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One Last Question Addressed to Sheikh Al-Qaradawy

One Last Question Addressed to Sheikh Al-Qaradawy: Do Not You Feel Ashamed of Yourself and Your Old Age?!

Published in August 31, 2009

Translated by: Ahmed Fathy


 The MB Wahabi website has published recently a fatwa issued by the MB sheikh Youssef Al-Qaradawy that women can assume the posts of being presidents, judges, and muftis in any given country; this fatwa is found in Arabic on this link:

We would like to comment on that piece of news:



1-  Typically and as usual, the imams and clergy of Sunnite fiqh wait for many years to imitate what we, Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour, have asserted decades ago; in 1995, the Egyptian Cairo-based The Cairo Center for Human Rights has published in Arabic a lengthy research of ours titled "Women's Right to Aspire to the Presidency of Any Islamic State", which stirred a lot of controversy at the time, and we personally received much verbal abuse and virulent criticism and accusations leveled at our person, not our Quranist thought; yet, many other people took much interest in our research paper and published it within many periodicals and, later on, within websites after 2002, especially the Modern Discussion Marxist website:, and it is published now in English on our Quranism website on this link:

Later on, we have talked about this lengthy research of ours within the BBC show "In Depth", and the media covered this topic heavily as it stirred controversies among preachers of progressive Islam. Now, in 2009, Sunnite Wahabi extremist clergy repeat views of Dr. A. S. Mansour verbatim, while ascribing these views to themselves instead of him!   

2- Sheikh Al-Qaradawy in particular is among the arch-enemies of Quranists, and he plagiarizes their ideas and ascribes them to himself more often than not. Within a past arrest wave of Quranists, Al-Qaradawy dedicated many episodes of his Al-Jazeera TV show to attack and vilify Quranists, while describing them as apostates and heretics as they deny Sunna and hadiths, while issuing many fatwas to declare them as apostates who deserve to be put to death. Yet, to make the appearance of a 'modern' and 'civilized' sheikh in his senile old age, Al-Qaradawy steals many of our Quranist ideas and ascribe them to himself after people would adhere to them all over the Arab World, thus contradicting himself and his earlier ideas, notions, and fatwas: this has occurred about women's rights, denying the penalty for apostasy (i.e., to put heretics to death), and denying the notion of stoning people for adultery/fornication.   



1- One very important question remains: a Quran-based rule within Islam in a given country is a notion of Quranists linked to a democratic, civil state that applies human rights and governed by citizens, as the case with the EU and USA countries. Yet, as per previous fatwas by Al-Qaradawy, these countries are camp of war and of infidels as per the wicked Sunnite religion, and he has issued a fatwa before that Iraqis must massacre all American civilians in Iraq.

2- Quranists' view of the Quran-based rule of a given Islamic state is the direct democracy, with no room for tyrannical rulers or even the typical parliament representatives; people will rule themselves and all citizens will share power as per mechanism we have explained in many of our writings: this direct democracy will lead women to be on top of the ruling power as long as they are competent to serve the citizens. Al-Qaradawy thinks that democracy within parliament representatives or direct democracy as Satanist notions as per his Wahabi MB terrorist religion that urges theocracies that make the absolute male rulers own the countries and people living in them, while confiscating all power and wealth.   

3- Consequently, the fatwa of Al-Qaradawy about women's rights to assume the post of a president/ruler contradicts the theocratic rule he advocates all the time. Theocracy is the exact opposite of direct democracy and human rights, and it is the notion supporting all Gulf monarchies and their tyranny. Al-Qaradawy has issued this fatwa to please one powerful woman in Qatar within its royal family members who grant him money and he has to serve them eagerly and to satisfy all their whims by his fatwas; he never thinks of any women among the common people who may have the competence (or even tens of PhD degrees) or are presiding over any international organizations and deserve to be presidents of any countries: this is never part of the political and religious views of Al-Qaradawy, of course. 

4- It is known all over the Arab World that Al-Qaradawy would never utter a word or issue any fatwa that might incur the ire and fury of his masters in Qatar who spend money lavishly on him. Once when his Sunnite Wahabi MB sentiments made him issue the fatwa of the right of Iraqis to massacre all American civilians in Iraq, he was severely rebuked to the extent that he had to lie by asserting he never issued such a fatwa, though he has pronounced it within a great media conference in Cairo, Egypt. This fatal mistake is never repeated now by Al-Qaradawy, as he dares not to displease his masters in Qatar and in the Gulf monarchies. Besides, Al-Qaradawy is their pampered sheikh and scholar who typically issues fatwas for them as per their desires and whims. This means that his fatwa about women being allowed to assume the posts of being presidents, judges, and muftis in any given country is a mere act to pave the way for a particular powerful woman in Qatar who seeks more power, as Al-Qaradawy resides in the Qatari capital now to serve its royal family and he has to issue fatwas that will please them.    



