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Venerable and Deified Clergymen of the Muhammadans Are, in Fact, Criminals in the Sight of the Lord God – PART II




Published in February 24, 2020

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy




Secondly: about the Quranic context 6:123-124:

 The Lord God says the following in the Quran: "And thus We set up in every city its big criminals, to scheme in it, but they scheme only against their own souls, and they do not realize it. When a verse comes to them, they say, “We will not believe unless we are given the like of what was given to God’s messengers.” God knows best where to place His message. Humiliation from God and severe torment will afflict the criminals for their scheming." (6:123-124).

1- An ordinary criminal person is the one who steals, kills, and spreads corruption on earth and the result is hundreds of victims; a more criminal person is the one who establishes and heads a gang to steal, kill, and spread corruption on earth and the result is thousands of victims; in contrast, the big criminals (i.e., the ones intended in 6:123) are the ones who imprison the previous two types of criminals and they are sanctified and deified (as rulers and/or clergymen) despite the fact that they kill more citizens and steal and smuggle the wealth of their nations. 

2- The big criminals use their gangs to seek and reach power and/or to have too much authority and influence in a given nation; their victims are an entire nation; their possessions is the homeland of that nation. The big criminals do not achieve or reach such stature unless they manipulate the terrestrial, devilish religion adhered to by most citizens of the nation; of course, the vast majority, in all eras, is described by the Lord God in the following Quranic verses: "But most people, for all your eagerness, are not believers." (12:103); "And most of them do not believe in God unless as polytheists." (12:106); "If you were to obey most of those on earth, they would divert you from God’s Path. They follow nothing but assumptions, and they only conjecture." (6:116).

3- Hence, the big criminals (i.e., rulers) must employ the clergymen of the dominant terrestrial religion among their gangs. Of course, this terrestrial religion is not necessarily ascribed by force to the Divine Religion of the Lord God; it might be an ideology forced upon citizens as a dominant culture; e.g., an extremist, fanatic nationalism (like Nazism) or an extremist class-conscious ideology (like communism). Anyway, in such cases, this fabricated, religion-like ideology dominates a given society and it also has its clergymen and leaders who are employed/hired by a power-seeking individual; they are part of his gang and share power with this individual once he becomes a ruler by becoming the powerful elite who serve this ruler; they, alongside with the other gangsters, serve this ruler in other fields/domains: some specialize in controlling religion and media, some undertake the mission of providing security to the regime, and some form the forces which specialize in oppressing citizens.     

4- Naturally, in such cases, competition, conspiracies, and scheming inevitably occur. Enthroned tyrants do not ascend to power unless they commit acts of deception and spread corruption on earth; they never allow anyone the chance to conspire to oust or topple them or to replace them in the throne. Such tyrannical rulers never trust anyone; they readily sacrifice/murder anyone in their close, inner circle to maintain their power and authority as rulers; this fact is known to their elite/gang of big criminals; they have to flatter rulers in a hypocritical manner to prove their loyalty to them. This means that the obsequious members of this elite/gang also have to fiercely vie for gratifying the enthroned rulers who draw benefits from such competition and struggle; yet, when enthroned tyrants grow weak, they are ousted/abdicated by some members of this elite/gang of big criminals; this is the very first feature of big criminals: "...but they scheme only against their own souls, and they do not realize it." (6:123).     

5- The worst fear which causes unbearable anxiety to enthroned tyrants is the possibility that clergymen of the terrestrial, fabricated religion would conspire and scheme against them, especially as such rulers have reached power by their paid help as they lend such rulers a measure of political, quasi-religious legitimacy. Hence, enthroned tyrants (who are big criminals) realize the fact that they must fully control such clergymen (who are also big criminals) so that they blindly obey them all the time. Those clergymen are deified and sanctified by the masses; such clergymen employ their terrestrial religion to urge the masses to remain loyal to, and to blindly obey, tyrannical rulers. Hence, such clergymen can use their influence, authority, and stature to cause the ouster of rulers since they are the 'representatives' of religion and 'guardians' of the 'divine' laws/sharia. After their success in causing such ouster or abdication, such clergymen rule as tyrannical theocrats instead of the secular tyrants whose State manipulated religion. Let us exemplify this in the following points.         

