Quran.

4/1/1: "Likewise, We have assigned for every prophet an enemy - human and jinn devils - inspiring one another with fancy words in order to deceive. But had your Lord willed, they would not have done it. So leave them to their fabrications. So that the hearts of those who do not believe in the Hereafter may incline to it, and be content with it, and that they may perpetrate whatever they perpetrate. “Shall I seek a judge other than God, when He is the One who revealed to you the Book, explained in detail?”..." (6:112-114).

4/1/2: "Shall I inform you upon whom the devils descend? They descend upon every sinful liar." (26:221-222).

4/2: The fabrications of tombs/mausoleums and urging the polytheists to worship and sanctify them is Satan's doing: "O you who believe! Wine, gambling, mausoleums, and divination are abominations of Satan’s doing. Avoid them, so that you may prosper." (5:90). We can hardly imagine that those who circle a mausoleum, while supplicating to the corpse beneath it, have reasoning minds; this is because Satan controls/dominates their minds and makes them lose their reason and their awareness/consciousness.


Thirdly: the misguided ones choose Satan as their ally:

1- The Lord God have created human beings as free agents with free will and freedom of choice; when they choose to be (mis)guided, He increases their (mis)guidance.

1/1: "Say, “Whoever is in misguidance, the Dominant Lord will lead him on.”..." (19:75); "In their hearts is sickness, and God has increased their sickness..." (2:10).

1/2: "God increases in guidance those who accept guidance..." (19:76); "As for those who are guided, He increases them in guidance, and He has granted them their righteousness." (47:17).

2- When misguided sinners choose Satan to be their ally instead of choosing the Lord God as their Ally, Satan and his devils control them and deceive them by convincing them that they are guided.

2/1: "Some He has guided, and some have deserved misguidance. They have adopted the devils for allies rather than God, and they assume that they are guided." (7:30).

2/2: "Do those who disbelieve think that they can take My servants for allies instead of Me? We have prepared Hell for the hospitality of the disbelievers. Say, “Shall We inform you of the biggest losers in their works?” “Those whose efforts in this world are misguided, while they assume that they are doing well.”" (18:102-104).

2/3: They assume as if their ill-gotten wealth is a sign indicating that the Lord God is pleased with them; this is the worst form of self-deception: "So leave them in their bewilderment until a time. Do they assume that, in furnishing them with wealth and children. We race to give them the good things? In fact, they have no idea." (23:54-56).

2/4: Wealth makes them forget about their inevitable death and the Hell torment waiting for them in the Hereafter: "Woe to every slanderer backbiter. Who gathers wealth and counts it over. Thinking that his wealth has made him immortal." (104:1-3).

3- From the very beginning, they have chosen/preferred blindness over/to the Quranic Light; hence, the Lord God assign to them devils as their companions who make the truth appear as falsehoods and falsehoods appear as the truth for them; such devils convince them that they are guided; on the Last Day, they will see such devilish companions and will disown them.

3/1: "Whoever shuns the remembrance of the Dominant Lord, We assign for him a devil, to be his companion. They hinder them from the Path, though they think they are guided. Until, when He comes to Us, he will say, “If only there were between me and you the distance of the two Easts.” What an evil companion!" (43:36-38).

3/2: "We had assigned companions for them, who glamorized to them what was in front of them, and what was behind them. And the Word proved true against them in communities of jinn and humans that have passed away before them. They were losers." (41:25).

4- This is why in this transient world, they reject guidance whether they are called for it or not.

4/1: "As for those who disbelieve - it is the same for them, whether you have warned them, or have not warned them - they do not believe." (2:6).

4/2: "And if you call them to guidance, they will not follow you. It is the same for you, whether you call them, or remain silent." (7:193).

4/3: "It is the same for them, whether you warn them, or do not warn them - they will not believe." (36:10).

4/4: It is no use to them even if the Lord God has made them hear: "The worst of creatures to God are the deaf and dumb - those who do not reason. Had God recognized any good in them, He would have made them hear; and had He made them hear, they would have turned away defiantly." (8:22-23).

5- They die within misguidance which continues with them on the Resurrection Day.

5/1: The hypocrites were inveterate liars who used to swear in the Holy Name of God in vain; they will do the same before the Lord God on the Last Day as Satan dominates and controls their souls: "On the Day when God will resurrect them altogether - they will swear to Him, as they swear to you, thinking that they are upon something. Indeed, they themselves are the liars. Satan has taken hold of them, and so has caused them to forget the Remembrance of God. These are the allies of Satan. Indeed, it is Satan’s allies who are the losers." (58:18-19).

5/2: The same applies to frank, overt polytheists; they will swear before the Lord God on the Last Day that they were not among the polytheists; they lie to themselves: "On the Day when We gather them all together, then say to the polytheists, “Where are your partners, those you used to claim?” Then their only argument will be to say, “By God, our Lord, we were not polytheists.” Look how they lied to themselves. And what they invented deserted them." (6:22-24).

6- Of course, Muhammad was keen very much on guiding the big criminals in Arabia; yet, the Lord God has told him the following.

6/1: "Even though you may be concerned about their guidance, God does not guide those who misguide their souls..." (16:37).

6/2: "What of him whose evil deed was made attractive to him, and so he regards it as good? God leads astray those willing to be misguided, and He guides those willing to be guided. Therefore, do not waste your soul sorrowing over them. God knows exactly what they do." (35:8).

6/3: "Perhaps you may destroy your soul with grief, chasing after them, if they do not believe in this Discourse." (18:6).

6/4: "Perhaps you will destroy your soul with grief, because they do not become believers." (26:3).



1- We congratulate the big criminals (clergymen/sheikhs + enthroned tyrants) for what they have chosen for themselves in this world and in the Hereafter. We desire for them to adhere to what they have chosen for themselves until they die without repentance; we wait for the Lord God's Judgment regarding them and regarding our person on the Last Day.

2- The Lord God says the following in the Holy Quran: "What you are promised is coming, and you cannot thwart it. Say, “O my people! Work according to your ability, and so will I.” You will come to know to whom will belong the outcome of the abode.” The unjust ones will not prevail." (6:134-135); "“O my people, do as you may, and so will I. You will know to whom will come a torment that will shame him, and who is a liar. So look out; I am on the lookout with you.”" (11:93); "And say to those who do not believe, “Act according to your ability; and so will we.” “And wait; we too are waiting.”" (11:121-122); "Say: “O my people, work according to your ability; and so will I. Then you will know. Who will receive a humiliating torment, and on whom will fall a lasting torment.” We sent down upon you the Book for the humankind in Truth. He who follows guidance does so for the good of his soul. And he who strays in misguidance does so to its detriment. You are not their overseer." (39:39-41). As always, the Lord God says nothing but the Absolute Truth.

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