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About the Death of Morsi the MB-Affiliated Former President


About the Death of Morsi the MB-Affiliated Former President



Published in June 18, 2019

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy





1- Our family members discussed with us the topic of the media smear campaign in Egypt against our person after our attacking the sinful caliphs who were spies/agents of the Qorayish tribe against Islam and Muhammad in Yathreb city-state (see our previous article, in English, titled: "About the Removal of YouTube Videos in Which We Were Hosted by an Arab Channel" found on this link: This media red herring ended very fast as another bigger red herring has occupied most of the platforms of the Egyptian media: the death of Mohamed Morsi, the MB-affiliated former president. Our wife said that the masses in Egypt will not forget the imprisonment, humiliation, and death of Morsi; we told our wife that typically, in Egypt, everything is forgotten in a few days (or within a week) once a new red herring would emerge; this is exemplified by the smear campaign against our person which ended sooner than expected. Our son, Mohamed Mansour, said that he is against the terrorist MB organization politically but he sympathized with some of its members who were imprisoned and tortured, if such pieces of news about their being tortured in Egyptian prisons would be proven as true, and he sympathized with Morsi after his death because of preventing Egyptian and foreign media from covering his funeral and stopping by force those who attempted to perform funeral prayers for his soul in some Egyptian mosques; for our son, this is deemed as going into extremes in enmity, especially that Morsi, in his view, did not commit 1% of the crimes of Mubarak and he suffered a lot within his imprisonment, whereas Mubarak was imprisoned in a five-star hospital and was released later on, after his trials ended, to enjoy his billions of US$ of ill-gotten money. Our son expressed his wonder at confiscating the money of some of the MB members though they did not steal as much money in Egypt as was the case with the Mubarak military regime.        

2- Our son suggested to our person that we should write an article about the death of Morsi; we promised him to do so but within a totally different viewpoint; we never sympathize with Morsi or with the terrorist Wahabi MB organization. We sympathize only with the weak ones on earth to which we belong; they are the victims of the ongoing struggle between the MB organization and the military rule in Egypt. Both sides of this struggle are arch-enemies who never spare any weapons; yet, both sides unite against our person and our Quranist reform. Proof: the obsequious pro-Al-Sisi anchor/presenter Mr. Ahmad Moussa has attacked our person in a very insolent manner (as per his YouTube video we watched) in the same way we watched in another YouTube video by the MB-affiliated presenter Moataz Mattar; both of these men are napes which squealed in pain and denounced our attacking the sinful caliphs of the Arab conquests.      

3- We assert the following in the points below.


Firstly: we side with the weak ones on earth and against the arrogant, haughty tyrants on earth:

1- Our defense of the weak ones on earth is proven in many articles and some parts of our books; let us exemplify this.

1/1: Our latest book titled (Patience within Islam), especially its Chapter III titled "Patience and the Weak Ones on Earth".

1/2: Our latest book titled (A Quranist Vision of the Massacre of the Two Mosques in New Zealand), found in English on this link: (, especially its CHAPTER II, titled "The Culture of Terrorism of the Muhammadans",  with its article about the weak ones in the Golan Heights and another article titled "The Weak Ones Who Are Unjust towards Both Themselves and the Lord God".

1/3: We write nowadays serialized articles (which, once finished, will be compiled into a book form) about the culture of poverty, with a focus on Egypt, of course, as the middle-class members descend into the poor class, whereas the poor-class members are descending into the impoverished or poorer classes (or the enslaved ones who suffer abject poverty; i.e., living on less than one US$ a day). In contrast, affluent and filthily rich ''masters'' accumulate more wealth and riches in Egypt; this is an indication of the imminent internal collapse of Egypt as per the Quranic rule about the existence of the affluent, corrupt class as an indicator of the destruction of any society. We write these articles about the culture of poverty in Egypt intermittently and not regularly because they cause depression to our soul; we have to get some comfort for days by writing on other topics within our daily articles. The causes of this depression are (1) the fact that we belong to the weak ones on earth, and (2) our despair regarding the introduction of peaceful reform to the arrogant, haughty tyrants.  

2- Let us exemplify our attacking and criticizing the arrogant, haughty tyrants on earth:

2/1: We have written the following as a witness against the former president Mubarak and his era.

2/1/1: Our book titled "Preaching Sultans from the Sinful Caliphs to the Cursed Mubarak".