5/1: During the reign of Shah in Iran, this Shah (or king) employed the Shiite religion to support his tyranny which reached an unprecedented level accompanied with corruption and oppression; the revolution that occurred in 1978 involved all people and all groups within the political spectra; yet, it was hijacked by Shiite clergymen who reached power and excluded, imprisoned, and oppressed others who participated in the struggle for freedom. This is how the tyrannical Shiite theocracy of Iran has emerged.

5/2: The third, current Saudi kingdom was established by Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud through the call of the terrestrial Wahabi religion; the power-seeking Wahabi clergymen tried to appear more Wahabi than the king Abdul-Aziz Al-Saud and other kings after him among his sons; such Wahabi sheikhs have formed – until now – the hardest opposition movements inside the Saudi kingdom (see our book, in English, titled "The Wahabi Opposition Movements in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the Twentieth Century", found on this link: Hence, today, Wahabi sheikhs are divided into two types: the one controlled by the Saudi crown-prince M. Ibn Salman (see our book, in English, titled "A Witness of the Earliest Months of The Rule of the Saudi Crown-Prince Ibn Salman (Oct.–Dec. 2017)", found on this link: and the one of the opposition movements; the Wahabi opposition figures among Wahabi clergymen inside Saudi Arabia are imprisoned now by Ibn Salman; their remaining silent is never enough for him; he demands the outspoken, vociferous support of all Wahabi sheikhs inside the Saudi kingdom and no compromises or in-between positions are allowed in this respect.     

5/3: In Egypt, for centuries, Al-Azhar has been the center of clergymen of the Muhammadans that lived off zakat/charity money of Waqfs (i.e., religious endowments); Al-Azhar was very much like the current notion of NGOs. Yet, when the tyrannical President Gamal Abdel-Nasser came to power in 1954, he needed to fully control/ride Al-Azhar to face his enemies, who were his former allies before the 1952 coup d'état, the Wahabi terrorist MB organization members. Of course, Nasser needed Al-Azhar to consolidate and justify his tyranny and to help propagate his alternative ideology of Arab nationalism (or Pan-Arabism). One of the gravest sins of Nasser was turning Al-Azhar into a governmental institution; this helped expand Azharite schools and educational institutions inside and outside Egypt. Nasser made the Egyptian government control Al-Azhar; it appointed its head-sheikh and employees within a hierarchy of posts, salaries, and promotions. During the era of President M. Anwar Sadat (derogatorily nicknamed 'the believer president' for his allying himself to Saudi Arabia and its agents in Egypt among the trend of Wahabis/Salafists and his allying himself to the terrorist MB organization), the role of Al-Azhar was magnified and expanded since Sadat made Al-Azhar a tool to spread and propagate the Saudi extremist Wahabi religion of Satan.    

6- The obsequious clergymen, sheikhs, and imams seek to gratify any tyrannical sultans/rulers by voicing the whims and desires of such sultans; this means that such enthroned tyrants are like maestros and their clergymen are like musicians who follow the musical notes dictated by such enthroned tyrants.   

6/1: During the war against colonial powers and Zionism during the era of Nasser, Azharite sheikhs sermonized about fighting the enemy and to support the Nasserite ideology; they often quoted the following Quranic verse: "And prepare against them all the power you can muster, and all the cavalry you can mobilize, to terrify thereby God’s enemies and your enemies..." (8:60). In contrast, during the era of Sadat, after the Oct. 1973 war to restore the Egyptian Sinai peninsula and within the peace accords with Israel afterwards, the same obsequious Azharite sheikhs who followed the whims of rulers sermonized about peace; they often quoted the following Quranic verse: "But if they incline towards peace, then incline towards it..." (8:61). Similarly, during the era of Nasser, Azharite sheikhs advocated the idea that the Egyptian Christian Orthodox Copts were Arabs. The same obsequious Azharite sheikhs, during the era of Sadat, were accomplices (esp. complicity by remaining silent) within persecuting Coptic citizens in the 1970s as per the Saudi Wahabi religion at the time which has dominated Egypt ever since.  