1- The scholars who are eager to please royalty and all rulers bear grudges against Quranists and resent their existence, because Quranists intellectually oppose corrupt tyrannical rulers using the  Quran itself, and because Quranists are independent free thinkers who bear patiently with persecution without making compromises. Tyrannical rulers for Wahabi Sunnite clergy are gods/deities, and this is why Quranists stir the envy of Al-Qaradawy, as Quranists despise outspokenly and in public all rulers/tyrants revered by the likes of Al-Qaradawy who obsequiously serve rulers in return form money like all the rest of hypocrites in the procession and retinue members serving affluent monarchs: senile sheikhs, young journalists, media figures, etc. Let us remember that Al-Qaradawy has spent most of his lifetime, he is now over 80 years old, serving many generations of tyrants in the Arab world.      

2- Al-Qaradawy does not only hate Quranists; he also hates his own sheikh and master, the MB member Sayed Qutb, who was executed by the Nasser regime in Egypt in the 1960s. Al-Qaradawy accuses the late Qutb of being a 'Quranist' who denied hadiths and violated the ways of the MB! The reason of such hatred is that Qutb was known for his being a free thinker with dignity who refused to be under the wing of any one or any organizations; he was tortured, tried in courts, incarcerated, an executed, and he never fled to the Gulf monarchies. Qutb never flattered any tyrants in any country; rather, he accused all of the Arab tyrants of opposing Islam as disbelievers (we think he was right in this in terms of their violent criminal behavior, not as per their tenets; we hope rulers would repent before their death esp. as they consume ill-gotten money). In his writings, Al-Qaradawy virulently attacks Qutb because he remains to be the foil of Al-Qaradawy; Qutb has authored a book about social justice in Islam/the Quran, asserting how this type of justice is based on liberty, equality, and social solidarity, the role of zakat and private property of citizens. This book of Qutb incurs the wrath of Gulf tyrants and other Arab tyrannical rulers and their obsequious sheikhs like Al-Qaradawy. But we assert here that we oppose the Wahabism and MB thought of Sayed Qutb, who in other books of his calls for armed violence to impose theocratic rule and he discards peaceful preaching for reform and change. We despise the Sunnite religion of Qutb, but we respect his being independent thinker and his bearing patiently with torture, incarceration, and his execution eventually for his ideas and his never flattering or pleasing any tyrants, unlike Al-Qaradawy.           

3- Qutb reminds us with the famous Sunnite Ibn Hanbal doctrine scholar of fiqh named Ibn Taymiyya, who lived during the Mameluke Era and opposed all rulers, and who spent many years of his life incarcerated, chased, and persecuted; attempts to assassinate him was so many. It was Ibn Taymiyya who assert the Rikaz (i.e., ore) zakat for things extracted from inside the earth: 20% of the value or revenue, in Sunnite religion, and this Sunnite sharia law is still being taught within Azharite curricula. For more information, we refer readers to our article in English titled "The Rikaz (Ore) Zakat Ignored Deliberately by the Thieves", found on this link:    

Of course, Al-Qaradawy would never declare this notion of Rikaz zakat, part of his Sunnite sharia, because this notion allows the impecunious and impoverished to have 20% of oil revenues of the Gulf, hardly the thing allowed by tyrants of the Gulf monarchies, who will never allow Al-Qaradawy to declare such a notion or to issue a fatwa to apply it. It is impossible for Al-Qaradawy to declare such a notion so as not to displease his Qatari and Saudi masters!



1- Shame on you, Al-Qaradawy!

2- Do not you realize your need to repent immediately at your old, senile age?! Do not you ever think about the moment of your own death that draws nearer to you?! Until when would you make Islam a mere ladder ascended and stepped on by corrupt tyrants?! You never thought before about the rights of the poor who deserve 20% of the oil revenues in the Gulf monarchies and the KSA, revenues confiscated by your affluent masters who are (with corrupt obsequious clergy like you) the cause of all plight of Arabs and Muslims. Before you issue this fatwa to please the ''First Lady'' of Qatar, why did not you think of thousands of women being raped by your men in Darfur?! Why did not you think of millions of women who suffer hunger and poverty in Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, and Arabia?! Why did not you think of thousands of millions of Muslims in the Arab world who are spinsters and bachelors who cannot marry and their dreams of marriage, having children, and living within decent standard of living were smashed because of your masters the unjust affluent tyrants who confiscate wealth and power and who are bloodsuckers who kill their nations slowly and steadily and never get satiated despite their affluence?! Why are you denigrating Sayed Qutb, your MB master, theoretician, and sheikh, for the sake of money and pleasing your new masters?! Why are you verbally abusing your betters: the Quranists, after you've stolen and plagiarized their ideas and ascribed them to yourself in order to obsequiously please your masters in Qatar and elsewhere?!      

3- There are tens of questions that must be put to you, because you are the head of clergy of extremism, bigotry, and obscurantism among the 'civil' wing of the terrorist MB group who justifies armed terrorism of Wahabis. Yet, you will never answer these questions and we personally will not wait for your answers, because they are provided by your own personal history.   


The last line: one last question addressed to sheikh Al-Qaradawy: Do not you feel ashamed of yourself and your old age?!

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