2/1/2: Tens of political anti-Mubarak articles have been written by our person on our Quranism website since 2006 until his ouster in Feb. 2011; later on, other political articles are written against the rule of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) whose members ruled post-Mubarak Egypt. This is not to mention our political struggle in Washington for the sake of Egypt; we formed organizations to call for freedom in Egypt and we held and participated in several meetings, discussions, seminars, and press conferences to criticize Mubarak and his regime; we led several anti-Mubarak demonstrations in Washington along with our sons and other free Egyptian-American people.   

2- When the MB member Morsi became president (2012 - 2013), we have written the following against him and against his Wahabi terrorist MB organization.

2/1: We have written many political articles against Morsi and the theocratic MB rule of Egypt; we have written a book titled "The Constitution of the MB Member Morsi: A Historical, Analytical, and Fundamental Study" to criticize the MB-influenced corrupt constitution of Egypt of 2012.  

2/2: We have written the book titled "This Court Sentence Insulting to Islam: Sentencing to Death Those Who Have Insulted Prophet Muhammad" (found in English on this link: to attack and criticize Morsi. This court ruling during his presidency was about sentencing to death, in absentia, the Coptic Orthodox Christian activist Morris Sadek and some of his followers; the last article of this book is titled "Who Does Harbor More Animosity Toward Islam: Morsi or Morris?" and is found on this link: ( 

2/3: In one of our articles titled "The Statement of IQC Denouncing the Murder Sheikh Hassan Shehata the Shiite leader in Egypt and Four among his Followers", we attack and criticize Morsi because during his presidency, a heinous crime occurred: on Sunday, the 23rd of June, 2013, the Egyptian Shiite leader Hassan Shehata and four of his Shiite followers were forced out of his house by the extremist Sunnite Wahabi mob and they were dragged by ropes in the streets and killed soon afterwards; the police never interfered.   

3- We felt overjoyed by the ouster of Morsi on the 3rd of July, 2013, but we did not feel happy when Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi ascended to power as the President of Egypt within the 2014 presidential elections. At first, we had high hopes in Al-Sisi when he talked (in several speeches he delivered) about the introduction of reform to the religious discourse in Egypt; a reformist thinker like ourselves should feel happy about any initiative for reform. We have written an article to encourage Al-Sisi to introduce a radical religious reform by following certain steps. When it turned out that no religious reform will be introduced at all in Egypt, we have written several articles to attack and criticize Al-Sisi; these articles are compiled within our book, in English, titled "A Witness of the Earliest Months of The Presidential Term of The Egyptian President Al-Sisi" (found on this link: Other articles of ours which attack, criticize, and advise Al-Sisi and his regime have been written intermittently later on.

4- The same applies to the case of the Saudi Crown-Prince M. Ibn Salman when he emerged; our articles which criticize him and the Saudi regime are compiled in our book, in English, titled "A Witness of the Earliest Months of The Rule of the Saudi Crown-Prince Ibn Salman (Oct.–Dec. 2017)" (found on this link:

5- We have written articles about pondering the Quranic stories about Moses' Pharaoh and the Israelites (for instance, the articles compiled in our book, in English, titled "The Israelites in Pharaonic Egypt within a Quranist Vision", found on this link:, while showing the similarities between Moses' Pharaoh and the enthroned tyrants of the Middle-East countries and tyrannical caliphs in history.

6- We have written several articles and books to expose the corrupt, sinful caliphs of Qorayish until the Ottomans, including the four sinful pre-Umayyad 'wise' caliphs, the Umayyads, the Abbasids, and the Fatimids. Within these writings, we focus on the suffering of the weak ones on earth among the conquered nations ruled by such arrogant, haughty, tyrannical, sinful caliphs. We have made several videos about the same topic within our subtitled-into-English YouTube show titled "Quranic Moments". Of course, such videos and articles made many people among the Muhammadans (Shiites, Sufis, and Sunnite Wahabis esp. the terrorist MB members) attack our person in their videos and writings and to declare us as an 'apostate' and an 'infidel'. Sadly, some of the weak ones on earth whom we defend participated in attacking our person. If we were living in Egypt now, the mob might have killed our person (after being incited by the smear campaigns against our person) in the same way like the Shiite leader Hassan Shehata!