6/2: After the death of Nasser in 1970, some other Arab tyrannical rulers, or big criminals, emerged and raised the same banners of Arab nationalism which is the terrestrial religion created by Nasser. One of them was the tyrant Saddam Hussein of Iraq who was one of the arch-enemies of Sadat. Saddam Hussein found in the ideology/religion of Arab nationalism a good tool to fully control Iraq with its races and diverse religious doctrines; all Iraqis were deemed as Arabs who must face the 'Persians' of Iran. All Shiite and Sunnite political opposition figures were oppressed, persecuted, imprisoned, or murdered by the Saddam Hussein regime. Saddam Hussein was in fierce competition with the tyrant Hafiz Al-Assad of Syria who also raised the banners of Arab nationalism through his Al-Baath Party; Saddam Hussein launched an unwarranted war against Iran; years later, the Iraqi troops were defeated and had to retreat; yet, to remove the disgrace of such defeat, Saddam Hussein was so stupid that he destroyed his terrestrial religion of Arab nationalism by invading Kuwait (a Gulf Arab monarchy where Wahabism dominates) in 1990. Thus, the terrestrial religion/ideology of Arab nationalism clashed with the terrestrial religion of Wahabism. Of course, the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait was a devilish precedent in the policies of Arab tyranny and it showed the contradictions and faults of Arabs; for instance, the nationalist Palestinians who lived and worked inside Saudi Arabia and other Gulf monarchies hailed Saddam Hussein; previously, the tyrant Kaddafi of Libya was the only Arab ruler who helped Iran against Saddam Hussein. Of course, the sheikhs/clergymen of terrestrial religions of Satan were the obvious manifestation of the contradictions and faults of Arabs. The Shiite and Sunnite sheikhs loyal to Saddam Hussein held a religious conference inside Iraq to glorify their president; in contrast, the Wahabi sheikhs inside Saudi Arabia and other Gulf monarchies held several religious conferences in several Arab capitals to attack Saddam Hussein. Sheikhs in both sides competed with one another in manipulating and distorting the meanings of Quranic verses to serve Saudi Arabia or the Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq.       

6/3: Among the funny stories in Egypt at the time (i.e., in 1990) is that the Egyptian President M. Hosni Mubarak hesitated as he could not decide which side (Iraq or Saudi Arabia) he had to join within such struggle while serving (and not risking) his own interests; he was confused and understood things slowly; he took his time before announcing his stance. The Egyptian Azharite sheikhs/clergymen had to remain silent, and so did the Egyptian media figures, waiting for Mubarak to declare his stance so that they would flatter him and support his decision whatever it might be. One of the hypocritical Azharite sheikhs at the time who was appointed by Mubarak in the Egyptian Parliament (known at the time as the People's Assembly) stood before a mirror while rehearsing (while weeping!) two speeches: one of them was about supporting Saddam, if Mubarak would choose to side with Iraq, and the other one was about supporting Saudi Arabia if Mubarak would side with the Wahabi kingdom. Once Mubarak finally announced his siding with Saudi Arabia, this hypocritical Azharite sheikh delivered his speech of defending Saudi Arabia, inside the Parliament, while weeping!   

7- At one time, Mubarak was circling the Kaaba in Mecca, and one male Egyptian pilgrim spotted him and told him one phrase: (Beware of God!). When this Egyptian pilgrim returned to Egypt, Mubarak imprisoned him. If a man would say (Beware of God!), in public, to any (non)Azharite sheikhs/clergymen who manipulate the Quranic verses and intentionally distort their meanings, such sheikhs will never take heed of this piece of advice and they will never fear the Lord God; rather, they will be mad at the man who advises them (and have him punished!) and their pride will lead them to commit more sins as they typically preach others and will never accept being preached by others; they hate being criticized in public since they are the ones who terrorize and instill awe inside the masses by the tenets of their terrestrial religion. The Lord God says the following in the Quran: "Among the people is he whose speech about the worldly life impresses you, and he calls God to witness what is in his heart, while he is the most hostile of adversaries. When he reaches power, he strives to spread corruption on earth, destroying properties and lives. God does not like corruption. And when he is told, “Beware of God,” his pride leads him to more sin. Hell is enough for him - a dreadful abode." (2:204-206). We note the following points.

7/1: "Among the people..." (2:204); this indicates that this occurs in all human communities in all eras everywhere; it is a very bad habit in all corrupt societies which allow much influence to such hypocritical sheikhs/clergymen who typically preach and are never preached; their pride and arrogance, caused by the support they receive from the sinful enthroned tyrants they obsequiously serve, will lead them to commit more sins and to misguide others.  

7/2: " he whose speech about the worldly life impresses you..." (2:204); this indicates that such clergymen of religions of Satan have a great measure of eloquence which is admired by the masses and this causes enthroned tyrants to employ/hire them; of course, such eloquence in sermons is about the worldly life affairs and the terrestrial religion of polytheism. The skills of such eloquent sheikhs are employed in deception, hypocrisy, and flattery; they deceive the masses by attributing lies and falsehoods to the Lord God and to His Religion despite their overt appearance or signs of 'piety'; they are the arch-enemies of the Lord God: "...and he calls God to witness what is in his heart, while he is the most hostile of adversaries." (2:204); ...

7/3: "When he reaches power, he strives to spread corruption on earth, destroying properties and lives. God does not like corruption." (2:205); this indicates that within the other, hidden side of his life, he intentionally spreads corruption on earth as an obsequious servant of his master the tyrannical ruler/sultan.

7/4: "And when he is told, “Beware of God,” his pride leads him to more sin. Hell is enough for him - a dreadful abode." (2:206); this indicates that such a man is among the big criminals but his field of specialization is the terrestrial religion; this is why anyone who would tell him “Beware of God!” will be severely punished.

8- We find the following in the very next verse: "And among the people is he who sells himself seeking God’s approval. God is kind towards the servants." (2:207); this indicates that though among every community there are big criminals who are clergymen, there are also those preachers of the Truth who dedicate their lifetimes to serve the cause of the Lord God while seeking to gratify Him only; those preachers of justice and the Truth are bound to suffer persecution inflicted on them because they repeat the phrase (Beware of God!) to the big criminals in their societies. This is why we, Dr. A. S. Mansour, were severely persecuted in Egypt when we spread Quranism and quoted the Quranic verses in our writings to warn Mubarak and his obsequious Azharite sheikhs, who are the big criminals, so that they may fear the Lord God and repent.  

9- The dominant religion of the big criminals is an inherited one which 'justifies' and maintains their position, stature, power, and wealth; their stance towards it is expressed here: "...“We found our forefathers following a course of an Umma, and we are following their footsteps.”" (43:22); these are the words of the Meccan disbelievers; they are repeated now by the Muhammadan clergymen/sheikhs who assume that (the Umma unanimously agree on such-and-such thing). This means this is a bad habit in all unjust oppressive societies and corrupt countries dominated by the big criminals: "Likewise, We sent no warner before you to any town, but the affluent ones among them said, “We found our forefathers following a course of an Umma, and we are following their footsteps.”" (43:23); of course, the affluent ones in 43:23 are the big criminals who are rulers and their courtiers, elite circles, and retinue members. As they monopolize wealth, they are the affluent ones (not merely rich). Their power and authority are established within the catalyst of the inherited terrestrial religion; they adhere to it and spread it, though they worship nothing but Mammon/money, because it provides a 'legitimacy' to their stature, position, and wealth. This is why they typically resist and stand against the call of the Truth and envy the preachers of the Truth (i.e., prophets and messengers of the Lord God) who have less stature as they feel as if they are the ones deserving to receive Celestial Revelation. This reminds us with the following verses, which apply perfectly to the Muhammadans today, about the big criminals: "And thus We set up in every city its big criminals, to scheme in it, but they scheme only against their own souls, and they do not realize it. When a verse comes to them, they say, “We will not believe unless we are given the like of what was given to God’s messengers.”..." (6:123-124).