7- Within all of the above, our stance has never changed: we never support the terrorist MB organization against the military regime in Egypt and we never support the military regime in Egypt against the terrorist MB organization. As a Quranist thinker, we are against both the Wahabi terrorist MB organization and the military rule in Egypt. We side with human rights and human dignity; we support the weak ones on earth; we stand against injustices and the unjust ones. This is part and parcel of our peaceful reformist intellectual Islamic/Quranist jihad for which no one dares to blame our person.   

8- Others inside and outside Egypt differ from our person; some people flatter, praise, support, and defend the military rule in Egypt; some other people support and sympathize with the terrorist MB organization. The naïve, gullible followers of both sides hate one another; unbeknownst to them, they are mere fuel for the struggle between the terrorist MB members and the military regime; this is a political struggle for wealth, power, and authority; i.e., the transient possessions of the world. Both sides of this struggle vie for controlling and manipulating the weak ones on earth. Within this unholy struggle for the sake of Satan, some naïve persons mourn for the decease of Morsi while forgetting his murdered victims among the weak ones on earth. After the ouster of Mubarak, some naïve persons deplored his ouster while forgetting his many heinous crimes against Egypt and the weak ones living there. Mubarak's crimes against Egypt have their negative influence until now and the Egyptian nation pays the heavy price for them; this is not to mention the crimes of Mubarak's disciple, Al-Sisi, mentioned in the world media. When Al-Sisi dies one day, we have no doubt that many naïve persons will weep and mourn his loss; many of them will raise the hadith/motto (remember only the good qualities of the dead ones). This hadith is a falsehood and a lie aiming to make people disregard the rights of the victims and to grant underserved innocence to the unjust tyrants; sadly, few people like ourselves think about the victims among the weak ones on earth.    


Secondly: the weak ones on earth are always the victims of the struggles among the arrogant, haughty tyrants on earth: 

1- When elephants fight one another in the woods and the jungles, small animals run away for dear life. In contrast, when the arrogant, haughty tyrants on earth fight one another, the weak ones on earth cannot escape as they are the salt of the earth and because of the fact that the struggle revolves around controlling, enslaving, and manipulating them. Bearing this in mind, we find no difference between the 'companions' of the Arab conquests and the struggle between the terrorist MB organization and the military rule in Egypt. The Arab historians rarely focused on the victims among the conquered nations invaded by the four 'wise' sinful pre-Umayyad caliphs; they never shed tears for these oppressed, helpless, peaceful victims; their focus was on heaping praise on conquerors, criminals, and arrogant, haughty tyrants on earth. The Arab historians deemed those heroes who defended their homelands against the Arab invasion as 'infidels' and 'the enemies of the Lord'! Sadly, the same applies to our bleak modern era; in Egypt, the oppressed weak ones on earth among ordinary citizens are the victims of the struggle among the arrogant, haughty tyrants on earth (i.e., the military regime men and the terrorist MB members). The blood of peaceful, innocent Egyptians was shed in massacres and terrorist attacks which have occurred since the ouster of Mubarak in Feb. 2011 until now; no one cares to honor the names of the victims or to speak about their rights.    

2- Morsi was in office as president for one year (30th of June, 2012 – 3rd of July, 2013), and in this year of the MB theocratic rule of Egypt, Morsi caused unprecedented political chaos; he was a failure; his MB constitution of Egypt of 2012 is a disgrace. We have repeated this phrase within our articles criticizing the MB theocratic rule of Egypt: (For 80 years, the MB members dreamt and planned for reaching power one day in Egypt, but they never spent 80 minutes in thinking how to rule a millennia-old, great country like Egypt!). The failure of the MB rule is the direct cause for the return (with a vengeance) of the military rule in Egypt; this military rule is firmly established and settled now; most Egyptians fear and hate the theocratic rule. Furthermore, the MB members are the direct cause of consolidating the military rule since the 1952 coup d'état in Egypt; they supported this coup and convinced the masses to support it at the time; when the MB organization attempted to control the military officers of the 1952 coup, President Gamal Abdel-Nasser persecuted the MB members severely and imprisoned many of them since 1954. The MB members remained for decades a passive element within the struggle against the military regime men who, in their turn, manipulated the looming danger of the MB theocracy to justify their existence in power during the era of Mubarak and to maintain the political status quo. The Wahabi MB members are failures and are very stupid men; they never learn or draw lessons from their past mistakes; the terrorist MB members have made the Egyptian people the victims of their folly; as a result, the Egyptian nation submits to the tyranny of the military rule now.    


Thirdly: those who weep and shed tears over the decease of Morsi should have wept instead over the following incidents:

1- They should have wept and denounced the brutal murder of the peaceful Shiite leader Hassan Shehata and four among his followers who were dragged by ropes in the streets by the mob who shouted (Allahu Akbar!) or (Allah is the Greatest!) while torturing and killing these peaceful Shiites with cold blood. This peaceful Shiite leader, Hassan Shehata, never committed any crimes or harmed anyone; years before his death, he was tortured inside the Mubarak prisons. He was the victim of Morsi and his terrorist Wahabi Sunnite MB organization; the friend of Morsi, the Salafist lawyer Mamdouh Ismail, is the one who planned the assassination of Hassan Shehata in this brutal manner in broad daylight. This evil lawyer incited the mob to destroy the house of the 'infidel' and 'apostate' Hassan Shehata and to put him to this violent death as the enemy of Allah! Sadly, the police never interfered; several policemen loyal to the terrorist MB organization arranged and guarded the scene of this heinous crime in advance and were accomplices in this cold-blooded murder; the MB members never feared the ire of the Egyptian people (more than 30 million Egyptians created peaceful sits-in for four days [30th of June – 3rd of July, 2013] in major cities to demand the ouster of the murderer Morsi). This means that the Wahabi MB members never fear the wrath of the Lord God.

2- The number of murdered victims during the presidency of Morsi is 172 persons within political events, 39 persons within sectarian strife incidents, 17 persons among protests and demonstrations, 1 person in workers' demonstrations and protests, 48 persons who were detained illegally inside prison cells, and 48 persons killed because of the brutality of the anti-riot forces of the Ministry of Interior. Had Morsi ruled for further years, the number of murdered victims would have increased tenfold. We must never forget that the Wahabi MB are theocrats who would never have allowed anyone to succeed them in power through transparent, democratic elections; they deem democracy and its mechanisms as pertaining to "disbelief"! Instead of weeping and mourning because of the decease of Morsi, why do not we find anyone who would weep over these murdered victims?!

3- Death is inescapable and inevitable; most human beings mourn the dead ones and draw a lesson from death which happens anytime anywhere and from the memory of dead loved ones; in contrast, the terrorist MB organization members are known for gloating over the death of their foes and they feel schadenfreude as if the death of their foes were a form of divine retribution or punishment. Sadly, when Morsi died, some of his secular foes mourned him, sympathized with him, and felt sorry for him; they never expressed the same sympathy towards the victims of Morsi who got killed.  

4- Morsi died; Al-Sisi will die one day; the writer of these lines will die one day. We are never grieved about the death of Morsi. If we would be alive and witness the death of Al-Sisi, we will never grieve about his death or mourn him at all. Our grief is confined to the weak ones on earth who lose in this world as they are the victims of the arrogant, haughty tyrants and who will be among the losers in the Hereafter – in Hell – if they continue to deify and worship other deities as peers equal to Allah. The Lord God says the following in the Quran: "Yet among the people are those who take other than God as equals to Him. They love them as the love of God. But those who believe have greater love for God. If only the unjust ones would realize, when they see the torment; that all power is God's, and that God is severe in torment. Those who were followed will then disown those who followed them, and they will see the torment, and ties between them will be severed. Those who followed will say, "If only we can have another chance, we will disown them, as they disowned us." Thus God will show them their deeds, as regrets to them, and they will not come out of the Fire." (2:165-167).


Lastly: the Best Discourse:

 The Lord God says the following in the Quran: "Do not be impressed by the disbelievers' movements on earth. A brief enjoyment, then their abode is Hell. What a miserable resort. As for those who feared their Lord: for them will be gardens beneath which rivers flow, wherein they will abide forever - hospitality from God. What God possesses is best for the just ones." (3:196-198); "None argues against God's Verses except those who disbelieve. So do not be impressed by their movements on earth." (40:4); "That Home of the Hereafter - We assign it for those who seek no superiority on earth, nor corruption. And the outcome is for the pious ones." (28:83). As always, the Lord God says nothing but the Absolute Truth.

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