10- The Lord God says the following in the Quran: "Who commits graver injustice than someone who fabricates lies against God, or denies His Verses? The unjust ones will not succeed." (6:21); "Who commits graver injustice than someone who fabricates lies about God, or denies His Verses? The criminals will never prosper." (10:17); this means that the worst type of unjust ones are the clergymen of terrestrial, fabricated religions who ascribe their lies and falsehoods to the Lord God and to His Religion and they deny His Verses; they are described in the Quran as (criminals); since they are the most unjust people, they are among the big criminals and not the ordinary ones.  

11- This is about ordinary criminals whether they are individuals or leaders of gangs/mafia.

11/1: Ordinary criminals never misuse or manipulate religion to justify their crimes; they never unjustly attribute their corruption or their crimes to the Lord God or to His Religion.  

11/2: Ordinary criminals have no followers among the masses; in contrast, the big criminals (i.e., clergymen and tyrannical rulers) have millions of followers among the weakened people.

12- Inside Hell in the Hereafter, the small, weakened, misguided criminals will curse and feud with their masters the arrogant, big criminals; the Lord God says the following in the Quran.

12/1: "Then they will be toppled into it, together with the seducers. And the soldiers of Satan, all of them. They will say, as they feud in it. “By God, We were in evident misguidance. For equating you with the Lord of the worlds. No one misled us except the criminals." (26:94-99); this means that inside Hell, the small, weakened, misguided criminals will address the following to the big criminals or tyrants/sultans/rulers: "“By God, We were in evident misguidance. For equating you with the Lord of the worlds." (26:97-98); and they will also address the following to misguided and misguiding clergymen/sheikhs: "No one misled us except the criminals." (26:99).

12/2: "The Day when their faces are flipped into the Fire, they will say, “If only we had obeyed God and obeyed the Messenger.” And they will say, “Lord, we have obeyed our superiors and our dignitaries, but they led us away from the Path. Lord, give them double the torment, and curse them with a great curse.”" (33:66-68); this means that when the small, weakened, misguided criminals feel the ultimate despair inside Hell, they will curse the big criminals.  

13- The big criminals, who are all clergymen/sheikhs/imamssans exception, are described as (1) the enemies of prophets/messengers of the Lord God, (2) criminals, and (3) the human devils who follow and obey the jinn devils; we would like our readers to ponder on the following Quranic verses: "On that Day, the unjust one will bite his hands, and say, “If only I had followed the way with the Messenger. Oh, woe to me; I wish I never took so-and-so for a friend. He led me away from the Message after it had come to me; for Satan has always been a betrayer of man.” And the messenger will say, “My Lord, my people have abandoned this Quran.” Likewise, to every prophet We assign enemies from among the criminals. But your Lord suffices as a Guide and Savior." (25:27-31); "Likewise, We have assigned for every prophet an enemy - human and jinn devils - inspiring one another with fancy words in order to deceive. But had your Lord willed, they would not have done it. So leave them to their fabrications. So that the hearts of those who do not believe in the Hereafter may incline to it, and be content with it, and that they may perpetrate whatever they perpetrate. “Shall I seek a judge other than God, when He is the One who revealed to you the Book, explained in detail?” Those to whom We gave the Book know that it is the Truth revealed from your Lord. So do not be of those who doubt. The Word of your Lord has been completed, in Truth and justice. There is no changing to His words. He is the Hearer, the Knower. If you were to obey most of those on earth, they would divert you from God’s Path. They follow nothing but assumptions, and they only conjecture." (6:112-116). As always, the Lord God says nothing but the Absolute Truth.

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